Kurosaki Ichigo blinked as he stepped out of the Dangai and into what was supposed to be the world of the living. Immediately he noticed that he and his friends had apparently been dropped about twenty meters above the ground.

Luckily all of them had gone through quite the ordeals and had come out stronger for it, so they were able to land rather easily, although Ichigo did catch Orihime as she fell from the sky. The dark orange haired girl blushed at being held bridal style, but a soft thank you as he put her back on her feet showed that she appreciated the gesture from the substitute Shinigami.

"This could be a problem, Kisuke was supposed to be here to pick us up. Why hasn't he come yet?"

Ichigo shook his head as he looked down at his second real mentor. He was never going to be able to get used to her deep voice while she was in her feline form.

"I'm also pretty sure that Karakura was a city last I checked, not a moonlit forest."

Yoruichi harrumphed as she gazed up into the sky, but Ichigo felt that something might be very very wrong when the black cat froze and her jaw dropped open in astonishment.

"I think we might have more problems than merely being in a forest, Kurosaki."

Ichigo glanced over at their resident Quincy who was looking up at the sky with a conflicted expression on his face, as were Orihime and Chad. Sighing, he closed his eyes and prepared for the next round of crazy that was his life before he looked up at the night sky along with everyone else and froze.

Okay, last he checked the moon had definitely not been broken like that. He was pretty sure that the damn thing was whole when they had left. Did the Living World get invaded by Piccolo while they were in Soul Society?

Deciding that he would just have to not be impressed and deal with something was more difficult than he had thought.

"Well, that's something you don't see every day."

His response was a flat look from Yoruichi and Ishida, while both Orihime and Chad were still gazing in disbelief at the moon.

"So how the hell did Geta-Boshi break the moon while we were away, some funky thing that Aizen did?"

Yoruichi rolled her eyes at the orange haired Shinigami.

"I don't think this is Kisuke's work. Even he's not quite this flashy when he tries for crazy experiments."

Before Ichigo could respond to that, Orihime piped in.

"Oh, oh! Yoruichi-san!"

She was even raising her hand and fidgeting as she tried to get their attention. Well, he supposed that the excitable girl had always been like that for as long as he had known her. She also seemed to have bounced back from the broken moon.

"Did we somehow travel to a different dimension where people unlock their spirit powers to fight monster and go to fighting schools, where the moon was somehow broken ages ago?"

Ichigo raised a finger to refute that statement, but ended up placing a hand on his chin in thought.

"Honestly wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen these past few weeks."

Orihime beamed at him, while Ishida merely sighed and pushed up his glasses.

"Regardless of whether or not that theory is true, we need to see if there's any civilization near us. We can determine our next move from there. I'd rather we not get into a drag out brawl like we did with the Shinigami."

Ichigo shrugged as the others nodded at Ishida's logic. Perhaps it was best to stay on the down low, but if he needed to fight he wasn't going to hold back and die just because they were supposed to lay low.

"I guess that's cool and all, but does anyone sense any reiatsu that we might be able to track back to civilization?"

Ishida rolled his eyes as the moonlight glinted off his glasses.

"Not everyone is a Neanderthal when it comes to sensing reiatsu like you Kurosaki, the nearest form of civilization I can feel is in that general direction."

So saying the Quincy indicated the direction he was suggesting with a gesture.

"Well, I suppose some reconnaissance is in order, I'll meet you all over there, hopefully by sunrise. Be careful out here, we're not sure what's lurking in the shadows."

Her piece said, Yoruichi disappeared in a shunpo.

"Well, I guess we can make our way to that civilization. It's got to be better than where we are now."

The others nodded and they began to trek after Yoruichi, although at a much more sedate pace. If they wanted to find out anything, finding humans was going to be their priority. Ichigo glanced at the night sky and noticed that it was steadily becoming a deep purple signaling the pre-dawn. At least they'd have some better light in a little bit.

Ruby Rose felt a thrum of excitement as she examined her weapon by her locker. There would be no more awkward talking, or interactions with a certain white themed girl. Now she could let her baby do the talking.

As she hummed to herself, she heard footsteps approaching, but paid them no mind as she once more made sure that everything was in working order(even though she cleaned her baby religiously).

"What's got you in such a good mood sis?"

Ruby turned her silver eyes to the person speaking and smiled at her blonde haired sister.

Yang was fairly tall and was wearing her signature style that she had been sporting for awhile now. On her wrists lay Ember Cecilia, and it was obvious that the blonde was raring to go and fight some Grimm.

"I'm just glad that we're finally doing initiation. No more awkward talk, I can let my baby do the talking now."

Ruby grinned as she cradled Crescent Rose to her. She would definitely make better impressions as they were fighting as opposed to simply trying to awkwardly make small talk, or blow people up. Definitely no more blowing people up. That should be a new rule for her. Maybe even her number one rule.

Shaking her head, she glanced up when she heard a soft meow that carried through the mostly empty locker room. Most students had gone for breakfast or had been preparing for the Initiation somewhere else so the locker room was feeling a bit devoid of life as she had been preparing.

When she looked up she was able to see a black cat with yellow eyes (huh, they looked kind of like that Blake girl's) lazily looking down on them as its tail swished back in forth in the dust motes from the sun beams.

"Ohhhh, a kitty! I wonder if it is anyone's?"

Yang merely let out a quiet huff of laughter at her sister.

"Pretty sure most of the students didn't try and bring their pets to Beacon, Ruby."

Ruby gave a small pout to her sister as she tried to coax the cat into coming down.

"You know we would have totally brought Zwei if we had the chance. He woulda made an awesome fighting dog!"

Yang just shook her head as the cat decided to jump to one of the lockers and slink out of the room. Sighing, Ruby made sure everything was in place before she and her sister began to make their way out of the room.

However, before they left, Yang made sure to make some sort of comment to Jaune as they walked by the blond sword and shield wielder. He let out a sorta pathetic groan in Ruby's opinion, but then again she was pretty sure she had seen Pyrrha Nikos spear him. Well, she supposed getting some sort of attention from such a famous person was better than no attention.

Eventually she realized that she had been running on autopilot and they had reached the cliffs overlooking the Emerald Forrest. Ruby listened to Ozpin's lecture and prepared herself for the test. Although she almost cracked into pieces at the mention of when and how they were finding their partners (today and the first person who they made eye contact with), she gave one last check over her weapon and attire. She was going to need both if she was going to stick the landing!

As the countdown began and more and more students began to be launched into the air, she noticed Yang pull out a pair of aviators and give a small salute to her fellow blond who was at the end and looked to be freaking out a bit.

Ruby felt a stab of pity for Jaune, but he had to be ready for these kinds of things if he wanted to be ready to attend Beacon. However, she soon wasn't thinking about that at all as it was her turn to be launched.

She bent her knees and gave a bit of an extra spring as she launched, relishing the wind in her face rushing by. Taking a breath to steady herself, she unfurled Crescent Rose and got to work.

Ichigo roamed a critical eye over his three friends (well two friends and a frenemy) and was sure that they were beginning to feel the effects of their impromptu hike.

They had been walking for hours now, without food or water and while Ichigo was basically a solidified spirit and could mostly ignore those kinds of things, everyone else was not. He supposed this forest was bigger than they had first thought, or Ishida had completely misjudged just how far they would have to walk to be able to get to the civilization that he had insisted was in the direction they were walking.

"Are you sure we're not lost?"

Ishida caught his breath as he glared at the orange haired Shinigami and hissed out.

"Ask me again, Kurosaki, and see me restrain myself from strangling you."

Ichigo held up his hands in a placating gesture. He didn't need to be fighting his friends in addition to the strange monsters that they had run into while they were on their trek.

About an hour into their forced march, they had stumbled upon a wide clearing. They had decided to rest there for a few minutes, but apparently this wasn't the best of ideas as they had been ambushed by strange hollow like creatures.

They looked somewhat like wolves, although they were bipedal and had bone white masks. Their glowing red eyes might have been menacing to people who hadn't dealt with Hollows and the like before, but they weren't very intimidating to the four teenagers in the clearing.

There were around twenty of them, but they were only about as dangerous as a low level Hollow would be, and between himself, Chad, and Ishida, they had dispatched the lot relatively easily and quickly. Hell, even Orihime had taken down one, but Ichigo wasn't sure if that was simply because she was slightly bored.

However, that had been quite a while ago and ever since then they had had to take out a few more groups of those monsters. Ichigo was still feeling totally fine, the stamina/reiatsu freak that he was, but the others seemed to be approaching a more weary state.

Ichigo was going to suggest that they take another quick break, when the sounds of gunshots echoed throughout the otherwise quiet forest. Ichigo also thought he might have heard someone shouting with glee as those shots were being fired.

It was with some trepidation that Ichigo realized that the noise was getting closer to their position and that it was coming from above.


Ichigo glanced up and dodged out of the way as a girl fell from the sky and rolled up into a loose boxing position, if Ichigo was getting his Martial Arts right.

There was a moment of silence as the girl looked around at the four of them and Ichigo took the chance to study her.

She was wearing black shorts with a belt of ammunition on it, boots, and socks that had one flopping down towards her ankle while the other was pulled up towards her knee. She had on a shirt that exposed her midriff and had a yellow undershirt. She rounded out her outfit with an orange scarf tied around her neck.

With a flick of her wrist, which Ichigo noted had some sort of gauntlets on them, she brushed her long mane of blonde hair from her face and Ichigo was able to meet lilac eyes behind shaded aviators as they looked around at the other four teens.

Before any of them could speak, the blonde raised her gloved hand in greeting.

"Yo! I guess all of you already got your partners for the test huh?"

Ichigo was about to respond, questioning what the hell test she was talking about, but Ishida beat him to it.


Ichigo glanced over at the white clad Quincy and he gave a small almost imperceptible shake of the head. This was the first person they had met so far, and apparently the Quincy was going to fish for some information.

"Well, guess I'll have to continue along by myself for the time being. Need to find a partner and all to fight the Grimm with!"

Ichigo filed that statement away in the back of his mind as Orihime looked as though she didn't like the idea of the blonde girl leaving without them.

"Oh! How about you stick with us for a bit, it's better to be in a bigger group and fight monsters than to fight them on your own!"

The blonde let her glasses slide down and considered Orihime for a moment before she gave an easy grin.

"I guess you're right. I'll just partner up with the next person that comes along."

However, before any of them could move, there was a menacing growl and the five teens glanced around themselves. Ichigo gave a small curse in his head as he noticed that they were now surrounded by what looked like bear monsters.

Sighing, he reached up and grasped Zangetsu, while the others got into their preferred fighting stances, definitely some sort of boxing for the blonde.

For a moment, neither side moved. Then, the blonde took off and began laying into the bears. Ichigo gave a small shrug as he kept an eye on the girl. If he needed to step in he would, but it looked like she could take care of herself.

He cut down about three in the time it took her to kill one, but she was pretty efficient with those gauntlets and apparently they were also some type of gun as she wailed on the bears with bullets as well.

Things were going fine, but suddenly, Ichigo felt the girl's reiatsu shift and he looked over and almost gaped as he saw that she had apparently caught fire and was wailing on the bears even harder. He also noticed that her eyes seemed to have turned red. Just as he was about to step in as an even bigger bear came barreling through the forest, the blonde giving a scream of challenge, the thing keeled over, dead.

Ichigo felt an eyebrow raise in question at that as he looked behind the bear to notice a new girl who had entered the fray.

She was even paler than the first girl, and was wearing a black and white outfit. However, her defining traits were definitely the black hair and amber eyes, ones that looked quite a bit like Yoruichi's. Ichigo's own brown eyes narrowed at that, were they dealing with another shapeshifting cat?

He came back to the conversation as he glanced around and nodded in satisfaction that everything around them was dead.

"I coulda handled him."

The new girl smiled before she gazed over to the other four.

"And who are your other friends?"

Ichigo's own eyes narrowed under the scrutiny of the newcomer, but the blonde merely chuckled as she sheepishly rubbed the back of her head.

"Well, about that… we were just about to introduce ourselves, but then we had to fight the Grimm."

The black haired girl merely gazed unerringly at the blonde, who huffed and turned to the rest of them.

"So… introductions! Hi everyone, my name's Yang, Yang Xiao Long, and this here's Blake, we just became partners for the next four years at Beacon!"

Ichigo gave a small incline of his head.

"Kurosaki Ichigo."

Apparently his own introduction was the gateway for the others as they followed after.

"Inoue Orihime!"

This was accompanied with a small bow and wave.

"Ishida Uryuu."

Ishida merely pushed his glasses up his nose, the sunlight reflecting off of them.

"Yasutora Sado, but call me Chad."

The two newer girls looked up at Chad and gave a small nod.

"Well now that everyone's been introduce we can begin to look for the relics!"

The four teens who were not part of the initiation glanced at each other before nodding their agreement with the cheerful blonde. Ichigo made sure to note that Blake seemed a bit more mistrusting of them as she narrowed her eyes. She must have caught their quick look.

"I don't think I remember seeing any of you last night in the ballroom, and I'd say that you all definitely stand out, especially you, Chad."

The four teens froze at that. However, it seemed that Chad was the one to get the ball rolling this time.

"I generally don't like crowds, so I was wandering around last night."

Well, if that wasn't an awesome lie while telling the whole truth, Ichigo didn't know what was. Technically they had been wandering around last night, Chad just didn't' mention exactly where they were during those wanderings.

"Sounds good to me, let's get a move on, we're burning daylight!"

With a shake of his head, Ichigo followed after the two girls as they began to head what he assumed was north, but who knew. After all, they were in a different dimension, it could be south for all he cared.

Ozpin frowned into his coffee mug. He had been watching the various partners meet, and had taken a particular interest in Ms. Xiao Long and Ms. Belladonna. They had both been ones to watch out for in the first place, talented in their own rights, but the mysterious group of four that they had met up with was the real reason he was so interested.

Try as he might, he was sure that he had not seen those four teenagers before and they definitely left an impression. He glanced over to his stern faced cohort, and noted she was furiously going through her scroll to find any kind of information on the group.

"I must say, I wasn't expecting to randomly be infiltrated by a group of teens right when we were beginning our Initiation. Have you been able to get any kind of identification on them, Glynda?"

Glynda frowned in consternation as she closed her scroll and focused her attention on the Headmaster.

"No matter how much I search I can't find a trace of transcripts or acceptance on our part for those four."

As she was saying that, the video monitors that they were using switched to the odd pairing of Mr. Arc and Ms. Nikos. That was one that Ozpin hadn't really been betting on, but it seemed that the duo were getting along well despite their obvious experience differences.

"And as for Mr. Arc, I'm not sure that he is ready for this level of combat, Headmaster. If I didn't know any better I'd say he snuck in here somehow."

Ozpin took a slow sip of his coffee at his cohort's worry, but decided against truly enlightening her. Besides, although Mr. Arc's level of ability was still in question, the four mysterious teens were very much the priority for Beacon's Headmaster.

"Be that as it may, the other four are much more worrying. They showed up from nowhere and seem to be quite skilled to be keeping up with two of our more promising Beacon applicants. In fact-"

Ozpin paused the video as he watched the orange haired youth wearing the black attire effortlessly cut down about three Ursa in the time it took Ms Xiao Long to defeat one.

"-I'd say that they might even be holding back."

Glynda looked as though she was going to respond to Ozpin's musings, but before she could, a deep voice rang out near them.

"Well, well. This is an interesting set up you two have here. Have I finally run into the head honcho of this place?"

Glynda gave a start at the voice, but Ozpin merely looked around in curiosity, not having seen anyone on the cliffs with himself and Glynda.

"If you're looking for a human sized person, you're gonna be disappointed, look further down."

Ozpin blinked at that odd comment, but complied and gazed down to meet the firm gaze of an average sized black cat. Ozpin was beginning to think that he might have somehow spiked his coffee with something, if Glynda hadn't also been looking at the black cat incredulously.

For a moment nothing happened, and then Ozpin might have gotten the greatest shock in his entire life. The cat raised a paw as if in greeting and opened its mouth.


Ozpin blinked again as he tried to register the fact that a cat had just in fact talked. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that Glynda was gaping in astonishment at the feline. However, Ozpin was made of sterner things and made it a habit of not being surprised by things. It helped to deal with the crazier things that he had seen.

"Well, I've never met a talking cat before, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. A pleasure to meet you…"

He trailed off then to allow the cat to properly introduce itself. After all if it was self aware enough to talk, surely it knew how to give an introduction. Although he swore that the feline was pouting at him and he had to fight not to give into the surreal experience and gape just like his Combat Instructor.

"It's not any fun when they don't react, but I suppose I can show my manners."

The cat then gave a small bow towards the Headmaster.

"You can call me Yoruichi. And I suppose you could say that I'm the teacher of the four teens you've been so interested in for the past hour or so."

Ozpin felt his eyebrows rise at that statement (how the hell did a cat teach humans to fight effectively), but decided that he had rolled with the punches so far in this encounter, he may as well continue.

"I see… it is nice to meet you, Yoruichi. I am Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy and that is Glynda Goodwitch, although I somehow suspect you already knew that. You seem to have done a fine job in training those four. I haven't seen a team move so flawlessly in quite some time. And the orange haired one seems to have quite the bit of power within him."

Yoruichi gave a smirk at that.

"Of course, they needed to be strong for what I had intended for them, unfortunately it seems we have been on the business end of some sort of nasty technique and have become rather lost. I wonder if we might be able to impose on your generosity for the time being until our own comrades can find us."

Although it was clear that Yoruichi was not giving them all the details, Ozpin found himself not really caring as much as he probably should that the talking cat was deceiving him by omission. Not to mention he felt like the four teens currently ambling along with Ms. Belladonna and Ms. Xiao Long had quite a bit of potential. He supposed that it would be easiest to keep an eye on them if they were ensconced within his Academy.

"I suppose I can make an exception for the time being."

Ozpin ignored the scandalized look of his right hand woman's face and felt some satisfaction at the slightly surprised expression from Yoruichi.

"Headmaster, I must object to-"

Ozpin stopped her midsentence with a raised hand, and he heard an audible click of teeth as the woman closed her mouth. Ozpin made sure to keep eye contact with the cat, letting some of his suspicion bleed through his expression.

"While I'm sure that there is an interesting story about where these four teens and Yoruichi have come from, I'd rather that they be put to good use while they are here. As the saying goes Glynda, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

For a moment Ozpin and Yoruichi continued to hold eye contact, but the cat decided to break it first, albeit she had a smug sort of grin on her features.

"Well, I suppose that's as good a reason as any."

Yoruichi then glanced at the Headmaster once more, a small bit of respect shining through.

"I'd say as far as head honchos go, you're not half bad."

Ozpin allowed a small smile of his own to shine through at the compliment.

"I do try. For the time being, shall we see how your team fairs in my little initiation?"

Yoruichi gave a small nod as they looked up towards the video feed showing the four teens in question as they ran through the forest towards the relics.

"Well, if nothing else, it should be entertaining to see how Ichigo reacts to this test."

Ozpin turned his own gaze back towards the video feed, filing away the name for the time being. He had a feeling it would be useful to know later on.

Blake Belladonna had not come to be where she was by being overtly trusting. She had been raised within the White Fang and had felt the eyes of discrimination as a Faunus for as long as she could remember. She was also most likely the most jaded of all the students currently in this Initiation.

Therefore, she was making sure to keep an extra eye on the other four that were currently traveling with her and her new partner, Yang. All of them looked as if they were dressed for something other than the initiation (though she had to admit, the blue haired one's attire wasn't much more blinding than the Schnee heir's) and they all seemed completely at ease as they traveled through the Grimm infested forest.

Blake had noticed that they seemed to be running into more Grimm than normal, but Yang didn't seem to overly care and the others didn't even try and step in as the orange haired one, she believed his name was Ichigo, stepped in and casually bisected around three Grimm in the time it took her and Yang to take out one.

All of her danger senses were going haywire just being near the teen's presence as if he was trying to smother everyone around him, but was scaling it back so as not to hurt anyone. She had noticed that Yang seemed perfectly fine, but Blake chopped that up to the fact that although the fiery blonde was definitely skilled in combat, she just hadn't had as many life or death experiences as Blake had.

Blake frowned at that thought, and decided to make sure that she kept an eye out for her partner. Hopefully Yang's impulsive nature didn't get her irreparably hurt or worse one day.

"Well, it's good to know some people seem to be able to think with their brains and not with their fists around here."

Blake's attention snapped to the black haired youth who had spoken (Ishida?) and gave a small nod of acknowledgement. She also narrowed her eyes, it seemed that just as she was studying the four teens at least one of them was studying her.

"I find it extremely strange that I hadn't seen any of you yesterday or last night, and the fact that you already made a team of sorts seems even stranger. I can't say I completely trust you at the moment."

She expected the boy to be offended by that statement, but much to her surprise, he merely gave a low chuckle as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. She hadn't seen him fight yet, but now that she was able to get a clear glimpse of his eyes, there was a startlingly ferocious intelligence being reflected back at her.

"I'd say you'd be an idiot not to be suspicious, but that's beside the point. After all, it seems you are not being entirely truthful either."

Blake felt herself stiffen at that. Surely he didn't know…

With a small roll of the eyes and a quick glance at her bow, Ishida gave a small nod of acknowledgement toward the disguised Faunus.

"Don't worry, I'm not entirely sure what your secret is, but the fact that you are so tense and the fact that you're so suspicious had just lent credence to my theory. And that reaction just now definitely confirmed it. As to what you are hiding? As long as it doesn't harm any of my friends I could care less."

Blake let out a small relieved sigh at that. Apparently he still didn't know, but just the fact that he was able to discern so easily that she was hiding something, was more than she had expected within the first few days of being at Beacon.


Suddenly Blake felt as if she had a blade pressed to her neck and some sort of weight on her chest. She felt as though there was some sort of deranged killer who could end her without a thought as Ishida's gaze bore into her own wide amber orbs.

"…if you do threaten my friends in any way, I'd lose no sleep over disposing of you."

And just as quickly as it came, it was gone. Blake took in a shuddering breath as she shot a terrified look toward the white clad youth. The last person who had made her feel anything like that had been Adam! And that was when he was directing it towards someone else so she had only felt ancillary effects!

"Ah. Perhaps your secret is less dangerous than I thought."

The teen sounded apologetic as he took in Blake's terrified expression and the way she tensed as he began talking again.

"My apologies, we have had quite the dangerous past few days, and I merely wanted to make sure nothing would stab us in the back."

Blake forced herself to calm her racing heart and to make sure her breathing was even as she turned once more to the white clad monster disguised as a teen.

"I guess that's fair, just…"

Blake paused for a minute as she tried to gather her thoughts.

"…don't turn that on Yang. I don't think she can handle that sort of pressure yet."

Ishida gave a raised eyebrow at that, but he nodded amicably to show that he truly was sorry.

"Consider it done. For the time being, let us call a truce, besides…"

His next statement would make Blake make sure to keep an eye on these four once she had been accepted into her own team for the following few days.

"…if that had scared you, then Kurosaki might accidently kill you just by being around if you hurt one of us."

Ichigo was paying half attention to his surroundings and half attention to whatever the hell Ishida was doing towards the black haired girl that was hiding something. His signature scowl was firmly in place, but he was somewhat concerned over why Ishida had decided to blast the girl with reiatsu. As far as he could tell, although the two girls had a decent amount or reiatsu, it was definitely below the three boys in their group.

Then again, Ichigo sucked at sensing the stuff, so maybe the Quincy had felt something that he hadn't?


Although the black haired girl was definitely acting a bit shifty towards them, they had lied to her face and said that they were here for this Initiation that Yang had mentioned. As he absentmindedly cut down another one of those Grimm creatures, he heard an appreciative whistle from the blonde in front of him.

"Damn son, you've got to have a crazy amount of strength to keep on tearing through those Grimm like that. Hell, it's almost like you're bored."

Ichigo merely grunted in answer to Yang's unspoken question. If he was telling the truth, he was bored. He had been fighting people that so far outclassed the Grimm they had come across that it wasn't even funny. After fighting the likes of Byakuya and Aizen, it just wasn't a challenge to cut down these things.

"Oh, well this was a riveting conversation. I take it you've never had a girlfriend before."

Ichigo almost tripped at that comment and glared at the now laughing blonde as he felt a flush of embarrassment begin to creep across his face.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I haven't had time."

Yang merely laughed at that as they continued towards whatever ultimate goal that they were running toward. Eventually they broke through the trees and into a small clearing with stone pillars resembling Stonehenge.

"Well whaddya know. Looks like we've hit pay dirt! Hey Blakey!"

At the call, Blake came to a stop near her partner and the two began walking towards the center of the ruins.

"Looks like we've found what we're looking for."

As the six entered into the ruins, Ichigo noticed that chess pieces were set on small pedestals around the ruins. Apparently these were the things that the other two had come into the forest to find. He noticed that Orihime was looking at them interestedly and Chad seemed to be examining one near the entrance to the ruins.

"How about a nice horsey?"

Ichigo looked over to see that Yang had picked up one of the knight pieces, but when Orihime went to pick one up, Ichigo stopped her with a small shake of his head. Technically they weren't supposed to be in this test. He didn't want to stop some other student's chance from entering this Academy on the up and up. He was sure that Yoruichi would be able to spin something for them to get them a place to stay while they searched for a way back home.

It was at this point that a shrill scream burst out from deeper within the forest. Ichigo frowned at the overtly feminine sound even as Yang gave a small exclamation of some girl being in trouble. He glanced up and was somewhat shocked to see a girl dressed in a red cloak descending from the sky. A quick glance above her showed that she had most likely hitched a ride on the giant bird passing over them and had fallen from there. Just as Ichigo was going to go and catch her, she collided mid air with a blonde guy and the both went careening off only to be stopped by a tree.

Ichigo winced at that collision and landing, but it looked as though the two were mostly alright, just a little bit dazed.

"Did your sister just fall from the sky?"

Ichigo glanced at Yang as she stared open mouthed at what she had just witnessed. Well, he couldn't blame her for that, if Karin or Yuzu had suddenly fell from the sky he'd be pretty blindsided as well. He did admire Blake's deadpan though.

However, before Yang was able to respond, there was a commotion at the edge of the forest and a girl with hair near the color of his own burst through the foliage riding one of the bear Grimm that they had kept running into and wielding a giant hammer.

Once through, the bear collapsed and the girl gave a sound of disappointment at her impromptu ride dying. She was soon joined by a boy with dark hair except for one pink strand and dressed in green and wielding pistols.

"Did that girl just ride here on an Ursa?"

Ichigo gave Blake points for her incredulity at the surreal experience, but he thought that Yang might explode if something else happened soon. Apparently the universe was against them, because no sooner had he thought that than a red headed Amazon warrior came bursting through the trees, a giant scorpion looking thing hot on her heels.


Well, that was a bit of a strange thing to yell once in a clearing, but it became clear who she was talking about as the blonde who had "caught" the red cloaked girl gave a cry of joy.


Well, looked like those two were partners.

"Did she run all the way here with a Deathstalker on her tail?"

Ichigo definitely detected some sense that Blake was a bit impressed at that feat. Before she could be answered though, the orange haired girl popped up near them all.


Well, he supposed now he knew the girl's name.

"Kurosaki-kun, these guys seem a bit weird."

Well when even Orihime stated that you were a bit weird, it usually meant that you were far and away from normal. Ichigo didn't really know how to respond to that, so just gave a non-committal shrug.

However, he was stopped from saying anything in response as Yang exploded, literally.


Ichigo let a snort out as Blake tugged on Yang's shirt and pointed up. Following her gesture Ichigo saw yet another girl falling from the sky, screaming at the first girl who fell, who was apparently named Ruby.

"I told you to jump!"

Ichigo sighed as he prepared to save the girl, but noticed that the blond guy from before seemed to have a handle on it, until gravity reasserted itself. Ichigo winced as Jaune and the girl in white landed on the ground with an echoing thud.

With a shout, the red head was punted to the foot of the group and Ichigo looked to see that the scorpion seemed to be quite pissed at everyone.

"Oh good, the gang's all here! Now we can die together!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes at Yang's melodramatics, but tensed when he saw the red cloaked girl suddenly rush the monster. Cursing in his head, he unsheathed Zangetsu and burst into a shunpo. However, he needn't have bothered as the scorpion's tail had been frozen by the girl in white. She looked as though she was about to lecture the girl in red, but had stopped as she stared at Ichigo with wide eyes.

Ichigo glanced back and saw that everyone not a part of his friends were giving him similar looks.

"Dayum! And I though Rubes was fast! Was that your Semblance Ichigo?"

Ichigo tried to decipher that question, but he was sure that he had no idea what Yang was talking about, so sighing he decided to wing it. Hopefully it would let him reveal some abilities bit by bit as well.

"It's one aspect of it."

There, he was able to say that that was part of his abilities while still hinting there was more. Ichigo then turned a critical eye towards the stuck Deathstalker.

"Well, this guy looks well and truly stuck, let's leave for now."

However, it seemed that once more the universe hated Ichigo, because there was a louder roar than any he had heard so far coming from within the forest. Ichigo frowned as even the Deathstalker seemed to stop struggling, while everyone else paled in fear.

"No way."

He glanced over to the white themed girl and saw that she looked as though someone had just walked over her grave. Apparently that roar was something that was not good news for the regular person, regardless of the abilities shown so far.

He felt it before he saw it, the ground began to shake steadily and Ichigo gazed toward where he had heard the sound before he saw something cresting the tree line into their vision.

So far most of the Grimm had been rather small, no bigger than your average Hollow, but the thing that was marching towards them was definitely about the size of a Menos. It looked like some sort of overgrown elephant, but as Ichigo gazed in confusion towards the thing, he saw that the others were definitely in freak out mode.

"Holy shit! Is that a Goliath! What the hell is it doing here!?"

Ichigo looked at the fun loving blonde girl and raised an eyebrow at her. Apparently this thing was bad news for the others. Well, if that was the case…

"Get going."

The others' eyes snapped to Ichigo and he realized that it was the first time that most of them had heard him speak. It seemed as though he had inadvertently offended the white themed girl somehow.

"And where are we going to go, and how are you going to deal with that!"

She punctuated her exclamation by pointing forcefully at the Goliath. Ichigo merely rolled his eyes at the girl. Despite having a bit of a bossy tone, he would make sure that she understood.

"Go and take care of the bird and the scorpion, I think this guy is a bit much for you guys."

He let his gaze wander and took in their expressions. Most were looking at him as if he was insane, but both Yang and the red haired girl (whose name he couldn't quite remember) were frowning heavily at him.

"Oi, Ichigo, we should all retreat!"

The red head, he suddenly remembered the blond guy calling her Pyrrha, nodded in agreement.

"If anyone should stay, it should be me."

Ichigo rolled his eyes at their hero complexes, but decided to let loose a bit to show them he meant business. As his reiatsu suddenly filled the clearing, everyone who had never felt the sensation before eyes' widened.

Ichigo noticed that Blake looked almost fearful as she felt his power, but he was just making a statement, so he quickly let up. He knew his eyes were most likely glowing an almost ethereal blue as he looked back towards the group.

"Like I said get going. I'll take care of this."

The others could only nod dumbly before coming to their senses and beginning to retreat. Ichigo heard the Deathstalker break free from its confinement, but paid it no mind since it went after the eight retreating teens.

"Well, Kurosaki, you definitely scared the shit out of our new friends. Congratulations."

Ichigo was about to respond to Ishida's sass, when Orihime chimed in.

"That wasn't very nice, Kurosaki-kun, they only wanted to help."

Well, that just made him feel like a bully when Orihime put it like that. He looked over to Chad waiting for a comment, but he just gave a small shake of his head and turned to face the Goliath that was slowly getting closer.

"Let's go."

Ichigo smirked at that. He knew he liked Chad the best for a reason.

"Sounds good to me buddy."

Ichigo then turned towards the approaching monster with his friends by his side.

While the ruckus with the Goliath was going on, Glynda had her mouth dropped open as she watched the feeds, and Ozpin had actually dropped his coffee mug.

"Glynda, we need to stop the test."

Glynda gave a nod of acknowledgement and was about to call in their teachers, when they were stopped by the talking cat.

"Oh, if it's just that, I wouldn't worry."

Both Glynda and Ozpin blinked at that, frozen by such an outrageous statement.

"Ichigo and his friends should be able to take that behemoth down easily enough. After all, although it's big, it looks excessively slow. Not to mention Ichigo himself should be able to fight evenly with a bunch of those by now."

Ozpin unfroze at that and slowly collected his coffee mug.

"I find that somewhat hard to believe. I only know of a few Huntsman that could take on such a monster solo. I wouldn't even trust most of my teachers to do so. This is one of the oldest and most dangerous Grimm we're talking about."

Yoruichi snorted at that tidbit of information about their forces. Apparently they had few and far between Vice-Captain class fighters, at least, scattered throughout this world. If that was the case, then they were most likely fairly safe between herself and Ichigo. Not to mention Chad and Ishida. Rounded out with Orihime's defensive and healing abilities and they were probably able to outclass anything this world had to throw at them.

"It's quite terrifying, I'll admit. But Kurosaki Ichigo's greatest strength isn't his monstrous strength, speed, or stamina. No his greatest strength is his untapped potential."

It was then that they all suddenly felt it. It almost felt like they were plunged underwater to deep depths. Ozpin was able to shrug off the effect rather quickly, Glynda following suit a moment later. Apparently Yoruichi was completely unaffected, most likely meaning that she had felt this sort of power or something like it more than once.


Ozpin tried to collect his thoughts at the terrifying power he had just felt. If he had to put it into words it almost felt as though someone was able to exude their aura and almost oppress others with it. That was definitely something that he had never felt before.

"… don't know how to respond to that."

Yoruichi merely grinned at the gray haired man.

"Just let Ichigo do what he does best. I'll guarantee you that all of your students will be fine."

Yoruichi then glanced at the feeds, before giving some sort of consent towards them.

"Well, provided they can defeat their own challenges."

Ozpin and Glynda turned back to the feed and saw that the eight students who were going to form their own teams had begun to fight the Deathstalker and Nevermore from before.

Yoruichi grinned as she kept her eye on Ichigo and his friends. She supposed they would have to impress the Headmaster if they wanted to stay here indefinitely. Judging by the small glint she saw in the man's eyes, it looked like he was about to be suitably impressed.

Ichigo glared as the Goliath slowly got closer to them. It looked big and intimidating, but man was the thing slow. Hell, he was pretty sure the Menos Grande were faster than this thing, and that was saying something.

"Well, let's get to work."

Ishida's comment was met with nods as he let his chain drop and had the glowing bow appear in his hands. With a steady hand, the Quincy pulled back and let a barrage of arrows fly at the shambling giant.

Ichigo watched on impassively as the arrows struck home, but most just bounced off the skin of the giant. He raised an eyebrow at this, while Ishida let out a grunt of annoyance.

"It seems that this one's hide is tougher than the others so far."

Ichigo cracked his neck as he slung Zangetsu over his shoulders in a resting position blade facing the sky. With a critical eye, he noted that there might be some buildings in the distance. If he didn't want to destroy anything, he supposed he would have to take this fight to the skies.

"Hey, Chad."

His oldest friend currently with him gave him a questioning look at his tone. Ichigo made sure not to keep the gentle giant waiting as he explained his plan.

"Can you get that thing airborne?"

Chad gave a measuring look at the Goliath before giving a small nod towards Ichigo.

"It should be easy enough."

Ichigo let out a small laugh at that as his friend began to walk towards where the Goliath was steadily approaching.

Ichigo took a small breath as Ishida sent out covering fire towards the massive Grimm while Chad made his way there.

Ichigo looked on as Chad broke into a run and covered the ground fairly quickly. With a small sigh to orient himself Ichigo leapt into the air and created a platform for himself to stand on. As he stood on thin air he watched Chad get closer to the Goliath. He also noticed that it had finally noticed his friend charging at the behemoth.

With a massive roar, the monster tried to bear down on Chad, swinging its trunk and creating amass of displaced air from where it passed. Ichigo watched on as Chad's arm changed to black and he caught the attack, stopping it dead as debris and dust blew through the air.

Ichigo didn't have to wait for long as with a mighty heave, the Mexican-Japanese planted his foot, cracking the ground around him with his power and lifted the Goliath into the air.

Ichigo grinned viciously as he began to collect his reiatsu towards Zangetsu's blade.

"Well, you know what they say big guy! The bigger they are…"

Ichigo let his power burst out from his body, tired of having to keep such a tight lid on it while they had been near everyone they had met in this world so far. Blue energy exploded from the teen as he hefted his blade.

"…the harder they fall! Getsuga Tenshou!"

His attack named, he brought down the blade in a sweeping arc and released his massive energy build up. The attack skyrocketed towards the ancient Grimm and struck its mask dead center. For a second the attack was stopped, then with a blood curdling scream of defeat, the energy tore through the Grimm and exploded outward, upwards into the sky as the massive beast hung in the air for a moment before it slowly began to fall back to the earth.

However, as the beast fell, it was apparent that Ichigo's attack had bisected it and it split into two both halves crashing to the ground and kicking up a massive amount of debris and dust before the two halves disappeared just like all the other Grimm before it had.

Ichigo let out a small sigh as he hefted Zangetsu once more to his shoulder.

"Well, at least you didn't destroy the Academy that we're probably going to be staying at for the time being, Kurosaki."

Ichigo rolled his eyes at that.

"Oh, bite me Ishida."

Ruby Rose was looking at the sky in awe.

She had thought she had just pulled off a pretty impressive feat by finishing off a Nevermore. Granted she had had a ton of help, but through their respective teamwork, she and the other seven Beacon hopefuls had killed both a Nevermore and a Deathstalker.

However, while the others were gazing up at her with awed expressions, as if they couldn't believe that they had just won, she had been looking down at them until she caught something beginning to block out the sun in the corner of her eye. Curious she looked up.

It was then she felt her jaw drop.

There in the sky was the Goliath that they had left Ichigo (her sister had told her his name as they ran like hell to get away from the two other Grimm that wanted to kill them) to fight.

She saw from the corner of her eye that the others then looked up and they too froze in astonishment as the ancient Grimm blotted out the sun in the forest as he was launched into the sky. However, it was far from over as she saw a dense explosion of blue erupt and fire towards the Goliath.

What happened next would be burned into her memories for years to come.

The blue energy had ripped through the air and smashed into the giant Grimm and for a moment it was stopped, but then it just kept going. It went through the Goliath and traveled even further before it exploded in a spectacular fashion.

Holy crap, she had always wanted to be a hero, but she sure as heck wasn't able to pull off some sort of stunt like that. She wasn't even sure if her Uncle Qrow could do something like that! That had to be the single most awesome thing she had seen since she started training to be a Huntress.

She heard talking from Yang, carried on the wind up to her.

"Holy hell, that guy actually did it"

Ruby rolled her eyes at her sister's astonishment, but had to admit that she was feeling the same. When they had left Ichigo behind they had thought he was buying time before one of the teachers came to help. When they had realized that the others that had been with him had stayed as well, they had almost turned back.

However, with a few words from Weiss, and surprisingly Blake, they had decided to forge on ahead and see if they could get away from the craziness. Unfortunately for them the other Grimm had caught up to them and then they were fighting for their lives, thoughts of the four they left behind driven to the back of their minds.

"Welp that was a thing."

Ruby couldn't help it. She began to laugh at Yang's simple statement. Leave it to Yang to master the art of supreme understatement. She hoped that everyone else was ready for the craziness that would be she and her sister while they were at Beacon.

Ozpin and Glynda were stunned into silence. They had heard that Yoruichi had believed that Ichigo would be able to take care of that Grimm by himself, but they were fully prepared to intervene if they had to.

Apparently they didn't have to.

Ozpin had seen quite a bit over the course of his tenure as the Headmaster of Beacon, but he had never seen someone come out of the blue and suddenly take on one of the strongest Grimm in existence. He was sure that the teachers that had been put on standby were just as floored as himself and Glynda had been if they were watching.

Whatever he had been expecting from Kurosaki Ichigo it had not been that. He had stood in the air as if there was a platform and then let loose one of the most massive attacks that Ozpin had ever seen. In fact he thought that the boy might actually rival a Maiden in pure power, if not finesse. However, finesse could be learned over time, the massive power influx that Ozpin had felt could not.

He glanced to the video feed and watched as the four mysterious teen met with one another and gave congratulations to Ichigo, as though this was something that he had done every day.

Ozpin felt his mind begin to form plan after plan, trying to come up with contingencies for the four teens. It was while he was examining them, that he noticed the largest one had done some damage to his arm if the way he was stretching it was any indication.

It was then that Ozpin finally saw what the girl of that group could do, and his mind almost halted. She had called forth some sort of triangular orange barrier over the taller boy's arm (whom had tossed a massive Grimm into the air, something that he was sure none of his Huntsmen had ever tried to do) and as the arm was left in there, it seemed the slight discomfort on the boy's face disappeared.

It only took a few seconds, but Ozpin watched on in awe as the boy stretched his arm, looking as though the injury had never happened. Ozpin glanced at Glynda to see if she had seen that, but he noticed that she was still staring off towards where the Goliath had disappeared, stunned. If what had just seen was true, then he might have finally found an answer to the problem that had been beneath his school for the past few weeks.

"Yoruichi, I'm sorry do you prefer Mr. or Ms?"

Yoruichi merely gave a massive yawn up at the Headmaster before stretching, evidently somewhat bored with the proceedings that they had been a part of.

"It doesn't really matter, just call me Yoruichi. I take it you have a question?"

Ozpin nodded as he tried to figure out how to go about gathering the information that he wanted.

"All of their powers are certainly fascinating, and I daresay that Ichigo's potential is massive if he can destroy something like a Goliath and still have room to grow."

Yoruichi nodded, but it was obvious that they were ready for some sort of espionage to take place. Apparently they had dealt with this sort of thing before if the somewhat suspicious glint in their eyes was anything to go by.

"However, I find myself wonder just what the young woman is capable of?"

Ah. It seemed he had touched on something he shouldn't have as the talking cat's eyes dimmed and it was obvious that Ozpin was about to be put through the ringer if he wanted to have some answers.

"Orihime is a very special girl."

This was stated with such certainty that Ozpin didn't doubt it. However, he knew that there was more to it than that

"Unfortunately, Orihime is an ultimate pacifist. Even if you tell her to fight with all her strength or else her friends might die, she just can't bring herself to do it."

Ozpin was a bit taken aback by that. If that was the case, what was she doing with such obviously strong people? Even with her ability to what he suspected was some sort of healing Semblance, if she was unable to fight, she would only be a liability in the field.

"Thankfully she does have an attack, and for most of the lower level Grimm, it will be enough to destroy them. She is also able to create quite the amazing defensive shield."

Ozpin felt his eye twitch as he knew Yoruichi was most likely dancing around the issue. If what he had seen on the screen was correct then her most valuable ability had definitely not been mentioned yet.

"But, as I'm sure you've already figured out, Orihime's greatest ability is as a healer."

Ozpin heard Glynda's sharp intake of breath at that and glanced at her to see she had pulled out of her stupor and was now paying attention to the talking cat. However, it seemed that Yoruichi was coming to some sort of decision and closed their eyes as they let out an explosive sigh.

"I've been doing recon on this place ever since I got here."

Ozpin heard Glynda's tensing as she gripped her riding crop, and he had to do everything he could not to react to that information. After all, the talking cat was small and possibly cute and cuddly, but they had trained the people who had just annihilated one of the ancient Grimm. Ozpin decided to hide his discomfort by taking a sip of his coffee, luckily there was still some in his mug after dripping it.

"While I admit that is… troubling. I feel as though you have more to reveal."

Yoruichi's piercing eyes pinned the two teachers into place.

"I've only told the two of you this because we desperately need a place to stay as we try to figure out our situation. Although I don't like it, I'd say that Orihime is most likely our greatest bargaining chip. After all…"

Here Yoruichi's eyes narrowed as they took in the almost aggressive stance that Glynda had begun to adopt, while Ozpin still maintained his cool indifference.

"…whoever is below the school is definitely in some need of healing."

Well, it seemed that even after all these years, Ozpin could still be surprised. He almost dropped his mug once more, and he saw Glynda's riding crop slip from trembling hands.

Forcing himself to remain calm, he met the gaze of the talking cat, not willing to apologize for what they had to do to the poor Fall Maiden.

"Are you saying that Ms. Orihime would be able to heal the person beneath my school?"

Yoruichi gave a cocked eyebrow at that as their tail swished back and forth almost lazily.

"Of course."

Ozpin let out a triumphant grin at the answer, it seemed that he had finally gained some very powerful allies and hope was beginning to bloom. Of course it was the smaller, gentler souls that made the difference.

"Then for you and your team… I bid you welcome to Beacon."

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