Danny opened his eyes to sunlight and golden flowers.

"What…" he lifted himself up with his elbows, pushing himself into a sitting position. "Where am I…?" he muttered, looking around him at the dark stone walls. It appeared that he was in the only spot of sunlight in the entire place… wait…

Danny looked straight up and felt his jaw drop to the floor. Right up above him… was a gigantic hole in the ceiling. It went up too far for him to see the sky.

Did… did he fall from that? How? When?! Most importantly, how did he survive? Danny looked down at the flowers he had fallen on. Maybe these had broken his fall…? Or maybe it was his ghost half…

Wait! His ghost half! Danny snapped his fingers triumphantly. He could use it to fly up there and go back home! Danny stood up and called out "I'm Going Ghost!" Just because he could. He transformed into his ghost half easily, which proved he wasn't hurt by his fall. Phew, that's a relief.

Danny began flying upwards quickly, getting closer and closer to the sunlight. Well, that was easier than he expected. Now all he has to do is fly out of this hole and find Sam and Tucke- AAGH!

Danny found himself hitting some invisible barrier and falling back down to the flowers. He barely had time to process all of this before he hit the ground, landing on his arm wrong and hearing a crack! The ghost boy found himself switching back to his human form without his own prompting.

Danny sat up again, groaning in pain from his injured arm. Well, that certainly didn't work. But… why not? Well, he certainly wasn't going to try again to find out. Danny looked around the room again in search for a possible way out of this mess, and to his surprise, he saw a passageway he hadn't noticed before in his confusion.

Danny stood up with a grunt and walked over to the darker hallway, holding onto his injured arm to keep it from jostling. "Well," he reasoned to himseIf that if I can't go out the easy way, I might as well go find some other way. Besides," he said, now standing in front of a doorway to an even darker room. "Maybe there's a way out beyond this… strangely well designed for a cave, and purple, doorway…" he squinted at it suspiciously.

Oh well then. He stepped into the room.

Danny looked around the dark room until he spotted a ray of light directly in the middle of it.

… How is there sunlight without another… oh. There's another hole in the ceiling.

… okay.

Danny walked closer to the ray of light, and then pop! Out of the little patch of grass came a flower. Now, this wouldn't be too weird if the flower wasn't three feet tall and had a face. Danny would have kept walking, though, if the thing hadn't talked.

"Howdy!" said the demon plant. "My name is Flowey! Flowey the flower!"

Danny just stood there, staring at it. He was stuck in a half-cringing-half-about-to-attack-pose. He didn't exactly know why he was so extremely freaked out by the flower, but he just… really didn't like it's face. Look at it, it's smiling. That's creepy.

Flowey seemed unfazed. "You're new to the Underground, arentcha?" He said. "Golly! You must be so confused! Someone ought to teach you how it works around here!"

Danny continued to be pretty freaked out, but he had relaxed somewhat. He was still very confused, though. What does it mean by 'Underground?' Is that where he was? Well… the name definitely did make a lot of sense. Flowey continued talking.

"I guess little old me will have to do!" It winked. Or, he winked? Danny wasn't sure. They? Yeah sure. They works. Danny's thoughts were interrupted when his surroundings were suddenly devoid of all color, and a weird pulsing yellow heart flew out of his chest. Danny was so mesmerised by the heart thing that he barely even registered the Flower's first sentence. He looked up.

"See that yellow heart?" It said "That's your SOUL, the very culmination of your being!"

… What? His soul? Right there?! Unprotected?! Danny reached out and grabbed his soul, pulling it close to his chest. He thought it was weird that it was so… tangible. Unfortunately, the soul drifted out of his hands and back in front of him. Oh, the flower was still talking. Danny was bad at paying attention.

"... Why, LOVE of course! You want some love don't you?"

Danny nodded hesitantly. He could go for some love, he guessed.

"Well, down here, LOVE is shared through little… white… 'friendliness pellets."

… Okay, Danny could hear the air quotes around that. And was it just him, or was this flower putting the word 'love' in capital letters?

"Go ahead!" The flower said. "Catch as many as you can!" And it sent a bunch of seed things straight at his heart. Now, Danny could admit that he's pretty jumpy when things get thrown straight at his very heart and soul. He was just a little bit suspicious of these 'friendliness pellets,' so who could blame him when his powers started acting up just a bit?

So, of course, Flowey seemed a bit confused when his friendliness pellets passed straight through Danny's soul as if it wasn't even there.

"What?" He said, cheery voice gone. "What is this? What are you doing?"

Danny just looked at him, cleared his throat, and shrugged. Flowey seemed less then happy, and he sent more bullets-

Eh, pellets, at Danny's soul, only for it to go intangible again.

Okay, now he was angry. The flower's voice and face turned demonic, and Danny flinched back, grabbing his soul again.

"You know what's going on here, don't you?

You just wanted to see me SUFFER.

Well, in this world, it's KILL or BE KILLED.

And who could pass up a chance like this?"

The Flower surrounded him with bullets and laughed. "DIE."

Right when Danny was about to turn intangible again, the Flower stopped, and was hit right in the face with a ball of fire. That chased it away pretty quick. Danny looked around and was met with the sight of… a giant goat woman?

Okay, now things were getting real weird. Danny got into a defensive position as she began talking.

"What a miserable, horrible creature," she said. "Picking on such an innocent youth." She then noticed the way Danny was standing. "Oh! Do not be afraid, my child, I will not harm you. I am TORIEL, caretaker of the ruins." She noticed how he was holding his arm and began to quietly freak out. "Oh! Are you hurt?! Here, allow me to heal you."

Danny looked at her very suspiciously, but he couldn't see any hint of malice in her expression. Just… motherly concern. He held out his arm hesitantly, and winced a bit. Toriel took his arm carefully, and Danny felt the warm tingle of Magic go up and down his arm. Toriel let him go and he flexed his arm, pleasantly surprised when it no longer hurt. He looked up at Toriel, who was smiling in relief.

"Are, uh…" he started, a bit tentatively. "Are you a ghost…?"

Toriel's eyes widened, and she laughed, like he was joking!

"No," she said, still giggling. "I am not a ghost, my child. Though I do know one who drifts around the ruins, but he is rather shy…"

Danny started a bit. Okay, so she wasn't a ghost, but there was a ghost in the ruins? He hoped it was friendly… and did she just call him a child? Danny knew he was short, but come on! He was fourteen! Almost old enough to get a driver's permit! He thought about telling her that, but he remembered that she probably wouldn't know what a car is. Maybe. Toriel was talking again.

"Come, child, I will guide you through the catacombs."

There were a lot of puzzles in the ruins. Toriel was guiding him through puzzle after puzzle to get to where they were going. Sure, they were all super easy, but there were also a bunch of weird signs. Like that one that told him to press Z to read signs. What does it mean, "press Z?" He could read signs very well with his eyes, thank you very much. And Toriel kept on praising him for finishing the most simple of puzzles! It wasn't like being praised was really nice or anything, nope. He wasn't really enjoying this at all.

… ahem.

At some point they got to a room with nothing but a dummy in it. Danny sensed something odd about the dummy, and when his ghost sense triggered, he realized what that dummy was stuffed with besides cotton. Toriel told him that he had to enter a fight with the dummy, but he had to talk to it. Danny was really tempted to just blast the ghost into oblivion, but he decided to humor Toriel for a bit.

Danny entered a fight with the Dummy, and as his soul floated back out of his chest, he noticed the option buttons in front of him. That's… strange. The buttons said fight, act, item, and mercy. Danny looked at them all, and his gaze lingered on fight. That was what he was used to seeing, after all. Danny pressed the button after a moment's consideration, and he sent just one ectoblast at the thing. The dummy just blew up. Danny wondered with a bit of panic if he had just destroyed the ghost as well, but he saw just a bit of white as something flew out of the dummy's wreckage. He let out a breath. Good, he hadn't re-killed anyone. Toriel, on the other hand, seemed stricken. She told him to please just talk to other monsters before just blowing them up with an attack. Danny nodded at her. Be wasn't going to just kill someone after all.

Danny and Toriel continued on, and it was right before another puzzle when he encountered his first monster (which was apparently what they were called). The monster was just a very large frog. Danny looked at his options, and at the fight button. The thought of the froggit exploding just like the dummy made him feel sick. Danny didn't really wish that on anyone… well, maybe Vlad… And his future self… well, anyway. Danny picked the act button and decided to compliment the frog. It didn't really seem to understand what he had said, but it blushed anyway. It then attacked with flies, which Danny dodged. He decided that dodging was easy enough without his powers, so he would keep the extent of them hidden for now. Nobody really needed to know about the whole 'half-ghost' thing. Toriel came over after the Frog's attack, and intimidated it off. Well, that was easy enough.

After that, they came to a spike puzzle, and Toriel had to hold hands with him as they crossed. Toriel really reminded Danny of his mother; Overprotective and willing to fend off enemies with fire.

They left and then eventually came to a very long hallway, the end of it shrouded in darkness. Toriel turned to this.

"I have a difficult request to ask of you, my child," she said anxiously. "I would like you to walk to the end of this hall by yourself. Forgive me for this." She then ran faster than Danny thought would be possible for her. She disappeared into the darkness, leaving behind a very confused Danny.

"Uh…" said Danny. "...okay."

He then jogged to the end of the hall without difficulty.

When he reached the end of the hall (which seemed a lot lighter now that he was actually there) Toriel jumped from behind a pillar and stood in front of him.

"Do not be afraid, my child, I was merely behind this pillar the entire time. This was necessary to test your… independence."

Okay, seems legit. Toriel then told Danny that he'd have to stay here for awhile while she goes to do something. She left, but she gave him a phone, though it was horrifyingly old. Tucker would have freaked out if he were here…

Okay so now he was a bit sad. What were his friends thinking right now? Were they looking for him? What about his parents? And Jazz? They were probably all freaking out! Danny really needed to get out of here to see them. He didn't know where this place was, he didn't remember how he fell, but he at least knew the name of the place.

Danny knew that he really needed to leave the UNDERGROUND.

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