That Green Gentleman

He looks at the charts and diagrams, seeing prices only going higher and relaxed in his grand chair. Streching his arms back to rest his head against them, he thinks of the years he will have of sucess and riches. He leaned back with a content smile, dreaming of the future. Thinking of his new life made him forget his visit, with someone warning him that "things have changed.". What does he mean by that anyway? he asks himself as he gets up and walks by drawn curtains and paintings and of clear blue skies and yellow suns. He stops in front of a mirror as he cleans himself up a bit. Looking at the reflection, he reflected back to his younger years. He was just dreaming this back then, and now it's finally coming true. My world is different, but I'm still the same. he thinks to himself with a proud smile. He turns away from the mirror and reutrns to his work. Meanwhile, the world outside is becoming desolate grey. Someone stands outside, watching his world slowly disappearing, and coughs as he breaths in the smoggy air.