"Come on, Boss. Just answer the damn phone." Tony mumbled to himself. When the last tone on the phone rang, sending his call to voicemail, he threw his phone in the empty passenger seat beside him. He had no idea what to do.

He knew he had all the training.

He knew that the next step was to try and track her phone, check whether she had any credit cards, and try to track the last place she had used them. He knew that the next step was to then put out a BOLO, alerting all of the different departments that they were looking for her.

And he knew to call all the hospitals in the area to make sure they didn't have a Jane Doe with Kyrie's description.

He also knew next to nothing about what to do if your boss, who was like a father figure to you, had a daughter with his other boss, the boss who had been kidnapped because of his failure to complete his job – when that daughter, who was a recovering narcotic addict, suddenly disappeared.

What the hell was he supposed to tell the boss? Or Jenny? Had they even talked about all that had gone on during the time that Jenny was supposedly dead? He cringed just thinking about how that would have gone over with the two of them – Gibbs with his hard, cold stare and unwillingness to give up on what he believed was right – and Jenny – with her take no shit attitude and her willingness to stand up to anyone when it came to something she believed in. He felt like the whole world would have heard if something like that had happened. And from the information from the squad at the hospital, Gibbs hadn't been to visit at all since the first time Kyrie had come to see her mother.

Just then his phone rang. He tried not to crash in his attempt to grab the phone from the seat. "Dinozzo."

"I'm tracking her phone right now." McGee. "She's downtown. Corner of 7th and Pennsylvania."

Whipping the car around, hearing tires squealing, he said, "I'm ten minutes out."

Ziva was there on the line with Tim. "Contact Gibbs yet?"

"No answer." Tony replied. "Any idea why she left?"

No answer.

Tony again spoke. "We are assuming it's the drugs?"

Again, no answer.

Sometimes putting fears into words made them hold more possibility.

Finally McGee spoke up. "I tracked the Boss' phone." His mousey voice carried over the speakers.

Tony smiled even just a little, despite the situation. "Mcspy, you really put your neck on the line."

McGee cleared his throat. "Signal shows him in the area also."

Now it was Tony's turn to be confused.

And Ziva's turn to panic. "Tony, you have to get there. If he finds her…"

Tony wanted her to finish her statement. But he didn't want her to finish her statement.

If he finds her in the middle of a drug deal, he'll kill the dealer.

If he finds her high, he's going to be so angry.

If he finds her overdosed on the side of the road…

Tony was thankful that he didn't have to finish that statement.

He pulled up to the corner of the street. "McGee, I don't see her or Gibbs." He looked around.

The deserted street-corner was dimly lit, the few people walking by with their coats hats and scarves on to keep out the cold out – he couldn't get a good view of their faces. There were cars parked in all the spaces except for one right on the corner, which Tony pulled the car into and got out, turning around looking for anything that would signal that Kyrie or Gibbs were anywhere in the area.

His car. Tony thought as he saw the car thrown into the parking spot without any care for how it was parked. The door of the driver's side was open, and Tony cringed knowing that there was something wrong if the boss left the door open.

On a hunch, he ran down the dark alley straight ahead, trusting his gut and finding his gut was right.

Gibbs had a punk up against the cement wall. By the throat. He couldn't see Gibb's face, but the perp with a tattooed face didn't look tough at all, his face pale, eyes wide, and struggling to breathe.

Dinozzo ran over to them, and tried to pull the boss off of the dude. "Boss. Let him go. I have the cuffs. Let him go."

Gibbs didn't move. He stopped squeezing the guy's throat, but didn't let him go.

Tony again assured him, pulling the handcuffs out of his back pocket. "Let's take him in. Make him serve jail time."

Gibbs threw him against the wall one more time before allowing Tony to handcuff the guy. Just for good measure, Tony tightened the cuffs quite tight, making sure that he would remember just how lucky this punk was that Tony had saved his ass.

Once he had him secured, he took in the rest of his surroundings.

Right behind the dumpster, the Boss knelt.

Is she? Tony's mind began racing. "What the hell did you do to her?" He asked the cuffed man. When he just smirked, Tony rattled the handcuffs, feeling the bones in the dude's arms pulling and threatening to break. Crying out in pain, he finally said, "I didn't do anything to that bitch. She just set me up."

Tony searched him. And he found three bags of white pills. He was devastated.

Gibbs was almost yelling. "Do you know what could have happened to you?"

Kyrie was now on her feet. And she had no trouble holding her own against her father. "I know how to handle myself."

"Really? How are you handling your drug addiction?"

Fire in her eyes matched her fiery hair. Her accent was so much more pronounced when she was angry, "Better than you're handling being a dad." Then she sarcastically pretended to think, and said, "Oh, wait, you're NOT handling it at all!"

With this, Gibbs just shook his head. "You are in no position to judge me at all."

She stared right into his eyes, and said, "But Mum is."

And Tony was shocked to see Gibbs look almost scared. Almost. He didn't think that Kyrie had seen it -that was how subtle it had been.

Tony now took the opportunity to interject and make the situation more awkward, or at least, to make the point that they should be getting out of this neighborhood. "Don't want to interrupt or anything, but this man has a date with destiny." He then pretended to look at the convict. And turned back to the two of them and said, "Nope, sorry, wrong one. He only has a pending court date."