Chapter 9

Everyone knew about Cody's actual position. Zack along with his parents visited him almost every day. But after 2 weeks he finally woke up.

- Cody? – asked Zack

- Zack? Mom? Dad? Where am I?

- Baby you are in hospital. You were asleep for 14 days? How are you feeling– told him Carey

- Two weeks? Gosh. I'm alright

- Cody why did you run away? – asked Zack

- I never knew I would run away. I had a friend who has depression and I was bullied by Drew..

- What? You were bullied? – shouted Kurt

- Yeah, I was. After your divorce I and Zack didn't get along and I felt left alone. I thought that I was the reason of your break up. I had many nightmares with mum telling me she never wanted me. And also Zack always wanted to be an onlychild. I always annoyed him. I found a friend. His parents plus sibling and other people hated him and he was very depressed. One day he wanted me to stay at his house. We talked and the next day he suggested that we could go to New York. He met me with his friends and one of them was very crazy. He wanted to jump from Brooklyn Bridge – we got into trouble. Few guys robbed us and we ran away. Unfortunately some strange people knocked us down and taken to their car. We found out that they were supposed to kill him – my friend. His family wanted him to die. So we were locked in a house where they wanted to shot him. We fighted and I ran away. I was mad at him. He was ready to kill himself and I couldn't stand it. I walked for many hours and the tornado started to form. The hail hit me. Then I remember being in I don't know. Heaven? I was talking to Chris - I mean my friend and he told me that he commited suicide in that house. We said goodbye and then I woke up. That's all

- Oh Cody. I'm so sorry – said Carey hugging him

- By the way son, you and Zack were never the reason of our divorce.

- That's true Kurt. We couldn't understand each other in so many ways. But you boys are our miracles, our reasons to live. I don't know what would of happen if you die. I don't want to imagine that. Come here Cody. Family hug – said Carey

- Mom wait, I have to say something. Cody I'm very sorry or all the bad words I said. I never knew they hurt you so bad. I couldn't imagine living without you. You are the best brother I have. Those weeks remind me about everything. I love you bro – said Zack

- I love you to Zack! Now we can hug – said happily Cody

The end

Thank you so much for reading. I thought I would post it in a month, but I wrote it in a day soooo here it is. The whole story is ended.