What the heck is going on with Criminal Minds. People stealing from a man doing a good cause, another kicking and arguing with people to the point that they feel they must let him go. Of course we do not know all details and it saddens me that this has happened. Aaron Hotchner will be missed.
I was thinking who is going to be the new section chief. Are they going to play it off, how will his character exit the show, will Emily be back for good and take his spot, will Cruz pop back in and take over, will they beg Shemar to come back ( not likely but a girl can dream), so many questions but I will wait like a true fan and see what happens. I'm guessing Mr. scratch will get his last kill before his timely death ( but I also hope that doesn't happen because poor Jack he's been enough). Alright that is it but don't worry all my stories will have weekly updates starting in October. Hope is well with all those out there and if there are any good Morgan and Reid stories let me know I love those together.