Title: How to Save a Life

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

Rating: T-M, for future cursing and swearing

Warnings: SI/OC

A/N: You might have noticed in my uploads that I have a "Saving-Ace" thing. This is one of them. Though I do try not to write SI and make at least an OC out of it, this one is a rather blatant SI - In the sense of female computer scientist with psychology as secondary subject. Add to that that I wrote my thesis in human engineering which is exactly what I had planned for the protagonist on using and the first person style... yeah. Tough it does not shine a very positive light on my character, lol.

Well, don't like, don't read.

I am a coward.

I am not particularly proud of that fact, but I am far enough with self reflection to know that I am not particularly brave or daring. I prefer the safe route if I have the choice and prefer adventures from the safe perspective of a 3rd degree witness - as a reader or a listener, or a observer from a safe distance.

So how come I found myself in a situation like this, where I have to decide between the chance of my death and the certainty of somebody else's death. As to how I found myself here I'll tell you a little rather boring story of how I ended up here:

I lived my life to its fullest: I used to live in a small village with a normal but somewhat crazy family, whom I adored. I made true friends with people I wanted to, despite what people said about them, I got my degree of choice despite what people said about me. I got a job I actually enjoyed.

Then, one day, I woke up in my 6 year old body in the world of my favorite anime. No warnings, no special occurrences. I was just there. My old self might be dead for all I know.

And... yeah. You would think things got weird from there, but it didn't really. I enjoy a quiet live to an adventurous one and so once again I got myself just that. I had no siblings this time and I lost my parents while they were on a sea voyage. So I grew up with my grandma who was a bit crazy. I got some true friends only she approved of, and I redid my degree - or something close to it, as this world had a weird grasp on computer science. I got an internship and follow up job offer with some private company who keeps loaning me to the marines, it has been pretty ok.

Turns out that the guys from marine-IT aren't particularly hot on "absolute justice" either as long as you respect their work. We get along splendidly.

As for my current assignment: Thanks to my two-dimensional technical education and work experience I have a lot of technical knowledge stored up in my head. Thus I have gotten really rather good with improvising immediate workarounds for sudden technical problems. Be it an overheated circuit which needs to be bypassed or setting up a safe emergency denden mushi network within the hour. Name it and I solve it. I'm on emergency short dial with the technical department.

Now as boring as this my still sound, you haven't seen the true perks yet. As any overly bureaucratic institution the marines' paper pushers sometimes have problems with split responsibilities of departments. A true nightmare if you want something from them, but it just happens that the department that issues new security permits thinks that retracting them is the duty of the dismissal department. Well it actually is. As permits are retracted from a marine when he resigns. Lucky me who isn't a marine. I am obviously allowed to hoard them.

Now while this is another nice example on how bad bureaucracy can mess up, and might lead to a few interesting stories of things overheard, like what is really up with Sengokus goat... I digress.

This is actually how I found myself contemplating my bravery - or lack thereof. You see: What would you do if you found a certain fire-loving big brother of the future pirate king, who just happens to be scheduled for execution today a few rooms down the hall? Mind you: I am supposed to re-re-check the surveillance for the whole sector.

I actually cried when I watched the episode where Ace died.

Pity I am such a coward. I'm no Luffy. I'll actually end up executed for treason.

Poor Luffy.

There is no way I'll get him out. The next sector has fully working surveillance.

I did write my thesis on social engineering tough.

Is that Garp? So he's already been there. No more visitors.


Fuck bravery. I want to live.

I'm a computer scientist, not a fighter. Or inside man.

A computer scientist with knowledge of psychology and social engineering.

Poor Luffy. I'm so cry when Ace dies.

In Luffy's hands.

Standing by isn't that much better than dealing the final blow, isn't it?

Fuck my life.

I'll ad-lip this. I'm the master improviser!