Ch 1 alone

I'm Marceline the vampire queen, one of the most powerfulest beings on OOO. People all over know and fear me, I take what I want when I want and hardly anyone can stop me. I live in a lavish castle with the finest of silks for my bed shits, my closet is full of fashionable dresses, my cellar full of fine wines and I have legions of followers that would die for me if I asked so why is it I feel so empty in side.

I sat on my throne playing my axe bass pondering what I should do to pass the time, because the one bad thing about being an immortal vampire is that you have nothing but time which leads you to end up repeating things over and over again until they lose meaning or until they become so dull you got stop doing it.

Marceline has lived for over a 1000 years and in those years she feels like she's missing something in her life, something she could never figure out and it pissed her off so much not knowing what she really wanted because it means she can't ever have it. In a fit of rage she stopped playing her axe bass and throws it at the door when her butler was walking in. But this was no ordinary butler because no normal butler was worthy of serving Marceline the vampire queen, this butler was a master of the dark arts and as soon as he saw the axe coming straight to his face he used his dark magic to stop the axe midflight only stopping it just a mere millimeter form touching his forehead. As a single bead of sweat ran down his forehead as he thanked glob that he did not get beheaded.

"I see you are still deep in thought, I think it's the third time this week that you nearly killed someone because of your little fits like his.

"Sorry Pep it's just… it's just I don't know what to do anymore and its eating away at me"

"Well I could suggest you go to the royalties meeting hall with all the other royals and maybe that will help fill in your time"

"You know I'd rather walk outside naked during the day light and burn to death then go to that boring snooze feast Pep"

"Sorry I mentioned it… OH! I just remembered something that could help you out with your boredom"

"Really?… well spit it out then"

"I have heard tell of a village of humans that live somewhere near your territory my queen"

"Really!... how come I'm just hearing about this just now, do you not know how rare humans are, I'm mean seeing one is seen as a lucky enough but a whole village of glob only knows how many that's just not heard of"

"Well at the time I heard about it you were just started touring all over OOO with your band the Scream Queens about a century and a half ago and when you got back I just plain forgot to tell you about it"

"WAIT! Are you saying that a village of humans has been around for 150 years?" she asks Pep who in return answers her with a nod "how is that village still standing, I mean many people would kill to get their hands on a human dead or alive?"

"I really don't know how that village still stands but I see I picked you interest my lady, would you like me to show you where they are?"

"Yes that would be very helpful"

As she said those words they began to walk/ float to the library part of the castle where there was huge magical map that showed all of OOO in detail. As Pep pointed out the location of the village she was shocked to find out that the village was in the fringes of her territory meaning that she technically kind of owns it, so all she needs to do is to make sure people know that she now fully owns it and that no one else can have it.

A smile appeared on her face with all the possibilities and all the fun she could have with the village, she was stuck on whether or not if she would hunt the village or would she play pranks on them. She only shrugged her shoulders and told herself that she'll decided when she gets there.

She floated to her room where she decided to change her outfit to a long brown hooded cloak with long sleeve leather gloves, knee high long leather boots and a large light brown sun hat all to protect herself from the sunlight when she travels there and just in case she wanted to stay there for a few days. She even brought her axe bass for protection, she may have been one of the most powerfulest beings in all of OOO but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any enemy's that would want to try and kill her and she would undoubtedly need to protect what was hers from any poachers that would try and take what did not belong to them.

"Okay Pep I'm going over to that human village to see how it's doing and stack my claim over it and have some fun after, so I may not be back in a day or two so keep everything running while okay?"

"Yes my queen I'll be sure to watch over your holdings and I'll also make sure everything runs smoothly as always"

"Cool see you in a few days" as Marceline finished her sentence she shoot off into the sky at mock speed to get to the village quickly not wanting to miss out on any of the fun she could be having but she needed to be careful when getting there after all it was day time after all.

After some time had passed she ended up at a forest and decided to walk the rest of the way there seeing as she didn't want the humans seeing her before she sees them first. As she walked through the forest she got a bit tired from all the flying and sat under a shady tree and took a little nap.

After a few hours had passed something caused her to wake from her nap, as she gut up she saw the sun was still high in the sky and she felt the ground moving as if something big was coming towards her. She could hear trees being up-rooted and cast aside and the smell it was giving off was horrid meaning it was close by.

As the final trees were pushed away she could see the culprit was a mountain troll and he was bigger them most then she has ever seen. She draw her axe bass and prepared to fight the mountain troll but she could hear someone running from behind her, she could tell it wasn't another mountain troll for starters its steps were to light and it had a very pleasant smell to it.

But before she could turn around and see what it was she was slapped aside by the mountain troll because she let her guard down to check out the new comer and when she gets up she is going to rip that mountain troll apart. But before she could get one leg up the new comer jumped high in the air and slashed its sword at the mountain trolls face causing him step back in pain.

Marceline was curious to see how this fight would turn out so she just sat there on the ground seeing as the fight went on. Marceline could see that the new comer was a very young boy wearing a light blue shirt with long black cargo pants and a white hoody, she could faintly see his hair which was short blond hair which was a very nice shade of blond and had quite the shine to it. It wasn't till then she actually was paying attention to the fight that she realized that the young boy was a human boy and that he was winning which looked like he was doing it with very little effort on his part.

After the final blow was struck the mountain troll feel to its knees and then fell on its face, Marceline was very much satisfied with the outcome of the fight and was about to get up when the human boy came up to her and extended his hand to her to help her up.

"Are you alright mam you're not hurt too much are you?" Marceline could tell in his words were sincere, as she looked at the boy's face she thought he looked cute especially his eyes, they were a very nice shade of blue.

Reaching for his hand as she got up answered his question from before "I'm fine thank y…" but before she could finish she felt a surge of pain coming from her leg which caused her to lose balance and fall on the boy, but luckily the boy was ready and caught her as she fell, she instinctively wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled her face closer to his face and as she did this she got a full whiff of his secant. To Marceline his secant was orgasmic and she would so like to just sink her fangs into his neck and drain him of his blood but she didn't.

For some strange reason she felt warm and safe and even at peace in his embrace, it was as if she was in a trance of pure bliss, but she did break out of it when she felt the boy pat her back as if she was some poor maiden of the verge of tears.

"There, there everything is alright no one well hurt you any more now" the human softly said to her believing she was scared because of her encounter with the mountain troll.

It would be fair to say Marceline was a tiny bit angry with what the human boy said that but she did know that he was only trying to help her out and he did look very cute and even deep down inside her she felt very nice being treated like a delicate flower in bloom. So this one time she let it go and just enjoyed the moment she was in "I-I wasn't seared it was just my leg is hurt is all"

"Oh sorry about that"

"It's okay really"

After a while she final asked him who he was "who are and if you don't mind me asking how old are you"

"My name is Finn and I'm 16 years old"

Marceline cursed under her breath when she heard he was only 16 year old "dammit his 16 oh well I can wait 2 year if I must" she whispered faintly to her self

"Did you say something miss?"

"It's Marceline and no I didn't say anything"

"Okay then Miss Marceline do you need any help my village is not that far from here if you need anything I can help you with it"

"Is your village the one filled with humans?"

"Yeah that's the one"

"Then yes I would like some help getting there" before she knew it Finn had picked her up and placed her on his back and was carrying her back to his village "aaaaahhhhhh what are doing" she asked in a shy school girl like tone

"You said you needed help, I'm sorry have I offended you in some way?"

"Oh no no no its just you caught me off guard that's all but isn't this strenuous at all to you?"

"What no I'm stronger then I look and to me you're as light as a feather to me" as he shoot Marceline a cocky smile to show her everything was okay.

Marceline blushes a deep shade a crimson red as she hides it by shoving her face deep in Finns neck "oh glob this is going to be harder than I thought to keep it in my pants for two years" she thought aloud in her mind.

As time passed she fell asleep as Finn was carrying her to his village, she knew better then to lower her guard around people she didn't know but Finn was a different story she could feel his honesty and purity radiating from his very being. It was nice being around Finn, it reminded her of a time long passed where her mother would carry when she scraped her knee and how she as well would fall asleep in her arms just like now.

When Marceline awoke from her slumber and stretched her limbs as she proclaimed "that has the best sleep I've had in centuries" but something was not right, she looked around and found herself in a simple room that felt very homey and well lived in she guess that this was Finn's bedroom "how long was I out?" she asked herself.

She sniffed the sheets they had his secant she was right this is Finn's bedroom, as she got out of the bed ahe admittedly smell something nice cooking as she left the bedroom she just realized that she still had all her cloths on even her hat. "Finn may not have realized I'm a vampire yet" she paused for a few seconds and thought about her predicament she was in "good"