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Steve sat at his desk going over all of their research. A guy they had just arrested had escaped the transport yesterday afternoon. He was dangerous and they needed to find him. So far, they haven't found any leads and have no clue as to where he is. Speaking of not knowing where people are… Steve looks up and over at Danny's office. They had a late night last night but even still, this is late for his partner to show up for work. With a sigh Steve runs a hand over his face. His phone begins to ring and Steve answers it.

"McGarrett," Steve says tersely into the phone.

"Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett," a deep voice says over the phone. "It's nice to hear you voice again."

"Who is this?" Steve asks gruffly after checking the Caller ID. It's an unknown number.

"Think real hard Commander. You'll get it," the voice says over the line. Steve wracks his brain and moments later it comes to him.

"Mike Sampson," Steve announces with a scowl. "We've been looking for you."

"Of course you have. I have a problem Commander. I was in the process of acquiring a large shipment of high powered weapons when you arrested me," Sampson says and Steve stands up. He motions to Chin to put a trace on his phone. Sampson continues talking with no urgency in his tone. "You're going to get it back for me."

"That's not going to happen," Steve says with a chuckle as he walks out into HQ and over to Chin.

"I thought you'd say that," Sampson replies and Steve wonders why he seems so calm. He looks over at Chin who shakes his head.

"It's bouncing all over the servers. We can't trace it," Chin whispers and Steve scowls.

"Then, this conversation is over," Steve says into the phone, hoping to put some urgency in the man on the other end of the line.

"Don't make me kill him Commander," Sampson says and Steve can hear the grin in Sampson's voice as his own heart stops. His eyes dart to Danny's office. He doesn't need Sampson to tell him who he's talking about. Steve's gut is telling him exactly who it is.

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