What would happen if at the end of the Netherfield ball Mrs Bennet collapsed and died? What would the shock do to the family? And how would it change things for Jane and Elizabeth now that they have to take over their mother's responsibilities?

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Chapter 1 Jane

The Netherfield ball was nearing its end. Jane had not had such a delightful time that she could remember. Mr. Bingley had been all attentive, polite, and sweet. Jane was finding it quite difficult to contain her emotions and not display all her happiness and love in her face. There had been a few moments of embarrassment with her younger sisters' actions, her mother's loud improper comments and even Mr. Collins attentions to Lizzy. But she was so glad that Mr. Bingley had taken no notice, his attention had been focused on her, and, finally, she could feel that her life would turn out simply perfect if things went as she desired them to go. She could imagine her entire life with him, and it was so beautiful.

People were starting to leave the ball, it was quite late, and the dancing had ended. But Jane was feeling quite reluctant to leave the ball and consequently leave Mr. Bingley.

I think I could quite happily stay beside him all my life and be happy. Hopefully, I am not being too optimistic, and he will propose. It would be quite marvelous!

Jane started looking around to see were her family was and saw her mother surrounded by Mr. and Mrs. Lucas and a few more of her friends. She excitedly talked to them while pointing towards Jane and Mr. Bingley. Jane could very well guess what she was talking about as she had been quite vocal all night. Jane sighed, there was nothing for her to do, and her mother was happy. Suddenly, she saw her mother go quiet and grasp her chest. She went white, and a look of pain and panic came over her face. Suddenly, she collapsed on the floor.

"Mama!" she screamed and ran towards her mother as fast as she could, Mr. Bingley following right next to her. She reached her mother just a few seconds from her sister Elizabeth. She put her mother's head in her lap as she heard Mr. Bingley screaming for a doctor to be summoned, but it was too late. Jane could feel the moment her mother stopped moving, she saw when her breathing stopped. Her mother was gone, and she could not comprehend how such a thing had happened. She looked at Lizzy next to her, and their eyes met, she saw in them the same understanding, shock, and pain, tears coming down her face; their mother was gone. What were they going to do now? She also felt her own tears falling uncontrollably down her face.

Their father approached slowly, looking at his collapsed wife. His face was stark white and his expression of terrified shock was one that Jane had never seen on his face. Mary, Kitty, and Lydia were also there. Kitty crying softly, while Lydia and Mary were just in a state of shock as if they did not understand what was going on.

One thing was certain, the Netherfield ball would be memorable in the Bennets' minds, but not in the way they had hoped.