"your friend's might need your help..."a whisper said "w-WHO ARE YOU!"raenef shouted in his sleep "your friend's might need your help so get up"the voice repeated over and over until raenef woke up "SHUT UP WHOEVER YOU ARE!"raenef shouted "i'm afraid i cannot"raenef the 4th said as he walked out of the shadows "huh?"raenef said "there is no time to explain your friend's might need your help i have a strong feeling about it, i might be wrong but then again i might be right"he said as he faded away "OH NO!"raenef shouted as he jumped out of bed and grabbed a cloak "GO!"he shouted as he teleported away

sierra ran down a path in the forest that she was very familiar with, suddenly something jumped in front of her, it was a dragon like creature, it was black and had long claws "who are you?"sierra asked in a hostile tone "let's just say a bounty hunter? So why not give up now"it said with a evil smile on its face, sierra pulled out her sword "OVER MY DEAD BODY"she shouted in fury "hmmm that not a option i was told to bring you alive"it said "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!"she yelled as she threw her daggers at it, it disappeared and her daggers hit a tree "huh?"she said, suddenly it teleported behind her, when she realized it was behind her it was to late, it scratched her side and made her hit a tree "UGH!"she grunted as she hit the tree, she looked at her side, blood was coming out and blood dripped down her lip "hehe easier than i thought it would be"the creature said as it came closer "that's what you think"sierra said with a sly smile on her face "oh please you have no more weapons might as well give up"it said "hehe really.."she said as she threw a smoke bomb, the demon began to cough as the smoke surrounded it, sierra got her sword and stabbed it "YOU LITTLE WRETCH!"it yelled as it blasted her with a bolt of dark magic "GAH!"she grunted in pain as she hit a tree, soon the creature was hovering over her "i don't care what my master said any more if i kill you now i will probably get a even bigger reward!"it said as it made a ball of dark light within it's claw, sierra closed her eyes waiting for the death blow "say goodnig..."it said before a blast of dark magic hit it "not tonight you pitiful creature"eclipse growled, sierra opened her eyes "eclipse?"sierra said in shock "h-how did you find me?"she asked "i was outside at the time when you jumped out of the window"eclipse said as he turned to face her "WHO ARE YOU!"the creature yelled as it got up "i am eclipse, demon of the third order"eclipse growled as he looked at the foul creature "no it can't be eclipse, he wouldn't save a mere mortal.."it said as it got up, it stared at him in shock "YOU ARE ECLIPSE!"it shouted in shock "why would you save this mortal!?"the creature asked in anger "this mortal is a friend of my master"eclipse grumbled "well you can step aside or die it's your choice"the creature said "YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME? YOU FOUL EXCUSE FOR A DEMON!"eclipse yelled in fury, his purple eyes blazing in anger "i didn't come alone and i'm stronger than i look"the creature said as some weird goblins came out and the creature stepped into the moonlight, eclipse's eyes went wide "you...!"he said in shock "yes it is me eclipse"it said with an evil smile on its face, eclipse narrowed his eyes at it "DARK STRIKE!"he yelled as a blast of dark magic hit the creature "ARGH!"it grunted in pain and fell to the ground, eclipse turned his back on it and looked at sierra and helped her up "ECLIPSE WATCH OUT!"sierra yelled but the warning came too late, eclipse looked back at the creature to see a blast of dark magic heading towards him, the force of the blast sent eclipse flying "UGGH!"he grunted as he hit a tree and fell to the ground "ECLIPSE!"sierra yelled "GET UP HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T!"sierra yelled, eclipse stayed silent his eyes closed "ECLIPSE GET UP!"sierra kept yelling "oh shut up you're both dead accepted!"one of the goblins said "OH MAKE ME YOU LITTLE TROLL!"she yelled as she stabbed it and killed it "I MAY BE INJURED BUT TAKING DOWN SOME STUPID TROLLS OR GOBLINS WHATEVER YOU ARE WON'T BE A PROBLEM!"sierra yelled as she killed two more,soon she was hovering over the last one "what's it going to be?"she said as she gritted her teeth, the last goblin gulped and took off running, sierra ran over to help eclipse who was in a daze and very deep in thought and tuning out everything around him, sierra was about to hit the creature with her sword but it threw her to a tree, she grunted but got up slowly, the creature was now hovering over eclipse ready to kill him "NO!"sierra thought in panic as she ran at the creature and blocked its attack with her sword "i can take a hit...AND SO CAN MY SWORD!"she yelled, eclipse broke out of his daze and open his eyes and looked up to see the creature grabbed sierra by the neck, sierra tried to break free of it's grip, eclipse could only stare helplessly then the creature threw her close to where eclipse was but farther she moaned as she managed to get up "hmmm...you're not a pushover like other mortals"the creature said "well i'm a pirate and pirates don't give up easily"she grunted "well no matter"he said as he grabbed her by the neck again "let go you idiot!"she grunted "it was a pleasure to fight with you...but it's time for me to say goodbye to both of you"the creature said as it tightened its grip on her neck, sierra gasped for for air "NO!"eclipse shouted as he watched the creature tighten his grip even more on sierra's neck "DARK ARROW!"a voice shouted as something blasted the creature, it let go of sierra and was sent flying until it hit a rock, sierra fell to the ground gasping for air "master raenef?"eclipse asked in shock "someone warned me that you two were in trouble"raenef said as he helped up eclipse "whew...thanks i thought i was dead"sierra said as she got up slowly "hmm...a demon lord..."the creature said "well it was nice playing with you two but i must go"it said as it disappeared "wait...wait raenef you're a demon lord?"sierra asked in disbelief "yep"he said as he smiled, sierra stared at him in shock "what was all that about?"eclipse asked "someone i used to work for...but then i was to do something horrible and i fought back and left and ever since I've been on my own"she said "but why would you work for demons?"raenef asked "I didn't it was someone else with powerful allies and i guess demons are some of them..."sierra said "things have gotten a lot harder"sierra sighed "now then thank you eclipse for helping me and you too raenef"she sighed as she began to walk away "HEY WAIT!"raenef shouted as he ran after her "we're in this now too so why don't you stay?"raenef said "really?"she said "yes really"raenef said "shall we go? this forest has gotten me on edge"eclipse said "ya come on beat you to the castle!"raenef said as he began to run "oh it's on!"sierra called after him as she ran after him, eclipse smiled slightly and sighed as he walked after them