Chapter 1: Through the Portal

"Stanley! Stanley, help me!"

A man with a brown trench coat holding a maroon colored book was levitating in the air, going towards a large upside down triangular machine, the center glowing a bright blue. Electricity crackled and sparks flew. The man's brown hair was wildly blowing from the wind around him, his brown eyes wide with fear and panic behind his glasses.

"Oh, no, what do I do!?" screamed a second man, known as Stanley down below, him with his hands to his head. A knitted cap sat on his brown haired mullet, his own brown eyes wide with fear and panic.

"Stanley! Stanley! Do something! STANLEY!" the man that was levitating threw the book through the air, it showing an emblem of a golden six-fingered hand with the number one written in black on it as it spun in the air. The book lands in Stanley hands. The man in the trench coat goes through the portal, a sudden bright white light fills the room.

The room shakes violently as the electricity cracks around the room. Stanley now holding the book puts his hands up with the book to shield himself from the light as much as possible as he was thrown backwards from some gravitational force. He grunts as he lands on his side on the hard ground, the machine starting to die down from its activation.

As the light subsides, Stanley hisses in pain, putting a free hand to right shoulder place. A fresh burn mark or a strange symbol stings and pulsates with a throbbing pain. "Stanford?" he calls out as he slowly gets up. A pair of glasses was on the floor in front of the portal. Stanley's eyes widened as he runs up to the portal. "Stanford, come back! I-I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" he begins pounding the side of the machine, desperate to get Stanford back.

The portal hums off, it finally done with what it was designed to do.

Stanley runs to the lever that started the whole ordeal, him moving it back and forth to try to turn on the portal. The machine stayed silent, not even a spark flew. "I just got him back! I can't lose him again!" He tries to move the lever again, but the machine still did nothing. "Ah, come on! STANFORD!" his voice echoes inside the portal, his distressed voice bouncing back at him.

Stanford flew backwards and his back slams into some snowy ground. He gasps in pain as he blinks open his eyes, his vision blurry.

He realizes he no longer had his glasses, so his hand reaches into his inside coat pocket. He pulls out his spare pair of glasses, the left lens a tiny crack in the corner. Stanford frowns as he puts them on, his vision restoring. Slowly he stands up, putting a six-fingered hand to his head, looking around his new surroundings.

The ground beneath him glisten white from snow, the temperature was icy against his skin, so he pulls his trench coat closer around him. The sky above him was a mix of various colors, many shades of blues and purples with specks of pink and green; it was like an eternal sunset above him.

"Stanley…?" Stanford calls out, him shuffling through the deep snow. Snow falls from the multi-colored sky, slowly getting heavier and heavier. "Anyone…?" he shivers from the cold. He moves through the snow and eventually finding a small cave and he burrows himself in his trench coat to try to keep warm.

How did things end up like this…?

I fought with Stanley…

The recent events buzz through his head. How Stanley came to Gravity Falls, Oregon because Stanford asked him too. The two fought on what had happened ten years ago, from when Stanley destroyed his chance at an amazing future at a good school. It was the first time Stanford actually had gotten into such an intense physical fight with his brother, his twin brother.

When Stanley had went to burn the journal, something in Stanford had snapped and they quarreled. He had pushed Stanley into the side of his desk and burned his twin, the emblem searing his clothes and a deep red burn branded into his skin. Then when Stanley pushed him back, that was when Stanford got caught in the pull of the portal.

"Stanley…" he whispers as puts his face underneath the collar of the coat, trying to keep his face warm. He would never forget the look on his brother's face, him terrified at what was going on. "I'm sorry… but don't try to open it again… it's too dangerous…"

The portal never should have been built in the first place. A few years after Stanford had begun studying the strange anomalies that were occurring he had met a strange demon that called himself Bill Cipher. Bill tricked Stanford, using his intelligence to build a portal to a different dimension.

Bill's dimension.

"I'm such an idiot…!" Stanford screamed, raising a freezing six-fingered hand. "I was used… and now I'm trapped here in a different dimension!" He moves his numbing fingers into a fist. "If I can stop Bill here… in this dimension… my dimension would be safe…"

As the snow fell and the wind began to howl loudly, Stanford tried to find some sort of kindling to put together for a small fire. There was barely any, only making a tiny anthill size in front of him. He searches his pockets for any matches or a lighter, and his fingers curled around a tiny metal object. He takes it out, seeing the small, silver lighter, the one that Stanley was about to use to burn his journal.

How did that get in my pocket?

He tried to recall the fight. Did he grab it and just out of habit put it his pocket? Whatever the reason was, he was grateful that he had the thing. He finds a tiny bit of scrap paper that was also in his pockets and sets it aflame. Carefully, so he didn't burn himself or extinguish the pathetic flame, he sets it in the small amount of kindling.

Soon a small fire glowed in front of him, his shadow dancing on the walls. He puts his freezing hands to the fire, trying to warm himself.

He looks outside to the falling snow, thinking on how he was going to survive Beyond the Portal.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello everyone, I'm back again with a new story! This won't be updated as much as the last one though... I'm writing short stories too for "Cipher's Reign" as well, so every day is going to have at least one or the other posted.

This was actually the first story I thought of while thinking about a "Gravity Falls" fanfiction, but I decided with "Cipher's Reign" first as it was a lot easier to come up with a main plot than this one, so "Beyond the Portal" is going to be a bit of a challenge!

Enjoy! And thanks for reading as always!

~Skye Hendersen~