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"Hello" = human speech

'Hello' = human or pokemon thought

"Hello" = pokemon speech

At the ha-

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At the hall of origin:

Wil waiting for the other legendary Arceus was stress out, she searched far and wide for the Chosen one's aura, but in vain, nothing was find.

She was searching until she had the idea to look at the last place the chosen one's aura was last sens.

What she found shocked her and maybe that was just an understatement.

She just saw Ash 'died' by the vary same people everyone thought they were his friends.

Trougth the pool of vision, arceus couldn't help but tear up about fact that he had 'died'.

"Hello, lady Arceus you in he- Oh my why are you crying lady Arceus."

The feminine voice once filled confusion now filled worried about the fact she just witnessed the creator of the universe crying.

"G-Giratina! I'm so sorry you had to see me like this." Arceus said with a surprised tone in her voice yet still filled with sorrow.

"Tell me. What made you so sad to the point of tears."

"It best if all the other are here when I say it."

Later when every legendary arrived:

"Hello my childs, I'm glad you could make it but we have a big problem."

The creator of the Universe said with all her seriousness but inside she was nervous of how to tell them the news, to the legendary's eyes, Ash was in there family.

For the male, ash was like brother except for Manaphy who saw Ash as a father and for the majority of the female he was more than a friend.

"This is not the reason I called you here but while we're at it. As you can see we have to new legendary amongst us."

They all turned to Mewtwo" and Genesect with interest in their eyes, which made them uneasy.

"Both were created by human and were proven strong and worthy to become one of us." Arceus spooked again.

"So what was so important that you had to call the meeting five day earlier than planned." A voice with an annoyed tone was heard, it was Cobalion who didn't seems to happy to be disturbed from his peace.

"It about the chosen one." She quickly said.

Now that it was said every one where waiting to know the rest, the male where mostly intrigued, some of the female where daydreaming but nonetheless intrigued… well except Giratina And Mewtwo" and Genesect.

Mewtwo" and Genesect did not know who specifically the Chosen one was, all they knew is that he is supposed to bring peace and balance to the world and Giratina was now worried because she now knew that the boy she meeted once was link to the reason Arceus was sad.

"T-the chosen one i-is is." Now Arceus couldn't say it, it was to hard for her.

"Ash is what lady Arceus" Latias demanded with her voice full of worries.

The two new legendary now realise that the chosen one was the same boy they had met in Unova,

"He… he has past away." And then a tear fell to the ground.

"No it impossible. I refuse to believe that my beloved has died, you're lying he can't be dead." Shouted Latias with tear streaming from her eyes, in fact all who was there had at the very least a tears.

"How… how can you be so sure that he's dead" Mewtwo' said with hope to find a loophole to this situation.

"His aura has disappeared and I saw it from the pool of vision. I'll even show you."

With that said she showed what she saw in the pool of vision via mental link.

Mewtwo' being as observant as he could look for any evidence that Ash was no dead and that when he saw something that caught his eyes.

"He's not dead." he whispered

"What do you mean." Arceus said now with hope.

"I don't exactly know how but it seems that he teleported away at the last second." he said more calm than he was five minute earlier.

"But if you ar so sure what about his aura." said the other mewtwo.

"Well it could be that such an event like him being betrayed by the people he cared the most like we just saw could have wound his soul and in result affect his aura and weaken it to the point we can fill it. It like a this the body is alive but inside he's dead." Mewtwo' explained.

"I knew it." Screamed some of the legendary.

'The question is where could he be' Arceus taught.

With Ash:

After some time Ash decided to go to mount moon to hide from society and to not be bother.

Time skip five month:

After five month the only thing that was on Ash agenda was train, taking care of his pokemon, eat and sleep.

Some time after the accident, Ash's pokemon ran away from Oak Lab after finding out what they've done to Ash.

One by one Ash find them all and now they're the only thing that keep him in this worlde.

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