Early morning, Zootopia. Like, really early. All is well in this city. Every animal, from the humblest mouse to the largest elephant, slept quietly in their beds. Well, except those in the ZPD. The hard working police force of the city.

Hmm? What's this? It seems as though some of the animals are here early? Like, really early. I wonder what they could all be doing! Well, besides their freaking job, I guess. Let's find out! Let's zoom in on that large Cheetah sitting at the front desk! *Zoom* "Ow! Hey, what hit me?" To close, to close! Back up, back up, back up!

"Well, that was weird." Said Clawhauser, as he rubbed the back of his head. "Ahem." He heard someone in front of him say, trying to get his attention. Why, it's none other than Chief Bogo! "What are doing, Ben?" He asked looking at him with his bored expression. Clawhauser sat up straight in his chair and gave his boss a quick salute. "Oh, nothing sir! Just preparing everything for po-!" Bogo quickly covered the Cheetah's mouth and whispered him with a stern voice, "Quiet! We're not even allowed to have these betting pools, and if someone rats us out, we could be in some serious trouble! Got it?"

Clawhauser gulp and nodded with a slight whimper. The Ox took his hand (or hoof, I don't... really know what he… doesn't have) of Chlawhausers mouth. "Good. The others are already here. We'll be waiting for you in the 'confession' room. Don't keep them waiting. I heard Bernie is really edgy about losing last time, heh." Chief Bogo walked away, smiling about the polar bears misfortune. The Cheetah sighed and worked faster, so he can make it on time. Why ells would he be working hard like that?

Once he was finished, he got out of his chair and started to make his way to the 'confession' room. As soon as her reaches the hallway, he starts to act like a spy and sneak his way over. Hiding behind plant pots, doing summersaults (attempting to, anyway), and… oh god,… is… is he doing his own theme song? Please, please make it stop.

Finally, he reaches his destination and walks in. There were at least 10 other animals there. As they turned to him, Clawhauser smirked and asked, "Is everybody here?" They all nodded and he locked the door. "Ladies and gentlemammals, welcome to this week's betting pool! Were we pick who will confess their love for another, or how they shall express their love. As you all know, there are still 3 unresolved bets! If you would like to up your bid or fold and get half your pot back, now is the time!"

None of the members did anything, but some did seem somewhat hesitant. Clawhauser looked around one more time. "Going once, going twice, aaaaaand GONE! On the next part, this week's 'candidates'. Francine, spin the wheel, if you please!" Francine the Elephant got up from her chair and spun the large colorful wheel that is hanging on the wall. Yep. Been there whole the time.

With each degree the wheel takes, they can hear a small click. Soon enough, the clicks slow down, and the wheel comes to a stop. The female elephant plucks off an envelope that was taped to the wheel, and hands it over to their host.

He looks around one more time and opens the envelope. "This weeks candidates…" He places his hand in it and grabs the piece of paper inside. "… are…" he slowly pulls it out. Everyone there had sweat drops on the foreheads. Alex the wolf started to pound the table, and the rest slowly joined in. Except, Bogo. He rolled his eyes. 'We're going to get caught one of these day.' "OUT WITH IT MAN!" Bernie shouted out of suspense.

Their hosts chuckle and pulls out the letter and excitedly said, "Judy Hopps, and Nicholas Wilde!" The room went silent for a moment. Bogo snorted and scoffed. "Not much of a challenge, that one." Bernie leaned back in his chair. "Yeah. I was hoping for something I can put my skills to some good use." Everyone started to laugh at the polar bear. "What skill? You lost 1.500 bucks last time!" Francine said, trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah. Besides. It's obvious those two ain't gonna hook up." Chief Bogo's statement made some of the animals go silent and stared at him. Bernie stuttered for a moment, as if he trying to stop Bogo from continuing. "Uh, Chief, have you even seen those two when they are together. They share the same freaking chair, they are always together, Wilde actually spends money on her! If THAT isn't love, I don't know what is!"

A heated argument broke out between them all. This is basically what shippers and anti-shippers look like when they enter in the same room. The sound of an air horn being sounded in their ears. They look and see it was none other than Clawhauser. "If you guys are gonna fight over this, why not put your money where your mouth is?" He opened a small chest and looked at them with a sly smirk. "I gotta pay for my donuts somehow!"

The other officers laughed and proceeded to place their bets in. " If that is all, I think we should get back to our stations before a certain duo gets here." They looked at the clock and saw that it was almost around the time the bunny and fox make it to work. They placed their bids in a signed letter and placed it in the box as they rushed out of the room.

As soon as everyone has left, our cheetah friend, locks the chest, and hides it in a doughnut box. He giggled as he walked out of the room. "It would be something if those really do get together! I wonder what their babies would look like." He leaves the room, and closes the door behind him.