SentinelSpockNimoy and I have been talking about scenarios for Lilo and Stitch, especially about what Gantu could've done to Lilo if he managed to leave Earth successfully with her in his custody. We came up with the theory what the Grand Councilwoman would demand Gantu to ask why he brought Lilo with him. He would then try to explain that he didn't intend to take Lilo, but he couldn't separate her from Stitch without the experiment escaping. Yet, Stitch escaped anyway and Gantu left with Lilo.

Then we came up with an idea of Gantu visiting Lilo and Stitch after the first movie. This is where this fanfic comes in.

Lilo and Stitch belongs to Disney and Chris Sanders.

Transformers belongs to Hasbro and Michael Bay.

The day seemed quiet so far. Lilo and Stitch were listening to Elvis records in the living room. They were interrupted when Pleakley came screaming through the living room chased by Nani. Apparently, he'd been caught wearing her clothes again.

"I told you she catch you, you idiot! Now keep it down, I'm doing evil genius science here," Jumba called down the stairs.

Lilo and Stitch stared at Pleakley for a brief second before returning their glance at each other.

"I guess that makes it the second time Pleakley's done that today," shrugged Lilo.

"He ain't nothin' but a hound dog," Stitch sang along with the record, though the experiment was slightly off key.

"I am not a dog! AAAAHHHH!" Pleakley could be heard from the kitchen.

"Give me that, that's my work uniform!"

There was a shriek of protest before Nani emerged with a triumphant smile holding the shirt, while Pleakley had a garbage bag wrapped around him as he stamped off to his and Jumba's shared room.

"He's lolo," Stitch observed.

Lilo couldn't help but giggle until Stitch suddenly heard heavy footsteps from outside.

"Who that? Bigfoot?" Stitch laughed to himself, until…

"Hey! I heard that, 62—…er, Stitch!" came the familiar booming voice.

Stitch scurried up onto the windowsill and peered out. There was the colossal form of Captain Gantu, his hand still raised to knock on the door. Stitch yelped in surprise.

"Lilo! Gantu here!" exclaimed Stitch.

Gasping in surprise, Lilo jumped to her feet and scrambled to the front door before opening it, glaring at Gantu.

"You can't have Stitch!" yelled Lilo, her arms spread in a protective stance.

"I know. I'm not here for him. Actually, I am, but not to take him. I'm here for both of you, really. I…" he appeared to hesitate for a moment, his eyes flicking toward Jumba and Pleakley's room, then back to them. With a heavy sigh, he continued, "I am here because…well, I wanted to apologize."

Gantu dropped to one knee so his face was now level with them.

"For what?" asked Lilo, folding her arms.

"For almost taking you into outer space, and for all the times I was trying to take 62…Stitch," the captain eyed Stitch next, "and I'm sorry for trying to take you away from your…whatever that word you called this group was."

"Ohana," replied Lilo.

"Yes, that," Gantu nodded.

Stitch looked at Lilo, unsure how to react. Pleakley and Jumba could be heard arguing about who-knew-what, oblivious to the unexpected visitor.

"I could let you visit," said Lilo, "but Nani, Jumba and Pleakley would probably freak out if they see you."

"Pleakley freak at anything," Stitch imitated Pleakley's screaming from earlier, flailing his arms like the one eye often did.

"I know," the captain said, standing back up and slowly turning to go, "I just wanted to tell you."

Gantu started to slowly walk away. Stitch's ears drooped as he watched. He turned to Lilo.

"He sad," the experiment said, "he lost. No ohana."

"Should we cheer him up or something?" asked Lilo.

Stitch nodded vigorously.

"Spirit of aloha," he said.

Even at his slow pace, Gantu's steps were huge as the two ran down the steps in pursuit of the enormous alien.

"Hey!" called Lilo, "where are you going?!"

Gantu stopped abruptly, his head snapping up, suddenly alert. He didn't appear to see them until Stitch plowed face first into the back of his leg.

"Huh? Stitch? Lilo? Are you following me?" asked Gantu.

Again, Stitch nodded.

"Why are you following me?" demanded Gantu.

Lilo gazed deeply into the captain's blue eyes, trying to brush aside the moment when he captured her and Stitch in a net and then placing them in a prison capsule at the back of his ship.

"If you have nowhere else to go," suggested Lilo, "you could be part of our ohana."

Of all the things she could have said, he had not been prepared at all, and his eyes showed it when they widened about twice their normal size.

"You…would want…me?" clarified Gantu.

"You could be my…uh, my substitute dad, I guess," insisted Lilo.

Stitch switched glances between Lilo and Gantu, hoping the captain would respond. Gantu sighed again.

"All right, all right, I'll do it, just stop looking at me like that, Stitch."

Stitch grinned. He'd pulled out the sad puppy eyes. He had yet to meet anyone who could resist them.

"There's no way I'd fit through that door, though," admitted Gantu, gesturing to the front door of the house.

"We'll need to set up a room for him," agreed Lilo, glancing at Gantu before focusing her eyes on Stitch, "right, Stitch?"

"Uh-huh," Stitch agree, "unless you want shower every rain."

"Pass," the giant said.

Then Gantu's eye seemed to catch something back at the house.

"Uh, is that Agent Pleakley…in a dress?" paused Gantu.

Stitch facepalmed.

"Oh brother," he groaned.

Gantu shook his head. Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad for him.

"I'll be right back," assured Lilo.

Lilo scrambled up the stairs of the front porch and entered the front door.

"Pleakley?" called Lilo, "can I talk to you and Jumba for a minute?"

Jumba was just about to go back up to their room when she called, so instead he grabbed Pleakley and ambled over to the couch, plopping down in his usual place.

"What is it?" Jumba asked lazily.

"Gantu's outside and he apologized for his actions earlier," explained Lilo, "so Stitch and I forgave him and offered to let him join our ohana. Could you help us set up a place for him to live?"

"Wait a minute!" Pleakley jumped up, "you mean Gantu is outside? As in right outside? As in—?"

"Yes, she means right outside, what do you think she means? Come on, it'll be something to do," beckoned Jumba.

And he dragged the one eyed agent outside to find more building supplies. They were going to need a lot. With Jumba and Pleakley outside, Lilo scurried out of the house and scampered towards Gantu and Stitch. Neither of them noticed her. They were obviously fascinated by a large frog sitting in the road. Suddenly, it gave a loud croak and jumped right at them.

"YAAHH!" the two aliens scrambled backwards, which was rather difficult for Gantu with his size.

"Stupidhead!" Stitch called after the frog.

"You guys ok?" Lilo paused as she stared at Stitch and Gantu in confusion.

"Uhhh…" But they were spared by the sound of Nani coming.

Nani stopped in her tracks once she laid her eyes on Gantu, the same alien that tried to take Lilo from her. Said alien was staring dumbly from her to Lilo and Stitch, and back again. No one was volunteering to explain, and Gantu suddenly found his feet very interesting.

"What are you doing here?" demanded Nani.

"I…I-I just had something to tell them. That's all. You can ask them," explained Gantu.

Stitch was nodding in agreement.

"But," protested Nani, trying to suppress her anger, "I saw you take off with Lilo in that capsule on your ship!"

"He say sorry," Stitch offered, "then he go sad…lost…alone."

As he spoke, he did a very good imitation of Gantu walking down the road earlier.

"Then Lilo make happy! Only Pleakley go lolo," as if it would help, Stitch imitated that too.

"I know," the giant said softly, "and I'm sorry for that. That is what I came here to say."

"Is it ok if he joins our ohana?" pleaded Lilo, gesturing to Gantu.

Stitch leaned on his tree trunk of a leg, ready to whip out the eyes on Nani.

"No one gets left behind," he said.

Nani let out a reluctant sigh.

"Well, I suppose," answered Nani.

"Pleeeeeeeeease?" Stitch begged, "he watch Pleakley better than Jumba."

Well that was true. She did get nervous about leaving those two to watch the house. And the presence of the giant alien would certainly change any potential burglar's mind.

"All right," nodded Nani, "he can stay."

"Aloha!" Stitch jumped up and down victoriously, chattering either alien or gibberish.

The four of them headed back to the house, where Pleakley was trying to convince Jumba not to squish a spider. Gantu reminded himself that he still couldn't fit inside the house.

"So," Gantu said quietly, "this is ohana."

"Uh-huh," Stitch replied, "you family now."

Instead of going in, Gantu sat down against a tree where he could see into the living room and anyone in there could see him. No way was he going to mess this up. He busied himself by pulling out his data pad and reading through some of his old log entries. Curious, Lilo and Stitch stepped towards him and sat down next to him. One large blue eye flicked in their direction.

"Yes?" its owner asked.

"So what are you doing?" asked Lilo.

"Just rereading some of my old logs. The captain has to record the vessel's entire mission, from start to finish, then send it back to Headquarters. The more detailed, the better," explained Gantu.

He held the data pad down where they could see it and showed them pictures from other planets he'd been to.

"Cool!" chirped Lilo.

He nodded.

"I'd love to go back to some of these worlds someday," admitted Gantu.

Lilo made a brief glance at Stitch.

"Have you ever been to other planets, Stitch?" asked Lilo.

Stitch shook his head.

"Only asteroid with Jumba lab," admitted Stitch.

"Wouldn't it be awesome if we could go to other planets?" Lilo looked at Gantu's logs again.

There were so many different worlds that were nothing like Earth! She couldn't have imagined them without the pictures. There were some that other crewmen must have taken, because Gantu was in them, usually standing next to something huge just to show how big it was. Stitch leaned over her shoulder, marveling right along with her. Lilo stared into the captain's eyes, waiting for his answer. It was the first time they had ever heard him give a soft laugh.

"You sound like me when I was a child," Gantu mused, "when other children were learning letters and numbers, I was memorizing planets and star systems, black holes and asteroid fields. My first day in the Federation Armada, they said 'Put him on a ship out in space. His head's already out there, why not the rest of him, too?'"

Stitch cocked his head to the side, trying to imagine first a child Gantu, and second, said child's head being out in space without the rest of him. But then, the idea of a headless captain made the experiment feel queasy.

"I did want to be friends with Mertle," admitted Lilo, letting out a sigh, "but she just treats me differently."

That got his attention, and Lilo found a pair of intense blue eyes focused on her.

"Like a 'fishhead'," replied Gantu, "that's what they called me. Space Cadet Fishhead. Also, I heard 'Bigfoot' and 'Gigantu'. Some students I was half their age and they were afraid. Of me."

"Hmmm," muttered Stitch.

Unnoticed by either of them, Stitch scurried up the side of the house to Lilo's room and made a beeline for the bookshelf. He found the one he wanted and scurried back out.

"Ih! Ih! Gantu! Lilo!" called Stitch.

They both turned to see Stitch holding the book open to the page showing the sad, lonesome ugly duckling. Gantu raised a confused eyebrow, but Lilo understood immediately what Stitch was trying to say.

"Oh, I guess Stitch wants to show you something!" chirped Lilo.

"Why is he showing me a picture of a duck?" asked Gantu.

Stitch looked at Lilo as if to say A little help please? Apparently, Gantu's story had reminded him of the Ugly Duckling story.

"That's the Ugly Duckling," clarified Lilo, "he's sad because he's all alone and no one wants him."

Lilo then pointed at the next page.

"But on this page," continued Lilo, "his family hears him crying and they find him, and then the Ugly Duckling is happy because he knows where he belongs."

Then Gantu got it.

"It's me," he commented, "or you."

He pointed with one large finger at the duckling.

"Everyone is treating him differently. Like me when I was a child. Or you with Mertle," continued Gantu.

Stitch nodded.

"Uh-huh. Now you get it," he said.

Gantu looked at the next page with the duckling and his family, then at Lilo and Stitch, and a small smile appeared.

"Yes, Stitch," he nodded, "I get it now."

Just then, Pleakley and Jumba emerged from the house, the latter carrying a toolbox.

"…I'm just sayin, don't you at least need to know how tall he is?" Pleakley was arguing.

"I use tree," Jumba replied, "see, here's a good one."

Jumba smacked the 'tree', which was actually Gantu's leg.

"Ow!" said alien cried.

Stitch marched up with his hands on his hips in fist and swatted Jumba's arm.

"Bad Jumba!" the experiment scolded, doing his best Angry Nani impression.

"Jumba, do you need to get your eyes checked?!" Gantu scolded Jumba, eyes burning with anger.

"Oh," Pleakley quickly answered, "yes sir, apparently he does. I keep telling him, but does he listen? Nooooooo!"

"Will you knock it off and help me find some wood?" Jumba looked up at Gantu, "a lot of wood?"

Gantu glanced at the jungle behind him. He wasn't willing to risk cutting down these trees to form the wood they needed.

"Perhaps we should contact any construction workers," suggested Gantu.

"How do we explain a you-sized door?" Pleakley asked, "or a you-sized window? Or a—"

"He get it," Stitch interrupted.

"Yeah, I'm sure Gantu would come up with something," agreed Lilo.

"Oh yeah," Pleakley rambled on, "and if we all go out somewhere, how do we explain him? I mean, I can be your aunt, and Jumba can be a fat tourist—?"

"Hey!" Jumba called.

"—and Stitch is your dog, but what does Gantu do?" continued Pleakley.

"Lilo suggested I serve as the father figure," mentioned Gantu.

"I mean how do we explain what you look like?" Pleakley clarified.

"I thought people in this town knew there were aliens living here," Gantu pointed out.

Lilo scratched her head, trying to figure out how the people of Kauai would react if they ever saw Gantu.

"Maybe they think friendly if we ride on him," Stitch suggested, "they think Stitch good when see Stitch with Lilo."

"Are you sure that would work?" asked Gantu as he stashed away his data pad.

"We could try and see what happens," answered Lilo.

"It worked with Jumba," Pleakley said, "I mean once people got past the four eyes thing."

"If they don't notice you, with one eye and three legs, he shouldn't be a problem," Jumba countered, "see? Two eyes, two arms, two legs, no tail. Just like them."

"Are they always like this?" the captain asked as the two continued their bickering.

"Uh-huh," Stitch nodded, "they lolo."

"I can't remember a time when they got along well," added Lilo.

"I see. And they still manage to live together…how is that?" Gantu looked at the girl and the blue alien questioningly.

Lilo and Stitch switched glances between Jumba and Pleakley, Nani and then Gantu. At this, everyone noticed the older girl's sudden appearance.

"NANI!" they all jumped, Gantu's head disappearing into the leaves of the tree.

"Oh?" paused Nani, "am I bothering you?"

"You just startled us, that's all," replied Lilo.

"I think I poked myself in the eye," the leaves said, "ow."

Gantu raised his hand over his eye and lowered his head to protect himself from leaves and branches.

"We bother Nani?" Stitch asked, slowly walking up to her.

Jumba and Pleakley glared at each other.

"So what were you talking about?" asked Nani.

"We were thinking of finding building materials to help build a place for Gantu," explained Lilo.

"And Stitch was telling Lilo and I about the Ugly Duckling. How he says it sounds very similar to both mine and Lilo's stories," Gantu added.

"And how Jumba needs glasses!" Pleakley piped up.

Nani couldn't help but give a soft laugh.

"Maybe I could ask David on helping us find building material," suggested Nani.

As if on cue, said man walked up from the driveway.

"Are we having a party back here?" he asked.

From where he stood, Gantu's head still appeared to be up in the leaves.

"And who's up in the tree?" asked David.

Sighing, Gantu emerged from the tree.

"Hey, aren't you the guy who tried to—" paused David.

"He say sorry," Stitch said impatiently.

"Okay, okay, I didn't know," replied David, "so, I heard Nani mention my name?"

"We were talking about building a place to live for Gantu," explained Lilo.

"Oh. Sounds like a project. Do you have an idea of what we'll need?" David pulled out a notepad and pen to make a list.

"We'll need some windows and doors that Gantu could fit through," Lilo started off, "and maybe a shower that could fit him!"

"Roof!" Stitch added, "walls!"

"Maybe a small door we can use to come say hi!" now Pleakley seemed to be getting enthusiastic.

David was nodding and writing as everyone threw out ideas.

"Plumbing," Jumba added, "electricity. Heat. Air. No, 626, not a coffee maker."

Gantu gave Jumba and Stitch a blank stare. Stitch pouted. He liked coffee.

"He can't have coffee, or he goes crazy," Lilo explained.

Gantu nodded in agreement as he rubbed his chin.

"Perhaps I'll help you keep him away from coffee," Gantu offered.

"Awww!" Stitch complained.

Now he'd never get any. Gantu had eyes like a hawk.

"Complain all you want," remarked Gantu, "but I will not risk you causing havoc in your hyped state."

"Okay, that settles it," Nani pointed a finger at Gantu, "now you're staying whether you like it or not. I can't be the only one keeping them out of trouble. I have a job to keep."

"I didn't exactly plan on leaving anyway," the captain replied as Stitch tried and failed to look mad about this.

"So," chuckled Pleakley, "when do we start?"

Gantu, David, Jumba and Pleakley left the house with Lilo and Stitch riding on Gantu's shoulders.

"Wow, I can see everything from up here!" Lilo said, "and you're even taller than Dad was."

What Lilo referred to was just who Nani was thinking of as she watched them go and watched her little sister riding on the tall alien's shoulders. It looked just like their dad giving her a ride. They had been missing someone like a father for a long time. Jumba and Pleakley made a good aunt and uncle for Lilo, and she had David, but he was more like an older brother or a cousin. Stitch, of course, was like Lilo's twin brother. But Lilo had been very close to their father. After their parents died, she'd wished she could give Lilo that again. Maybe this was her opportunity to do that. She made a mental note to talk to Gantu about it later.

For now, they had to find building materials.

"So, where are we going first?" the one eyed alien asked.

"I was thinking we could save time by splitting up," David explained, "I've already divided the list of everything we need in half. Lilo, Stitch, Gantu, you three can get the big stuff and the stuff Pleakley's afraid of. Jumba, Pleakley, and I will get everything else. How does that sound?"

"Of course," Jumba chuckled, "just leave the big stuff to the big dummy head, right?"

"I'm standing right here, Jumba," growled Gantu.

Gantu tried to sound annoyed, but Lilo and Stitch couldn't miss the pain in his eyes when he heard that. The Hawaiian girl placed her hand on the captain's tusk in an attempt to comfort him. Stitch did the same.

"Not big dummy head. Just big. Jumba mean sometime," assured Stitch.

Gantu gave Lilo and Stitch a soft smile.

"Thank you, I appreciate it," replied Gantu.

"Actually, Jumba, I was just thinking he has bigger arms and he's stronger, so he can carry the big stuff easier," David said, "that's all. No offense, captain!"

"I'm not offended," assured Gantu, relieved by David's words.

"Oh good. Here's your list. Lilo can show you where to find everything. Oh, and some money. Again, Lilo knows what to do. We can all meet back in the center of town when we're done. Okay?" David handed them the list and money.

"Okay," everyone answered.

Upon cue, David, Jumba and Pleakley headed in one direction while Gantu, Lilo and Stitch headed in another.

"So, uh, where am I going first?" Gantu asked.

A car horn answered him.

"How 'bout outta the middle of the road, ya moron!" the driver yelled.

Startled, Gantu scrambled out of the road.

"Dumb tourists," the driver muttered as he drove past them.

Stitch made a face at the car as it passed. Lilo carefully checked the list in Gantu's hand.

"Where to first?" both aliens looked at her.

"We could find the first item on the list if you turn left," suggested Lilo, pointing to her left.

"Crosswalk!" Stitch exclaimed, "red light. We go."

Stitch waved at the puzzled people in cars as they crossed the street, Gantu following Lilo's directions. As they did, a few pedestrians made a brief glance at the Galactic Federation captain. They heard the talk as he walked by.

"Is it just me, or do the tourists get weirder every day?"

"Maybe he's one of those pro basketball players. Tall enough."

Then one voice caught their attention.

"Here comes Weirdlo and her mutant dog," Mertle commented at a distance.

Lilo gasped and turned her head at Mertle's direction.

"Mertle's here," muttered Lilo.

Gantu turned until his body faced Mertle, his blue eyes focusing on the little girl with the glasses.

"What are you doing here, Weirdlo?" the snooty girl snapped, "and what's that weird fish thing?"

Gantu simply glared at Mertle.

"His name is Gantu!" Lilo corrected in an irritated voice.

The Galactic Federation captain knelt down, eyes glaring at Mertle.

"I am not a weird fish thing, Miss Edmonds," he said sternly, "and her name is Lilo. Not Weirdlo. Please try to remember that."

Mertle almost let out an amused laugh.

"What was that, young lady?" the captain glared harder as Stitch tried to conceal giggles.

"I wonder how she managed to make friends with you," remarked Mertle.

"Maybe because I don't call her names," Gantu suggested, "and I don't encourage others to do the same. How would you like to have someone do that to you, when all you try to do is be friends with them."

Mertle gave Gantu a blank stare.

"Well? Would you want her to treat you the way you do her?"

Lilo couldn't believe what she was seeing. Someone was sticking up to Mertle Edmonds…for her!

"N-No," muttered Mertle.

"Then don't you think that's how she feels, too," replied Gantu, "besides, what did Lilo ever do to you?"

Mertle scratched her head, trying to remember why she kept pushing Lilo away from herself and even got Yuki, Elena and Teresa involved.

"There's nothing wrong with being different. I of all people here should know that," he looked back down at Mertle with an intense gaze, "just think about that next time you think of making fun of Lilo."

And with that, Gantu continued past the girls as if he'd just been asking about the weather. Once Mertle and her friends were out of earshot, Stitch was the first to speak.


"Thanks, Dad," Lilo gave a soft smile.

Gantu froze, eyes wide with shock, almost throwing them off.

"Wh-What did you just call me?" exclaimed Gantu.

"We let you be part of our ohana," clarified Lilo, "so wouldn't it make sense to call you dad?"

"I…guess I hadn't thought of that," Gantu scratched his head, "you really want me in that role?"

"Yeah," Lilo nodded eagerly.

"Alright then, I'll do it," sighed Gantu.

Gantu was caught off guard again when Lilo hugged his tusk.

"Aaaaawww," cooed Stitch.

Stitch grabbed Lilo's camera from her bag and snapped a picture. He knew she'd add it to her My Ohana scrapbook when they got it developed. Gantu couldn't help but smile as he continued striding through town.

"So, uh, where am I going again?" Gantu was at a loss as to where exactly they were headed.

Gantu carefully checked the list.

"Lumber. Roof slats. Several spools of wire. Industrial size glass panes…we're going to be making several trips," suggested Gantu.

Gantu set Lilo and Stitch down and handed Lilo the money.

"Alright," instructed Gantu, "I'll wait out here while you two go and pay for what we need. Then you can show me what to take and I'll load up."

"Ih," nodded Stitch.

Lilo and Stitch scurried into the store. Gantu stood outside, mindful to stay out of the way of cars, lest he be labeled a 'dumb tourist' again. The Hawaiian girl and the blue experiment wandered through the store until they reached the cashier.

"What can I get you, little girl?" the man asked.

"We're looking for lumber, roof slats, wire and glass panes," explained Lilo.

"Oh, building a house. That's out back here."

The cashier led them outside to the building materials section.

"You got something to carry all your stuff?" he asked.

"We have someone who can do it," answered Lilo.

"But don't you need a—" the store employee began.

"I'll get it," interrupted Gantu, having heard them from the front.

As Lilo pointed out their supplies and paid for it, Gantu gathered it in one place. Then, with the two of them on top of the pile, he lifted it all onto his back as they headed for the center of town to meet back with the others, all three feeling pretty good after the encounter with Mertle. It wasn't long before they reached the center of the town, although Gantu received weird glances from people passing by. By now he had figured out to just say "I'm a tourist". People nodded and didn't give him a second look. After a short while, David, Jumba and Pleakley returned.

"What took ya so long?" Lilo said with a smile.

"Long story short," answered David, "Jumba and Pleakley have been bickering the whole time."

"Ohhhhh," Stitch and Gantu said in unison.

"We ran into Mertle," Lilo explained, "and left her stunned."

"Heh," mused Jumba, "how did you do that?"

"Gantu!" Stitch called.

"I made her think," Gantu explained, "I made her think about how she was acting toward Lilo. No, I didn't threaten her. Not even when she called me a freaky fish guy."

"Weird fish thing," Lilo corrected, "you guys should've seen her face. It was priceless."

"Looka!" Stitch waved the Polaroid photo of Lilo hugging Gantu's tusk at them.

"Aww, that's so sweet!" chirped Pleakley.

"Jumba, looka!" Stitch waved it at Jumba next.

Jumba gazed at the photo before giving Stitch a confused look.

"That was after he one-upped Mertle," Lilo explained, "no one ever sticks up to her."

Lilo looked down sadly.

"Especially not for me," continued Lilo.

"Goobaja!" called Stitch.

"Stitch is right," Gantu said, standing up with his load, "Nani will be looking for us."

Gantu, Lilo, Stitch, David, Jumba and Pleakley wandered out of town and headed back for the Pelekai house where Nani was waiting.

"Hurry up you guys, I ordered pizza!" Nani called when she saw them, "wow, the six of you look like a walking construction site."

"Nani," chirped Lilo, "wait'll you hear what happened when Mertle showed up! It was awesome!"

Obviously, something had excited her little sister as she sprinted towards her.

"Ok, what happened?" asked Nani, rolling her eyes.

So Lilo told Nani, while Stitch waved the photo. Nani was surprised to hear Lilo say it was awesome when she heard the lack of action and mayhem in the story. But it further confirmed her earlier thoughts about their newest resident alien.

"Well," commented Nani, "I…I don't know what to say."

"Her face was priceless," Lilo added.

Just then, Stitch handed the photo to Lilo, allowing her to stash it into her bag while Jumba, Pleakley and David stepped closer to the house.

"So," asked Pleakley, "what toppings did you get?"

"I got one for each of you with your favorite toppings," answered Nani, "except Gantu, since I don't know what his are. I just got him a cheese. You can do what I do and put whatever you want on it if you want."

"I'm not that bothered by it," Gantu shrugged, "I never even tried it before."

"If you can eat the Federation's food, you'll love it," Jumba stated, "it actually has taste."

Gantu carefully set down the materials near the house.

"It's a nice night, why don't we all eat outside tonight?" Nani suggested.

After waiting for a few minutes, the pizza delivery car arrived. The delivery guy emerged from the car while carrying some pizza boxes.

"You sure ordered a bunch, Miss Pelekai," the delivery man said.

"Family gathering," Nani explained, "we like to eat. A lot."

"Ah. Well, enjoy!"

And the driver left after Nani paid him.

"Would anyone be upset if I brought my record player and we listened to my Elvis records?" Lilo asked.

"I…never heard of this…Elvis," admitted Gantu.

"Well you're about to, big guy!" Pleakley replied.

Lilo scrambled into the house and grabbed the record player and her Elvis records. She set up the player and Stitch picked out a record. Once they started playing it, Gantu took a moment to listen in on the music.

"Interesting," Gantu said to himself.

"He was the King of Rock n' Roll," explained Lilo.

Gantu nodded and took a slice of his pizza. Jumba was right, it was better than Federation food. He experimented with adding different toppings to each slice and quickly found he was a "meat lover" as the pizza box called it. Stitch took two slices at once and gobbled them down without a second thought.

"You eat it too fast!" Pleakley complained, "you have to savor-Ooh, I love this song!"

Pleakley stood up and started trying to sing along with "Suspicious Minds".

"Heh heh heh," chuckled Jumba, "easily distracted, aren't you?"

"He can't sing," groaned Gantu.

"Oh yeah? Well I bet you can't either!" Pleakley said.

"Prove it!" Stitch beckoned and put on another record.

Gantu immediately remembered hearing the song at the store. He figured he couldn't be worse than the one eye, so he took on the first verse. Lilo and Stitch listened intently, amazed that the captain had such a good voice for this occasion. He didn't stop there and went on to finish the song.

"Hey, it's pretty good!" chirped Lilo.

"Thank you. I've never done that before," Gantu admitted.

"Maybe you should come see me at hula class," suggested Lilo, "I like dancing."

"What's a hula?" Gantu asked.

Stitch ran inside and came back out in a hula outfit and started dancing.

"That," Lilo answered, "I could teach you, too if you want."

Gantu took a moment to think over Lilo's suggestion as he rubbed his chin with his fingers.

"It's easy," Stitch said.

"And fun," Lilo added.

"Perhaps I will visit your school," nodded Gantu.

"Great!" chirped Lilo, "lemme warn ya, Mertle's gonna be there. But I bet she'll be okay when she sees you there."

Stitch and Jumba glanced up at the night sky, noticing clouds that gathered.

"Uh-oh," Jumba muttered, "looks like rain."

"Oh no!" gasped Lilo, "I can't let my records get wet!"

Lilo grabbed her record player and her Elvis records and scrambled into the house. Stitch grabbed the rest and followed her.

"Ugh, the news said it wasn't supposed to rain tonight!" Nani complained.

"I think someone's getting an all night shower, unfortunately," David said.

"Blitznak," grumbled Gantu.

"Hmm…Aha!" Stitch ran and moved the cars out of the carport, "yuuga be dry here!"

"How is that going to work?" Gantu stared at Stitch in confusion.

"I think he means just for tonight," Lilo clarified, "it keeps the cars dry, so why wouldn't it keep you dry?"

"Thank you, Stitch," Gantu gave Stitch a soft smile.

"Uh-huh. Stitch no like water. Blech!" Stitch stuck his tongue out at the clouds as the first drops started to fall.

The others ran for the house while Gantu crawled under the carport. Stitch was right, it did keep him dry. And enough of the house was on stilts that he could stretch his legs out underneath that part, allowing him to lie down comfortably across the width of the carport. Maybe living on Earth was not going to be easy.