A/N This was written back in March in honor of what would have been Karl Malden's 104th birthday.

Thanks to Shergar for checking this story over for me and her encouragement.

Disclaimer: I do not profit from the characters of "The Streets Of San Francisco" I am not the creator of the series, that is Quinn Martin.

Last One Living

Steve hummed quietly as he worked. He wanted this breakfast to be really special. After all, it wasn't every day a man turned a hundred and four years old. When Steve thought back to how long he had known Mike and his beautiful daughter Jeannie it amazed him.

He had hoped Jeannie would have returned from the store before he served Mike his breakfast but so far there was no sign of her. Steve knew if he waited much longer Mike's eggs and pancakes would get cold. He decided to head on upstairs and see if his father in law was awake.

The birthday tune just wouldn't leave his mind and the humming continued. As he got to the bedroom beside his and Jeannie's, he noticed Mike was laying still. Steve thought he was almost too still!

"Mike? Mike, you awake? I've brought some breakfast for you." Steve's voice was shaky.

As he moved closer he sat the breakfast tray on the dresser near the window. He moved his hand to gently shake Mike's shoulder. Just as he had rested his hand on Mike's shoulder there was movement from the bed and Steve jumped from surprised fright as he heard Mike's bark.

"What do you think you're doing, boy wonder?! Can't an old man get any rest without being bothered?" Mike barked putting on his hearing aid as Steve grabbed his chest to still his pounding heart. "What's the matter with you? Your heart acting up?"

"You scared the life out of me, Mike! I came in to give you breakfast and you were lying so still I thought you'd...well you know." Steve was embarrassed now. "And you didn't answer me when I called."

"You thought I'd kicked the bucket. I will probably be here after you're gone, buddy boy. I didn't have my hearing aid in. You know I can't hear as good without it. Don't you worry, I'm still alive. I heard on the television last night that the oldest person had died yesterday at 103. Well now don't you think that possibly makes me the oldest person?" Mike gave Steve a smile.

"That's very possible, Mike. It is very possible indeed. Happy Birthday, Dad." Steve smiled happily as he put the breakfast tray over Mike's lap.