Title: Run

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

Rating: T

Warnings: OC, First-Fic, non-English-native-writing

Prologue: One less than ideal day

Have you ever played that mind game, where you can choose 5 things you can take onto a lost island? Or as in a different scenario like having to leave the country? Taking the latter scenario, money comes to mind, something to stay up-to-date or in contact like a phone perhaps, your passport would be nice for the whole legal issues. But honestly. Would you really go back to your flat and fetch 5 things if you highly suspected that Marines are out for your blood? I don't know about you, but I like living. Can't have an adrenaline high after doing stupid things if you are dead - can you. I have that much self-preservation at least. So you see this is how I found myself in a less than ideal situation.

A/N: This is just an idea. Feel free to adopt if you like.