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"Danny!" Steve shouts as he watches his best friend fall to the ground. Disregarding Sampson running away, Steve rushes to Danny's side. After dropping to his knees, Steve tries to stem the flow of blood pooling from Danny's chest. "Stay with me Danny. Just keep your eyes open."
Danny coughs and blood spurts from his mouth. Steve's eyes widen and the panic sets in further. A hand grasping his arm has Steve's gaze darting over to it. Another cough has Danny gripping Steve's arm tighter.

"It's okay. You're going to be fine," Steve's voice wavers out and his eyes dart up to Danny's fear filled ones. Suddenly, Danny's grip goes lax and Danny's eyes go blank. "Danny…? Danny!"

"Danny," Steve gasps out brokenly as he jolts awake. It takes him a moment to realize he's in his house sitting on his couch.

"Let me guess…" Danny says from the other side of said couch. Steve's panic filled eyes shoot over to him. "You weren't having a nightmare."
Danny watches as Steve's gaze darts around the room. Anywhere but at Danny. It has been almost four weeks since the shooting and this is the fifth time he has noticed Steve having a nightmare. The fifth time Steve has waken up saying his name. And that is only when Danny catches him off guard, the number is more than likely times ten. Danny sighs; he knows Steve feels guilty about what happened. He sees the guilt fill Steve's eyes every time his partner looks at him.

"You know, this wasn't your fault," Danny says as he waves a hand at where the bullet wound is. Steve glances at him before fixating on something across the room. Danny waits but when Steve says nothing he rest a hand on the SEAL's shoulder and tries again. "Hey…"

"I did everything I could," Steve abruptly says with his eyes still focusing across the room. Danny clamps his mouth shut but keeps his hand on Steve's shoulder. "I did everything he asked. You should've been fine. He didn't have to shoot you. I…"

"You what?" Danny prods gently when Steve doesn't continue. Danny gives Steve's shoulder an encouraging squeeze.

"I should've been able to stop it. I should've seen it coming. This is my fault," Steve says and Danny sees his best friend's eyes begin to water.


"I should've known I couldn't save you. I haven't been able to save anyone I care about," Steve chokes out and Danny feels his own eyes welling up.

"But you did Steve. I'm still here," Danny says and as if to emphasize his point Danny squeeze Steve's shoulder.

"You died. I… I couldn't…" Steve whispers out as his voice cracks.

"If you hadn't performed CPR I wouldn't be here right now. You kept me alive. The medical staff all support that conclusion. There's no one I would trust with my life more than you," Danny says and gives Steve a firm look. Steve looks over at his partner and sees the complete trust and bare love in his eyes.

"Same here Danno," Steve says and pulls Danny in for a hug. Danny gladly returns it, relieved he's gotten through to his stubborn partner.

"I love you brother," Danny says with a squeeze.

"I love you too brother," Steve replies and doesn't care as a tear escapes.

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