Title: Killing Time

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

Rating: M, for future cursing and swearing

Warnings: OC-story, don't like don't read

Being the king of pirate turned out to be more boring than anticipated. Turns out it was the journey and not the goal itself that mattered. So after having achieved all their lifetime goals, and bored almost to death for the lack of new adventures, the crew decides to get some new old adventures. And wreck some hell. Just because they can. And Akainu sucks. Nough said.

Prologue: Setting out

"Oi, oi Ace! Wait up!"


"Wait up, I'm coming along!"

"What do you mean coming along?! Did you hit your head or something?" No wait, that wouldn't damage anything, Luffy was made of rubber after all. Maybe one of gramps' Fists of Love? Anyway his brother was approaching the shore fast. If he didn't stop he'd hit water. He was about to shout a (useless) warning when he heard the start of his beloved brothers next stupidity, in the form of a "Gomu Gomu Rocket". Prepping himself for a the imminent rescue Ace was shocked to see Luffy actually getting a point blank landing on his little boat, rocketing it dangerously.

"What the hell Luffy!?" Ace exclaimed with a mix of annoyance and shock, but also a bit of pride for his little brothers success. Luffy meanwhile was smiling his face splitting smile as if he had no care in the world.

"I told you, I'm coming along. No way I'm letting my stupid big brother go out there all alone and get himself killed by some marine."

"Huh?" Ace stared at his little brother. Hard.

"I'm not getting killed. I promised you after all, didn't I?"

Rather than mollifying his little brothers expression darkened instead.

"You lied."

Ace didn't know what, but something in his little brothers' tone made him bite back any retort he might have planned.