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"I still can't believe raenef's dragon ran away"eclipse sighed "that little creature could be anywhere by now...i better go find it"eclipse sighed as he looked at his master cry " !"raenef said in a whisper as a tear ran down his face, eclipse went outside "where to look...its like trying to find a needle in a haystack!"eclipse sighed a few seconds later a terrifying thought came to him "NOT HER!"eclipse shouted then he heard his master crying louder, eclipse peeked through the door to find raenef in the corner crying, he hadn't even touched his food "master raenef? aren't you going to eat?"eclipse asked as he walked back into the room "HOW CAN I EAT KNOWING IS OUT THERE COLD AND ALONE!"raenef cried "master raenef..."eclipse said before raenef cut him off "just leave me alone!"raenef said in a whisper as more tears ran down his face and then he covered his head, eclipse began to leave but before he left the room he grabbed a bag of jewels and left the room and went outside "i guess i have no other choice i have to see that she devil...or else raenef will starve himself to death"eclipse sighed as he began to travel to consult the seer a few hours later eclipse reached his destination eclipse let out a moan when he walked in "oh my darling eclipse you returned to me! honestly i didn't expect to see you ever again!"meruhesae said in glee with a smile on her face "like i had a choice"eclipse grumbled and threw the bag of jewels next to her "now do your job"eclipse said with a hint of anger in his voice "oh my you're awfully grumpy today"meruhesae said " i didn't come here to chat! now do your job"eclipse said in anger as he crossed his arms "very well what did you want to know?"she asked "what? should already know"eclipse said in shock "sadly i don't master eclipse because your destiny is now linked to raenef the 5th's, and his destiny is hidden to me, so that means your's is too"meruhesae said "well i want to know where's lord raenef's dragon is at"eclipse said "aww he has a pet dragon how cute!"she said as she smiled "what's the little darlings name?"she asked " ..."eclipse sighed "well that's...that's a very unique name..."she said with a nervous smile on her face "UGH! NO MORE QUESTIONS JUST DO YOUR JOB!"eclipse shouted "south"she said "south?"eclipse said in shock, memories from the last time he went there came flooding back to him "great..."he sighed as he began to leave "wait"meruhesae called after him "what now?"eclipse grumbled as he crossed his arms "something else awaits you there, something that has to do with your bloodline"she said "what do you mean?"eclipse asked in curiosity "give me a real kiss and i'll tell you"she said with a smile on her face "NO!"eclipse shouted as he left the room as fast as he could, meruhesae let out a sigh "he's always rushing about...but little does he know what awaits him will change his life forever"meruhesae sighed as she watched eclipse in her crystal ball "make your choices wisely eclipse"she whispered

eclipse got his cloak and set off to the south, he covered his face to make sure no one will recognize him from last time, as he walked down the streets looking for the little dragon he stumbled upon a group of people whispering, they were staring at a girl with long raven colored hair, she was buying something at the time

"that will be 1000 zen lady"the man said with a hostile tone "uh i only got gold..."she said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small bag of gold she threw it on the table the man stared at it in wonder "TAKE IT! IT'S ALL YOUR'S!"he shouted as he grabbed the bag, eclipse soon realized it was raenef's dragon the girl picked it up and hugged it "aren't you cute"she said as she carried it and walked away

eclipse followed her suddenly two thugs came out and blocked her path "hand over the gold lady"one said as he gritted his teeth "ya and no one will get hurt"the second one said "if somethings happens to raenef's dragon he'll be heartbroken!"eclipse thought in panic as he was about to jump in and attack the thugs but before he could the girl spoke "hehe really the only people who are going to get hurt here is you two idiots"she said with a sly smile on her face as she pulled out a sword "COME AT ME YOU IDIOTS!"she yelled "YOU LITTLE BRAT WE'LL TEACH YOU A LONG AND PAINFUL LESSON!"the first one yelled as he charged at her she dodged it and cut his arm the second one charged at her she dodged it again and kicked him in the back then she pulled out a dagger and threw it by the thugs head "now run along….AND NO ONE GETS KILLED!"she yelled they stared at her in terror "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!"the first one yelled as he began to run "YA!"the second one said as he followed him the girl threw her sword in the air and caught it and put it away "that should show those idiots to mess with a girl especially a girl that's a pirate"she laughed "hmm..a pirate?"eclipse said to himself as he followed her it was already dark the girl walked into the forest and sat down by a apple tree "I'm guessing you're hungry?"the girl said to the dragon, the dragon nodded "don't worry i'll feed you"she said as she got her dagger and threw it up at the tree, it hit one of the branches with apples on it, apples fell to the ground one hit her on the head "OW!"she said in pain, the little dragon gulped down the apple and smiled "well it's worth it"she said "you had a owner before huh? because i doubt that man fed you"she said the dragon nodded "hmm..then how did you get out"she said eclipse walked slowly as he watched the two then he stepped on a twig and it snapped, the girl looked back "WHO'S THERE!"she yelled as she pulled her sword out and got up eclipse stayed silent "SHOW YOURSELF COWARD!"she yelled as she got ready for a battle, eclipse walked out of the shadows, the girl stood in front of the small dragon "who are you"she asked in a hostile tone "i am eclipse, demon of the third order"eclipse said "huh? your demon it doesn't look like it"she said in disbelief "my master is the owner of that dragon"eclipse said "how do i know you're not lying"she said as she narrowed her eyes at him "please hand over the dragon i'm not looking for a fight"eclipse said "i don't believe you and no you can't take the dragon"she said eclipse let out a sigh "please just give it to me, i'm telling the truth just ask the dragon"eclipse sighed "do you know him"she said as she turned to the dragon it nodded, she put her sword away "fine you can take the dragon on one condition...i'm going with you i still don't trust you.."she said "very well"eclipse sighed, eclipse grabbed the girl's shoulder and had the dragon in his hand "go!"eclipse said "wha-what are you doing!?"the girl said frantically as they faded, when eclipse,the dragon,and the girl came to the castle "h-how did you do that!?"the girl asked in shock "i told you i'm a demon"eclipse grumbled "well you really don't look like one i thought demons would be scarier"she said her purple eyes shining in amazement "yes well it's time you told me your name"eclipse grumbled "it's sierra"she said "don't you have any family?"eclipse asked as they walked to the entrances of the castle "no...why do you ask?"sierra said "it just that you went into the forest instead of a house"eclipse said "ya i don't have a home i live on my own it's fun in some ways i guess..."sierra said "then how do you have so much money"eclipse said "i got it by raiding ships and thugs"she said as they went inside raenef was still the same place as he was when eclipse left "master raenef?"eclipse said as he walked in "what do you want?"he asked not lifting up his head "hey kid we found your dragon"sierra said raenef's head jerked up and he looked at eclipse and sierra and saw " !"raenef shouted as he ran over to him and grabbed him out of eclipse's arms "I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!"raenef shouted as he hugged his beloved dragon pet " ...that's his name.."sierra said in shock, with a nervous smile on her face "huh?"raenef said as he looked at her "who are you?"raenef asked "i'm sierra and i'm guessing your raenef?"sierra said "yep the one and only"raenef said as he smiled "THANK YOU SO MUCH ECLIPSE FOR FINDING !"raenef shouted in glee "It wasn't i who found him it was sierra"he said "oh…well thank you sierra!"he said happily "no problem"sierra said, raenef looked at the two curiously " two look alike..."raenef said as he looked at the two "WHAT!?"both of them shouted "WE CERTAINLY DO NOT!"eclipse shouted "YA!"sierra yelled "hehe..ya you guys do but anyway...might as well get you home sierra it was nice meeting you"raenef said, sierra looked away "i don't have a home..."she said as she looked down "oh..."raenef said in a sad tone it was silent for a few minutes "I GOT AN IDEA! why don't you stay here i need someone to goof around with me while eclipse is gone!"raenef said eclipse looked at him "er...i mean some one to study with"raenef said with a nervous smile on his face "really?"she said "yes really!"raenef said happily "wow..thank you!"she said with a smile on her face "you can have erutis's old room!"raenef said happily as he grabbed her hand and pulled her away, as they left eclipse sat down and leaned against one of the pillars "what did that woman mean about bloodline?"eclipse said to himself "that she devil almost always never tells me the whole thing"eclipse sighed as he looked up at the stars "i have no family left they are all dead what could she mean by bloodline..."eclipse said to himself as he stared at the stars of the night sky "it is getting late i can't ponder on this all night"eclipse said as he got up and walked to his room