It's Complicated

Chapter One Summer Comes Early

Raven knew from early on that life wasn't fair thanks to her ancestor's abnormality passed down to her sealing her fate. Raven used to think she was normal until she entered Elementary school it's there that she learned she was a freak of nature. The reason behind that was Raven was born with working male genitalia instead of the normal female ones. Raven still remembered the first time another girl saw her in the bathroom and thought it was a boy being a pervert trying to sneak into the locker room. It took hours of explaining from her mother, father and doctor to her teachers that she was female just with a different undercarriage. After that they made Raven use the unisex bathroom for everything from doing her business to changing her clothes. Elementary School was only bearable thanks to her twin brother Qrow and their friend Taiyang. Together they did everything from homework, playing, and having each others back no matter what.

As time went on things hadn't changed between the trio until middle school specifically the seventh grade. When there class got a new student named Summer Rose. For the first time in their adolescent lives the three friends' hormones went into overdrive getting their first boner at the sight of Summer Rose. It even happened when she introduced herself to them and when she passed them in the halls. Raven was a little freaked out, she didn't understand what was happening to her body. Qrow and Tai on the other hand already knew because of health class. Unfortunately, Raven didn't take the health unit because her school didn't know how to accommodate her and her needs. But there was one thing for sure that Raven knew and that was it was Summers fault her body is acting like this. Later at lunch when Raven was saving a table for Qrow and Tai, Summer came up to her and asked, "Is it okay if I sit here?" Raven just stared blankly at Summer as her heart started beating faster, her palms getting sweaty and her crotch starting to act up again. Raven tried to say something to Summer but she couldn't say a single word to save her own life. Raven was inadvertently rescued by one of the biggest bitches in there school Diana Nikos as she said, "Summer you shouldn't talk to that freak come sit with me and my friends". Before Summer could say anything Diana pulled her away to sit at her table. Raven felt oddly saddened by that and she didn't understand why. Qrow and Tai sat down and said, "That was brutal I wonder what her problem is with you anyways," Qrow asked? then Tai said, "Forget Diana she's a bitch and will always be one.!"

After school Raven kept bumping into Summer and the same thing kept happening. As soon as school was over she ran home to try and escape this confusing day. Raven ignored her parents when she ran into her room and locked the door. After a while Qrow came home when their mom asked Qrow what happened today he said, "She's been acting weird ever since this really pretty girl, Summer, joined our class today". His mom knew now why her daughter was acting weird. She made her way upstairs to Raven's room. She knocked on the door and said, "Raven sweaty can I come in, we need to have a talk?" Raven groaned but unlocked the door to let her mother in. As her mother sat down on her bed next to her daughter after closing the door she knew they were about to have a difficult mother daughter talk. Her mother said, "I know you had a rough day of school and I believe I might know why". Raven jumped up and looked at her mother with a pleading expression because Raven would give anything to know why she acted like such a dork today. Her mom continued saying. "Sweaty the reason you acted differently is because you noticed someone new today, your brother told me all about it, could you tell me her name?" Raven smiled as she said, "Summer Rose".

That confused Raven, why did her heart start feeling funny and a smile move across her face when she said Summer's name? Raven's mom then said, "Sweaty, Summer is the reason you act different you have a crush on her." Raven started crying after hearing that as she didn't want to be even more different then she already was. Her mother hugged her already knowing why she was crying when she said, "Sweaty its okay trust me your normal it's more common for girls like you to date other girls. If you're anything like your father then you will have a tough road up ahead because like him, when he first meet me in high school, he made the biggest fool out of himself to try and impress me. After hundreds and hundreds of attempts I said yes, and that was the most magical night of my life. We fell in love and the rest is history." Weirdly enough that story made Raven feel better as she she hoped too.

After entering high school Raven's inner friend circle grew by one. During their freshmen year Summer became a near and dear friend to Raven, Qrow, and Tai after a falling out she had with Diana. As years went by and attempts of Qrow, Tai and even Raven trying to ask her out on date Summer turned them all down thinking they were joking. Slowly a rift started to form with the original three friends and it was over who would date Summer. Summer knew what they were doing, she wasn't stupid, but she thought they where funny none the less and she didn't truly believe they where serious. By the time they entered the 11th grade things had changed; Tai now fights with Qrow and Raven anytime Summer isn't around. Qrow was the first to back down in asking Summer out after his Science tutor gave him incentive to ace his midterms which he did to her Qrow is dating Amber, his tutor, who was in college. But that meant Tai and Raven as well as other students were competing for Summer. The only one Tai and Raven recognized as a rival was Jimmy Ironwood. Jimmy was a cocky rich kid who was only interested in Summer for her body.

Raven the night before was struck with inspiration of how to win Summer's heart. It was lunch when Raven put her plan into action. Raven had set up a flash mob with the drama club and made them promise not to let Summer know since she was president of the drama club. (Raven, Tai, and Qrow all joined the drama club to get closer to Summer. Qrow stayed in it because Amber likes seeing Qrow in plays.) Raven's plan was working like magic. She used a scene from an TV comedy. All was going to plan until Tai, in a jealous rage, tripped Raven making her fall hard to the floor. Summer ran to Raven's side after yelling at Tai for being a kid. Raven couldn't look at Summer when she was checking her for injures, Raven had a skinned knee and sprained ankle. Summer asked, "Are you okay Ray? Why won't you and Tai drop this stupid kid's joke and grow up already?" Raven couldn't help but start crying. Qrow and a teacher brought Raven to the nurse's office. Afterwords, Qrow went to find Summer upon hearing what she said to his sister. Qrow said, "Summer there you are; can we talk it has to do with my sister?" Summer said sure and walked with Qrow outside to talk. Qrow turned to Summer and said, "Summer I heard what you said to my sister and I don't think you realize how hurtful it was." Summer was confused and said, "Qrow, it's just a stupid game that I am getting tired of. Why cant they find someone like you did with Amber?" Qrow sighed and he knew once he said this it would hurt Summer but she had to know, "Sum, my sister and Tai are not playing they really love you. I only backed off because I met Amber which I didn't expect. If I didn't meet her I would be right there with them fighting over you." Summer was shocked, it took a few minutes to let it sink in and when it did she realized the real reason why Raven was crying. Summer felt disgusted with how mean she was to Raven, now she knew what she had to do.

Raven was leaving the school with Qrow to head to her mom's car because she couldn't drive her car home (her dad was going to come by later to get her car. It's mid winter and her motorcycle is in in the garage.) Raven and Qrow were stopped by Summer, she turned to Raven and said, "I'm sorry for mistreating you earlier, I would love to go out on a date with you once you feel better Raven; would you want to go on a date with a jerk like me?" Raven couldn't believe what she heard; she was shocked resulting in her standing there like an idiot. Summer thought Raven was mad at her and started to walk away, that snapped Raven out of it and she grabbed Summer's hand and shouted a little when she said, "I would love to go out with you Summer!" Summer blushed and thanked Raven as she ran back into the school. Raven was so happy she didn't see her mom smiling and Qrow snickering about how Raven and Summer acted. Tai saw everything and was pissed but he felt bad for hurting Raven and didn't want Summer to yell at him again. Tai thought he should let Raven have her date for now, in his mind what's the worst that could happen.

It was a few weeks before Raven took Summer on that date, it took awhile to heal plus she wanted to make sure she had enough money to take Summer out on the best date of her life. It was Saturday night, she had made a reservation for a table for two in what Raven's opinion is the most romantic restaurant in town. Raven begged her parents to let her borrow their Cadillac so she could take Summer there in style. Raven wore black dress pants, a white shirt, a red and black sweater vest, her lucky sneakers and her mom also let her use some of her perfume. (Raven has never met Summer's parents but she knew her father was the headmaster at the university in the next town and her mother was was the medical director of the country's biggest hospital.) Raven even got Summer a beautiful bouquet of Roses. Raven arrived at Summer's house ten minutes early, after seeing the Mc'massion Summer lived in, it took away some of the confidence she had earlier. Raven sat in the car for six minutes before getting the nerve to go to the front door.

Raven nervously knocked on the door as it was quickly opened up by a scowling Blonde woman that made a shiver go down her spine. The woman just kept starring at her as Raven couldn't form words under this intense meeting, until she heard a man say, "Let her in Glynda you have scared her enough." Glynda stepped aside as Raven entered the house, She was greeted by a man in a emerald green suit who had silver hair. The man offered Raven his hand as he said, "Hello Raven it's nice to finally meet you; my daughter has told me a lot about you. Sorry about my wife's greeting she gets a little over protective of our daughter." Raven felt a little at peace after shaking Summer's father's hand. Raven now knew where she got her kindness from but she also knew where she got her temper from. Glynda spoke up and said, "I wish you wouldn't be so nonchalant about this Ozpin and how Summer isn't old enough to date." Then Raven heard someone run down some stairs and said, "Mom, you where my age when you started dating dad remember." Glynda turned to her daughter Summer and said, "Summer that was different we were in love you don't even know this girl." Summer said in a angry tone, "Mom, Raven is my best friend." Glynda then said, "Okay date her but what happens down the road when you want to have kids. Who's going to give me my grand-kids!?" Summer blushed too embarrassed to talk, Raven felt the need to protect Summer and said, "If me and Summer are together in the future then I can give her kids because I was born with the right equipment." After realizing what she said Raven started to blush, Summer acted fast and grabbed Raven's hand and ran out the door to get away from the building tension in the house. Glynda was shocked, no one has ever talked to her like that not even her husband. Meanwhile her husband was laughing thinking his daughter made a good pick for a girlfriend and felt they would be together for a while.

Once in the car, Summer started laughing very hard as she had never seen someone stand up to her mom like that. Raven waited for Summer to stop laughing and said, "Sorry for acting like that in there I just felt the need to do something to help you." Summer turned to Raven and said, "Ray thanks a lot I meant it; you saved me big time back there." Raven smiled then said, "These are for you." Raven held up the roses to Summer and she said, "Raven their beautiful!" Summer took the flower and with a deep breath smelled them as Raven said, "There not as half as beautiful as you Summer." Summer blushed again at the cheesy line but she could feel that Raven meant it. Raven put some music on for the rest of the car ride to the restaurant. It was a Japanese steak house named Dachi Grill. Raven had reserved a private room and their own hibachi chef. Summer couldn't believe how much effort Raven put into this night it making it wonderful one. Summer loved it, when she saw the chef flip a shrimp at Raven but bounced off her lips and landed in her own mouth, Summer blushed at the indirect kiss.

On the way back to Summer's house Raven kept telling Summer jokes and sweet nothings, it made Summer happy how much Raven cared about her. Once they arrived back at Summer's, Raven walked Summer to the door and said, "Thanks for letting me take you out tonight Summer I ho-." Raven was caught off guard as Summer was giving her a very passionate kiss. Raven didn't know how long the kiss lasted but it felt like forever. Summer broke the kiss and said, "Thanks for tonight Raven I hope we can do this again soon." Summer kissed and hugged Raven again before going into her house. Raven felt like she was floating in the air with what Summer did and said, Raven didn't even realize when she made it back to her house. Raven ignored Qrow who wanted to know how her date went and why she looked like a dork with that goofy grin on her face. After Raven changed into her pajamas her mom knocked on her door asking to come in. Upon entering she asked, "How was the date?" Raven replied, "It was magical!" That made her happy to know her daughter's first real date went so well and hoped that Raven and Summer have a bright future together.

End of Chapter One, '"Summer Comes Early"

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