Mabel's Audition

SUMMARY: Mabel wants to audition for the school musical for the main lead, but others want it too and would do anything to get it. She also learns to never judge a book by its cover.

Main Characters: Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Pacifica Northwest, George Grand, Holly Wanderer

The new school year was starting amazingly, her heart fluttering when she was seeing how happy people were getting happier as time went on after the events of Weirdmageddon.

She and Dipper were walking to homeroom together when she saw a small poster taped on the wall. It was a nicely drawn picture of Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz" with her small black dog, Toto, with the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow next to her. The poster stated that Gravity Falls High School was going to put on a musical play about the popular movie.

"Oh, my God, Dipper!" Mabel shrieks happily as she grabbed his arm and started bouncing up and down. "A musical!"

Dipper groans, musicals were not his thing. "So?" he questions her.

"I want to play Dorothy!" she then states, giving a huge smile. "When are the auditions!?" she frantically searches the poster for any mention of auditions. "AH!" she shrieks loudly, causing her twin to jump. "THEY START TOMORROW!"

Dipper sighs, putting fingers to the corners of his eyes. He knew what was coming…

"You should audition too, Dipper!" Mabel tells him.

"No." he firmly replies to her as he starts to walk away, but she grabs his arms and turns him around to face her.

"PLEASE!" she begs, her large brown eyes pleading.

With a sigh he nods his head, his sister giggling with giddy. She then takes down one of the fliers to the side that said the times of the auditions. Suddenly, the paper was snatched from her hand, a young light brunette girl was now holding the paper.

"Hey!" Mabel cried out. "You could've just asked for me to hand you one!"

"Whatever," the girl replies sourly, blowing a bubble with bright pink gum. "Even if you audition you wouldn't get the part."

"Wow… first you rip the paper from my sister's hand, and now you're acting like a bitch?" Dipper says to her, his voice filled with a semantic tone. "How original…"

The girl coldly looks at him with frost blue colored eyes. "I don't care if you two are part of that stupid wheel thing," she then says, her voice just as icy. "You shouldn't expect special treatment from it."

Dipper narrows his eyes angrily. "We do not expect special treatment." He sternly says. "Right, Mabel?" he turns to his sister. She nods as she glares at the girl, her arms crossed.

"May I ask who you are?" Dipper asks the girl. "Obviously you know who we are." He then glares at the girl, his chocolate brown eyes hard with irritation and anger.

"Holly Wanderer," the girl replies, her frost blue eyes glistened. "I'm the daughter of Krystal and Kenneth Wanderer."

Mabel tilts her head to the side. "As in… the actors…?" she questions.

"Of course!" Holly shouts, causing the twins to jump at her sudden loudness. "Which means, naturally, I am an actor. Which means, I will be playing the lead of Dorothy." She tilts her nose up.

"Look, just because you're the kid of famous people, doesn't give you the right to act like a bitch." Dipper lowly says, gripping the backpack straps on his shoulders. "Besides, there aren't movies being made anymore as of right now because of what the hell had happened the past two years… and why a person like you is in Gravity Falls, Oregon, is beyond me."

Holly glares at Dipper, her icy blue gaze almost like a fire. In a way it almost reminded Dipper of something… and it made him uneasy. Nervously, he glances away, but not for the reason that Holly probably thinks it was.

"We are only here until the end of the school year until they bring up movie production again." Holly states, her head held up high and proud. "Also, my parents wanted to be here because they were curious about the people of the wheel," she then glances at both Dipper and Mabel. "Well, it looks like they would be extremely disappointed."

Mabel finally had enough. "Let's just settle this at the audition!" she then shouts, hands in fists at her sides, her face slowly turning red.

Holly laughs, "I hope you get the Wicked Witch so I can melt you!"

"Same to you!" Mabel shouts as Holly walks away. She growls to herself, irritated.

"Wow… you're worked up… Haven't seen you like this since Pacifica's and your mini-golf war…" Dipper tells her, him gently shaking his head.

"She is going down!" Mabel shouts. "I'm gonna get the lead!"

"Do… you know any of the songs?" Dipper asks her, actually curious. They haven't seen the movie at least since they were very young.

"Of course I do!" she says exasperated. They then began to walk to their homeroom as the warning bell rang loudly.

The twins get into the classroom, Dipper setting in a seat between Pacifica and Mabel, while George takes a seat next to Mabel. Pacifica already had all her stuff out for the day, her eyeing Dipper curiously.

"What a surprise, you're not early like you usually are." The blonde girl tells him as he gets out a notebook and a pen.

"I got sidetracked," he explains, gesturing the pen at his sister. "She found a poster for auditions for the musical of the 'Wizard of Oz'." He then began absently began to chew on his pen as the final bell rang and he looked on the board for the bell-ringer activity.

"A musical?" she questions excitedly. "Oh, I should audition too! I can be Dorothy!"

Dipper groans, "Oh good God…" him face palming himself, knowing that it wasn't going to end well. He finished his bell-ringer and tears out the page handing it in, and it was Ford that collected it.

Ford decided to stay at the school to help kids who were still behind academically, him even going to the Middle School to help out as well. Stanford Pines was their homeroom teacher along with being their science teacher, which he insisted on being. Despite not having an official teaching degree, the man has twelve PhDs, so he might as well teach.

"What are you two talking about?" Ford asks curiously, just catching the end on the conversation. A gray eyebrow was arched curiously as he collected Pacifica's bell-ringer as well.

"Three of the craziest women are about to compete to be Dorothy for the musical play…" Dipper replies, his voice full of regret that he agreed to audition as well. He really did not want to be there when Mabel, Pacifica, and Holly argue.

Ford's brown eyes widens as he makes a grimace. "Well… good luck with that, Dipper." He tells the young man, whose brown eyes were wide with panic, as he goes and collects the other papers, smiling at Mabel's. "Love the drawing, as usual, Mabel." What was drawn at the bottom of the page a unicorn being punched in the face by Mabel herself. She really did not like unicorns.

"Thanks, Grunkle Ford!" she replies, a huge smile on her face.

Homeroom comes and goes quickly, and for the rest of the day as Dipper and the others went through classes he kept having an uneasy feeling about the auditions. Pacifica and Mabel were talking about, but neither of them said what they were auditioning for. He couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

At lunch time they group of four went and sat at the same table as Wendy and Robbie, Tambry, Lee, Nate, and Thompson with them. Mabel and Pacifica gushed about the upcoming auditions for the musical, them talking about how they were going to get the part they wanted.

"So, what are you two auditioning for then?" Wendy asks, pushing around half frozen peas on her metal lunch tray with her fork.

"Dorothy," the girls replied in unison. Both their eyes, a pair of green and a pair of brown, widened with surprise and then they glance at each other. Their eyes narrow.

"Oh, here we go…" muttered Dipper as he stood up, gesturing to George. "You do not want to the two of them in a competition… it's gonna get messy."

"Uh… okay…" the dark blonde replies as he stood up as well, following Dipper to a different table, the other teenagers following, leaving Pacifica and Mabel by themselves.

The two girls then started arguing, both stating how they would make a better Dorothy than the other. Their argument continued the second half of the school day, almost getting them kicked out of their history class and art classes. When it came to their science class, they didn't argue as Pacifica was paired with Dipper for their experiments while Mabel was paired with George. That and they didn't want to argue in front of Ford.

Even when the twins got home from the school with Ford, Mabel went to the phone immediately and called Pacifica, continuing their arguing. Dipper tried to hole himself up in their room that they shared, but he still heard the arguing. He literally had to go out into the woods to get peace and quiet to do his homework.

Mabel and Pacifica continued to argue on the phone until Stan snatches it from Mabel's hands and hangs it up. Mabel's eyes turned to her grunkle, her smiling sheepishly.

"Mabel, sweetie, you've been on that damn thing for hours." Stan tells her, his voice sounding tired. The girl then looks at the clock to see it was almost midnight. "And we are trying to sleep… you should go to bed too…" he then walks away from the kitchen, heading towards his small room.

Mabel goes upstairs and sees Dipper passed out on his bed that was to the far left, his wall decorated with the theories he had of Gravity Falls, a book in his hands and pen half chewed in his mouth. The teenaged girl goes into the closest and changes her clothes to a nightgown and heads to bed herself.

The next morning Mabel was up before Dipper, her getting ready to look her very best. She brushed her brown hair, which was starting to get longer, and put it in short braided pigtails. She even put on light makeup on herself. She wore a light blue cotton dress and red flats, her constantly fixing her outfit. If she was auditioning for the role of Dorothy, she was going to look the part.

When the bell rang to signal the end of the day, both Pacifica and Mabel got up and ran to the door, wanting to get the auditorium as fast as they could. With a sigh Dipper and George followed. On the way to the auditorium Holly was walking as well, her giving a smirk at both Mabel and Pacifica and doing a little sarcastic wave.

Everyone that wanted to audition signed themselves in at the main table on stage and took seats out where normally the audience would sit. Dipper sat as far as he could away from the girls, not wanting to hear their arguing. George sat next to him, looking curiously at Mabel a few times.

"Do… they always do that…?" asked George, pointing at them.

"Not really…" Dipper replies, folding his arms across his chest. "But when they get into it… they really get into it."

The director, who was a drama teacher that was actually part of the group that had traveled with Bud Gleeful during Weirdmageddon, began calling names for the auditions. She called on Holly first, and asked her what part she was going for to which the girl replied quickly and began her audition, which was singing and dancing, although they were both terrible.

Dipper and George blink their eyes in surprise, mainly Dipper since the girl said she was the daughter of famous actors.

Mabel was called next, her audition just as equally as terrible. The girl was energetic, but her singing was very off key and her dancing was her just bouncing up and down. Pacifica's audition was the better of the three, and another girl that auditioned was pretty good as well.

Dipper auditions, but he was very half-hearted on it. He told the director for "any part that didn't require singing", and the only dance he did was a tiny part of the "Lamby Lamby Dance" since that was really all he knew. George even auditioned, him a bit more enthusiastic than Dipper had been.

"Well…" the director says, her adjusting her glasses on her face. "Those were… quite interesting." The students blink their eyes as she clears her throat. "Okay… so… um, the role of Dorothy goes to… Katie Armstrong." She gestures to a young redhead with green eyes, her smile big. The kids clap for her, although some were more half-hearted than others. "Glinda is to be played by… Mabel Pines. The Wicked Witch of the West is played by Holly Wanderer, as well as Almira Gulch. Pacifica Northwest is Katie's understudy, but is also the main role of Aunty Em.

"The Tin Man/Hickory is to be played by Derick Hidmen. The Scarecrow/Hunk is Jason Samuels. The Cowardly Lion/Zeke is Dipper Pines. The Wizard is George Grand. Uncle Henry is Eric Hale. And the rest of you who auditioned will be doing multiple roles as the munchkins and the flying monkeys and such."

When the students were leaving the auditorium Holly was begging the director to change her mind about the cast members. The teacher shakes her head and said that it was fully decided and walks away.

Although Pacifica didn't get the part, she was okay with it, thinking that at least she got a role. Mabel was happy about her role as well, saying that she was excited to be Glinda the Good Witch. Dipper wasn't excited, but he really had no choice, and George was excited to be the Wizard of Oz.

Holly stomps down the stairs, her face a bright red. She tried to go up to Katie to try to talk to her, no doubt try to ruin the girl's happiness at getting the main lead, but she ended up running into Mabel and they both fell to the ground.

"Great, you're the last person I wanted to see!" Holly snaps as she immediately stands up, brushing off her jeans.

George helps Mabel up, her having a large dirty spot on her dress. "Look, we both didn't get the part, so how about we stop arguing?" Mabel states as she tries to brush off her dress.

"Yeah, Katie is really good." Pacifica adds. "She probably did drama at her last school before… well… you know."

"But…" Dipper interrupts. "How are you so terrible at singing and dancing?" he chuckles a little, thinking of her performance. "I probably sing better than that."

"You should've done the full Lamby Lamby Dance and song." Mabel giggles. Her brother glares at her.

Holly looked as if she was going to be in tears, which instantly made Dipper feel bad. "I-I'm sorry… I shouldn't have put it like that…" he tried to say.

"I may be the daughter of famous actors…" Holly sniffled. "But I'm not an actor… that was my older brother Kaden… he was the child star with all the talent… he got killed in a car accident when we were in trying to get away from those… those monsters." She rubs her eyes, brushing away tears. "I'm sorry I was so mean… I was… just trying to impress my parents… I mean, they named me 'Holly', not a 'K' name… so they didn't care… they never put me in anything since they doted on my brother all the time…"

Pacifica's eyes went sympathetic, understanding what it was like to try to impress terrible parents. The young blonde goes to Holly, putting an arm around her, as did Mabel. "Look, I know what you mean about trying to impress your parents and try to make them happy…" Pacifica began. "But, you're your own person, you make your own decisions. Like, what do you like to do?"

"I… I design… video game concepts." Holly says, causing both Dipper and George to widen their eyes with surprise. "I like video games… and have been designing art for them and story lines for years… I was even starting to design a 3D model of a level before everything…"

"Then do what you like to do," Mabel tells her. "I like art stuff, but I don't try to be a scientist or even a conman to impress my grunkles. Your parents should love you for who you are, not brush you off to the side since you aren't like them. And when you tell them that you didn't get the main lead of the play, but got a pretty damn decent villain role, and that you like to design video game stuff… if they don't like it you tell them to suck it!"

Dipper takes a step back, hissing in a breath. "Damn, Mabel… that was a little much at the end…" he tells his twin.

"No…" Holly whispers, a smile on her face. "That was perfect… thank you, Mabel. And thank you too, Pacifica."

"Hey, why don't we go to the arcade in Downtown Gravity Falls?" Mabel suggests. "All of us!" she gestures to the group, including Holly. "As friends…!"

Holly nods her head with a giggle. "I would really love that…" she says. "That sounds like fun."

"Did they even fix the arcade?" Pacifica then asks curiously, glancing at Dipper.

"Soos did the first chance he got," laughed Dipper, his brown eyes sparkling with excitement all of a sudden. "I hope he got around to 'Fight Fighter's'!"

The group leaves the auditorium to head to the arcade, Mabel thinking to herself that she made a new friend, and that even though some people may act mean, it truly wasn't them.

Never judge a book by its cover… Mabel thinks to herself as she glances at both Holly and Pacifica, glad to have good friends.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello! Second story in one day? Wow...

But anyway, this is just a taste of what the short stories are going to be like, them all trying to get into their normal lives again. Some short stories might be... different than this one. But these are light stories and some sort of filler for when I am not working on Beyond the Portal.

Tomorrow may be either more short stories or Beyond the Portal... so stay tuned!

So, enjoy! And thanks for reading as always!