AN- I promise, the adventure will happen very soon.

The sun shining through the painted glass still allowed Wesley to feel how warm it was. As she stretched and sat up, happily staring about the room, then at her best friend, (another thing she would never tell him), sleeping next to her. It was about the time the employees would start coming to work, and she knew that it was the time to hide in the bathroom closest to the castle.

She quickly got up, collected the clothes that were in another drawer. Staring at the black shorts and the dark purple short sleeve shirt, she silently congratulated herself for secretly taking them from someone's bag when they went swimming. However, she realized she hadn't taken the coins from the fountain last night. "Oh well. There has to be some change on the street."

After putting the clothes on, she stared at the book that remained on the desk. "Zazu!", she exclaimed, waking the bird in a sweat.

"Oh! Oh, my dear don't do that!", he said, panting. "What is it?", he asked, calming down.

"I want you to come with me today. Maybe Josh will be here again, and I want you to meet him."

Zazu once again ruffled his feathers, and stared at her. "I'm sorry. But I have no interest in dealing with a possible juvenile delinquent. Besides, I must return to find Simba. Knowing him, he might be in big trouble", he said, flying over to the desk, next to the book, waiting for Wesley to open it. "Perhaps I'll come back later."

She glanced at the ground then back at him. "People always say that", she said sadly.

The bird stared at her with concern. He gestured her to come closer, with a flick of his wing. She reluctantly kneeled close to him. Zazu occasionally did what he usually did and brushed his wing gently against her cheek. "I promise, Wesley." He smiled, which caused her to smile.

"Okay", she said calmly, opening the book to his page, and watched as he flew up and dove right into the book. The moment he returned, she closed it and placed it back under the bed.

Then, as fast as she could, she ran down the steps, checking she had made sure she kept the key in her pocket, and made it to the door. Slowly, she opened the door, peeked out, and saw the coast was clear. She immediately ran to the restroom, and entered one of the stalls. Wesley also figured out to wait for a long line of women to enter the restroom, and leave when nobody could even tell she had been hiding there.

Once that happened, she emerged from the stall, washed her hands, and left the busy unit, making her way to Fantasy Land. But the thought of Josh came back to her and she decided to wait near the entrance to see if he would really come back. She hoped he would.

Meanwhile at the hotel, Josh and his family sat in the breakfast area, finishing up. He was thankful nobody in his group decided to cosplay today. He still planned on walking by himself today, but if he was forced to stay with them, he felt it lucky they wouldn't embarrass him.

2 year old Wyatt was being difficult trying to finish his cereal, Josh's mother and father were reading the maps, and Heidi was driving him crazy, as she sang that Frozen song, "Let It Go", for the fourth time today.

"Heidi. Shut it", he said, loud enough so only she could hear.

She responded by scrunching up her face, and sticking her tongue at him.

He stared at his parents, annoyed that they refused to listen to him. He tried nonstop to persuade them to let him stay in the hotel, but it was a no go.

And an hour later, they packed up into the car and made their way up the road towards Disney World.