My love is a mirror
Reflecting admiration
Taking sheer affection
And returning adoration

Piercing, icy, beautiful
I gaze at bright blue eyes
Undying faith in me shows through
A heart stronger than mine

Your love is a blanket
An embrace that kept me warm
Guarding me through darkest night
A shield from every storm

Free-spirited, kind, and passionate
Only you have seen my tears
And silently restored my hope
And chased away my fears

My love is a star-filled sky
Boundless and eternal
Each distant light a memory
Each emotion an inferno

Trusting, loyal, yet unsure
You say you don't deserve me
My heart cries out to tell you
It is I who's undeserving

Your love is a heartbeat
A life-sustaining breath
The only reason I'm alive today
To love you until death

Abandoned, scarred, betrayed
I'd give my life to heal your soul
Yet you stand confident and brave
Unbroken though not whole

My love is a tender touch
A warm and caring kiss
Your love is a whisper
In a voice I can't resist

This bond, not why, is all that matters
To this human and this turian
But never forget this one pure truth:
I love you, Garrus Vakarian