Chapter 8

In Boston

Zack was watching TV, still wondering where Cody might be. He heard about a horrible tornado in Virginia and it made him worried. It wasn't normal just like his life right now. Maybe he treated Cody badly and sometimes wondered how would it be to be an onlychild, although he missed him horribly.

- Zack, help me unzip my dress – asked him carefully Carey

- Okay mom

- Baby I'm worried as much as you. I hope he is alright.

- I know mum, but I can't stop thinking about that. My mind creates very creepy images of what could possibly happend to him. I can't sleep.

Carey hug her older son, praying for the situation to be over.

Meanwhile somewhere above the clouds

- Shit, where am I? – asked Cody. He was in a very beautiful place and suddenly he saw a glowing person – Chris? What you doin here? What I'm doing here?

- Cody, I'm dead. I killed myself in that house. I commited suicide.

- No! What? You promised me to never leave me. How could you!?

- Cody! It'll be alright. I saw your parents and your brother and they are waiting for you! Zack misses you

- What? How?

- Because I'm dead

- So if you are dead, then what's with me?

- You are still alive but in coma. Hail knocked you down. Don't worry. Someone finds you and you get back with your relatives. By the way don't worry about me. I finally feel happy.

- If you say so. I'm happy for you Chris. But don't think I'm not going to miss you.

- I know. We grew pretty close together.

- Yeah, like super close, my older brother.

- True youngie bro – said Chris smiling at Cody

- I'll never forget you

- Me neither. I love you buddy of course as a brother and best friend.

- I know. I'm going to miss you so much – said Cody starting to cry

- It's going to be just fine. Let's hug bro and I need to go

Their hug lasted for 5 minutes

- See you in the future big bro – said Cody

- See you. Promise me you'll end up collage and get married

- I promise. Goodbye bro – as Cody said that, he started to come back to his body

Few minutes later somewhere in Virginia, couple were driving to Tennessee

- Jenny, I need to stop the car here. I need to pee

- Okay Jess, but hurry up, okay

- I will baby

As Jesse was walking, he found a teenage boy's body in the meadow. He shaked him and wanted to wake him up. – JENNY! Come here. I found someone

- What?

- I found someone's body. Please call the Police and Ambulance

- Okay, I'm calling them. Wait. Just look at that body. I knew this boy. Oh my gosh. Police is searching him

- Really? It's amazing, that we found him. I told you that this trip was worth everything

- I know that. You are the best husband I ever had – as Jenny said that, she kissed him

Ten minutes later Police and Ambulance came. Fortunately the boy was alive. Officer said that the boy's name Cody Martin. He disapeard few weeks ago and his family was very worried.

As soon as they found him, the officer had an uncomplished mission. He had to visit Martin's family and told them the news.


Knock, knock

- Oh good morning officer. Do you have any new informations for us? – asked Carey

- Actually, yes I have

- Zack, Kurt come here – yelled Carey

- What mum? Oh Mr Officer? Is there something wrong? – asked Zack as worried as his parents

- We found Cody - said the policeman

- Really? That's fantastic - said happily Zack

- He was found by some married couple in Virginia. Probably he was hit by hail and of course tornado. But he's alive. We got him to Boston hospital. By now he is still in coma so we don't know how he got there

- Thank you so much for helping us. We are very thankful – thanked Carey

- It's my pleasure and job of course.