The noise of the commotion awoke me - a thong of chaotic memories inside me. I opened my eyes and rose despite the pain that's pounding my cranium. The world seemed to lost its balance, its essence. I felt a strong force beside me - a sign of life slowly escaping from the core of its body. Behind a semi-transparent blue plastic curtain, I listened to the sound of air entering and leaving its body, persuading, like a soul thriving to live. It was heavy, slow, almost lifeless. Curious, I abandoned my bed to peek what hides behind the curtain. Barefoot, rejected the numbing coldness of the tiled floor, and nervously longed for the curtain to move it sideways.

Then it struck me!

My mouth dropped open, and for several seconds, it remained ajar. Then it clamped shut again. "Lulu?" I asked myself. My body trembled. All the pain. The memories. The happiness. The regret. They seemed to parade the chambers of my heart in panic. I suddenly remembered the words you spoke to me. Those words that made me happy, that almost murdered me when they escaped your lips, like soldiers seeking refuge, power by a cadence of strong emotions.

You begged for me to listen, but I did not.

Hello everyone! Finally, I decided to put a story up here! This is actually a story I wrote last year, and my winning entry for Crunchyroll's Summer Writing Contest 2015.