The year 2002…On a starry night, Chip is looking up at the clear sky, holding a small black box. He looks down as he opens it, inside is a golden ring with a blue diamond carved in the shape of a wrench.

"Tonight's the night…whatever you do, keep it cool!…Gadget, you look great tonight, have I ever complemented your eyes? When I look deep into them, they twinkle just like the stars in the night sky…mmm…Thats way too cheesy…ok how about…Gadget! My delicate flower, your hair is as gold and shimmering as the sun!…sheesh Chip, way to make it even cheesier….Ahhh, I can't do this! She'll never marry me! She's smart, i'm dumb, she's beautiful, gorgeous, kind, intelligent and wonderful…I'm…I'm just me…(sigh)…no…I CAN do this!…I'll just walk up to her! Bend on one knee, open the box and say…Gadget!"

Before he can say anything else, a voice behind him asks, "What's up Chip?" He quickly turns around and sees the very mouse he was thinking about a few seconds ago. As he does he quickly hides the small box behind his back.

"Gadget!?…How, how long have you've been standing there?" asks the terrified Chip.

"Right before you called my name, why?" She notices that Chip's arm is behind his back, holding something. "Hey, what have you got there?" smirked the mouse.

"NOTHING! Ahem…nothing…" Chip starts to sweat.

"Oh Really? Well then…you won't mind if I…Take a look!" Gadget quickly jumped behind Chip. As she did, Chip quickly dodges out of the way, he keeps doing do as the curious Gadget keeps trying to see what he's hiding. After a couple attempts, Chip cheerfully starts playing keep away with her.

As they settle down, Gadget looks up at the night sky… "Golly…would you look at that! They're so beautiful tonight!"

Chip only looked at her as she stared up with a smile. "Yup…they sure are…" He soon remembers what he was planning to do with her and approaches her, nervously. "Ahem! Gadget, can I ask you something?" asked Chip, his heart racing at 1000 miles per hour, sweat now engulfing him, making him feel like a fountain of water.

Gadget turns to the petrified chipmunk. "Sure, what?"

Chip summons the courage to speak as he gets a determined look on his face. "Gadget…we've been working together for years now…we've been all over the globe, solving cases, stopping crazed criminal masterminds, rescuing both humans and animal kind alike…and, over the years…this team has grown really close, like a family, and well you…well, what I'm trying to say Gadget…is…"

Chip was about to finish and started to bend down when Dale rushes onto the runway. "Chip! Gadget! Foxglove and Zipper are back from scouting that old building that the pidgins told us about! And you'll never believe who's working in the dang old place!" says Dale. Chip, both happy and angered that Dale interrupted his moment, hear'd what he said. Instantly knowing who the lead scientist was.

"Professor Nimnul!" said Chip, tapping his chin.

"Professor Nimnul…hold on! How'd you guess? Hey, did you get psychic powers after I hit you on the head with that frying pan?" said the childish Dale, scratching his head. Chip just stared at Dale, with a look of both disappointment and nausea.

As they entered the tree house, they met up with Monterey Jack, Zipper and Foxglove, who where going though the paperwork on the table. "Oy Chip, have a lookie at what Foxglove and Zippa just discovered about that there new science lab." said Monty, handing Chip a document with a photo attached. As Chip and Gadget took a look at what Zipper and Foxglove brought back.

Gadget gasped in fear. "Golly, its a genetic experiments lab!?"

"You guessed it, an that Nimnul nut is in charged of the whole thing! Mutating, dissecting and butchering small creatures…all for the name of…chemical testing!" Foxglove placed a paper on the table and pointed at it.

Dale picked up the paper and pointed at it as well, "And I betcha, he doesn't even have one of those permit thingies."

"Yep" mumbled Zipper.

"So mates, whats the plan?" said Monty. They all look at Chip, whose staring at the document. He lowers the paper down, and walks over to a coat rack. he grabs a Indiana Jones inspired hat off the hook and puts it on.

"Its time for the Rescue Rangers to cause a prison break!" Chip was confident, Nimnul was a dangerous person, but his anger always help in thwarting his plans.

Later, near the lab, a small black and orange plane flies toward the building. It looked like it was made of a bike helmet, a flashlight and other house hold junk. Seated in it was our heroes with the plane's creator piloting it. "There it is, take us closer, Gadget." Foxglove, pointed to what looked like a run down factory. The building looked as if it hadn't been used in centuries. A perfect place for illegal activity. They land the Ranger Plane on the top of the building, and Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty, Foxglove and Zipper jump out of the plane. They enter through the buildings ventilation system, as they get closer to the main lab where the animals are kept, the smell of bleach and other chemicals fill the air. Then they overhear what sounds like a annoyed voice shouting in a cellphone. As they get closer to the voice, they immediately know who's having the tantrum.

"Look! If I told you once! I've told you a thousand times! The shipments of Plague X will arrive! But I need at least one more week to make sure everything works perfectly!…No, I'm not stalling!…Yes! I know…Trust me, Plague X will be perfect and nothing will stop it! But to make sure it can't be stopped, I need more time to check every one of its cells!…Okay, okay…can you at least give me 5 more days?…4!…(sigh)…fine! 4 it is, and trust me, it will be perfect!…Hey have I ever let you down?…THAT ONE TIME WASN'T MY FAULT!…Hello? HELLO!?…Ahh, those stupid terrorist groups!" The clearly mad scientist hung up the phone, he rolled his office chair over to a computer.

Gadget used a pair of homemade binoculars to see what he was working on. Monty then sniffed the air, "Someting tells me that they're not just makin' cleaning sprays that smell like flowers, mates."

"Golly!…Nimnul has gone too far this time!" Gadget slowly lowered her binoculars.

"Whats up Gadget?" Chip saw that Gadget was in shock, what she saw must have really sacred her.

"I just saw what he's working on…there's a reason why he kept referring it as Plague X…According to what I just saw, he's creating a super virus!" Everyone's hearts practically stopped. "That…Monster!" Dale rubbed his head. "Um…whats a super virus?"

Gadget looked at the confused Dale. "A virus that can wipe out heavily populated areas in a matter of days. And by the looks of Nimnul's work…he's making one that can't be cured."

Foxglove shook her head "He's definitely lost his mind, and his morality."

"Crazy scientist." mumble Zipper.

Monty rolled up his sleeves "We got to stop him! Let me at him!"

Chip stood in front of Monty, stopping him from rushing into a bad situation. "No, Monty, we can't take him head on…Lets do it like we usually do, quietly."

Dale looked at Chip, "Got it!…stealth mode…"

Chip then tapped his chin "But first, we've got to get to the lab, and get the animals out. Then we'll destroy every last shred of that virus!"

The team wandered the vent until they reach the lab. As they enter the room, a new smell filled their noses, a more unsettling one…it smelled like death. Dale was shaking as if he just saw a ghost, "I don't like the looks of this…" As they walked to the back of the room, test tubes and beakers filled with all colors of liquids we're all over the place.

They approached what looked like a cage covered with a sheet, Chip reached out to take it off. "Um, hello, we're the Rescue Rangers, we're her to…..AHH!" Under the sheet was indeed a cage, but instead of captive lab rats, there were rat corpses, killed by the super vires. Everyone was shocked in terror, Zipper fainted, Monty almost lost his lunch, Gadget put her hand over her eyes to avoid seeing the dead rats. Chip puts his arm around her to confert her. As he looks at the dead rats, tons of emotions fill his mind. Thinking, Nimnul was going to pay for this.

In the other room, Nimnul figures out the perfect DNA code for the virus so it will be unstoppable. Suddenly he hears a glass shatter. "Oh for pete's sake!" said the annoyed scientist, rolling his eyes. In the lab, the shattering of the glass was caused by Dale who, in shock of what he just saw, backed up into a empty beaker, knocking it off the table. Dale then shrugged, "Oops,"

The team then hears footsteps, and cursing. "Everyone, hide, take cover!" shouts Chip. As everyone hid in different spots, the door opens and Nimnul enters the room. He looks in the lab and starts to walk around the room, investigating what crashed. As he looks, he passes by each one of the Rangers hiding spots. He soon reaches the shattered beaker, and rolls his eyes once again. Nimnul walks over to the closet and gets a dust bin, then grabs a broom placed right next to Gadget's cover. As he quickly grabs the broom, the handle knocks over the box she was hiding behind. He quickly glances over at the box, then double takes, seeing Gadget cowering in the corner.

"YOU!" said Nimnul as he grabbed Gadget! Everyone panics as he lifts Gadget to his face. "I know you! Your that blond rodent who is always with that group of other rodents, why are you always interfering with my plans!" said the now enraged scientist. He starts to squeeze her, causing Gadget to be short of breath. Chip starts to panic.

As Nimnul's grip gets titer and titer, Gadget starts to cry in agony. "HEY! PROFESSOR NIT-WIT!" yelled Chip getting Nimnul's attention. As he turned around, Chip jumps on his face, causing him to let go of Gadget.

As she drops to the floor, Monty and Dale, run over to her. "You okay, Gadget love?" said Monty helping her off the floor. They look up at Chip who was scratching at Nimnul's face. As the angry scientist starts to thrash about as he grabs chip off his face, but before he can do anything to harm the chipmunk, Foxglove and Zipper fly in his face.

In the chaos, Nimnul knocks a bunsen burner into a garbage can filled with paper, igniting the paper. The can then gets toppled over, setting fire to the room. Nimnul finally swats the bat and house fly away, only to discover that the fire has grown engulfing the wooden door to the room. It then begins to spread to some propane tanks, he then starts to panic as the Rangers escape through the ventilation system, and back to the roof of the now fire engulfed building. Nimnul, takes a old fire extinguisher and attempts to use it, but to no avail. The fire reaches the propane tanks, as the fire also backs Nimnul to the old window. "…..mommy…" squeals Nimnul as the tanks explode, blasting him out of the window, causing him to fall onto a parked van's roof, crushing it.

The explosion grabs the attention of nearby police who quickly call for back up. As the Ranger Plane takes off and safely flies away, the rest of the building blows up in a giant fireball. The cops and emergency personnel arrive on the scene, wondering what caused the dilapidated building to blow.

Then they hear a moan come form on top of nearby van. Two officers pull Nimnul off the roof and arrest him, who is still alive, but twitching in pain, for both his fall and failure. The chief walked up to Nimnul with his hands in his coat pockets, "Well, well…Professor Norton Nimnul…we meet again…let me guess…you were thwarted by a couple of chipmunks, two mice and a house fly?" sarcastically said the police chief.

Nimnul look at him with a defeated look on his face. "…there, there was a b, bat to…and they t, t, talked…"

The police chief looked at Nimnul, thinking that he's clearly lot it. "Get him out of here!" said the chief as the two officers placed him in the back of the cop car.