Hey guys! This is just a Mother's Day story I thought up today. Intended to be a one shot...but may write more at some point if there is interest and I can come up with more. Thanks! Happy Mother's Day!

Rory Gilmore was sitting at the counter at Luke's Diner racking her brain to come up with a Mother's Day plan. When she lived at the Independence Inn with her Mom, every Mother's Day she would sneak to the kitchen and Mia would help her make breakfast in bed for Lorelai. But now they had their own home. Last year Sookie had helped Rory cook all sorts of treats for Lorelai, but this year she was going to be away visiting her own family.

So now Rory had no options other than a Pop tart on a plate but that wasn't good enough. The twelve year old girl put her chin in her hands and pouted softly to herself. Luke walked out from the kitchen and spotted the young girl pouting behind his counter. He walked over to her, slid a plate of french fries in front of her and leaned against the counter.

"What's with the face?" He asked casually.

Rory sighed, "Tomorrow is Mother's Day...and I always used to bring Mom breakfast in bed. Mia helped me at the Inn and Sookie helped me this year...but now no one will be around and I don't know what to do. Mom deserves a special day…"

Luke frowned, "Rory I'm sure that no matter what you give your Mom she will be happy…"

Rory shrugged, "I know...but it was our tradition. Mom loves tradition...and I don't want to ruin that for her."

Luke was quiet for a moment and then nervously cleared his throat, "Well...do you want me to help you?"

Rory sat up straighter and stared at him in shock, "You'd do that?"

Luke smiled and then pushed off the counter, "Sure...I feed your Mom most days anyway. I know what she likes. I can come by early in the morning and help you put something together if you want."

Rory's smile grew wider, "Luke you're a lifesaver!"

He blushed slightly, "It's no big thing…"

"It is so a big thing!" Rory said, "Are you sure you don't mind? I don't want you take you away from the Diner...I'm sure it's busy on Mother's Day."

Luke shrugged, "Someone else can open tomorrow. And then when I'm done helping you I'll come back here."

"Thank you Luke!" The young girl said excitedly, "I can't believe it! Thank you so much!"

Luke smiled at her, "No problem kid." He looked past Rory and saw Lorelai coming up the road in the jeep, "Looks like your Mom is here. Better keep it a secret about tomorrow. What time do you want me to come over?"

"Early!" Rory said with a smile, "Is 7 too early?"

Luke chuckled, "Rory I usually wake up around 5:30."

"Ew why?" Rory said as she scrunched up her nose.

He held his hands up, "To run my DIner…"

"Oh. Right." Rory said with a small laugh, "Well then I guess 7 isn't early at all for you. I'll set my alarm clock and let you in!"

"Great." Luke said, "I'll bring over everything we need. Don't worry about a thing."

Rory smiled up at him again, "Thank you Luke…"

He gave her a wink, "Don't mention it…"

The door opened and Lorelai waltzed in, "There's my favorite daughter." Lorelai said walking over and giving her a tight hug from behind, "How was your day?"

Rory smiled and hugged her back, "Good. I just left Lane's a little while ago. We had to help Mrs. Kim scrub all the floors in the house today…"

Lorelai smiled and sat down, "Well good, you're an expert then! Why don't you go on home and start our house?"

Rory rolled her eyes, "No thanks."

"Hey! Tomorrow is Mother's Day little girl...that means you have to do something nice for me!" Lorelai said with a teasing smile.

Rory beamed up at her, "How do you know I don't already have something planned?"

"You do?" Lorelai said as she leaned against the counter, "Tell me!"

Rory shook her head, "Not a chance." She glanced at Luke who gave her a soft smile, "Hey Luke, can I have a cheeseburger please?" She asked politely.

He nodded, "Sure thing. You want anything Lorelai?"

"No thanks." Lorelai said, "I ate at the Inn. Just the kids grub and maybe some coffee?"

"Of course." Luke said and added a playful eye roll before walking to the coffee pot and pouring her a cup, "Here...another cup to rot your insides."

"Thank you kind sir." She said with a twinkle in her eyes, "It's your own fault you know…"

"What is?" He asked as he wiped down the counter.

"My coffee addiction." Lorelai said with raised eyebrows, "I liked coffee before...but then I came here and tried yours. What do you put in this stuff, crack cocaine?"

Rory laughed beside her and Luke groaned, "Geez Lorelai...in front of the kid?"

Lorelai rolled her eyes, "Rory's not like most kids Luke...she knows I'm kidding. At least partially. There is something in this cup that has addictive qualities...and someday I will get you to divulge your secret."

Luke shook his head, "Family secret. Taking it to the grave."

"Unless you have kids of course." Lorelai said with a smile, "Little Luke JR could use it to get all the ladies…"

Luke chuckled, "Yeah right…"

"What? You don't want kids?" Lorelai asked curiously, she saw the nervous expression on her face and grimaced, "Sorry...that's such a personal question. I shouldn't have asked that…"

He shook his head, "It's okay...I just never gave it much thought. I'd have to meet the right person...and then I guess we'd have to discuss it."

Lorelai nodded slowly, "I can respect that. But just for the record...I think you'd make an excellent father."

Luke couldn't help but smile, "Yeah?"

She smiled right back, "Yeah. I really do…"

Luke cleared his throat nervously, "Well uh...thanks. I should go get the burger started for Rory…you sure you don't want anything?"

"No. I'm good." She said softly, "But thanks…"

He gave her a quick nod and then walked back to the kitchen to start cooking Rory's dinner. He took a deep breath before he went to work. What was it about those two girls that made him turn into a completely different person? He'd do just about anything to ensure that they had smiles on their faces…

Deep down he knew what it was...he had fallen for Lorelai Gilmore the moment she came running into the Diner demanding coffee. He had pretended for the last year and a half that he didn't give a damn about her...but it was no use. He was crazy about her. But he knew he wasn't really her type...he didn't stand a chance.

Luke sighed, got started on cooking for Rory and tried to tell himself he was only helping Rory tomorrow...it wasn't to make Lorelai happy too…

At the counter, Lorelai watched Luke with curiosity. He had become a big part of her life since she had moved to Stars Hollow. He wasn't just the guy that poured her coffee and fed her and her daughter most days. He was also the guy she called when the heater broke in the middle of the winter or she needed help with the dryer. He owned the place that she felt safe enough for her daughter to sit and wait for her on nights she worked late. He was the guy that owned the place that was their safe haven to find each other on long days.

And she couldn't pretend he wasn't incredibly good looking. He was tall, dark and handsome. A little rough around the edges but tender on the inside. He was a good guy. She knew that...she believed that. But Lorelai Gilmore never had luck when it came to men. And with Rory in her life...she made it a point to complicate the young girl's life. Luke meant a great deal to Rory too...and even thinking about getting into a relationship with him would undoubtedly confuse her.

She sighed heavily and looked down at the coffee in front of her. Rory seemed to catch her frown and she leaned into her Mom, "Hey...you okay Mom?"

Lorelai made sure to plaster a smile on her face before turning to her daughter, "Oh sure hon. Just tired...not used to working these Saturday shifts."

"Why do you have to work on Saturdays now?" Rory asked with a sad smile.

Lorelai's face flushed, they were having money problems but that was not something she was about to tell her twelve year old. "Oh Mia needed the extra help kid. Shouldn't be for too long. Sorry I had to stick you at the Kims again today...maybe next weekend you can come hang out at the Inn with me? Mia stocked the shelves with some new books I'm sure you'd like."

Rory smiled, "I'd like that. Plus I still get to technically spend the day with you."

Lorelai smiled and leaned forward to kiss Rory's head, "Love you kiddo."

"Love you too Mom." Rory said as her Mother pulled away.

Lorelai started talking about something but Rory's mind was elsewhere. Luke Danes had become a staple in their world since they moved into their home. She would be lying if she didn't often wonder what it would be like to have a Mother and a Father to spend her time with. Christopher was in and out of her life, and as much as she loved him she knew they would never be a real family.

Rory glanced over at Luke and wondered how he felt about her Mother. He seemed to be a little more abrasive with his other customers. And though he pretended to be annoyed by Lorelai...he often did whatever it was she asked of him. And he had offered to help Rory cook for her tomorrow morning. He could do anything else on a Sunday...but he was willing to come over and cook for her. What did that mean?

With a smile, Luke came over and placed the plate down in front of Rory, "Ketchup?" He asked.

Rory snapped out of her daze, "Yes please."

Luke glanced over at Lorelai who seemed to be looking longingly at Rory's burger, "You sure you don't want something?"

Lorelai's head snapped up and she smiled at him, "Nope. Stuffed from earlier. But thanks!" She turned to Rory, "So kiddo...tell me more about your day."

Luke backed away as he heard Rory begin to talk about her day. He wondered if Lorelai was really full from eating at the Inn. But he also knew better than to press her on the matter. With a sigh, he backed away and went back to his work. He would never admit it, but he loved hearing the two of them laugh and talk as he finished up his routine at the Diner. He found it oddly comforting…

And just like always, he hated it when they would finish up and Lorelai would reach into her bag for her wallet. These were the times when he realized just how damn lonely he actually was. Lorelai smiled, placed some money on the counter and gave him a slight wave.

"Thanks Luke. We'll see you later." She said as she reached for her coat.

Rory hid behind her Mom and held up seven fingers at him and he chuckled and gave her the thumbs up, "Yeah. Have a goodnight you two. Get home safe."

"We will." They both called and gave him a small wave before they left the Diner.

Luke watched until the Jeep was out of sight. Then he finished cleaning, flipped the sign to closed and headed upstairs. And as he lay in bed that night...he wondered what tomorrow would bring…

Rory was awake by 6:30 and had tiptoed out to the kitchen pulling out their nicest plates and and utensils. She found Lorelai's favorite mug, placed it on the counter and walked around trying to tidy up the room. By 6:58, she was already standing at the door waiting for any sign of Luke. When she heard the truck pull into the driveway, she whipped the door open and ran out to the driveway still in her pajamas.

"Hey Luke!" She said excitedly.

Luke laughed at her, "Hey...you're actually awake."

Rory nodded, "Of course I am! It's Mother's Day! Did you bring the stuff?"

Luke nodded and pulled bags out of the car, "There's some flowers in the passenger seat. Wanna grab those?"

Rory smiled and went to get them, "You got Mom flowers?"

"Well we can say they are from you." Luke said with a blush as he followed Rory up the porch steps, "I always used to bring my Mom flowers on Mother's Day…"

Rory lead him towards the kitchen and began to prepare a vase for them, "That's really sweet Luke."

He shrugged, "No big deal."

Rory smiled, "Did you know that yellow Daisies were Mom's favorite?"

Luke of course did know that, but he wasn't about to admit that, "Oh really? No. I didn't know that. Lucky guess…"

Rory turned back to him and smiled, "Well she will love them. Thanks. And thanks for helping me with this. I was worried it wasn't going to happen this year…"

Luke shrugged, "No big deal." He started to pull things out of his bags, "So I figured we could go for some pancakes...eggs and bacon. Coffee of course and I did bring some fruit...not sure if she'll eat it though."

Rory laughed, "We can try."

Luke nodded and glanced upward, "You think she'll wake up once we start cooking?"

"Nah. Mom's a pretty sound sleeper. We should be good." Rory said, "What can I do? I want to help?"

"Well...you want to help me mix the pancake mix?" He asked as he grabbed a bowl from the cabinet near him.

Rory smiled, "Sure! What do I do first?"

"Well I already mixed all the dry ingredients at home. I just need you to crack two eggs and add some milk when I tell you too."

"Milk? Is that what makes yours so fluffy?" Rory asked curiously as she reached for the eggs.

Luke smiled, "Yep. My Mom taught me that secret. I add a little vanilla extract in them too."

Rory smiled and walked over to him by the bowl, "So you're Mom taught you how to cook?"

Luke felt his heart constrict in his chest, "Um...yeah. She started to anyway."

Rory frowned softly, "I'm sorry...that she...that she's not…"

Luke smiled and gave her shoulder a squeeze, "It's okay Rory. Not your fault." He held the vanilla extract out for her, "Here...pour a little of this in there."

Rory did as she was told and then watched as he started mixing the ingredients together, "Um...what was she like?" Her face blushed, "Is that okay that I asked that?"

Luke nodded slowly, "It's okay…" He paused for a moment, "She was...a lot of fun. She loved life...she'd do anything for anyone. A great cook...very smart and funny."

Rory smiled at him as she watched him stir, "She sounds really great…"

"She was." Luke said as he handed her the spoon to let her stir, "I miss her a lot. Especially on days like today...she loved Mother's Day."

Rory started stirring the batter, "I don't know my Grandma that well...we only see them on Holidays really…"

Luke nodded slowly, "What about your Dad's parents?"

Rory frowned, "I've never met them…"

"Oh." Luke said with a sigh, "Sorry...I shouldn't have-"

Rory shook her head, "It's okay…" She shrugged, "I mean I don't see my Dad much anyway...so it's not that big of a deal."

Luke frowned, "Well your Dad's missing out Rory. You're a great kid…"

"Thanks Luke…" She whispered as she watched him set up the griddle.

She was quiet as he walked around the kitchen with ease and started on mixing the eggs while the griddle warmed up. She couldn't help but notice how comfortable he looked in their kitchen. And suddenly she realized she would be okay with him being here every morning.

Without thinking, she blurted out her next question, "What do you think of my Mom?"

Luke stumbled slightly as he began to put bacon into a pan and into the oven, "Um...what do you mean?"

Rory shrugged, "Do you like her?"

Luke's face flushed as he began to ladle pancake mix onto the griddle, "Well...yeah. She's nice."

Rory frowned, "Just nice?"

Luke grimaced slightly as he reached for a spatula, "Um...she's...interesting…"

Rory laughed slightly, "Interesting?"

Luke sighed and turned towards the young girl, "Rory I-"

"I meant do you like her like her? Do you think she's pretty?" Rory asked curiously.

Luke's eyes popped and he quickly turned back to the stove to begin to flip one of the pancakes, "Rory…"

She smiled, "Because I think she likes you…she talks about you a lot."

Luke's heart started beating faster, "She does?"

"Yeah. And not just when she needs stuff done around the house...she talks about how great of a cook you are. And once I heard her talking to Sookie about how she thought you were handsome." Rory said honestly.

Luke dropped the spatula in his hand and gasped when he touched the hot surface of the griddle, "Ow!"

Rory giggled a little, "So...do you think Mom's pretty?"

Luke sucked on his now burnt thumb and tried to think of how to respond, "Rory…" He reached for a plate, "Your Mother is a very beautiful woman...but…"

"But what?" Rory asked with a frown, "Is it because of me?"

Luke snapped his head to look at her, "What? No! No. You're a great kid Rory. Half the time I like you better than her. Your mom can be a real pain in the a-" He paused, "Do you have syrup, I forgot to bring some."

Rory smirked, she was very aware of what he was going to say before he caught himself, "Top shelf in the fridge…"

Luke walked past the girl and opened the fridge, he cringed when he saw what was inside, "Geez...you two eat terribly. All that's in here is soda, syrup and leftover Chinese Food."

Rory shrugged, "We make do."

Luke chuckled and grabbed the syrup before turning back to the stove and getting to work on some scrambled eggs, "It's a wonder you're both not 1000 pounds. Throw that fruit in a bowl would you? I'm making you eat something healthy. It's just berries and stuff so doesn't need to be cut."

Rory nodded and went to grab a bowl to assemble the fruit in, "So...if it's not me...then what is it?"

Luke sighed, he had hoped Rory would drop the conversation but it didn't seem likely. "Rory...your Mom and I are friends. That's it…"

"But...you like her?" Rory asked as she poured the already washed raspberries into the bowl, "And you think she's pretty?"

Luke sighed and put the remaining pancakes on the plate and turned towards Rory, "Rory...I know that it's probably hard sometimes...not having your Dad around…"

Rory's face turned red and she looked down at the container of grapes in her hand, "I just...I want Mom to be happy." She looked back up at him, "And you're…" She carefully took out a grape and popped it into her mouth nervously, "And you're really nice Luke…"

Luke smiled at her, "Well thank you Rory...but...that doesn't mean that your Mom and I-"

"But do you like her?" Rory asked cutting him off, "As more than a friend I mean?"

Luke sighed and started to mix up the scrambled eggs, "Kid...I don't think we should be talking about this."

Rory smiled at him, "So that's a yes then…"

He chuckled, "Foods almost done. You have a tray for all this?"

Rory nodded and picked one up off the table, "Yeah. Can you help me carry it upstairs? I'm afraid I'll drop it."

He fidgeted nervously, "Sure...but then I'm gonna head out, okay? Gotta get back to the Diner."

Rory smirked, "She sleeps with pajamas on if that's what you're worried about…"

Luke dropped the spatula again and gave himself another burn, this time on his palm, "Geez!"

Rory giggled, "Just saying…"

He sighed and began to scoop eggs onto the plate, "I brought coffee over. Should be warm still. Just throw it in her mug."

Rory nodded and grabbed the to go cup and began to pour it into a pink mug with a handprint on it. Luke smiled as he watched Rory work, "Did you make that?"

Rory smiled, "Yeah. Mia helped me...I think I was about 4 when we did it. It was her Mother's Day gift...so now she always has her coffee in it."

Luke smiled, "That's nice…"

Rory shrugged, "She likes tradition…"

Luke nodded, "So you said…" He reached over to the stove, opened it and pulled out the bacon, "Alright...looks like everything is set here." He began to slide the bacon onto the plate and then turned back to Rory, "Grab some silverware kiddo."

Rory nodded, placed the necessary utensils on the tray with a napkin. Then she placed the coffee cup and the bowl of fruit beside it too. She grabbed the vase of flowers and smiled at him as she started to walk towards the stairs case. Luke picked up the tray and followed her down the hall and up the stairs.

He had been in Lorelai's room before...but never when she was actually still in bed. His heart was pounding in his chest. Rory stopped in front of her Mother's door and smiled up at him, "Are you going to come in?"

Luke shook his head and pushed the door open slightly, "I think you should head in there on your own. Go put the flowers down and then come get the tray...I bet you can make it to the bed without a problem."

"Afraid to see Mom in her bed?" Rory said with a smirk, "Man you really do like her…"

Luke rolled his eyes, "Would you stop that?"

She laughed, "Sorry. I swear I won't say anything to her...but just remember what I told you about calling her calling you handsome…"

Luke's face flushed again, "The flowers…"

Rory smiled, tip toed into the room and placed the flowers on the bedside table. Then she walked back out to the hallway and Luke helped steady the tray in her small hands, "Hey Luke?"

He smiled at her as he made sure she was holding it carefully, "Yeah?"

"Thanks for this." Rory said with a shrug, "Means a lot…"

Luke gave her a soft smile and then a wink, "Anytime. Go enjoy your day with your Mom. I'll clean up downstairs and then head out."

"Thanks." Rory said as she watched him walk towards the stairs.

When he was out of sight, she turned and carefully walked towards the bed and placed it on the empty side of the bed, "Happy Mother's Day!" She yelled loudly.

Lorelai rolled over slowly and her eyes fluttered open, "Rory?"

Rory beamed at her, "You think I forgot our tradition?"

Lorelai inhaled and smelled the sweet smell of pancakes, bacon and coffee. "Wow...look at all this!"

Rory was practically bouncing on her feet, "There are flowers too!"

Lorelai looked behind her and smiled at the flowers on the nightstand, "Yellow Daisies! Aw hon! They are beautiful! But how on earth did you do all this? Sookie is out of town...and I know Mia had plans."

"I had some help." Rory said as she carefully climbed up onto the bed.

Lorelai opened her mouth to respond but heard a sound from the kitchen below, "Who is here?"

"Luke." Rory said with a soft smile, "He's the one that helped me do all this. He's downstairs cleaning up…he was gonna take off afterwards. Said we should have the morning to ourselves."

Lorelai felt her heart beating faster in her chest, "Luke helped you with all of this?"

Rory nodded happily, "Yeah. I was there yesterday before you came in...and I was upset because I didn't know how I would make you breakfast. And he offered…"

Lorelai sat up slowly and pushed her hair back, "Wow…"

"Coffee?" Rory asked as she held out the mug for her, "Luke brought it over."

Lorelai smiled, took the mug from her hands and took a sip, "Mmm...that's the good stuff right there." She glanced down at the mug, "Hard to beleive your hand was ever that small…"

Rory smiled, "Luke thought it was cute…"

Lorelai bit her lip nervously, "Hey um...why don't you dig into the pancakes. I'm gonna run to the bathroom real quick." She got off the bed, and walked around to kiss Rory's head softly. "Thanks for this sweets."

Rory smiled as she picked up her fork, "I can't promise there will be any left when you come back!"

Lorelai chuckled, "You're so my daughter…"

Rory pulled the blanket up over her as she began to eat the pancakes. She didn't try and hide the smirk on her face when she heard her walking down the stairs instead of to the bathroom.

Lorelai pulled at her shirt making sure it was covering everything before she tiptoed to the kitchen. She stood there for a moment watching Luke wash and dry the dishes he had used to help Rory cook her breakfast. Sure he had cooked for her hundreds of times. But this was different...he had taken time out of his busy schedule to come make sure she had a special Mother's Day.

"Who let you in?" Lorelai said with a playful smirk.

Luke spun around and reached for a towel, "Oh! Hey! Uh...sorry was I loud?"

She shook her head and walked further into the kitchen, "No. Not at all. You don't need to clean up...I can manage."

He shook his head, "It's Mother's Day...you're supposed to do absolutely nothing today and let everyone else wait on you."

Lorelai narrowed her eyes at him, "How is that any different than any other day in my life?"

Luke chuckled, "Hey...you don't give yourself enough credit. Aside from the no cooking thing...you're a really hard worker. And a hell of a Mom…"

Lorelai blushed and looked down, "Thank you Luke…"

He shrugged and put the towel down on the counter beside him, "It's true…"

She lifted her head slowly to look at him again, "I can't believe you came over here to help Rory do this…"

He smiled at her, "She was pretty upset about it last night. She said it was tradition...and you love tradition. Couldn't disappoint her…"

"You're a really good guy Luke Danes…" She whispered softly.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and looked down, "Don't go spreading that around town okay? I have the reputation as the town grump to hold onto…"

Lorelai chuckled, "You're secret is safe with me…"

He smiled gently at her, "Thanks."

He started to gather up the bags and things he had brought over wanting to get out of their way. Lorelai suddenly wished he would stay. "Do you want to stay?"

He glanced up at her slowly and smiled, "Oh...no. It's Mother's Day...you should be with Rory. I know it's been hard since you started working more. Spend the day with her...I gotta get back to the Diner anyway."

Lorelai nodded slowly, "Right...all the families there whose fathers don't cook."

Luke smiled, "Right. Usually one of my most profitable days of the year."

"Well good." She smiled as he walked closer to her, "Sorry to pull you away from there…"

He shook his head, "I was happy to help. You deserve a special Mother's Day…"

She fidgeted nervously and hoped he couldn't hear her heart pounding away in her chest, "Thank you Luke…"

He gave her a wink and started walking towards the door, "Do me a favor and eat some of that fruit okay? You're diet is atrocious."

Lorelai followed him and laughed, "Hey! It's Mother's Day! You can't pick on me mister!"

He rolled his eyes, "That only applies to kids talking to their Mother. You aren't my Mother."

Lorelai pouted, "So? Still not nice…"

He rolled his eyes again, "I apologize."

"Thank you." She said giving his arm a gentle squeeze, "And thanks again for breakfast...I'm sure I'll enjoy it if Rory hasn't eaten it all by the time I head back up there."

He chuckled, "I tried to make enough for both of you…"

"I appreciate that." She said with a twinkle in her eyes, "See you later?"

He nodded, "Sure. Come by for dinner...it's usually quieter around that time today. Anything you want...on the house…"

Lorelai shook her head, "No way! I know you paid for all the food I'm about to devour since it didn't come from here. I have to pay for dinner."

He shook his head, "Not today. Now go upstairs and eat before it gets cold and all my hard work goes to waste…"

She giggled, "Thanks Luke. See you tonight."

"Happy Mother's Day." He said softly, "Enjoy."

She gave him a wave and then closed the door behind her. She walked back up to her bedroom and laughed when she saw Rory scampering from the window and back onto the bed.

"Spying on me and Luke?" Lorelai asked as she crawled into bed.

Rory's face flushed, "No!I was bird watching."

Lorelai snorted loudly as she took a sip of her coffee causing some of it to dribble down her chin which she quickly wiped away, "Bird watching? Since when has that become a hobby of yours…"

"Since yesterday?" Rory said softly as she popped a grape in her mouth, "It's very interesting."

Lorelai chuckled and picked up a piece of bacon, "Well okay then…"

Rory was quiet as she watched her mother eat, and then she shifted in her seat, "Hey Mom?"

"Yeah kid?" She asked as she settled down into her pillows and broke off a piece of pancake to pop into her mouth.

"What do you think of Luke?" She asked nervously.

Lorelai stopped mid chew and smiled, "Rory?"

The young girl sighed and shrugged, "I just...I think he likes you. And I think you like him…"

Lorelai's face flushed, "Rory…"

"Sometimes I think you stay away from guys...to try and protect me. But...I like Luke. I think he's really nice…" Rory whispered.

Lorelai sat up on the bed and sighed, "Well...he is nice Rory. He's been very good to us since we moved into this house…"

"Yes. He has. And...that's why I think you should maybe more than friends. He thinks you're beautiful. He told me so." Rory said with a smile.

Lorelai gasped slightly, "He said that? When?"

"Today." Rory said shifting in her spot, "I asked if he thought you were pretty...and he said you were a very beautiful woman."

Lorelai blushed and looked down at the tray in front of her, "Rory…"

"And he helped me make all this food...and he bought those flowers. He said to say they were from me...but it was all him." Rory said with a shrug, "I thought you should know that…"

"Did you tell him I like yellow daisies?" Lorelai asked curiously as she glanced back at the flowers.

"No. I didn't. He said it was a lucky guess...but I don't really believe that. Do you?" Rory asked as she watched her mother carefully.

Lorelai turned back to her daughter with a look of surprise, "Rory…"

Rory shrugged and scooted off the bed, "I'm just saying...think about it. I think he could be good for you...for us." She paused and then continued, "I'm gonna go get some juice. You need anything else?"

Lorelai shook her head, "No thanks hon. I'm good…"

Rory smiled, walked toward the door and then down the stairs. Lorelai sat on the bed and glanced at the tray of food in front of her and then back to the beautiful yellow daisies on her nightstand. She pulled them close and breathed them in and let herself wonder if her daughter was right. Should she let him in? Should she cross that line?

She meant it when she said that Luke was a good guy...he was an amazing guy. But he had also become a great friend to her over the last year and a half. And crossing that line never ended well...especially for Lorelai Gilmore. But it was also more than that...what would it mean for Rory? With a sigh, she reached for her fork and began to take another bite of her pancakes.

The only thing she was sure of...was that no matter what happened...she wasn't going to be able to deny her feelings for much longer. The flannel wearing Diner man was slowly knocking down the walls she had built up over the last few years. And for once in her life she didn't know if she was scared or excited thinking about the possibilities...

What did you think? Stay as a one-shot or add more? Can't decide. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the day!