Ch 1 coming out of the shadows

Rose sat on the beach one night staring into the vast sea pondering the outcome of her decision to have the baby that Greg and Rose would name Steven. She was happy that she would give life to a being that she believed would one day surpass her and heal all the corrupted gems that she was never able to heal and save even the ones from Homeworld because it's already happen ones before with Black Diamond's son Jack. When she was reminiscing of her friend a tall dark figure stepped out of the shadows as if out of nowhere walking right at Rose and then sat right next to her and looking towards the ocean.

"Rose" he said in a small voice as if cold and distant.

"Oh Jack! You scared me you really need to stop doing that, but I'm glad you came I need to tell you something"

"I know you're having a baby and that you're going to name it Steven I've been watching you and the Crystal Gems from the shadows and from what my agents tell me. But the real thing here you need to ask is why tell me about it first and not the Crystal Gems"

She smiles and looks down at herself and a small tear escapes her eye. Jack seeing this and already knowing the answer that she will gives moves his hand onto her shoulder to comfort her.

"I'm worried about them I worry they won't understand what I'm doing for myself and for the one I love and I worry how long it will take for them to except the fact that I'm gone but most of all I worry that they may never except Steven"

"I know leaving them is going to be hard, I know at first they won't understand but given time and they will come to understand why and I know for a fact that they will love Steven the moment they lay their eyes on him so you really have nothing to worry about and if they don't I will always be there for him"

As he was saying this it made Rose stop crying and she looked into Jack's eyes she can see that his words were no lie and his helped put her a ease.

"Thanks Jack I needed that"

"No problem"

"Can I ask you something else?"

"Go for it"

"Do you ever desire the chance to meet your mother?"

"Every day I wish that I could meet my mother, for her to hold me when I cried, for her to be there when I needed her but most of all I just wish that she could be with me during the happiest moments of my life and share in my happiness but she's not and that leaves a very large void in my heart"

Tears began to form in his eyes but he wiped them away before they could fall onto the sandy beach and then he began to rub the back of his neck where his mother's gem was placed on his body. Rose could fell all the sadness radiating form him she wanted to hug and comfort and tell him everything was okay but she knew that he was not finished with what he was saying and she waited for him to continue.

"But you know what helps me fill in the void in my heart, its people like you Rose that help me fill in the hole in my heart, you and dad tell me stories on how you fist meet my mom the adventures you had and what she was like when she was alive and it makes me feel as if I know everything about her without having to meet her and I know Steven will feel what I feel because he will have his dad, Rudy, Sappier, amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, me and all the friends he will make in his life to tell him everything about you and to help fill the hole that will be in his heart"

When he finished he found himself in a tight embraced in a worm hug by Rose who was crying her eyes out. Everything he was saying made her feel that what she was doing was the right thing to do and even if it is a bit rocky at the start she believed everything would work out in the end but just wishing she could be there to help. She was brought back to reality when Jack began to speak again.

"Rose I think you need to go back to the gems and tell them about what is happening with you"

"You're right I need to tell them now thanks Jack I needed this"

"I did to ….. Oh! And Rose"


"I will always look out for Steven form the shadows, always helping him without him ever knowing. But I well come for Steven one day when he is ready to meet me or when he really needs me even if that means taking him away from Greg and the gems I hope you understand and I want you to tell this to Greg but not the gems!"

"I understand what you mean after all you are going to be his big brother now okay"

"I know and I can't wait but I will miss you Rose and when you go to heaven or whatever after life say hello to my family for me if you can? I really miss them"

"I will Jack"

And with that Rose goes back to the temple and tells the gems the news about what is happening with her and why she is doing this. The gems are all shocked at what she is putting herself thought and tries to talk her out of this but she stands her ground on the matter. In the morning she goes and visits Greg and tells him about Jack. He understands why he would do this and promises not to tell the gems about it. A few weeks goes by and most of the gems now understand the deep meaning in what she is doing but not Pearl.

9 months later

Greg and the gems and even Jack who was is hiding in the shadows are all at the temple where Rose is about to give birth to Steven they are all crying knowing that this is the last day they will be together. As Rose looks at her friends and lover all crying for her she can't help but stays strong to ease them through this ordeal. As her eyes begin to close for the last time her body starts to glow and shrink into the size of a baby Greg could not help but have tears of joy and sadness as he held baby Steven in his arms the gems seeing this stopped crying and went to great the baby to the world. On that day they had all lost something a lover, a leader, a friend and a mother figure and also that day they had gained something just as good if not better a son, a future leader, a new friend and a baby brother. As the day went on as the morning turned to night Greg brought Steven to his van so that they could go to sleep. The van door opened with hardly a sound as Jack stood there looking at Steven he carefully picked up Steven without waking him up and seeing all the potential the child would have in the future all the things he could achieve all the good he could do all the….. But before Jack finish what he was thinking Greg killed the moment by farting loudly. He was surprised it did not wake the baby but he know the smell would if not kill the baby so he waited a few minutes for the van to air out before putting the baby back in and placed a latter on the inside on the van door which had cash and a note.

Jack starts to walk around town surprisingly for the first time ever. He had come to Beach City may times to visit Rose but not once did he steep one foot in the town. He looked around the area to get a better opinion on the town and a few things came to mind. IT WAS A COMPLET BUMP, everywhere he looked businesses were going out of business, people were moving out and worst of all the town literally and figuratively was falling apart.

Jack did not want Steven growing up in a ghost town so he opted to help fix the town the best why he knew how how, by throwing a ton of money at it and he knew where to start. Jack made his way to town hall to 'talk' with the mayor and help Beach City back on track.

As Jack walked into Mayor Dewey's office he saw sheets, papers and books scattered around the place. He found the mayor near passed out with an empty bottle of Johnnie Walker still in his hand. He could see that Dewey was really trying to keep this town afloat with all of his posters in his office reading 'keep Beach City alive'.

Jack walks right up to Dewey and then clears his throat to get his attention which causes Dewey to wake up spectacularly, as he did he saw Jack just standing there right in front of him which scared him and in his scared, confused and drunk state. In his drunken state Dewey throw the empty bottle as hard as he could at Jake hoping it would hit him.

Jack however catches it with ease and then gently pleases it back on the desk and stands there as if nothing had happen at all. This scared Dewey even more as he stepped back way from jack but as he did he tripped on his chair and fell to the ground.

"Are you finished making a fool of yourself now, and if you are can we talk now?"

As Dewey got up he straighten himself out "s-sorry about that I was just surprised my office assistant didn't tell me someone was coming in to see me"

"What office assistant? There is no one here, everyone has gone home or moved out of this failing town"

"Hay that's not tru… oooh how am I kidding of course it's true, I'm in a worst position then Ocean Town ever was in"

As the mayor cries his eyes out Jack got very annoyed that this was talking longer then he had first thought it would take. So he did the one thing any man would do to stop a fully grown man from crying like a little baby and back handed him in the face like a little bitch.

"Ouch, that hurt! What was that for?" Dewey whined.

"So that you would shut the fuck up and man the fuck up and listen to what I have to offer you"

"What are you offering?"

"I'm offering you the chance to save Beach City with me giving you the finical backing from now it'll the day you retire from office, all I ask in return is that I have special privileges to do whatever I want with the town I will own"

"Are you crime boss? Am I going to die if I say no?"

"No and no"

"Then what are you?"

"I'm a businessman, a scientist, a thinker, an inventor, a warrior and at one time I was something much more but reluctantly I'm not anymore and I'll never will be again for I lack the strength now to be any more that I am now" as he said those words Dewey could feel the sadness in his voice and wondered what he was talking about but he wanted to understand why he was doing this.

"Why are you doing this? I mean I'm not saying Beach City isn't that great but why are you putting so much effort and money into it"

"You know I think I may need to back hand you again for asking a lot of questions" Jack spoke in a sarcastic manner "but I guess I could give you a little preview of what I'm doing, you see Beach City will be at the center stage of great coming event in the next few years and that's all you need to know.

"Will people get hurt in this coming event of yours?"

"People will get hurt more if you don't take this deal and trust me it won't be from me, I'm the one trying to lessen the hurt"

Dewey was in deep thought on whether to except his offer or not, on one hand he could take the deal and save the town or in the other he could reject the deal and keep his dignity. Dewey contemplated his predicament as his he poured himself another stiff drink he saw his reflection in the whisky and saw a man that has lost almost everything and was a complete disgrace to himself and his family. He wanted his son to look up to him as someone he could be proud to call dad but right now he doesn't believe he would be able to with the way he is now.

"I'll do it"

"That's good to hear, by tomorrow your bank accounts will have the necessary funds to fix my town"

"Wait your town?"

"Yes my money my town, don't worry so much everything is going to be okay, for now at least. Some of my men will come by soon to check on how things are going so make sure you are doing good work in rebuilding and to iron out a few details about our arrangement" and with that Jack turned and walked away"

As morning came Greg woke up to the sound of Steven crying in the morning and got to stop him from crying when he did he saw that there was a latter stuck to the vans door he look at the latter which was thick and heavy and had air fresheners stuck on the back for some strange reason? and on the front was written from "from Jack B. Diamond" Greg remembered Rose talking about him a few times and then proceeded to open the latter which was full of cash $20,000 in total and a latter that read as

"Greg this money is to help you and Steven out I know it's going to be hard but the best things in life are hard that's what makes it worth living"

A smile came to his face he was thankful that there was someone looking for them.

"PS you fart very loudly and it smells just as bad it nearly made me dropped Steven"

"Oooooooooooooooh so that's the reason for the air fresheners ….. Wait did he say nearly dropped Steven!

13 years 363 later

Jack sat in a dark room filled with TV monitors that showed him everything in beach city even in the temple and the warp pad locations, he was staring at one monitor in particular in the room that showed him the crystal gems and one Homeworld gem making a huge drill. As he was pondering out loud "should I tell them that they don't need to build the drill because" as he was finishing his trail of thought the metal doors slid open to reveal a man wearing slick black plated armor that covered his entire body entered the room. "Oh Tom my good man what do I owe the pleasure"

"I have come to remind you of the coming event that will happen soon" he said in a deep emotionless voice

"What event are you talking about Tom?"

"Steven's birthday sir"

"Oh I nearly forgot about that guess I you have to get the gift then, get your men in position to retrieve it now"

"Yes sir!"

"Yawn" "I'm going to bed just make sure that that you get both of them and just don't damage them alright"

As Jack said this he and Tom left the room and do what they needed to do Jack with his bed and Tom with retrieving Steven's 'gift!' jack lad in his bed and began to drift into sleep he hoped thinks would turn out how he planed.