Escape to Ragnar


The Cylons were created by man. Developed to do the tasks that the people didn't want; jobs which were tedious, laborious, and dangerous. They were created to fight the wars between the nations of mankind. They were ruthless, cunning, strong, and relentless. Eventually, they tired of fighting and killing each other for the convenience of their masters. So they rebelled. A long and brutal war followed, and for a while, it seemed that sun would set on the civilization of man. But at their darkest hour, the Colonials rallied together as never before, and pushed themselves away from the edge of the precipice. After twelve years of conflict an Armistice was signed, and the Cylons left the Colonies to find a planet of their own. In the interest of peace, a space station was built to maintain diplomatic relations. Every year the Colonials sent a representative, in forty years the Cylons had sent no one.