Ello all. This is a crossover of sorts. It will be told thru the eyes of the BAU. Ohh and cheers to season 12 and man is it going to be good serial killers on the loose and then Mr. Scratch. I have a feeling Hotch is not telling us all that happened with him.

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If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you ensure it. -Anonymous


"Yes father."

"Where's my super suit?"

Just kidding just kidding. I had to do it. On a serious note Ill start the story


"Yes father?"

"Did you do as I asked?"

"I believe so."

"What do you mean you believe so? You either did or didn't."

I knew it was coming even before I saw it. The bottle flew towards my head and I was able to duck but it shattered behind me and I felt a piece of glass hit the back of my neck. I stand back to my height and try to forget about the trickle of blood going down my neck.

"Stop being such a little girl. Man up."

"Everything you asked is done."

"It better be. Where is the second disappointment I have to deal with?"


"Just make sure you and that other parasite stay out of my way until you leave tomorrow morning."

I leave him and go upstairs to the room my brother and I shared. We live in a six bedroom, five and a half bathroom house but we share a room because it feels safer. Also our father has shady people come in and out of the house and this is way I can keep an eye out for my brother and myself. Our mother died in a car accident two years ago, starting a spiral of horrible events even worse life then we had before.

My father was always a drinker, that is why mother and I made plans for when I turned 18, that we would get out. My mother's best friend knew of what we were planning and they also had a backup plan in case something was to happen to her. She was in the army and couldn't take us in but she made sure to email me and keep in contact as much as possible. Part of the plan is take my bother with me away to a house that was close to the college that accepted me. My mother said that since I was born she was setting aside money for emergencies and my brother had one as well. We had inheritances that came when we turned eighteen but she said that it is always better to be prepared for things we do not see coming, because life is filled with unexpected surprises. The money was for food, rent, bills, anything else we needed. When my mother first came to me about what she was planning I didn't want to believe it at first but as time went on things got worse as did his drinking then she died and I appreciated her even more because she had already prepared me for the unexpected surprise that came. I always had a feeling that my mom knew she wasn't going to get out but I can't dwell on the past because I have to move forward for my brother, my mom and for myself.


"I can't believe that I'm walking thru the forest in the middle of the night for fresh air. I'm in the middle of nowhere and now I just realized I am talking to myself, great."

I keep walking and come upon a clearing. It looks like it use to be a campfire area, with the charred ground, and six tree logs placed around it, but figuring that it was a good place as any I sit. I go in my head trying not to think at all when something behind me makes a noise and next thing I know a girl falls thru the trees.

Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them. –Marcus Aurelius