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Ch 9 too innocent

"Then what happened?"

"Uh you know the usual, Silvia got a little jealous" Huntress paused to think about all the events that transpired when she learnt Bubblegum and Finn were an item "OK scratch that she got very jealous, she even challenged Bubblegum in order to have Finn all to herself"

"What was the challenge?"

"Simple, see who can make Finn cum the fastest and most, it doesn't take a genius to see that Bubblegum won. I mean there was no competition Bubblegum just had way more experience than Silvia did. She was no more than a novice to her when it came to pleasing Finn, after all she's had sex with Finn way more than Silvia and especially when Finn didn't have poison running in his veins, his a different best altogether. But after that they manage to reconcile their feelings for Finn and Bubblegum even told Silvia that she could Fuck Finn whenever she wants and yes, I could too. Sometime we even have a get together and have orgies with other princesses from time to time.

"Wait! How many others?"

Huntress just shrugs her shoulders "don't know, lost count but glob I'll tell you this. Finn can get around even when his severely outnumbered he leaves no woman unsatisfied"

"Finn told me his only sleep with three other woman!"

"Yeah I know, he tends to lie about that bit"

"What! Why?"

"Are you kidding me, the last time Finn told somebody how many people his fucked, it made Meleta feel like she was inadequate, ugly and a little intimidated. By the fact that Finn had all this experience in the art of love making where she had none. In short he did it to spare your feeling after all how did you think he made you cream yourself so quickly?"

"What! How did you know that? Were you watching? Were you filming? And who is Meleta?

"Shhhhhhh shhhhhhhh relax you're going to stress yourself out here, follow me" Huntress then guided Marceline to her lounge room where she placed Marceline on her couch.

As Marceline sat down on the couch she look around the lounge room and saw more DVDs and a flat wide screen TV.

"So are you going to answer my questions or what?"

"Alright fine, I guess there's no avoiding it anyways. Yes I saw you and Finn having sex and filed it but in my defense, I was there since before the beginning. As in before you and Finn meet, he and I were on an intense adventure in this cool dungeon labyrinth that was filled with bestial Minotaur's so savage that they were ripping each other apart. It took us three days to clear the dungeon and collect the special old book for Bubblegum. And after that we made sweet love right outside the entrance of the dungeon labyrinth for like a good soiled 2 maybe more hours. And after that we parted ways but I was still feeling a bit horny and wanted some more sex in the woods and so I tracked Finn down and found him saving you from the troll and thought, hum maybe Finn and this new girl will get it on with each other. I mean the way you talked to Finn made you sound and look so thirsty"

"I did not sound thirsty!"

"Yes you did, so I stayed back in the shadows and waited for the inevitable to happen and film it. And Meleta is Frozen Yogurt princess, she's a big cry baby but she is real sweet. Oh! I should show you the video were Finn deflowered her. It was so cute and so heartwarming to watch, it was like seeing a baby take her first steps and then fall down and cry but stand right back up and try again"

"Maybe later thanks, so about you filming me and Finn. Do you have the DVD here or is it in another room?"

"Oh, it's right here, I just finished making it and the DVD case before you came in here and I got to say. It's one of the best screen shoots I've ever taken" Huntress brags as she walk over to another book shelf with fewer DVD case meaning that they all must be relatively new compared to the others she saw.

'Glob! How many times has Finn had sex?'

Huntress take one of the DVD cases out and hands it to Marceline so she could see one of her many works of art in all its glory. Marceline had to admit the front cover of the case looked absolutely stunning, her propose the lighting all culminating to create a precious act of love and art.

"Wow, this looks very nice" Marceline praised and she started to look over the minute details of the photo with a smile of achievement on her face.

However that smile of achievement on her face didn't last long as she would have like as she noticed the door in the background was opened and she saw Minerva looking on the two lovers with a smile on her face.

"That bitched lied to me!" Marceline scream out at the picture, focusing on Minerva "she said she saw nothing!

"Yeah she tends to watch sometimes. Hell the first couple of times she handed out water bottles and warm towels to Finn and whoever he was having sex with at the time. But she stopped doing that after a while because Finn didn't want to continue having sex when he found out his mother was watching no matter how much his partner or partners and mother begged him to continue where they left off.


"Hadn't Minerva told you? She wants grand kinds so she tried to help Finn impregnate me and a few others. Some people say it's weird, but I say it was sweet of her and I'm not going to lie, I kind of do want Finn's baby inside of me you know? I think I'd make a great mother. But only if I got rid of all of this stuff" Huntress waved her arms around the room gesturing at all the porn and spy gear in the house "because seriously this will fuck up any child I'll have, somewhat"

Marceline paused in thought. Looking down on the DVD case again, she wonders if she even wants a kid of her own with Finn or with anyone else with that matter. Could she even have one? Her mom and dad were able to have her even though they were two very species, being a human and demon respectively. But those were common enough to given a classification to them in the old days, Cambion. She used to be one but now she is a half demon half vampire hybrid, and what would her kids be?

One fourth demon, one fourth vampire, half human hybrid creatures. What would they even look like? Would they be Immortal like her? Or would they be mortal like Finn? Would they be sane, normal run-of-the-mill people? Or horribly disfigured monstrous creatures? There were so many unknown factors and variables to consider. Marceline pushed those thought aside, as she didn't want to think about it. Well not now at least but later on, much later on.

For now Marceline just needed to take care of one thing first before she could do anything else. In one quick motion Marceline morphed her hand into her monster form and crushed the DVD case completely and utterly without hesitation, much to Huntress's dismay. She could not let something like this exist and when she meets with Minerva again. She and her are going to have a very long talk about personal boundaries you just don't cross in the name of common courtesy.

"What the glob Marceline! That was my only copy!" Huntress shouted at her.

"Good, that takes care of that little problem"

But to her shock the dumbfounded face that on Huntress was quickly replaced with an expression of boredom.

"Whatever, it wasn't even that good anyways. I mean the only new part that was really interesting was the blindfolding bit but everything else was so plain and the rest, was nothing I haven't seen before"

Marceline couldn't help feel her pride shatter a little when she heard Huntress say that.

"So about this book you and Finn got for Bonnie, what was it?"

"Don't know some kind of Alchemy book as far as I could tell, its right over here if you want it" Huntress points at the coffee table nonchalantly right next to her which had the book just lying there.

"Wait, weren't you supposed to give it to Bonnie or something?"

"Yes, I was and I did, me and Finn don't half ass our jobs we get. Especially those we get from Bubblegum herself"

"But it's right here in my hands and not in Bonnie's"

"I scanned the books pages with a hand held scanner Bonnie gave me and then e-mailed them to her. It's not a magical Grimoire that requires you to have the book in order to use what's inside, its' an alchemy book you just need to follow the formula step by step and your golden. So yeah you can have it, I'm not into alchemy so you can have it if you want it"

"Thanks for the book and explaining things to me, but I got to go back home now"

"Are you sure that's a good thing to do? I say that because it's very sunny outside and I heard the forecast for the week and they say that it's going to be sunny all day today with very little chance of clouds forming"

"What are you suggesting?"

"I'm saying, I'll let you crash her for the night, I mean day, sorry! Not really used to saying that but anyways what do you say?"

"You're up to something aren't you?"

"Okay you got me, I was going to try and convince you to watch one or more of my sex tapes I've made. To you know, give you an idea on what Finn can really do with you when he's not had previous 'encounters' with someone on the same day or even the following day or when he's dazed by a poison tip dart to the ass, so to speak"

At the mention of watching Finn fuck other girls besides herself Marceline would of walking out and departed be it rain or shine. However Marceline was wondering what kind of competition she'd be facing and reluctantly she agreed to it"

"Okay I'll bit, show me what you've got"

"Right this way Marceline" Huntress leads Marceline into the theater room where she had rows of DVD's and a big flat screen 4K TV with surround sound "welcome to the Huntress's grand achieve of sex and kinky shite! Slash my personal masterbate-praetorium. Learnt that last word from Bubblegum, oh and if you find any anal beads around here please tell me. I kind of lost one of them and I couldn't be bothered to find it"

Marceline's jaw hung wide open as she could not believe the amount of DVD's that were in here. All neatly stacked upon row upon row.

"Are all or these DVD's just full of Finn just having sex with people?! There's hundreds of them!"

"No, don't be silly. Some of them are but most of them are just video compilations of sexual fetishes like blowjobs, maids, cross-dressing, role playing, Domination and Submission, Babying and anal, so much anal. And let's not forget that all of them are then broken down into different volumes and AMVs"

Marceline just stands there and stared at her in a very disappointed manner.

"Hey stop judging me and pick out a DVD, I recommend that row over there as it's the single takes with one of the many princesses or sexy ladies he's met on his Adventures. But more specifically I'd go with the Frozen Yogurt princess one. It's tame but it still got a good and rare niche kink to it that I find quite palatable and enjoyable to watch as it adds a lot of conflicting emotions that you really don't get with other sex tapes. Really, it's the rarity of it that makes it more of a unique viewing experience to behold"

"That sounded like you were describing a rare vineyard of wine to me"

"Well I am a connoisseur of my respected field after all, so it should sound like that and if it didn't I'd be doing myself a disservice to not only myself but any that view my hard work"

Marceline just groans in annoyance as she walks over to the row of DVDs and peruses them to find a DVD she wants to watch. Most of them are mainly just Finn and Bubblegum but some of them are with people she has never heard of which makes her feel kind of left out but also kind of impressed at the same time. Unable to make up her mind she looks around the other rows to see if there is anything else she'd like to see. When doing this she noticed one DVD cases was framed and had triple X rating on it, catching her interest so she pointed it out.

"How about that one" Marceline pointed the framed DVD case.

"No, not that one you're too young to see it"

"I am literally over a 1000 years older than you so I am not too young to see it"

"You know what you're right, the proper words I should have used was…" Huntress paused to think about the word she wanted to use to describe Marceline and why she shouldn't watch the DVD she pointed out to watch "I got it! You're just too innocent to watch it"

"Huntress, I'm the Vampire Queen! I'm pretty much the queen of bad and the daughter of the lord of evil. Nobody in their right mind would call me too 'innocent' to watch a bloody porn-o DVD"

"Oh please, your jaw was hanging wide open the moment you saw this place. You even got disgusted after I told you my first time meeting with Finn. And let's not forget you are also disgusted and more than a little turned on when Finn and Bubblegum had sex right in front of you. And if you saw what's on that DVD you'd lose you innocent purity forever"

"Fine whatever! What do you recommend then?"

"The one I said before, little Meleta's first try of the D" Huntress walked over to the DVD row case and pulled out the DVD case and went over to the DVD player and put in the DVD.

"Alright before we begin I'll just go and get use some snacks and don't worry I'll bring you back something red to eat and some sex toys. They may not be as good as Finn's toy but they'll keep you satisfied until you can get your hands on the good stuff, that is to say Finn of course"

"I appreciate the red, I'm starving. But I'm going to have to say no to sex toys for personal hygiene and sanitary issues. I'm sure you can understand that" Marceline explained as she sat down on one the sofas in the room only to feel something off under her butt.

Digging her hand under the sofa cushion Marceline pulls out an anal beads that was small in the beginning but got progressively bigger with each bead.

"Eww!" Marceline panicked tossing the beads into the air for them to then land into Huntresses hands.

"Aw sweet! You found them"