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*~A Few Years Later~*

A few years have passed since that moment in kindergarten and unlike no one had ever expected, Hide and Kaneki have stayed close friends. The two opposites never left each other's side and were becoming even closer. After school Kaneki would come over to Hide's house and they would play or do homework until it was time for Kaneki to return to his aunt's house. After the death of Kaneki's mother, it was decided that he should live with her elder sister, his aunt. She had a son of her own that she spent most of her time devoted to while barely giving Kaneki a glance.

It was times when Kaneki wasn't home that he worried about what his aunt was doing. She tended to not like him and 'clean' his room when he wasn't home. Most of the time Kaneki would rather go straight home so he didn't have to worry about his prized possessions being thrown out but he didn't want to worry Hide. So he would usually spend time with him until he felt it was right to go home. But every time he left Hide, Kaneki would feel a certain sadness well up in his chest but he never knew why.

Hide had noticed the slight change in attitude of Kaneki over the years that they were friends. Sure Kaneki was quiet and didn't really seem to talk much but when he and Hide were together, Kaneki seemed happy. Hide could tell that Kaneki would never really be completely the same after the death of his mother and moving in with his aunt. Many people assumed that Hide was dumber than he looked but in reality he was really perceptive and could usually tell how people are feeling. After Kaneki moved in with his aunt, Hide could always see the hint of sadness in his eyes and sometimes fear when Hide asked to hang out after school. He could tell that something was wrong but didn't want to pressure his best friend into thinking that Hide would treat him differently. So all that he could do was wait until Kaneki felt ready to tell him.

It wasn't until one day that Hide truly found out what was going on at Kaneki's home. A few days prior, Hide lent Kaneki a magazine that he was reading because he thought that his best friend would enjoy it. But later in the week Kaneki comes into school, almost crying. Hide immediately runs up to him to see what was wrong. At the sight of Hide, tears started to threaten to fall down Kaneki's face.

"Hey, what's wrong buddy? Why do you look so sad?" said Hide as softly as possible for him.

"It's no-nothing" said Kaneki as he tried to compose himself.

"You're lying, I can tell something's wrong. Come on you can tell me! We're best buds aren't we?"

"Yeah...but I don't want you to be mad at me" sniffled Kaneki.

"Why would I ever be mad at you dummy?" Hide said while slightly chuckling.

"I-I lost the magazine" softly replied Kaneki.

Hide leaned in closer because he couldn't hear Kaneki. He then realized what was said and pulled Kaneki into a hug. "Kaneki, you're a terrible liar. I don't care about the magazine. Please, tell me what really happened."

"Promise you won't get mad?"

"Haha that's the second time you've asked. I promise that I won't get mad," Hide said as he stopped hugging Kaneki and instead mocked a soldier's solute to show his 'seriousness'. It resulted in Kaneki smiling a little and convinced him to reveal what was really wrong.

Kaneki told Hide everything from how his aunt throws out his stuff when he's not home and how he's neglected and sometimes abused. He explained that this week his aunt was 'cleaning' his room and threw out Hide's magazine, thinking it was Kaneki's. As he revealed more of the truth, tears began to form and eventually fall down his face. At the end of Kaneki's depressing reveal, Hide pulled him into the same bone crushing hug that he once did when they were in kindergarten. Kaneki knew that Hide didn't have to say anything because they both understood how the other felt and there were no words that was needed to be said. Both had become closer due to this reveal but they were ok with the new development of their relationship.

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