Hi guys. I posted it a while ago, then deleted. Then again posted it again and deleted. Now I'm coming back, because I changed something in it. I hope you like it. I posted 5 chapters in once and the 4th one is changed. Hope you like it. I love you all 3

Summery: When you feel lonely in your life, people ignores you & calls you names… When nobody's there to help you… You feel not worth to live… To be happy… My worthless life is my first story!

Chapter 1:

It was Saturday! Beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. In Martin's room, Zack has just got off his bed, looked at his watch – it was 9 a.m. exactly. He felt fantastic. No school, just weekend, which he would probably spend with his friends at one of the Boston's clubs.

-Hmm.. Tons of girls… Drinks … Buddies … Mom at work… That would be good.

He was in amazing mood so he went to kitchen and ate breakfest, which Carey's just prepared.

- Hi sweetie, how did you slept?

- Fine, mom. Can I hang out with my Jason & Danny today? (They were Zack's friends)

- Sure sweetie.

- Mom, I'll stay at Jason's today and I'll come back tomorrow, kay?

- Yeah baby, but you've better behave.

-I will mom, don't worry.

The situation looked different from other's twin perspective. Two hours later, which wasn't normal, Cody Martin, Zack's younger than 10 minutes brother, has just woke up. It was 11 a.m. & Cody didn't want to get up. He was tired. Of what? Of his life… of school… of his family…

The true was that after Carey & Kurt's divorce, boys didn't get along. Zack started to hang out with his friends, go on dates or spend his time playing basketball. Zack was always open to new people, amusing, attractive, he was always a player and he didn't matter to care about anything. But Cody was different. Even if he was just 10 minutes younger than Zack, Cody was very smart, inteligent, not so open. But the biggest difference between them was that, that Zack makes people laugh & people makes fun of Cody. Cody started spending his time in library, learning, but little did he know – it was his black hole. Absorbed by books, he started to fell apart of Zack. They stoped talking, be for eachother. Zack stoped treating Cody as his brother. He acted in front of his friends like Cody was the worst mistake in the World. He laughed at him. He has never helped him. He didn't knew one thing! Cody was very emotional. He didn't treat laughs cursorily, but he took them real. One of the worst things that has happened to him was bullying by Drew Crew. It wasn't like ''You nerd or you geek'', but it started to be very nasty! They called him: ''You loser, you should make world better. How? By killing yourself. No one need you here. Your just worthless. If I were you, I would probably do that now". Cody was tired and scared of this. Wherever he went, he wasn't welcome. Zack didn't even let him come to they room for a while. And you know what is the best? Their mother didn't notice anything. She was working too much that she didn't find out what is happening.

Going back to Cody, he didn't want to wake or get off the bed. He was scared of this day. Stiuped Saturday! The day when he would be all alone again. Mom working, Zack with his friends. Cody felt bad everywhere. Sad, tired with suicidal thoughts, Cody get up of his bed, put his everyday's „Happy mask" and went to see his mother, who was reading a book, while Zack was watching TV.

- Hi baby, how are you? You slept well?

- Yeah mom, I've to make myself something to eat.

- Okey. There's milk, eggs or bread.

- Thanks mom, I know.

- What are you gonna do today? – asked Carey

- I don't know. Maybe I'll go to library… - He didn't even have time to end his speech while Zack said ''Geek. Yea, another weekend and the biggest nerd in whole state is going to spend his free time learning. I'm kinda wondering how it's possible to have you as my twin? HOW?''

It hit Cody. He knew that they aren't similar in many ways, but what Zack said was like being hit by car. But anyway he didn't say anything. He ate his breakfast and went to his room. He layed down on his bed, took his MP3 and listened to his favourite song: ,,Numb" by Linkin Park. It was his favourite band. Their songs was like a mirror to his life. He slowly fell asleep.

- Hey, wake up you dumbshit!

- Zack? – said Cody

- No, prince charming! Wake up, mom left you lunch, before going on reheresal.

- Thanks.. What time is it? –Cody asked Zack

- It's nearly 5 p.m. I'm going to Jason's. Yea, yea, mom knows. I gotta go. – Zack left their room.

- Bye then. – Cody again got off his bed, but against eating dinner he went to the bathroom. He wanted to wash himself, so he took a bath.

Zack's POV

Finally! I'm not gonna spend my time with him. I'm tired of him. You know, my the biggest wish is to be an onlychild, yeah. But it will never happen. He has to be here to ruined my perfect life. Ruined it by his loserness, geekness and nerdness. I still can't believe it. There's too many kids similar to me in this world, but no! He has to be my twin. Okey, Zack stop it! You are on your way to the club, where will be some hot ladies, and you are thinking about Cody. Yea they are all right: I'm kinda dumb. But better be dumb and funny with squad then be smart and don't have friends. My life motto.

- Zack, my man! – Jason said – You didn't forget.

- How could I forget bout my man?! – said Zack

- And here's your award: look into the right corner, there's a blonde, horny chick. She always liked you, and right now she wants to drink some Sex on the beach with you. If you know what I mean. Hehe

- Ohhh yea man, thanks. You da best – Zack was very happy,so he started to leave – ,,Zack, don't forget about protection'' - said Jason

- I won't. Thanks man, thanks. – Zack felt like the happiest guy in Boston

But in other part of Boston, it wasn't that sweet at all. Cody went on the walk, he was very hungry. He didn't have and appetite to eat right now. He was walking down one of the city's street, when somebody suddenly took him by his hands. Cody wanted to scream, but he couldn't. Cody's nightmare was happening. The Drew Crew took him to very small house. He and the 4 people were the only ones there. No mum, no Zack. They sited him on the chair, tied him to it, and then looked at him.

- My friends, just look who we got today. The loser Martin – said Drew

- Ohhhhh. What we gonna do with him? – Said Marco

- I know. Torture him. I'll start this – Said Drew. – Hmm. Cody, Cody, Cody. Our liitle, poor baby Cody. Did you took your blankie with you? No? Ohhh that so sad. You know why? Because you won't get alive of that. – They all smiled at this, but Cody started to shake from fear.

- I want to let you know that you totally unwelcome here, cause person who is no one is not welcome. Your nobody! People like you should be aborted! Stiuped, dumb inteligent person is like a big, smelly shit. You are nothing. Do you think your mommy loves you? NO! She loves you because she has to! If she was smart enough she would put you in orphanage. Do you think she was happy when she heard about a second baby? Zack told us about this video. He was wanted but you don't. They didn't know you'll be born. They weren't happy when you came. You know why your parents got divorced? Hmm? Because of you, dumbshit. Your dad wanted to left you, but your mom wanted to act like a good parent so she stayed on your side. He couldn't stand this so he left you both. THAT'S WHY ZACK HATES YOU. HE LOVES YOUR DAD, AND YOU MADE HIM LEFT YOU BOTH! UNDERSTAND THAT FINALLY: EVERYBODY HATES YOU AND THERE'S NO ONE! NO ONE THAT WILL EVER LOVE YOU! – then they untied Cody, and left him. He crawled on the floor and started crying so much that he couldn't take his breath. One thing was going through his head all the time: I'm the reason of my parents divorce. They all hate me!

Few hours later Cody took his things and walked back home. His mom was still working, it was 11 p.m. He was all alone again. He ate an apple, drink water, and went to sleep.