It's not that he was angry about what his father did, Victor thought as he gazed at the metal armor that was now his body. It's not that he was angry. It's just…what the hell was he now? Before, Victor Stone had been the star athlete of the entire city, football, baseball, basketball. He could do it all. He loved feeling the breezed against his bare skin as he made a pass, or the sharp sting of a skinned knee as he fell to the ground.

He felt human at times like those.

Now…he wasn't sure what he was anymore. When he looked in the mirror, he saw a metal faceplate where his cheeks used to be. He had a metal canon where his arm used to make catches. He had cold silicone where his feet and toes were supposed to be. He was a cyborg.

Vic had been in an accident, and to save his life, his father had to replace his heart and lungs and skin and bones…with something artificial. He was a living Pinocchio, except there was no Blue Fairy to make him real.

STAR Labs was always on the cutting edge of any technological advance. Hell, Vic's father was working on tech that most didn't even believe could exist. STAR Labs was often the place where Victor was meant to stay. After all, to the rest of the world, Victor Stone, star athlete and college bound super star was dead. Now, in his place stood a Cyborg.

If Victor still had feeling in his arms and legs, he would know that the lab he was currently staying in was cold. But instead of feeling the chill in the air (like a human would) his readings and censors indicated everything single temperature spike and heat drop to the millisecond.


"Jesus," Vic said as he rubbed his palm against his knee. He wished he could at least feel something again. His father was always so busy with some new invention, or equipment that the two didn't even have time to talk to one another…and Victor needed someone to talk to. Desperately.

Vic walked through the old lab that was currently his home. His father had forbidden him from leaving the grounds for fear he would be spotted by someone. Victor had tried to spruce the place up, make it feel like an actual person lived there. He put up his favorite football posters, hung his old jersey on the wall, tried to find a picture of his mother to show off, and maybe a comfy chair to sit in.

And sometimes he knew the best way to deal with his surroundings…was to simply get away from them. He walked out of his "room", and out into STAR lab's halls, the place was closed, and the security feeds were off, so no one would notice if a hulking, walking machine was making his way through the lab…hopefully. And it was strange, ever since Victor became a Cyborg, he had felt a strange pull to the other side of the lab, a place his father had forbidden him to go. Thanks to this new tech, Victor was always online, and always plugged in. He couldn't sleep even if he wanted to…and he really wanted to. He wanted to dream like he used to, to awaken in the early morning, feel the cold air, and then scurry back under the warmth of his blanket. Why couldn't he have that back?

Victor reached the end of the hallway and gazed at the tall, bolted door way the separated him from what was pulling him closer. His dad was always disappearing to the other side of the lab to work on a machine that was so top secret, Vic wasn't even allowed to ask about it, and seeing as Silas Stone only wanted to talk about his inventions, that made conversation between the two limiting. Perhaps if Victor knew what his father was creating, they could…talk more? Become closer? Have his dad pay attention to his son?

Before Victor was…changed, locked doors were the end of a journey for him. But now, nothing could stand in his way (especially not a door that had an automated lock). Technology had become sentient to him. He could hear the sights that a computer made when it was being shut down. He could feel the pulse of a cell phone in his hands…ready and willing like a heartbeat on speed. Everything was alive now. Victor placed his hand against the metal frame and the door opened.

"Easy," Victor whispered.

The room inside was dark and cold, chilled to a temp far below 10 degrees. Did Silas Stone really work like this? Vic stepped forward, his scanners indicating something…radiating from the far side of the wall. Victor turned to see a large circular machine standing to the side. The thing looked to be twice his size, and from the scanners, Vic could detect a small surge of energy spiking and weaving every half second. It almost seemed like a code.

"H-hello?" Vic asked as he stepped forward.

DANGER…read the flashing red screen in Victor's cybernetic eye. DANGER.

Spike. Flow. A surge of electricity ran through the metal rims of Silas's machine.


Darkness gave way to light. Coldness fell to the mercy of heat.

"What the fuck?" He looked behind him, the door to the outside still open. He didn't now what the hell was going on, but he wasn't about to stay and find out. He had already died once, and was not willing to go through it again. He ran…but his body couldn't make any headway.

Something was pulling him back, keeping him from escaping.

"No. No. No."

The light grew stronger, and the heat began to burn the one part of Victor's face that wasn't metal. "Stop. Stop…stop."


All of Victor's senses, his sensors, scanners, readers, we overloading, filled with too much data even for him.


In one fell swoop Victor fell to his knees, and was slowly sucked into the light, and then out into a world unknown.