Yuki was out for the day, attempting to figure out how to drum up business. While he was reimbursed for most costs the liminals staying with him caused, Peach and Ginger were, unfortunately, not covered by that. Though it wasn't enough to cause anything drastic, it also cut into his savings more than he would have liked, especially given that one was rebuilding a space ship capable of faster-than-light travel and the other was crazy strong and didn't really understand how fragile most things were. Ellie also tended to use somewhat expensive ingredients in her pranks, and, now that he was stuck with her, had started spiking some of his stock. He couldn't exactly watch her constantly, so he eventually just gave up and learned the signs. Though it didn't cause any more accidents like with that poor Ogre and her friends, it did cause some of his ingredients to be wasted.

Yuki had recently started feeding Ellie her own pranks, however, and it seemed that she had stopped, for the most part.

Either way, however, he was still worried about a crisis or accident. With that in his mind, he had Peach and Chica running the Bakery while he was out, with Ginger watching over Ellie, leaving him free to brainstorm and look at various examples.

"How can I make it stand out?" Yuki asked himself before he realized he was in the park. He quickly found a bench to sit on, then brought out a notepad that held his ideas so far. They were mostly gimmicks to help bring in people that might otherwise not come. As he looked over the list, he began to recall a liminal that moved in nearby and begun to drive away business, and the people living there.

A goblin had somehow been accepted into the cultural exchange despite their species' tendency for trouble. Although she wasn't… dangerous, she had been making trouble, and scaring off a lot of people. Her name was Trashcan, oddly enough, and the two of them had been butting heads for a while, now, both literally and metaphorically. She would often hang around his bakery aggressively hitting on anyone who passed by and yelling when they turned her down, and when he asked her to buy something or leave, she quite literally placed her forehead against his and demanded he make her. MON couldn't really do anything, either, as she wasn't breaking any laws or the exchange's rules.

Yuki couldn't really do anything to drive her off, as only liminals could harm other liminals, and any security he could hire would be far too expensive or simply couldn't because she wasn't breaking any laws or rules.

There were a few good ideas, though. He could do a maid café… except that he would have to hire an employee, which he quite frankly couldn't afford, and the only people he wouldn't have to pay were either space aliens, didn't have hands, or couldn't be trusted. He could do a kitten café… except there was the issue of getting and taking care of numerous kittens. It wasn't like he really had that much space in front, either, his shop was pretty small.

What could he do?

"Excuse me," a rather soft voice called from behind. When Yuki turned to address the voice, he experienced the rare combination of terror and arousal that he often gained when dealing with unknown or dangerous female liminals. If he didn't know any better, the figure before him was a female slime of some sort. Her clothing, black-and-red eyes, and decidedly solid body were obvious to anyone who knew anything about slimes; he liked to think that he knew quite a bit about the liminal species living near him, and his specialty goods ensured several loyal customers. It wasn't much, but it was something.

"Um, yes?"

"I saw this flyer a minute ago, and noticed you had more with you. Do you own the bakery advertised?"


"Would it be alright if we went there?"

"Uh, okay. If you don't mind me asking, what are you?"

"I'm a Majiin, silly."

"That didn't really answer my question."

"Oh, right, we don't exist yet."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"...Let me answer your question with another question."

"And that is?"

"Tell me, mister, what do you know about time travel?"

"Less than I should, apparently."

"Well, it turns out that time machines run on very special fuel."


"Time machines need a special fuel. I thought Capsule Corp wouldn't mind if I used one of theirs to research a school assignment, but then, wouldn't you know it, there was only enough fuel for a single trip, and no one in this time knows how to make it. I'm hungry, stuck in another time with no way to get home, and it's making me upset."

"Um, okay... but why a bakery? There are plenty of fast food places near here that are almost always looking for new employees, and they usually give their workers discounts."

"Majiin only eat sweets. You see, my great, great…" the pink girl continued using that word for quite a while, though whether it was for seconds or minutes Yuki could only guess.

"...great grandfather and founder of my race, the original Majiin Buu, could turn anything into candy, and we Majiin retain that ability. Unfortunately, I don't have nearly enough ki to transform enough food into sweets to sustain me, I can only do that, like, once every three hours at best, and it really drains me afterwards, so I need to eat more food than I made."

"Your… ancestor had a weird name. Speaking of which, what's yours?"


"Okay. Come on, then, let's go."

"Wait, you believe me?"

"Well, most people wouldn't, but, with my life, it's not too far-fetched."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, 'mythical' creatures are real, and I have a bird-girl and a seal-girl living in my house and a standing offer for casual sex from a pair of bee-girls. After a while, you learn to just say 'fuck it, why not?!'"


After returning to the Bakery, and discovering that Trashcan was thankfully not there, Yuki got out a batch of cupcakes that he hadn't sold the other day and had yet to be eaten. Unfortunately, this revealed that Pudding had an appetite to rival Ginger's.

"I love cake!" Pudding squealed as she sucked up the sweets like a black hole devouring a star. It was honestly rather terrifying; her mouth opened wider than any living being her size could survive, and she just shoved them all in.

"More please!"

"Slow down! I only have so many leftover cupcakes, I'm going to have to bake more just so you don't eat today's stock at this rate."

"Then give me everything else!"

Ella walked in and sat down next to Yuki, her expression dumbfounded.

"How much can this girl eat?"

"I don't know... and I'm not sure we could ever figure it out."

"I have the feeling you're right."

They continued to watch until Pudding suddenly stopped and passed out in a bowl of her namesake.

"So Yuki, what are you going to do with her?"

"Take her in."

"What? Why?!"

"Peach, no matter what I do, I'm going to be stuck with her. Smith would dump her on me because she's another alien, and I have the feeling she would come back regardless."

"Hmm. As much as I hate to admit it, you're probably right. Do you have some kind of magnetic property that attracts liminal attention? A curse, maybe a special pheromone or something?"

"You know, given all I've gone through, I wouldn't even be surprised, even if you'd never brought it up."

"Well, at least you've accepted your life is gonna be weird. There were a lot of people back home that put themselves in a crazy house after they realized I was a Selkie, even after liminals became public knowledge. Though I think those ones were more trying to escape from me than actually thinking they were crazy."

"If I tried to force my life to be normal, it would be pretty dull. I would have never met you, or any of my other friends," Yuki said, sitting down in a chair behind the counter, looking at the sleeping creature at the table directly across from him. He began to wonder: if what she said was true, and she was from the freaking future... what else is the universe going to throw at him?

"So yummy!" Said pudding, who had abandoned her fork the moment she tasted the treat in front of her. As she ate, a man in dark clothing entered the shop.

"Hello sir, what can I get you?" asked Yuki, putting on a smile to hide his worries about the future and fear of the present, namely the man in front of him.

"Well, all the money you have, if you wouldn't mind..." he uttered, drawing a pistol from inside his coat.

"I'm sorry, are you robbing me? I'm not sure if you noticed, but this is a small bakery. You'd get a much better haul from that chain a few blocks down, or the Wacdonalds."

"Yes, I am robbing you. I need it more than your pathetic excuse for a bakery."

"Pathetic? I'm the only one in the area."

"Yeah, and the fact that people avoid this place says a lot."

"Every shop goes through a rough patch every once in a while."

"From what I hear, you're almost bankrupt."

"Who told you that?"

"A little bird."

As Yuki and the terrifyingly intelligent and well-informed robber continued to talk, Pudding walked up to him.

"Um, Mr. Sweetie, what other types of ice cream can go into these-"

"Don't get between this, girl!" The man shouted, slapping the cake out of Pudding's hands and onto the floor. As soon as the cake hit the floor, Pudding knelt down, tears streaming out of her eyes, her hands gently touching the smashed dessert.

"My... My cake...! It was innocent..."

"...um, Pudding I can-"

"Stop. I must grieve."

Yuki and the man just stared at her, unsure what to make of it before continuing.

"You know, I actually feel kinda bad for doing that. I mean, it's one thing to steal from someone, but that was just mean of me."

"You should. That was quality ice cream cake. I mean, it's one thing if it was, like, cheap bread, but that was actually pretty dang expensive, and made with Harpy eggs and Minotaur Milk. The only reason I'm letting her eat it is because the person who ordered it refused to pay."

A whistle could be heard below them, and steam could be seen rising from the Majiin. The two men looked down at her as her head rose, tears streaming from her eyes the only part of her face that didn't scream of pure, unadulterated rage.

"You ruined Pudding's Cake! Pudding hate you!"

The man in the trenchcoat shot the girl, but the bullets simply stopped and clattered to the floor, the air itself suddenly feeling heavier than lead. The man quickly tried to run, but Pudding leapt in front of the door and performed a roundhouse kick. Her leg stretched all the way across the room, lengthening and bending in ways that should have turned any bones she had into dust.

A very audible crack was heard when the kick made contact, and the bloodcurdling scream it produced made shivers crawl down Yuki and Ella's spines. Thankfully, Ella was smart enough to call Smith; a non-human had just broken a human's arm, and quite possibly his ribcage.

"So she isn't in trouble?"


After examining the Situation, Smith had decided that, in spite of everything, the man, who was now in an ambulance, was at fault. He was the aggressor, and, as such, it was considered self-defense. Yuki was honestly surprised that was allowed, given how he'd heard about a group of Orcs holding up a comic book store a few weeks back. Smith explained that that had forced the government to amend laws concerning liminals, allowing humans and liminals to harm each other in specific cases.

"However, now we have thi-"

"I know what you're about to do. You are going to say that I should look after Pudding, and how her diet makes this the perfect place for her, so you're going to assign her to me as her host family. I'll try to protest, but you'll ignore me, just like all the other times. How many was that, again? Two?"

"I'm hurt, Yuki. I would normally never do anything like that. Still, you're not wrong. Hey can I ask something?"


"Am I really getting that predictable?"

The following day, Yuki had left to get supplies, leaving the girls unattended... but Pudding had gotten an idea after hearing him talking in his sleep.

"So, Ginger, can I ask a question?"

"What do you desire, Monster?"

"How do big boobs feel?"

"Umm, what?"

"Big boobs. How do they feel? You have the biggest set."

"Where did this come from?"

"I heard Sweetie talking in his sleep last night. He said something about your bust size, and I was wondering… if I could have it?

"What do you..." Ginger muttered before her chest was violently gripped by the pink hands of Pudding, the Majiin rubbing and squeezing and licking and sucking every inch and at varying intensities to perfectly emulate it.

After a brief struggle, Ginger was drooling on the ground and sweating profusely, her shirt torn open, Peach, Chica and Ella all watching. As soon as Pudding was done, she looked over at the trio and said in a menacing tone:

"Targets Acquired."

With that, the three ran in separate directions. Unfortunately, Chica's stubby legs weren't fast enough.

"So, when I read sweetie's mind, he awfully liked looking at your butt, and I was wondering... If I can have it?!"

"Ah! Bad touch!" Chico squealed as Pudding did everything to her rear, squeezing and massaging and spanking and other, more vulgar things that can't be said at this content rating. The poor girl ended up drooling on the ground, her ass in the air, much like Ginger. She didn't stand a chance.

The next target was Ella, who quite frankly sucked at hiding.

"What are you going to do to me?!"

Pudding said nothing, instead just feeling the other girl's frame in a completely non-sensual way.

"Oh, what, am I not good enough to molest? Is that it?"


"Fine, not like I wanted anything from this..."


"Really? He only likes my shape? Not my butt or anything?"



After finishing with Ella, Pudding melted into goop and re-formed as an army of mini Puddings, each one searching a different part of the house.

"I see her!" one screamed.

"Oh shit!" Peach screamed from her hiding spot as the miniature pudding clamped onto her leg and the others converged on her, merging into the original.

"Please, no!" Peach tried to protest, but Pudding refused to listen as she began feeling up and down Peach's legs, earning a squeak every now and again.

Peach was lying on the ground far quicker than the others, but she at least took solace in one fact:

"At least my moron is attracted to-"

Then, suddenly, Pudding began to morph. Her chest ballooned out to be slightly larger than Ginger's, her rear becoming proportionally as large as Chica's, and her legs slightly more shapely than Peach's.

"This should make Sweetie happy when he gets home!"