McGee hated tension.

And the bullpen was tense.

In fact.

Tense wasn't a strong enough word.

Tony and Ziva just sat in their desk and stared at their computers. Doing nothing.

Tim just sat. Also staring at his screen.

Well. Staring at his computer in between taking glances at the boss.

Well. Both bosses.

Director Shepard and Gibbs stood at the windows. The director had him against the wall. Her body language matched the look on her face since she had come in that morning – head held confident; shoulders squared; her high heels seeing like daggers just waiting for an excuse to attack her prey.

And Gibbs. He held his own too. He was facing the bullpen. So they could all see his facial expression. Jaw squarely set – eyes angry and hostile – the Gibbs stare taking full effect.

It was just too painful to watch.

And too painful not to watch.

Finally something they could hear.

Director Shepard said, "Well, two can fight at this game." And with that last word, she angrily started up the stairs to her office.

If looks could kill, the director would have been shot dead in the back, with the look that Gibbs was giving her.

Then he looked at the agents in the bullpen.

And they all pretended to be busy doing something – hoping that he wouldn't notice how little work was actually getting done.

But they assumed he hadn't noticed when he pulled his desk drawer open so hard that he tipped over the pen holder, spilling pens all over the floor. He skillfully attached his gun to his side, grabbed his badge, and stomped out the door. Before he walked onto the elevator, he looked up, where the director was watching. And he … well… flipped her off just as the elevator doors closed.

And the tension… it just …. Well… it just was tense.

And Tony.

"Wow. Anyone else feeling very uncomfortable? I mean, I've walked in on people having sex and felt less awkward than I do right now."

The first person to say anything in response was the director from up on the walkway. "It's about to get even worse Dinozzo, if you don't get back to work."

And that's how they found themselves pretending to work on stuff – with actually nothing left to work through.