About a week later, President Wallace is in front of the white house, giving yet another speech. This time however, honoring the heroes who not only saved his life and his daughters, but also the world from Bastion and Nimnul.

"Today, we are all here to honor the brave men and woman who saved this county if not the world. On July 4th 2007, they prove that you don't have to be part of the human race to save others. All you need is a bravery, determination, and heart to help others. So today I ask you, the great people of our nation to look at them as not only heroes, but as equals. Please give a round of applause for our nations very own…Rescue Rangers!" said President Wallace as he stepped aside showing the lined up Rangers, as well as Will and Lucy, who all had medals around their necks. As he did, the crowed applauded with a cheer as camera's flashed and confetti fell from the sky.

As they all started to celebrate their victory, the humble Chip put his hands in his pockets. He suddenly felt something in one of them, as he pulled out what he had, he recognized it. It was the small black box with the gold ring with wrench shaped diamond inside. Chip, who was now confident, walked over to Gadget, hiding it back in his coat pocket.

"Gadget?" said Chip, as he got her attention. The crowed calmed down. "I've been wanting to ask you this for a really long time. You know I loved you since the first day we met, you were beautiful, an still are. We've known each other for years now and so, I was wondering…" said Chip as he got on one knee, took out the box and opened it. "Gadget Hackwrench, will you marry me?" said Chip raising the box slightly towards Gadget.

Gadget looked at both Chip and the ring. She never saw a diamond so wonderful, and as for Chip, she loved him, even after all that happened. So she knew what what her answer was right away. "Golly…Yes, I'd love too!" said Gadget has she hugged Chip. Will, Lucy and the rest of the Rangers started to clap as so did the crowed. Gadget started to kiss Chip, but he then grabbed her and spun her around holding her as she inches above the ground. Chip and Gadget then kissed as the crowed when wild.

President Wallace then walked over to Will and Lucy. "You know, I was talking to sennet and congress, as well as secretary of defense. We've decided that maybe these little heroes could make a big difference in the world. So we're going to create a separate branch of the CIA, who will monitor and protect the world undercover, without anyone noticing. Consisting solely of animals, both big and small. The only thing is, we'd haven't though up name for it yet. Have any ideas? Agent Parker?" asked President Wallace.

Will looked at the president, then at Lucy. "Well…One name comes to mind…" said Will as he looked on at Chip, Gadget, Dale, Monty, Zipper and Foxglove.

A year and a half later, inside what looked like to be a ordinary office. Chip was siting at a desk looking over files. The only thing different about it was that the desk was to scale. Chip, now wearing a sweater, with his hat and coat hanging on a hanger, heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." said Chip as he looked up. Gadget entered the room, she two was dressed differently. Instead of her usual jump suit and googles, she was wearing a vest with a dress underneath. On her finger was the ring Chip had proposed with.

"Hey Chip, agents Carmelo and Luther, just got back with info on that suspected illegal genetics lab in Texas." said Gadget as she sat on Chip's desk.

"Anything to report? asked Chip as Gadget handed him the file.

"Take a good guess at what they're really doing." said Gadget.

Chip looked at the intel. "Hmm, mutating animals to create super weapons and then selling them to the highest bider. Well, humph…we'll see about that." said Chip as he pushed a button on his office phone.

"Agent Parker, tell the team to get a Ranger Plane ready, we're headed to the wild west!" said Chip.

"I'm already on it Chief!" said Agent Parker.

"So, honey, whats the plan?" asked Gadget as she got up.

Chip got up off his Chair and put his coat and hat on. "We'll do it the way we usually do." said Chip.

"We'll wing it?" asked Gadget with a smirk.

"We'll wing It." said Chip as he opened the door.

Outside the office, was a regular sized hallway. In it were agents working on other cases, some were human, as for others, they were animals, like squirrels, mice, rats, cats, dogs, birds, insects and many more. They enter a hanger with other Ranger Planes all lined up, with Dr. Maxwell West working on some. Chip and Gadget met up with Agent Lucas, Foxglove who was wearing a two piece jumpsuit, Monty who was wearing his regular trench coat with a new shirt underneath. Zipper who was now wearing a black shirt with RR labeled on it, and Dale who still wore his red and yellow Hawaiian t-shirt.

"You're all set to go team." said Agent Lucas as she opens the hanger's ceiling.

The team hopped into the plane and took off, as they flew away, the building came into view. On it was a logo with the words Rescue Rangers Headquarters across it…

Meanwhile in another office, somewhere in New York City, someone was reading a old newspaper. As the reader flipped through the pages he looked at an article that got him angry.

"President Martin Wallace honors small heroes, creates new branch of the CIA, names it…Rescue Rangers! AHH!" said the reader as he tore up the paper.

"I thought they broke up years ago! Now they're back! Those pesky Ranger are back! Well then…" said the voice as it turned the char around, revealing himself as Fat Cat.

"I guess its time to come out of retirement…heh ha ha ha ha ha!" he laughed.

The End…?