"Hey, Harry, go get the table over there!" Ron smiled, pointing with the knife he was using to a table across the diner, which contained four people, who, with my terrible vision, I couldn't see to clearly. I know who he's pointing to though, because the diner wasn't very crowded right now, the breakfast rush had finished.

"Sorry Ron" I started, knowing I was blushing, I tend to do that. "I really should stop complaining about my love life." God, I do wish that I had someone like Ron and Lavender, but I need to stop whining.

"Harry, it's ok, it must be awkward when both me and Lavender are there, and you know because..." Ron trailed off, but I know what he meant.

"I'm gay?" I replied, smirking. Even after all that time he still couldn't say it, and that amused me to no end.

"Yes," he continued, tips of his ears turning red "that you're gay." He kind of squeaked out the last word, but it was there, and that was progress.

"I'm glad you got it out, " I started, smirking "anyways, you're right, I had better go get that table over there." I walked over there and I got my notebook out along the way.

"Hi, I'm Harry, and I'm going to be your server today! What can I get you guys to drink?" I greeted, like I normally do. As I looked up I-

Oh my god.

He was gorgeous.

He had, well, the blond stranger sitting with a group of girls who I hadn't given much thought, had beautiful, clear, pale, soft-looking skin. He had silky, shiny pale hair, that gleamed even in the artificial light provided by the diner, but the real treat was his stunning, silver, cool eyes, that were locked on me in an intense stare.

He broke the stare though, as he looked around at his tablemates, and I did as well for the first time. They were all staring distantly at something behind me or they were all doing rather odd things. I never did understand women.

I looked back at the silver-eyed stranger, and he was still looking at them, obviously annoyed. He must be wondering why they were doing these things too.

I wonder if he's gay. Or maybe just bi.

Where had that creepy thought come from?

I cleared my throat, but the only one that seemed to respond was him. He apparently heard my question though, unlike the rest of them, because he answered with complete elegance and nonchalance.

"Coffee, black."

His voice, though, seemed to snap the rest of them out of whatever weird trance-like state they were in, and they put in their orders, and I left and walked away, trying to push the silver-eyed stranger out of my mind as I went to go fill up their glasses with their drinks.

That proved impossible, though.

As I got back to the table with their many drinks, I handed the blond's drink to him last, and our fingers accidentally touched, and I swear, there was something electric.

Oh crap.

I dropped the glass, and it shattered at my feet, thankfully, though, only a very small amount landing on me. We both looked down and then up at the same time, and it was interesting to see only one emotion displayed in those cool, silver eyes of his, when everybody tells me there's always so many running freely in mine. Fuck, I'm not supposed to be thinking things like this when my clumsiness acts up at a time like this.

"I'm so sorry, that was all my fault-" we both started, and it took me that long to realize that I was saying the same thing as he was. We looked at each other, confused. It was all my fault. Why was he apologizing?

"I'll get a mop and a broo- Why are you standing up?" I asked, not truly realizing I had said it aloud until he answered me out loud.

"I'm going to help you obviously." He replied, crossing his arms with an expression that made it seem like it was actually the most obvious thing in the world.

"Ummm, no, you are not, you are going to sit down and let the person that dropped the glass handle this." I answered, folding my arms, realizing too late that I probably looked similar to how he did.

"Oh I am?" He replied smirking. I thought he would comply for a split second, before realizing that his voice had too much sarcasm and a slight bit of arrogance (but maybe that was the posh accent)to be genuine. "Ok good, I was the one that dropped the glass anyways." he finished, and I concluded I was right, he was being sarcastic. "So where do you keep the cleaning supplies?" he asked, but that proved pointless, as after a quick glance around the room, he had found it, and started walking towards it.

"Sir," I realized I didn't know what to call him at that moment. "you can't go in there you'l- "

"It's Draco" he called over his shoulder. Of course he had to have the most amazing name ever. Of fucking course. "And I will, watch." The idiot didn't realize the closet he was going to was actually locked, and only Ron and I have.

He figured it out the hard way. Elegant idiot.

"You were saying Draco?" I said smirking, and enjoying the way his name rolled off of my tongue. "If you are soooo insistent on helping," I continued, rolling my eyes "then you can help me, but you're not doing all of it." As I finished the sentence I pulled the key to the door out of my pocket, opened it and took out the mop, its bucket and a broom, which I tossed to him, and we walked back to the mess we had made. After we had cleaned it up, which only took a short amount of time between the two of us, I took the girls' orders, and they were still acting strange. They looked at me funnily, their voices were high, even for a girl and they kept blinking rapidly. I think they all had something in their eyes.

Like I said, girls are strange.

I got Draco's order last, because you know the dumb saying 'save the best for last'. As I did though, he asked me a question I had heard before, but they usually ordered what I had said.

"What's your favorite thing here? I'm not looking for a suggestion, I just want to know."

I was confused for a second, and then I snapped out of it and decided to answer him.

"The pumpkin pie here is amazing!" It was, it was creamy and sweet and the crust was perfect….

I realized I had been staring off into space, and Draco was staring at me, probably thinking about what a weirdo I was.


"Wait, you like pumpkin pie?" See, he thinks I'm totally weird. Wait, though. No, he's the weird one. What kind of person doesn't like pumpkin pie?

"You don't?" I said, feigning shock, before not being able to do it anymore without smiling.

"I prefer a warm apple pie personally…." He said, staring off into space, licking his lips.

Oh god no.

I was so not supposed to notice that.

Damn it.

"Weirdo." I said, trying to remain as calm as possible, and forced a smirk onto my face, which after a second, wasn't so forced.

"Psycho." He replied, shooting me a grin.

"Be careful, I just might spit in your food." I said, chuckling. I would never actually do that of course, even if the customer was extremely rude. Which Draco totally was not being.

"I thought only cooks did that." He replied, and I could tell, he was doing the best not to snicker himself.

"Usually, but if there's a customer we especially don't like, like you, we'll do it too." I replied, now just smiling. I thought everything fine, but he was just staring at me.

Did I say something wrong?

He put in his order, but before he left I said

"Oh, and don't worry, I'll get you another coffee." And then I proceeded to do the worst thing ever. I winked. I never wink. I'm a terrible flirt. When I say that, I don't mean I flirt with everybody, I mean that I'm bad at flirting. Terrible, in fact.

I walked over to give the orders for Ron to cook, but he stopped me in the middle of them.


"Yeah?" I replied confused, he loved cooking, so why was he stopping me in the middle of their orders?

"Are you purposely flirting with that bloke over there to prove a point? Or are you actually that smitten?" He replied back, smirking.

"Bu- Wha? Huh?" I stammered, was I actually, at least semi-successfully flirting with someone? That was new.

"Oh be quiet, don't act like you aren't." He said, and starting to get the ingredients out for the orders, and taking a look at the notepad in my hand since I was still standing there, going through my interactions with the handsome blond stranger, and wondering how any of them could be mistaken as flirting. I must have been standing there for awhile, because Ron called me to go bring the food to the table. As I approached, Draco was sneering, which was odd, but I couldn't complain too much because, it was actually pretty hot for a usually ugly facial expression. I decided to just give them their food, and Draco a smile, before heading off to the kitchen to talk to Ron again.

"He likes apple pie!" I blurted out as I walked in.

"Does he?" Ron said, looking at me amusedly.

"Yes." I said, trying to not look awkward as I sat down, continuing my book about a boy wizard, playing a wizard game which was called "Quidditch" with his "arch nemesis". I don't know why, but I think they'd be cute together. I decided to check up on Draco's table, and saw them laughing, and done with their food. I walked out to ask about their checks.

"So it's you two," I started, pointing at the one with long, thick brown hair, and the one with short, silky black hair. "you two," I pointed at the one with red hair and dirty blonde one. "And you. All alone." I finished, smirking, and realizing my comment had more scathing than I had expected it to. He glared right back and answered for them.

"Yes, you are correct, but will you make it back to the register in time before it all slips out of your brain. Which, I must admit, does not seem like it can retain any information for that long." At this point, the glaring and smirking switched and we continued staring at each other.

I think I'm going to melt. Is that even possible? Because it sure felt like it.

While I was staring at him, I realized away I could give him my number without him asking for it, and I walked back to Ron to put it into action.

"Ron! Ron! Do we have any ap-" I exclaimed, looking for him

"Apple pie?" He said, amusedly and smirking at me. "Yeah, we do, I already put it in a container for you too."

I beamed at him and picked it up and started looking for a sharpie. I found one, and scrawled my number in the lid of the container.

He was walking out the door, when I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, and seemed surprised by me. He eyed the white to-go box I was carrying. I smiled at him and put it in his hands.

"It's umm… apple pie..." I managed to get out, before feeling my face heat up. Damn I'm an idiot.


He was blushing too.

Awwww, that was so cute!

He started to pull out his wallet when I put up my hand.

"No, no, it's on me..."

I said, unable to look him in the eyes.

"What, no I mus-" He started but I cut me off

"Draco, don't argue, just go ok?" I said, smirking, knowing apple pie wasn't the only thing inside.

"I- ok." It seemed like the first time he would listen to someone. He started to walk to the door, and he had one foot out the door when I called.

"Oh, and Draco?"

"Huh?" He replied, looking surprised.

"Check the lid of the box." He winked and waved

What is wrong with me?!

I knew the best and worst case scenarios.

Best case, I would be getting a very important call that night.

Worst case, I would never see the blond again.

The best thing happened that night.