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Gantu felt relieved that he managed to escort Lilo and Stitch to hula class on time. He stayed outside the school, all senses on alert for any unwelcome presence. Inside, Moses motioned the students and the professionals on the stage in preparation for the next rehearsal. Stitch kept an ear pricked towards outside in case Gantu met any trouble. Soon, the music began to play. Stitch soon lost himself in the music, making up his own dance in the back of the room. This caught Mertle's attention, but she still had to rehearse. Mertle also noticed the hulking pair of legs outside with their owner's back to the school. She couldn't be sure, but she thought they looked familiar. As for Lilo, she danced with passion in sync with the music. Frustrated, Mertle decided that she could make Lilo mess up. Mertle scanned the stage, hoping to find something she could use for her plan. Stitch saw this and decided he'd better record for evidence. He pulled out Jumba's video camera and pretended to be taping Lilo, while he really taped Mertle. Mertle didn't notice, but she extended her foot, hoping to trip Lilo over. Stitch growled softly to himself as he watched this. Without warning, Lilo tripped over Mertle's leg.

"Nala kweesta!" Stitch exclaimed when he saw Lilo fall.

Lilo landed on her stomach and shouted in pain, catching everyone's attention. Even Gantu heard it, and peered in through the window to see what was going on. Moses called for the music to stop as he stepped forward to investigate. He didn't notice as Mertle turned and found herself locking eyes with Gantu, the icy blue eyes boring into her, immediately suspecting what she'd done. The snooty girl turned her head at Stitch, who glared at her. Mertle could see they both knew it was her, especially when Lilo staggered to her feet.

"Lilo okie-taka?" Stitch asked.

"I'm ok," nodded Lilo.

"Good," Stitch said.

"All right, what's going on?" Moses called.

"Weirdlo messed up our dance," Mertle complained.

"Yeeeeaaaaaah!" the other girls agreed.

Gantu and Stitch growled softly. Moses glanced at Lilo and then noticed Stitch holding the camera.

"Naga, Lilo," Stitch shook his head. "look."

Stitch handed Lilo the camera, allowing her to watch the footage he recorded.

"It wasn't me!" she cried, taking it over to Moses, "see?"

Moses took a moment to examine the footage.

"Well?" Lilo said softly.

Moses gave Mertle a stern expression.

"What?" Mertle tried to look innocent.

"How do you explain this?" Moses asked.

"Weirdlo got in my way," Mertle said, sticking her nose up.

Stitch and Moses shook their heads in disbelief, not falling for the lie. Gantu was also fuming inside. The nerve of that girl! Such an act would never be tolerated amongst his people! The dishonor and shame it would bring were too great.

"It wasn't me!" Mertle insisted, "I'm the best dancer here!"

"Does it look like I'm buying it?" demanded Lilo, folding her arms.

"I'm not," Moses said, "that will be all for today. Mertle, come with me please."

Moses escorted Mertle off the stage while Lilo and Stitch started heading for the dressing room, only to be intercepted by Yuki, Elena and Teresa.

"Uh-oh," Stitch gulped.

"I can't believe you weirdos snitched on Mertle," Yuki commented in a harsh tone.

"Well she did do it," Lilo said, "and then she tried to lie about it."

Irritated, Yuki, Elena and Teresa surrounded Lilo and Stitch, sending chills down their spines.

Outside, Gantu was getting nervous. The dishonorable girl had already been taken home. So where was Lilo? And Stitch?

"Stitch," whispered Lilo, "what do we do?"

Stitch shrugged as if to say "I don't know."

Lilo thought for a moment until an idea popped into her head.

"Look!" Lilo shouted, pointing at the backstage, "vampires!"

Yuki, Elena and Teresa gave Lilo a blank stare.

"Yeah right," said Teresa. "Mertle told us you believe in that creepy weird stuff."

Thinking fast, Stitch gargled up some acidic saliva, hoping to threaten to spit it at one of the girls.

"What do you all want anyway?" Lilo demanded.

"To make you pay, of course," answered Elena.

Stitch opened his mouth, revealing the acidic saliva in his mouth and causing Elena, Yuki and Teresa to scream and scurry away in fear. Mistaking the scream for Lilo's, Gantu searched frantically for a way inside.

"Blitznak," growled Gantu, "why am I so oversized? Lilo! LILO!"

Gantu could see Yuki, Elena and Teresa scrambling out of the back door while screaming in terror, much to his confusion.

"What the…Lilo?" paused Gantu.

Gantu leaned his head until he peered through the door just as Stitch was closing his mouth and swallowing his spit.

"Uh, do I even want to know what just happened?" the alien asked.

Lilo grabbed her duffle bag and led Stitch out of the school, only to lay their eyes on Gantu. Stitch rapidly tried to explain the little incident as best he could.

"Next time, don't threaten them with acid, Stitch," scolded Gantu, "the thought was good, but…well, you and I really don't need more trouble with the Federation."

"Ok," mumbled Stitch, his ears drooping.

"I'm not mad, Stitch, you didn't know," replied Gantu, "at least you didn't look like an idiot running around looking for a way in because you mistook three screams for one."

"We could head home for now," offered Lilo.

Nodding in agreement, Gantu lifted Lilo and Stitch onto his shoulder and left the school. Once they arrived at the house, they stepped inside, only to notice Jumba and Pleakley bickering once again, but this time, they were trying to push a spherical container into the other's hands.

"Okay, what are you two arguing over this time?" Gantu asked in his best Nani impression.

Jumba and Pleakley stopped what they were doing and stared at Gantu.

"What?" reminded Gantu, "didn't think I'd figured out you two fight over something every day?"

"Jumba thinks I'm perfectly capable of watching over this container," accused Pleakley, gesturing to the container, "but I'll bet it's full of evil stuff!"

"Did you ever think maybe it's just very valuable to him and you're the only one he feels he can trust with it? I'd take that as a compliment," Gantu mentioned.

"Eh, yes! Is compliment!" the scientist nodded.

"What if it contains something that could end the world?!" protested Pleakley.

"He didn't ask you to open it, he just asked you to hold onto it for him. Put it somewhere safe," Gantu explained, "if you open it, that's on you."

Pleakley switched glances between Gantu and Jumba.

"I never said open it," Jumba added, "in fact, I said don't open it."

Pleakley sighed, allowing Jumba to push the container into his arms.

"Don't tell me there's someone out there who would kill to get his hands on this container," muttered Pleakley.

"You worry too much," replied Gantu.

But even as he said it, Gantu knew he, Lilo, and Stitch were all thinking the same thing. Would the Decepticons want the container or its contents? Pleakley didn't say anything as he carried the container to his shared bedroom, stashing it in a large box.

"Now what?" Gantu asked.

Lilo scrambled into her room and grabbed her notebook and several crayons. The aliens watched her curiously. Once the oh-so-adorable Hawaiian girl returned to the living room, she sat down on the couch and started drawing, much to Stitch's curiosity.

"What Lilo doing?" Stitch asked.

Lilo didn't say anything, but Stitch could see she was drawing herself and Stitch in the notebook.

"Ooh," Stitch watched over her shoulder.

Once Lilo finished drawing herself and Stitch, she started drawing Gantu.

"Hey, I'm not that tall," said Jumba, thinking it was him.

"I only have one eye!" Pleakley thought it was going to be him.

It took Lilo several minutes to finish drawing Gantu, so she showed the picture to Jumba and Pleakley. Even Gantu got a glimpse of it.

"Oh…that is not me," Jumba said.

"It's not me either," Pleakley added, "it's…it's…"

"Me," Gantu finished, "it's me."

"And not us?!" Jumba and Pleakley protested in unison.

"Don't worry," assured Lilo, "you guys are coming up next."

Lilo started drawing Pleakley.

"Aah, haha, is a noodle!" Jumba laughed.

"Oh, shut up!" snapped Pleakley, flailing his arm.

This only made Jumba laugh more, causing Pleakley to glare at him.

"Do I need to separate you two?" Gantu asked.

"No," Pleakley answered, "I'm acting civilized."

"For a wet noodle," muttered Jumba.

"I heard that!" snapped Pleakley.

"Both of you SHUT UP!"

To all of their surprise, it was Nani. This allowed Lilo to continue drawing without any distractions. They all waited anxiously to see her finished product. While Lilo set on to draw Nani after finishing Jumba and Pleakley, Stitch heard his stomach growl so he skittered over to the kitchen.

"Someone was hungry," Gantu observed.

"Stitch?" paused Nani.

"626 is always hungry," Jumba said.

Stitch soon returned to the living room with something in his mouth.

"What did the little monster get into now?" Pleakley demanded.

Gantu carefully lifted Stitch's chin and examined the item he held in his mouth.

"You're supposed to eat the ravioli, Stitch, not the can," Gantu advised.

"That is nasty!" Pleakley exclaimed.

Stitch ignored Gantu's advice and ate the can, taking the contents with it.

"Eww!" all the aliens and Lilo exclaimed.

However, Jumba couldn't help but chuckle.

"Is destructive, like he was designed for," the scientist explained.

Lilo soon finished the picture.

"Well, let's see it," Jumba said.

Smiling, Lilo presented the picture to the rest of her ohana. There was a collective gasp as everyone saw the "My Ohana" title and each person found themselves in the picture.

"Lilo, it's beautiful!" Nani commented, "I love it."

"Is not evil…but wery adorable," Jumba admitted.

"I look like a spaghetti man!" Pleakley complained.

"Oooh," Stitch cooed as he gently touched his image.

Gantu was speechless. She'd included him. And not off to the side either. She'd put him right in with the rest of the group. Of course, Lilo noticed the former captain's expression.

"I thought I'd make something for all of us since out ohana expanded," clarified Lilo.

"Thank you," the Shaelek whispered, though everyone heard it.

This caused Lilo to smile at once before turning her head at Stitch.

"So where do you want to put this?" asked Lilo.

Stitch climbed up the wall and pointed to a place right beside the door where everyone could see it, including visitors.

"Yeah!" chirped Lilo, "that could work!"

"We should take a photo, too," Nani suggested.

"Meega go get camera!" offered Stitch.

"Who's going to take the picture?" Nani asked.

Everyone exchanged confused glances.

"Who's going to be behind the camera?" Nani clarified.

"Maybe we could find camera that works automatically?" suggested Jumba.

"Don't you have one?" Pleakley asked.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Jumba laughed.

"I'll take the photo," Gantu offered.

Lilo scratched her head in confusion, not wanting Gantu to be left out of the picture. Obviously, he had missed the part where he was supposed to be in it. Jumba was happy to point it out to him. The evil genius stepped into his room and started searching for the automatic camera. Once he found it, he returned to the living room.

"Just show me which button to push. I promise, I won't break your camera." Gantu requested.

"What are you talking about? You're in photo too," the scientist clarified, "besides, is an automatic camera."

Lilo smiled in relief as she hugged the former captain's leg. He looked down and saw this, unsure how to respond for a moment. Then he knelt down on one knee and returned the embrace with one large hand. Stitch felt left out, so he approached Lilo and Gantu and then he started licking the gigantic alien's hand.

"Eugh, Stitch, that's nasty!" Nani cried, "especially with some of the things you eat!"

Upon cue, Gantu removed his hand and gave Stitch a stern expression.

"He does it to me all the time," the older girl said, "he forgets we know he's not a dog."

"You're lucky because he bit me one time," Gantu replied.

"And you survived? Wow. Guess you didn't taste good," Nani joked.

"Okay everyone, gather up!" Pleakley called.

"Uh, where?" Stitch asked.

"Would it work if we took the picture in front of the house?" suggested Lilo.

"Okay, everybody outside! You too, big guy!" announced Pleakley.

Pleakley ushered everyone out the door while Jumba set up the camera. Once outside, Gantu lifted Lilo and Stitch into his arms.

"No no no," Jumba instructed, "you three, get in close with the rest of us. Is family photo, not weird school group picture."

Gantu let out a sigh.

"I don't have tall lens," Jumba clarified.

"Then why don't we all stand on the porch in front of him?" Pleakley suggested.

"Perhaps there is some brain attached to giant eye. Okay, do that," Jumba agreed.

Pleakley and Nani gathered at the porch in front of the Shaelek.

"Yes, like that. Lilo, do that…huggy thing on his face again, like you did in the photo 626 took. 626, you do same," advised Jumba.

Gantu placed Lilo and Stitch onto his shoulders, allowing them to hug the sides of his face.

"Ach, yes! Is so cute, even evil genius admits it!" Jumba moved into his place, "smiles everyone!"

And the shutter clicked as they all smiled.

That evening, Gantu was in the middle of taking a shower once the entire ohana finished with dinner. Only the lower half of his door was clouded glass, but the whole thing was covered in steam. Suddenly the whole house started to shake. Luckily, he was just finishing up, so after the former captain quickly dried himself off, he slipped on his uniform pants and emerged from the bathroom to investigate. What he saw made him freeze. It was a huge robot, about the size of Sentinel, lifting a flailing Jumba out of his room, which was now roofless. It had sharp fangs and blood red eyes. As soon as he saw them, Gantu knew what this creature was.

"CON!" he shouted, pulling out Ironhide's pistol and firing at the mech.

He could see the others gathered in Jumba and Pleakley's room now. He kept firing even as the Decepticon growled and started to change.

"He's taking Jumba!" exclaimed Lilo.

"LET HIM GO, TROG!" thundered Gantu.

He ran after the robot-turned-alien-jet, firing at any part he could. But it was no use. The Decepticon leader and Jumba disappeared into the sky. Defeated, the former captain dragged himself back to the house. At the same time, Stitch groaned as he staggered to his feet. Apparently, he tried to fight the intruder before he was flung to the floor.

"I'm sorry…he's gone," Gantu said softly.

Lilo scurried closer to Gantu.

"We just have to tell Optimus what happened," whispered Lilo.

Confused, Nani stomped toward Gantu.

"WHAT WAS THAT THING?!" she shrieked.

"That, I think, was a creature called a Decepticon, and if what I've heard is right, we're all lucky to be alive right now," the former captain explained, "its target was Jumba. It wanted him for something. Not to kill him."

Gantu saw Nani's concerned expression.

"It could have done that here," continued Gantu, "it wants him alive for something."

"And have you met these things before?" demanded Nani.

"No. We have met their opposites, Autobots," answered Gantu.

"You should've told us about them earlier!" scolded Pleakley.

"You could've panicked if we did," clarified Lilo.

"What?" they both stared at her.

"We can't tell anyone else about the Autobots and Decepticons or they'll panic," added Lilo.

"They asked us not to tell anyone," Gantu replied, "they were hoping the Decepticons wouldn't find out they were here."

Nani and Pleakley gave Gantu a blank stare for a moment.

"They crashed," he continued, "and they have something they think the Decepticons want."

"But if the Cons get their hands on it," added Lilo, "they could use it to take over the galaxy."

"Then we're all doomed!" Pleakley cried, rapidly flailing his arms.

"No, we're not," Gantu assured Pleakley, "the Autobots have been fighting them for a long time. They know how to keep it safe. And they probably can help us find and recover Jumba."

Gantu reached into his belt pouch in search of his communicator. He found it and called both the Autobots and the Grand Councilwoman.

"This is Gantu," he said, "reporting a Decepticon encounter here at the house. It took Jumba with it."

"A Decepticon? Are you sure?" Optimus asked over the com-link.

"Yes," Gantu nodded.

"It was big and ugly and had red eyes!" Lilo added.

"Optimus? You are not the Autobot I spoke to last. Is Sentinel not the leader?" the Councilwoman asked over the com-link.

"He's the predecessor to Optimus," Gantu explained, "and Optimus's father."

"I suspect Megatron was behind this," Optimus replied over the com-link.

"The Decepticon leader?" Gantu asked.

"What would he want with Jumba?" Lilo cried.

Everyone exchanged glances in a moment of silence.

"Perhaps someone told Megatron about Jumba's experiments," the Grand Councilwoman assumed over the com-link.

"Not likely," said Optimus, "my brother has come to despise organic life. Though he is not above using organic life forms to achieve his ends. Nor is he above working with them temporarily if he stands to gain something from it."

"Finding out why Megatron wants Jumba is one thing," replied Lilo, "figuring out how to save Jumba is another."

"I have already sent Sentinel to try and track Megatron. If he can't find your friend, no one can," Optimus assured.

Lilo gave Optimus a blank stare, although she had to look up to see the screen of the former captain's communicator.

"He's saying Megatron might be taking Jumba for someone else, not himself," Gantu clarified.

"Thank you for your report, Gantu," was all the Grand Councilwoman could say.

"I'll keep you updated, ma'am," the former captain replied.

In a matter of seconds, the transmission ended. Gantu stashed his communicator back into his belt pouch.

"Well, I guess we wait for word from Sentinel now," Gantu sighed.

Meanwhile, Megatron arrived at the hangar with Jumba in his cockpit. The evil genius had his thoughts filled with fear and confusion. Why did this robot even want him? Who even created this robot? Jumba suspected that someone with knowledge more advanced than him could've pulled this off. He was certain with one thing…

"Is so advanced," Jumba muttered, examining the inside of the cockpit.

Ahead, Hamsterviel waited with a pleased expression as Megatron transformed into his bipedal form, holding Jumba in his hand.

"Jacques? You're behind this?" the scientist was surprised.

"Welcome, Jumba," Hamsterviel grinned, "long time, no see."

"I would have liked it to be longer," Jumba crossed his arms and glared, "what do you want?"

"Why haven't you delivered the experiments?!" Hamsterviel interrogated loudly while stomping on the floor with his feet.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Jumba stated.

"Don't lie to him!" snarled Megatron.

"Even if I knew what he meant, he obviously doesn't need me if he can make you!" Jumba snapped.

"If I made him, he wouldn't be stupid," Hamsterviel snarled.

"Then where did you get this thing?" Jumba questioned.

Megatron brought Jumba to his face and jabbed a claw-like finger at his belly.

"You will address me as Megatron," roared Megatron, "the leader of the mighty Decepticons!"

"The what?!" Jumba exclaimed with a blank stare.

Hamsterviel let out a loud cackle.

"What is he talking about, Jacques?" demanded Jumba.

"Oh Jumba, you are so stupid," taunted Hamsterviel, "you don't know anything about the glorious Decepticons?!"

"Eh, no," Jumba answered.

"You will soon," Megatron sneered.

Megatron set Jumba to the floor just as more strange vehicles entered the hangar.

"Are these more of those…whatever the robot called himself?" the scientist questioned.

As if to answer Jumba's question, the vehicles transformed, revealing Starscream, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Skywarp and Thundercracker.

"Guess that's a yes."

Starscream circled around Jumba with a curious expression in his optics.

"So…this is the scientist that created these creatures?" said Starscream.

"Yes, you stupid nacho chicken!" Hamsterviel exclaimed.

Megatron didn't bother to stick up for Starsrceam.

"I created a genetic experiment," Jumba corrected.

"Ah, so you do admit it," Megatron grinned.

"You saw 626. Tried to bite you and you called him 'insect' Is where teeth marks on your finger are from!" Jumba pointed, causing everyone else to look.

Megatron growled while Starscream snickered at the sight of the Deception leader's bite marks.

"Shut up!" Megatron roared.

"Ehh," interrupted Jumba, "I only made one experiment, so I can't help you out in making more."

"I funded more than one!" Hamsterviel scoffed.

Angry, Megatron grabbed Jumba and lifted him to his face.

"So you lied to me!" scolded Megatron.

"No. I only have one," disagreed Jumba, "others were unsuccessful."

"We will see," growled Megatron, "where are the other experiments?"

"I don't have them," Jumba admitted.

Irritated, Megatron dropped Jumba to the floor. The scientist grunted in pain before pushing himself to his feet.

"So what do you need me for?" the scientist asked irritably.

Megatron switched glances between Jumba and Hamsterviel.

"We can at least get a ransom out of them," Hamsterviel thought, "now, what to demand as payment."

Hamsterviel paced around the hangar while trying to think of a good ransom. Megatron stood and folded his arms impatiently, waiting for an answer.

"I got it! The other six-hundred twenty-five!" Hamsterviel exclaimed.

Jumba let out an amused chuckle.

"You can search all over the galaxy," taunted Jumba, "but you'll never find my experiments."

"We shall see," Hamsterviel snarled.

The following morning has been quiet at the Pelekai house. Gantu hadn't slept since Jumba was taken, convinced it was somehow his fault. As a result, he didn't feel like getting up, so he just lay in bed. He didn't even notice Lilo and Stitch slipping into his room with concerned expressions on their faces. He just stared up at the ceiling. Even Nani and Pleakley noticed. Lilo leaned closer to Stitch's ear.

"Stitch," Lilo whispered, "do you have ideas on how to cheer him up?"

Stitch shrugged.

"Meega don't know what wrong," admitted Stitch.

Sighing, Lilo crept up to the former captain's bed, making sure her footsteps were as quiet as possible. If he noticed, he didn't show it. Lilo made a glance at Stitch, compelling him to skitter up to the bed. Still, Gantu didn't seem to notice them. Now Nani was starting to get concerned, too. Had she been too hard on him last night? Just because he failed to save Jumba didn't mean he hadn't tried. She'd watched him run after the Decepticon, trying to shoot it down. It had just been too fast for him. This did not deter the Hawaiian girl and the blue experiment as they climbed onto the bed and crawled over until they were sitting next to his head.

"What?" he said flatly, with no emotion at all.

"Dad," Lilo whispered, "are you ok?"

"I failed. Again," he answered, "I said I'd protect us and I failed to do so."

Lilo gently placed her hand on the former captain's tusk.

"I don't blame you," assured Lilo, "we were all caught off-guard."

"But it wasn't your job to do," objected Gantu, "it was mine. I told your sister-nay, promised her-that I'd protect us. And I didn't."

Lilo embraced herself to Gantu's face, catching him off-guard.

"Lilo, I…Are you trying to tell me something?" Gantu stammered.

Upon cue, Stitch crawled to the other side of Gantu's head and hugged his face.

"We'll get him back," Lilo assured Gantu.

"How can you be sure?" Gantu asked.

Nani smiled, watching her little sister at work. She could see Lilo had already won the Shaelek over.

"We'll just need to find him," suggested Lilo, "there has to be a reason why Megatron wanted Jumba."

Suddenly, Gantu remembered something.

"That thing he gave Pleakley! It must have something to do with that!" Gantu exclaimed.

The former captain sat up, prompting Lilo and Stitch to cling onto him as they now sat on his shoulders.

"Pleakley!" Gantu called, "where is the thing Jumba gave you?"

"I…uh…hid it," stammered Pleakley.

"Get it," Gantu instructed, "it may give us a clue to saving Jumba."

"But Jumba said not to open it!" reminded Pleakley, "remember?"

"Yes, I do," nodded Gantu, "but if it could help him, we don't have a choice."

Sighing, Pleakley reluctantly skittered into his room. After a long while, he returned with the container in his hands.

"I know I said not to open it," Gantu said, "but considering the circumstances, we have no choice. If we know what this is, we may be able to figure out who would be trying to get their hands on it. And who would be dumb enough to make a deal with the Decepticons."

"I-I hope this doesn't turn into a disaster," Pleakley stammered.

Pleakley nervously set down the container.

"Does anyone know how to open it?" Nani asked.

"Not even I know," admitted Pleakley.

Stitch looked at the container and then pressed a button. Seconds later, the sphere turned into a hologram while it displayed a strange creature.

"What is that?" Pleakley asked.

"No idea," Gantu answered.

"COUSIN!" Stitch cried.

"Cousin?" paused Lilo.

Lilo carefully examined the strange creature in the hologram.

"Oh, this must be another experiment!" warbled Lilo.

"The other 625!" Gantu exclaimed, "but who would be after them?"

Lilo glanced at Gantu.

"Do you know anyone Jumba used to work with?" Lilo asked.

"Er, no," Gantu admitted.

"I'll do some more snooping and see if his computer has anything useful to us," Pleakley said reluctantly.

Pleakley skittered into his and Jumba's shared room.

"So which experiment should we test first?" asked Lilo.

"What about 625?" Gantu suggested, "it's probably the one that's most like Stitch."

"Ok," nodded Lilo.

Lilo pressed on the button and the container ejected the experiment pod.

"How do we activate it?" Nani asked.

Before anyone could respond, Pleakley emerged from the room with the computer in his hands.

"How do we activate it?" Gantu repeated.

Pleakley opened the flap of the computer and typed down a search query.

"According to this journal," replied Pleakley, "you expose the pods to water."

"Got it," Gantu nodded.

Once Lilo handed the pod to the former captain, Gantu pulled out some dead flowers from a vase and dropped the pod into the vase. The water instantly activated the experiment, which flopped onto the floor.

"Aloha, cousin!" chirped Stitch, waving his hand.

The yellow experiment staggered to his feet and gazed at Stitch.

"He even looks like Stitch," Gantu observed.

"Say what?" replied 625, staring at Gantu.

"You look a lot like 626," the Shaelek pointed to Stitch.

"Pfft!" scoffed 625, "yeah, right!"

625 stalked over to the kitchen.

"Sorry, I didn't know you'd take offense," Gantu muttered.

"HEY! GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE!" Nani screamed at the experiment.

Nani sprinted into the kitchen while 625 was ransacking the refrigerator.

"Blitznak," Gantu swore.

"Stop saying that! Something always goes wrong when you say that!" Pleakley cried.

Nani yanked 625 away from the fridge, eliciting a cry of protest from the experiment.

"Hey!" he complained, "I was getting ingredients for sandwiches!"

"How do you even know how to make a sandwich?" Pleakley asked.

625 didn't respond as he struggled to free himself from Nani's grip.

"Stitch, a little help here?" she asked.

Upon cue, Stitch scampered into the kitchen and approached 625.

"Guard the fridge!" Nani cried.

Nodding in agreement, Stitch scampered up to the refrigerator and extended his arms in a protective stance.

"Thank you," Nani gasped, having to let go of 625.

"Oh, come on!" protested 625, "I get cranky if I don't eat at least one sandwich!"

Gantu gave Lilo a confused glance as she sighed.

"Ok, you can take Pudge's," said Lilo.

Lilo stepped into the kitchen and pulled out the sandwich she preserved for Pudge before handing it to 625.

"Wow, thanks!" chirped 625.

"I can always make Pudge another one," Lilo said.

625 didn't respond as he wolfed down the sandwich.

"Now what?" Pleakley asked.

"Show cousins to Autobots?" suggested Stitch.

"Good idea," agreed Gantu, "maybe they cam help us figure out what that Con was up to."

Upon cue, Stitch lifted the experiment pod container into his arms.

"Let's all go," Gantu suggested, "since we all saw the Con."

"We haven't even eaten yet!" reminded Pleakley.

"Get it to go," Nani suggested.

"Good idea," agreed Lilo.

"Oh, fine," Pleakley complained.

Gantu led Lilo, Nani, Pleakley, 625 and Stitch out of the house. They wandered away from it and through the thick woods.

"It's not far from here," Gantu mentioned.

After a long while, they reached the Autobots' cave. There, Bumblebee was patrolling the entrance.

"We have some new Intel on our Con visit," Gantu reported.

"Oh? What is it?" chirped Bumblebee.

"The Con may be working for someone who is after Jumba's experiments," clarified Gantu.

Stitch held out the experiment pod container in front of Bumblebee, allowing the yellow Autobot to examine it.

"This is what we think they're after," Nani added.

Upon glancing at Nani, Bumblebee yelped and jumped back, startled.

"Whoa!" Bumblebee exclaimed, "who's she?!"

"That's my sister, Nani," Lilo clarified.

Bumblebee focused his optics on Pleakley, who fidgeted nervously.

"That's Pleakley," Gantu informed.

"Oh," commented Bumblebee, "she looks pretty strange to me."

"She's actually a he," Gantu corrected.

Several Autobots shot Pleakley questioning looks.

"Oh?" objected Sideswipe, "then why is he wearing women's clothing?"

"I've asked myself the same thing," Gantu replied, "and I don't know if I actually want an answer."

"And show him some respect, Sideswipe!" scolded Sentinel.

"Please," Gantu scoffed, "he and Jumba do worse to each other."

Pleakley folded his arms and pouted.

"Well you do," Gantu insisted.

"He's right," Nani added, "you do."

"Can we get back to the subject now?" demanded Pleakley.

"The Con who took Jumba," reminded Gantu, "fit your description perfectly. Red eyes, looked like it could eat me for dinner, and uglier than Hamsterviel."

Sentinel let out an enthusiastic hum.

"You know which one it was?" Gantu asked.

"Megafreak," Jazz answered, "the Con leader himself."

"I'd like to know how that container works," requested Sentinel.

"I'm not sure we even know," Nani admitted.

Stitch jumped up and down in excitement.

"Ih! Ih! Meega show you!" clamored Stitch.

"All right," sighed Sentinel, "let's see."

Upon cue, Stitch pressed on the container's button, causing the sphere to turn into a hologram.

"Fascinating," Sentinel observed.

Stitch pressed on the button which caused the hologram to switch between displays of different experiments.

"Hmm," Sentinel said thoughtfully, "primitive-by Cybertronian standards, I mean-yet impressive."

Stitch continued to browse through the experiment display, which was starting to bore 625.

"Anybody got a sandwich?" 625 asked loudly.

Again, the Autobots gave each other confused looks, except Sentinel, who merely said "Type of Earth food" without even looking up from the container. Stitch soon stopped at 221's display.

"Is this one important?" Sentinel asked.

"I believe Jumba has more knowledge of the experiments than I do," Gantu admitted.

"Why would Stitch stop at this one, I wonder," Sentinel stroked his beard, thinking.

Stitch pressed another button, and the container ejected an experiment pod. Sentinel carefully picked it up.

"This is—"

Sentinel was cut off when the twins ran into him and the large tank of water they'd been carrying splashed all over Sentinel…and the experiment pod he'd been holding.

"All right," Sentinel snarled loudly, "get over here, you slaggers!"

But the twins were too busy staring at the light where the pod had been.

"Oohhhh," crooned Sunstreaker.

"What in Primus' name is that?!" Sentinel exclaimed.

The elder Prime was the closest electrical thing to the experiment, unfortunately. Without warning, 221 burrowed itself into Sentinel. There was a deafening, inhuman, horrid sound that they realized was Sentinel howling in pain from the power surge of more current than his body was meant to handle. Of course, this drew Optimus' attention.

"Nasutn'on!" panicked Optimus.

"Autobots, stay back!" warned Ironhide.

Sentinel writhed and seized and finally crumpled to the ground as the experiment left him.

"Oh, no, no, no!" panicked Pleakley, "this is a total disaster!"

"Calm down, Pleakley!" Gantu snapped, "you're not helping anything."

Pleakley was, unfortunately, too frightened to even listen as he skittered around the area. Ratchet took only a few seconds to examine Sentinel.

"Cut it out, spider thing!" Ratchet growled, examining Sentinel, "he's not hurt, just knocked unconscious."

"Maybe we should find Stitch's cousin before he causes more trouble," mentioned Lilo, scratching her head.

"You have a point," Gantu agreed.

At the same time, Pleakley tripped over a rock and fell flat on his face. Nani groaned in frustration. Still, someone had to decide who should go after 221.

"Cousin!" Stitch cried running after him.

Before anyone could stop her, Lilo ran after Stitch.

"Oh blitznak," Gantu muttered as he went after them.

Since Nani, Pleakley and the Autobots were left behind, they gave each other confused glances. All Optimus could do was watch Ratchet as he treated Sentinel.

"You know," mentioned Ironhide, "there could be Cons roaming on this island."

"You mean there's more than one of those things?" Nani exclaimed.

"Yes," Optimus nodded.

"Oh no," Nani gasped, "Lilo!"

Upon cue, Arcee, Elita One and Chromia took a few steps forward.

"Find them," Optimus instructed, "but make sure none of them, not even the electric creature, is harmed."

"You got it, Optimus," nodded Arcee.

"And keep an optic out for Cons!" Ironhide called after them.

Chroma nodded as she placed her hand on Ironside's shoulder.

"Since when have I not kept an optic out for Decepticons?" she remarked.

Ironhide smiled.

"Kick some aft for me," he said.

"Right," agreed Chromia.

Arcee, Chromia and Elita One left the cavern entrance and began racing across the island.

Meanwhile, Gantu raced through the trees trying not to lose sight of Lilo ahead of him. At the same time, she tried to keep up with Stitch's footsteps.

"Split up!" Gantu called, "cut him off on both sides!"

Lilo paused in her tracks and glanced at Gantu as she took a few moments to catch her breath.

"You got it," nodded Lilo.

Stitch continued in his straight line, while Lilo veered to the right and Gantu headed off to the left. It was times like this that Gantu wished he were an avian or at least half-avian species. Still, this was the only option he could think of to catch the experiment. He just hoped the others could help when he saw a flash off to his right. Like lightning, Gantu shot off after the flash. It seemed that luck was on his side for once. Like a panther, he leapt out on top of his query, the experiment not seeing him soon enough to react. He quickly trapped it in an insulated net, so it couldn't electrocute him.

"I got it!" he called to Lilo and Stitch.

After a couple minutes, Lilo and Stitch scurried into the scene.

"Finally, I do something right," Gantu muttered, holding the snared experiment in his hand.

Once Lilo and Stitch were close enough to Gantu, they carefully peered into the net and examined the experiment as it tried thrashing around in a failed attempt to free itself.

"Calm down!" the Shaelek told the experiment, as though it would help, "we are not going to hurt you."

221 eventually stopped struggling and carefully examined his captors.

"Thank you," Gantu muttered, "Stitch, see of you can talk to him…her…it."

"Okie-taka," Stitch nodded.

Gantu stood back to give him room, large blue eyes darting around them, watching for anything unfriendly. Stitch tilted his head to the side, causing 221 to imitate his movements. Gantu edged towards a soft rustling in the trees. Was there someone spying on them?

"Show yourself," the Shaelek growled, his hand going to his weapon.

Lilo kept her eyes locked onto the former captain as Stitch continued to keep his eyes on 221. He slowly reached out toward the sound, cringing at the thought that something might be wrong. Just as he reached the trees, there was a loud roar and a screech as a robotic cat and bird exploded from the trees, followed by a small humanoid robot. Startled, the former captain fired at the drones. Laserbeak scratched at the Shaelek's face with his talons, beating at him with his wings, while Gantu tried to swat him off. Lilo and Stitch could only watch in horror at the moment.

"What are we going to do?" Lilo panicked.

Stitch growled and leapt at Ravage, the two rolling over each other as they fought. Gantu seized this chance and yanked Laserbeak off him.

"Decepticon trog!" Gantu snarled, pinning one of Laserbeak's wings under his foot.

The Shaelek aimed his gun at the bird drone as it squirmed under his foot. Seeing this, Frenzy attacked, throwing his spinning blade weapons. But these were weapons meant for combat with smaller drones like himself, and so they barely left a mark on Gantu, who was at least ten times Frenzy's size. Gantu smirked and fired, an energon pulse stunning the bird Con. He quickly pulled out his communicator to alert the others.

"Gantu calling Autobots," he reported, "I have three Cons at my location, one unconscious, two still attacking. We have the loose experiment as well."

"Arcee, Elita and Chromia are on their way," Optimus assured over the com-link.

"Good. Gantu out."

He put away the communicator and started scanning the trees for the three Autobots, but he didn't pay attention to Ravage until he felt the cat's sharp claws digging into his back as Ravage bit at his neck. Grunting in pain, the former captain struggled to reach around his back to yank off the panther-like Deception drone. A sudden energon blast relieved him of his feline burden.

"This is why I'm not a cat person," Arcee remarked.

While using one hand to caress his bite mark, Gantu turned his head at Arcee.

"Sorry about that. Nothing Ratchet won't know how to fix," the femme sighed.

"Nice job with the tinfoil turkey, though," Chromia remarked, gesturing to the unconscious Laserbeak.

"And Frenzy's out as well," added Elita.

Sure enough, Stitch had managed to tie the cassette's spindly limbs and body into a big knot. Gantu smiled when he heard Lilo laughing at Frenzy's unfortunate situation.

"Metal trog," he growled.

Stitch danced around in front of Frenzy, making faces at him. Still, Gantu ambled over to check on 221. The experiment was staring, confused, at what he'd just witnessed. The former captain carefully lifted the net.

"Are you injured?" Gantu looked at the yellow experiment, concerned.

After a short moment of silence, 221 shook his head.

"That's a relief. Can I trust you not to attack us or run away again?" Gantu requested.

221 didn't say anything, but he could only give the Shaelek a blank stare.

"Stay with 626," the giant offered.

Gantu placed the net next to Stitch, where 221 imitated his body language.

"Ask if he's going to run away or attack us, Stitch," Arcee instructed.

Stitch babbled to 221 in his language while Lilo, Gantu and the Autobot femmes stared in anticipation. Frenzy continued grumbling in rapid Decepticon speech, yet the Shaelek, the Hawaiian girl, the experiments or even the Autobot femmes didn't pay attention to him. Arcee heard her com-link go off so she answered it.

"Optimus calling Arcee," the femme's com-link sounded, "did you find and neutralize the Decepticons?"

"We took care of Soundwave's lackeys," nodded Arcee.

"Good. Is everyone alright?" Optimus asked over the com-link.

Arcee double-checked Gantu's bite wound.

"Apart from Ravage biting the giant shark," answered Arcee, "we're fine."

"Shaelek," Gantu corrected, "I am not a Terran marine animal!"

Arcee gave Gantu a blank stare.

"Sorry, sir," she blurted.

"Gantu," he grunted, "it's Gantu."

Still, Arcee returned her focus to her com-link.

"Report back to base. Bring the Decepticons, but disable their tracking devices and navigation systems," Optimus ordered over the com-link.

"You got it, Optimus," Arcee nodded.

Once Arcee ended the transmission, she knelt down and searched Frenzy for his tracking device and navigation system. The drone could only yell and screech in protest as she removed them. Likewise, Elita and Chromia inspected Ravage and Laserbeak. The Cons, except for Laserbeak, protested the whole time. Since the Autobot femmes were persistent, they succeeded in removing the tracking devices and navigation systems.

"Now what?" Gantu asked.

"Back to base," said Chromia.

"Cover their optics!" warned Elita, "can't be too safe."

"Okie-taka!" Stitch nodded.

The blue experiment tilted his head in search for something that could be used as blindfolds. He used one of Frenzy's limbs on him, and Laserbeak's wings on Ravage and Laserbeak. When he was done, Stitch gave Lilo, Gantu and the Autobot femmes a thumbs up.

"Oooooookaaaay, then," said Chromia, "back to base."