You know how what I said at the end of the first chapter of my most recent story, the Angel one? Yeah, that was a lie as was made clear by the sarcasm.

Once again, bringing completely original, quality content to you, my one reader. None of those are true, though the last one not being true surprises me.

Btw, it's inspired by 'Late Game' by ACaramelLatte and 'I'm in Hell' by Crystalmaiden62

(1st person, Yuki, May 4th, 2016)

Just... a few more episodes till the end of the first arc. Then I'll go to bed, I definitely will.

I close my eyes for a moment and immediately forget about my plans of going to bed in a bit.


Wha- where the hell am I? Grass, trees, sunlight... which doesn't burn? Also old-style buildings that look strangely familiar. I shake my head blink a few times. Then I pinch myself.

The I look around and see... an HP bar? What? A very familiar looking one, and the rest of the HUD that corresponds with it was also there. What the hell is going on here. I pinch togged her my fingers on my right hand and wipe down, only half hoping for nothing to happen. Not all that surprisingly at this point, a menu opens. The character info and everything displayed precisely matched that of my character from a fanfic I wrote, with all the holes filled in.

Well, what the hell is going on here, can someone tell me that? No? Okay, I'm not surprised. Okay, current theory. Somehow I'm in the world of SAO with the character from my fanfic, though I seem to be in the canonverse, or my position randomly changed because otherwise I'd be at an inn.

If that's the case... totally awesome, I guess. I'm not really leaving anything behind so I'm not all that unhappy about being here. Yeah, the risk of death is there, but even that's not certain. I should probably figure out where on the timeline and where in Aincrad I am.

I look through my menu and find my map. I seem to be in some park in the starting city on floor one. Now when am I? If it is day one, then, well, I'm overpowered as f***, but somehow I doubt that, given that there's almost no one here, which wouldn't be before or after the announcement.

I check the calendar and see that it is just a little under two weeks before SAO is cleared, which means my level is high but not ridiculously high.

I'm actually in SAO, aren't I?

If this ends up being a dream somehow, I'm gonna be annoyed. The time seems to fit the episode I was watching as the last thing I can remember. I think I fell asleep on my keyboard. I instinctively reach to check for any lines on my face from, you know, sleeping on a keyboard and unsurprisingly find nothing, since this is an avatar.

Well, if I operate under the assumption that this is indeed the world of the story SAO, then I suppose I should A, stay away from everything and not mess up the happy ending, or B, go find Asuna and Kirito and tell them some but not everything, and try to preserve the happy ending for my second-favorite ship. What? I think Sinon and Kirito are cute together, but I'm not gonna play matchmaker.

Maybe a little... no. Well, after SAO is cleared maybe a little, but it's probably too late to change anything then anyway. Actually, it's already too late really, given that they've already found Yui and even if I did manage it, things would just get awkward. I'll just save that for fanfiction if I get back. Which I hopefully won't.

They should actually be on this floor right now... problem is, I don't actually know where the church is, since I don't think it was ever mentioned even the LNs, so I guess I'm waiting by the dungeon. Did I mention I picked 'B?'

I arrive at the place I recall the dungeon being and wait for them to show up, given the time of day, it should be fairly soon.

And lo and behold a few minutes later they show up. I hide behind a pillar since I don't actually know how to activate [Hiding] and wait for them to approach.

As they approach Kirito calls out, "Who's there?! Come out!"

Why am I not surprised, I wasn't even using [Hiding] so his [Detection] would notice me right away, oh well. I slowly step out with my hands slightly raised in a sign of surrender.

"Who are you? What do you want," he asks with sword drawn.

He seems a lot nicer when you're on the other side of his sword... I wonder if I could beat him? The character in my fanfic who's avatar I'm in could, I wonder if that imaginary sword skill carries over, not particularly anxious to find out.

"Jun, and nothing in particular," I say.

"Why are you here then?" he asks.

"I was waiting for you 4," I say, shocking him somewhat.

"How did you even know we were coming here?" he asks.

"It's a long story. Actually, let me correct that. It's a short story, but it makes so little sense I don't really believe it myself," I say.

Asuna eyed me suspiciously, putting Yui behind her and drawing her rapier.

"Spill it," Asuna says.

I sigh, "Let's enter the dungeon for now, I'll explain along the way. I'll start now."

"Basically, I'm not from this world. And by 'this world' I don't mean SAO, I mean your reality."

"... What?" Asuna asks slowly.

"Told you that you wouldn't believe me. And before you ask, I have no idea how I got here," I say.

"Let's assume you're telling the truth for now, that wouldn't explain how you knew we were coming here or why you would be looking for us," Kirito said.

"Oh screw it. Where I come from your world is a light novel with an anime adaptation, needless to say at this point, but you're the main character," I say.

All 4 of them freeze, for some reason including Yui.

"Prove it," Kirito says, though he had less hostility in his voice and he had lowered his sword.

"Well, I don't want to spill your real life info here, so would you mind if I whisper it to you? It's not like I can stab you or something, we're in a safe zone," I ask.

"... Fine," he says with some hesitation.

I walk to him and whisper, "You have a little cousin who you treat as a sister named Suguha Kirigaya, your parents died in a car accident when you were very young and you were raised by your aunt. You didn't know that until you were ten when you stumbled upon the records online."

I back off to where I was before.

"I can do it for Asuna too if you still don't believe me," I say.

"I'll believe you for now," he says slowly.

"Right then, well, I'm going into-"

"Wait, if that's the case, where does your character come from. Of course the appearance could be your real appearance or whatever, but what about the gear and level and skills?" Asuna asks.

Awkward. How are you supposed to tell someone you wrote fanfics about them?

"Uh... don't we have more pressing matters, like Thinker?" I ask, obviously dodging the question.

Asuna and Kirito just gave me a 'really?' look and then reluctantly agreed.

We enter the dungeon and unsurprisingly there are a bunch of toad monsters. I draw one of my swords hidden under my coat and get ready. Well, nows a good time to find out if I magically have a not strictly defined set of skills for wielding swords, something I am capable of in the real world, but only in the context of fighting people with no intent to kill.

Kirito also draws his sword and cuts one of the monsters in half.

"Hey, uh, Jun... do you actually know how to fight with a sword?" Asuna asks.

"Well, I'm about to find out. These monsters are relatively low level compared to me so I'll be fine... probably," I lie, the truth was that I was perfectly confident in my ability to use a sword, but from now on I'll pretend I don't.

"Well okay... if you're sure," Asuna says. Why is she worried about someone she met 5 minutes ago and was pointing her sword at even more recently?

Until I decide to explain to them where this character comes from, I guess I'll only use longsword skills.

I run up to one and activate [Horizontal] without really thinking about it, then dodging under the attack of another one and slamming my shoe into its face, instantly killing it thanks to the huge level gap.

All of ten seconds later Kirito and I had finished off the toad monsters. Kirito proceeded with the attempting to make Asuna cook a frog leg thing, resulting in the scene that made me laugh every one of the many times I watched the anime, gotta say, it's even funnier in person. Speaking of things in person, Asuna is also more beautiful in person. Actually, it's hard to call anime characters 'beautiful' in the first place, at least in the sense that it applies to real people.

Once Asuna finished throwing a fit and throwing all the frog legs, she looked like she remembered something and says, "And you were talking about not being sure or your skill with a sword."

"I wasn't thinking, it was all automatic," I say. And the fighting style was exactly what I described in my story.

"There was an awful lot of showing off for that, seriously, who actually does a flip in a fight?" Asuna mutters.

"Me, apparently," I say.

"I meant other than you," Asuna replies.

"Nobody, probably," I say.

"It was also rhetorical," Asuna says.

"I knew that," I answer.

"Then why did you answer?" she asks.

"'Cause I'm an asshole," I reply. No reply, huh, that's nice.

"Uh... okay?" she says unsurely.

"Compared to me, practically anyone you know is an angel," I explain.

"I guess you can exclude members of red/orange guilds or the HDA," I add, purposefully lumping the HDA together with the criminal guilds.

Asuna doesn't respond.

"Well you two are getting along nicely," Kirito mutters, just barely audibly.

"Now let's go find Thinker," he says at normal volume.

"Thinker!" Yulier yells as she runs towards the safe zone where Thinker is.

3... 2... "WAIT!" yells Thinker, 1... "Get down!" Kirito yells and jumps bringing her to the ground just as a scythe cuts through where she was a fraction of a second ago.

"Get to the safe zone," he says, getting up and drawing his swords, both of them.

"This thing is at least as strong as a field boss from floor 90!" Kirito says in surprise.

Asuna draws her sword and I do the same, drawing one sword. Oh sure, if I plan to kill this thing I would need both and still probably fail, but I'm going to let Yui kill it.

The boss—[Fatal Scythe]—swings its scythe at us and we all raise our swords to block. Surprising Kirito and Asuna, the force of the blow sends us flying and takes off about 40% of Kirito's and Asuna's HP, as well as nearly 50% of mine.

I recover before them since this body is used to being thrown around and doing all sorts of crazy stunts.

The boss closes the distance between us and swings its scythe down at Kirito and me, who happen to be in line.

"Kirito!" Asuna cries out, reaching her hand towards him.

I draw my second sword in a flash of white and cross my swords, meeting the scythe blow and instantly losing 25% more of my max HP, dropping me down to about 15%, and draining.

The boss raises its scythe and I collapse to the ground, practically unable to move at less than 5% of my HP.

I try to stand up and unsurprisingly fail, collapsing back to the ground. Kirito and Asuna recover and get up, almost instantly being grounded once more and brought down to somewhere around 20%.

Yui walks out of the safe zone.

"Yui! No!"

"It's okay Mama, I remember now," Yui says calmly and walks in front of the boss.

"No Yui!" Asuna cries out as the boss swings down its scythe.

It comes within about 10—or likely exactly—centimeters and is blocked by the indestructible surrounding [Immortal Object]. The stretched purple appears, saying "Immortal Object." Yui floats into the air and fire appears in her hand, forming a huge, oddly shaped red sword with a bit of fire on it.

She swings the huge sword effortlessly at the boss, which blocks but the fire creeps around the scythe, forming a sphere of fire around the monster which slowly shrinks to nothing, leaving no trace. There was no shattering, the boss's HP never hit zero. It was simply deleted from existence, an administrator command.

The sword fades into flames and Yui floats to the ground. Her clothes had reverted to a white gown/dress.

I take out a teleport crystal and teleport to floor 22 without waiting for them, no way am I gonna watch that scene in person, besides, they don't need me there.

A little over ten minutes they appear through the teleport gate, no trace of crying thanks to the way SAO worked. The teardrop neckless was on her neck so things were fine.

Asuna waves for me to follow them and we arrive at their house.

"You've got some explaining to do," she says.

"First, you knew that would happen, didn't you?" she asks angrily.

"Yes," I answer simply.

"Why didn't you stop it?"

"How could I? Knowing it would happen doesn't help me kill that practically immortal boss. Besides, if it didn't happen I could mess things up from how it goes in the version I know, which is a happy ending."

She reluctantly accepts it and proceeds to her next questions, one Kirito also seemed to have, "Why do you have two swords, I thought that was a unique skill?"

"I don't have any such skill and neither can I use the corresponding sword skills, just one handed sword skills with both hands. The two swords are one item, I suppose I should probably explain where this character comes from," I say.

"This is the character from an approximately self-insert fanfiction of, well, Sword Art Online. The story in my world, not the game in this one. The character shows off a ton while fighting so since I'm not really fighting with my own skill but the fictional skill described in my story, I end up fighting like the character. The swords are supposedly the LAB from the 25th floor boss, with the ability to be leveled up making them practical weapons for the entire game. They also have the ability to use rapier skills as well as long sword skills," I explain.

"Right... somehow having someone say that they wrote fanfiction about your life is kind of... odd."

"Well yes, it doesn't seem any less strange to me now that I'm here."

"So basically, you're by far the strongest player?" Kirito asks.

"I'm not sure about that," I answer.

"Anyway, I'll leave you to your honeymoon and go practice using a sword or something," I say, getting up.

Both Kirito and Asuna blush as I walk out of the room and cosy log house/large cabin.

Almost two weeks later, on November 7th, I travel to the meeting for the 75th boss fight on the 75th floor, completely hiding my hair and keeping my hood pulled over my face shadowing my eyes, meaning that I would simply be seen as someone very pale. Hopefully Kayaba doesn't realize somethings off about me, then again, I'm a 10001st player, so he probably will at least notice I'm in SAO. In fact, how am I in SAO? Am I somewhere in their real world with a NerveGear of my head or just magically in SAO itself, and if the former, where and how did I get connected in the first place? Technically, I can't exclude just being in SAO and not in their real world since I arrived here through completely unknown means.

Either way, these past two weeks have been among the most fun times in my life if not the most fun I've had. True VR games are so fun! Screw the IRL death on death, I don't even know if that applies to me.

I was sitting in a corner as I waited for people to arrive. On one hand I felt terrible about letting it go like in the anime because like 15 people died on this fight, but on the other hand, if nobody dies Kirito might not realize Heathcliff is Kayaba and then hundreds or thousands more people will die over the next 25 floors.

If I tell Kirito that Heathcliff is Kayaba, even if he believes me, Kayaba might not give him the duel chance and if I challenge him myself we get the same problem, so as terrible as it is, I'm not going to do anything fancy to save the people. And I plan to fight with just one sword as long as can, mostly to not attract Kayaba's attention.

Because while others might think that it isn't actually a unique skill, just one with unknown prerequisites, Kayaba will obviously know that is actually a unique skill and that no item like my swords should exist... speaking of things that shouldn't exist, how do they exist? Like practically speaking, none of my gear should exist in SAO and somehow I'm logged in after the start, both would take some code manipulation, so whatever brought me here is better at programming than Kayaba. That or it's like Gae Bulg from Fate/Stay Night and the cause of my arrival just worked itself out after the effect of me arriving already happened.

I could spend forever trying to figure out how I got here and never figure it out, so I should just drop it. Heh, like I could do that. Maybe it's not just the SAO world that exists of anime and something like Kaleidoscope from the Fate series brought me here. If that's the case, does that mean magic actually exists in this world, and even the world I come from?

Stop. Thinking. About. That.

What am I going to do durning the fight? I guess I'll stick with the other faster players and just attack as part of the mob and try to not attract attention to myself.

In the teleport gate Heathcliff appears with two members of his guild—others were already here—and gives and inspirational speech, then raises a large blue crystal and says, "Corridor open!"

The corridor opens, linking the location that was in front of the boss room to here, allowing us to all move through. At least, that's how I understood it. Maybe it just makes those coordinates equivalent. Then it would need to shift the linked set constantly since Aincrad is moving. Is it even moving? Also it might just be relative coords.

I notice almost everyone had already walked through the portal and get up from where I was sitting, going through the portal close to last. Of course if I actually came through last that would attract attention. Not much, but being second last is better than last in this case.

Queue inspirational speech number two.

After Heathcliff gives another inspirational speech we enter the boss room, as expected—this time by people other than myself as well—the door closes behind us.

The boss is nowhere to be seen exactly like in SAO, it should drop down from the ceiling in just a few seconds after Asuna yells-

"Above us!"

Everyone looks up and sees the giant skeleton centipede called the [Skull Reaper]. The sight of the enormous monster sends shivers down my spine, it's a lot scarier in person. It's not creepy scary or jump scare scary which can go through a computer screen. It's the type of scary where your subconscious screams that you're going to die if you stay.

"Spread out!" Kirito yelled.

Kirito's yell frees most people from their stupor and they scatter but a few people don't move, frozen in fear.

"This way!" he yells, they start to run but the drops down behind them, flipping 'belly' down as it fell.

One of its four bone scythe arms is swung and chops both players in half, killing both with one blow.

"No way..." Klein says in shock.

"... In one hit?" Agil finishes.

Exactly like in the anime, the fight finished with 14 casualties and everyone—sans Heathcliff—were sitting against each other or lying down.

I was sitting in a corner, leaned against the wall, waiting for Kirito to attack Kayaba.

A couple minutes later after he caught his breath, Kirito charged at Kayaba with his sword, who failed to block. The sword was stopped by the immortal object barrier.

Dialogue exactly like in the story, fight exactly like in the story, including Asuna getting stabbed, everything like in the story and then, "On November 7th, 2024, at 2:55pm, the game has been cleared."

I wonder what happens to me know. Possible things, A, I end up back in my world, B, I end up in Alfheim, C, I end up in their real world, and D, I die.

I'm hoping for C, but B would be okay. A would be kinda sad, but not the end of the world. I just really hope it's not D. Well, I'm going to find out within the next few seconds.

A few seconds later all the players around me disappear in an effect similar to teleportation. Or not...?

Well, I guess more waiting. I swipe open my menu to make sure the log out button isn't available. Not all that surprisingly, it was still gone.

About 10 minutes later the floor around me started falling away, and then the floor beneath me. However, instead of falling I just floated there. Actually, floated is the wrong word, I was on an invisible platform.

A minute or two after that Kayaba appears.

"Hello," I say without moving from where I was sitting.

"Hello, Jun" he answers.

"How are you here," he asks.

How am I here? Well, let's go ahead and pretend I don't know what he's talking about.

"I didn't get logged out for whatever reason, since you're here, would you mind telling me why?" I ask.

"Because I wanted to talk to you, and I meant in SAO," he answers, playing along.

"Oh, that. Well, I was half hoping you might be able to answer that," I reply.

No answer.

"I don't know how I'm here," I say

"The items you have, some of the skills, most of them were never programmed into the game, and yet here you are with them. You broke through the security and entered when all the other best people in Japan couldn't, and yet you don't know how you got here," he says curiously.

Well, why not tell him the truth. Like seriously, why not. It's not like he'll tell anyone.

"I'm not from this world," I say. Since nobody is from SAO, he seems to guess that I mean their real world.

"Where I come from, your world is a fictional story. Somehow I ended up here, with the gear from a fanfiction character I made."

"Since that is the case, do you know what happens to me now? Am I connected with a NerveGear or just here inexplicably.

"You appear to be a normal player, apart from being the 10001st," he answers.

I can't help but smile. I guess that means I'll end up in their real world and get to do things like play ALO. Ever since I watched my first anime with animal people I've wondered what it would be like to have cat ears or whatever, maybe I'll actually get to find out. So yes, as much as I want to pick Spriggan because black and white are my favorite colors, I can still wear black as a Cait Sith and I totally wanna find out. Sylphs are blond, not white haired so not them either.

"Did you tell Kirito my identity?" he asks.

"No, the very reason I didn't warn anyone about this boss and let 14 people die was to make sure he got it himself and so that I didn't mess anything up. I guess no matter how many butterflies, it will take more than a couple weeks to seriously mess things up unless I try," I say, referencing Chaos Theory which was often mentioned in the context of time travel, which this kinda was since I knew the future to a limited extent.

"So, can I log out now?" I ask.

He doesn't answer but presses a few buttons in his menu and then fades away. A few moments later I'm surrounded by the light of a teleport, then the light turns to blackness, which then turns in the green of the NerveGear.

Inexplicably, I was not only standing but in an alley, wearing clothes in the exact same state they were in before I came here, plus a backpack that I had near my desk.

I take off the NerveGear—which wasn't plugged in anywhere either—and put it into my backpack. I guess I wasn't physically in this world until just now, and was diving from somewhere else and just appeared here. I'm confused now. Either way, I'm in a real world and have a NerveGear, so totally awesome. I take out my phone—thankfully in my pocket—and find that the time had been magically adjusted and cell provider magically taken care of. I'm getting more confused by the second.

The date and time did in fact read 3:01PM, November 7th, 2024.

Now what? As in, should I go find Kirito or... I wonder if whatever brought me here also took care of documents registering my existence, at this point I wouldn't be all that surprised.

I look in my backpack and find that some snacks which had been in my kitchen were there, along with a bottle of water and my documents, all edited to match current date, and money, which since I was no longer in my world didn't matter if it was mine or from whoever brought me here. From the looks of it, I got a free, indefinite vacation to the world of the anime called SAO with everything taken care of except housing. Well I guess not completely free then.

It would be interesting to meet whoever brought me here. "Thanks," I say out loud, though not very loudly.

For a moment I can feel like I heard someone saying, "She actually liked it?" There were several different people who seemed to laugh, but an instant later it vanished. Normally, I would just write it off as my imagination, but given that I'm currently standing in a world other than my own, it's easily possible that someone, somewhere had actually just said that.

Which means I wasn't actually supposed to like this. Well too bad for you, you chose someone who would rather live somewhere they've never been before and barely know of than in their world. Heh, the only thing I'm leaving behind is my video game characters I spent months or years on, and since there are VR games in this world, it's not like I would play those anyway.

Now where exactly am I? I'm in the middle of a long alley, so I should probably get on the street and figure out where to go from there. Actually, before I figure out where I am, I should figure out where I want to be.

Well, I'm going to need to get some sort of job and find myself somewhere to stay, because the money I have won't last forever, or really much time at all. Exactly how long depends on what quality of apartment I get and how much prices have changed from 2016 to 2024.

I guess I should probably start by finding some sort of relatively cheap hotel and possibly buy some clothes, depending on how much my current ones stick out.

As I walk through the alley a few people walk out from behind dumpsters and what not that was piled here. Their clothes were undeniably... sub standard and they were all armed.

Half of me wanted to scream 'Help! I'm being mugged!' or something that effect out of laziness and the other wanted to beat them up. The latter slowly took over.

"Hand over your money unless you wanna get hurt," one of them says.

"And if I don't have any?" I ask tauntingly.

"Your backpack will do," he says, seemingly not realizing that I was just taunting.

"Sorry, but I have some stuff there that would be totally worthless to you, but I rather need, so, don't wanna," I say.

This time he realizes I'm taunting him.

2 were armed with some sort of metal pipes and the one in the middle was armed with a large pocket knife. I slowly remove my backpack and carefully set it down against the wall, then crack my knuckles.

I idly wondered if he would actually kill me if I gave him the chance, somehow I doubt it.

He lowered himself and ran at me with his knife. Time seemed to slow, so everything appeared to move about 4 times slower than it actually did. I stepped to the side. Well, to me it was a step, the amount of force used was about 4 times that and I actually moved about 4 times faster. This was by no means good for me. Just like adrenaline could overdrive your muscles, so could making your brain think they were being worked less than they were. If I did this for prolonged periods of times, and by prolonged I mean a subjective 20 seconds, objectively 5 or so seconds of as fast as I can, practically ever muscle in my body would burn afterwards.

Walking in this state was like running in a normal state, sometimes even faster, so I simply walked, not wanting to make my muscles burn afterwards. Of course if I barely moved and deliberately slowed myself down to a normal pace it wouldn't be a problem, but if I started running around... Well I do it anyway.

I slam my elbow into the back of his neck as he seemingly moves in slow motion and wince from the pain. Time may feel slow, but I still hit him really hard, which means it also hurt my elbow.

As he falls to the ground I allow time to return to normal speed.

"Either of you wanna try?" I ask, ignoring the pain in my elbow and slight pain in my shoulder which I moved at what seemed to be a normal speed, in other words, a ridiculous speed, as well as the more minor pain in my legs.

This ability of mine, which was almost unfair, was where majority of my money came from. Tournament prizes that is, generally kendo. It wasn't actually cheating, since I didn't use any drugs or anything of the sort, it was something I was able to do completely on my own. It was unfair, but not cheating.

Maybe I'll just participate in tournaments instead of getting a job.

"You- what the hell did you do?" one of them asks.

"Scram," I say in an ice cold tone different from the taunting one I had used earlier.

In response to the single word both of them bolted, forgetting to even grab their fallen friend. The ridiculous speed I had just displayed had scared them off. I rubbed my shoulder as I walked and retrieved my backpack, which currently contained all my possessions except my clothes, phone, and keys to my apartment in my world, which were just scrap metal now that they applied to no doors.

I put on my backpack and walk out of the alley, immediately retreating back when sunlight touches my skin. Two weeks in SAO and I forgot why I wear the clothes I wear.

As a side effect—or I guess only effect other than looking cool—of my extremely pale skin with almost zero pigment was that I reacted to the sun pretty much like a vampire, as such I tended to wear clothes that cover my entire body—including things like gloves—and applied large amounts of sunscreen to my face. I pull up my hood and take the pair of sunglasses that were in my backpack out, putting them on.

I carefully walk out into the sun once more and this time don't retreat back. My appearance gets more than its fair share of second glances, and I'm quite hot in clothes that cover me basically head to toe, but hey, it's better than getting horrible sunburns. I don't really like being outside for those reasons.

There was the stupid idea of asking Kirito to stay at his house... the disturbing thing is he would probably say yes. He would say yes to letting some random stranger stay at his house, well nearly random. And that would probably be the case even if not for my... special case. If I wanted to, I got probably find him pretty easily, since he should be at Chiyoda hospital.

Then again, Sugu, I probably shouldn't refer to her by that name in front of her, and her mom would be there right now.

She's not stupid, if I told her I was his friend from SAO she would ask why I'm even able to walk since I should have been lying without moving for two years. And how I knew where he was hospitalized. And if I was his friend from before SAO then why hadn't I visited him at the hospital—something which doesn't make much sense to me, what's the point of visiting someone who is unconscious and has practically zero chance to wake up—and how did I know where he was hospitalized.

Maybe I'll stop by in a few hours, I'm sure he'll very happy to see me. Not.

"Hey Kirito," I say. I had just seen his family leave, and though they walked past me they really didn't pay much attention to me.

"Hey Jun, you actually exist," he says.

"Yeah, I do, and whoever brought me here kindly took care of editing all my documents for me too, mostly shifting all the dates forward 8 years," I say.

"So why are you here," he asks.

"I just thought I'd give you my phone number incase you need my help with something," I say in a way that implied he wasn't out of the woods yet by clearing SAO.

"The way you say it implies that I will," he says.

"You won't need it," I say, putting emphasis on need.

"In other words I would manage myself but your help would be helpful," he says.

"Something like that, anyway, I'll be going now. I still need to figure where I'm going to sleep for the foreseeable future," I say.

"Do you even have a source of money?" he asks.

"I could participate in kendo tournaments or get some a payed internship at some software company," I say.

"I thought you said you didn't really know how to use a sword?" Kirito asks.

"I lied," I answer bluntly.


"In my world I lived alone and most of my income was from kendo tournaments actually," I say.

"Well, I'll be going now, I'm not particularly interested in explaining how I know you to Suguha," I say as I walk towards the door, remembering I didn't actually give him my phone number.

I quickly write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to him. Well, put it down next to the hospital bed he's on, since he has trouble even doing something like sitting up.