Title: The Adrenaline Junkie Coalition

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

Rating: T

Warnings: OC-story, don't like don't read

Info: This is pretty much me messing with the OP-Universe. Just a pot I plan to throw plot bunnies into.

This isn't a tale of some pretty girl who lives in desolation and poor circumstances. A girl with good intentions, a pure soul and traits that can be described with words like perfection. This girl isn't one who likes the spotlight either. She does what she does for herself, to life her dreams and simply because she is able to enjoy life at its fullest.

Some girls don't want to be princesses. They want to pirate. And even others are just content to not be involved in power struggles. Be it for the sake of freedom or order.

Kay is one of the latter. Mind you, not wanting to get involved in high power fights doesn't automatically grant you a boring life. On the contrary. Not being hunted down by the government or pressed into duty by marines grants one its own unique flavour of freedom. By the way, Kay is a D. An important side note, though the exact relation shall remain in the shadows for now. What is important though is the fact that people with the initial D seem to have an addiction to adrenaline. Be it through fights, gambling or doing random crazy stuff.

Being a civilian the first one is out. She also doesn't possess the skills necessary to compete with the fighters of this dangerous world. And she morally condemns gambling - or so she claims - the decision might also be influenced by her sheer streak of bad luck in any sort of gambling. And not just a bit of bad luck, but streaks that would make every statistic-savvy person look trice.

So Kay does what a D does best anyway: do random crazy stuff until you find something you are good at.

The trials were admittedly hilarious. Having an arrow rebound in her face made archery a no-go. Her try on kayak ended with her face-down in the water - and stuck this way, almost drowning until she got saved by Zan, her favorite partner in crime and all-rounder in "sports-that-can-kill-you-but-are-fun".

And this is the story of two (not so) average Grand Line civilians Kay and Zan and on how to best get and adrenaline kick in the OP-universe.