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Wild As I Wanna Be

Prologue: Of Thieves and Men

"Get them! He can't have gone far!" The loud pursuit of the police rung throughout the quiet calm night.

Far above them a huge grin appeared on the face of a rebellious youth, as he balanced easily on top of the rooftops above his pursuers. "Haha… Oh, amateurs…"

Sun couldn't contain his snicker as he polished up the apple he had recently "acquired". With merry amusement he watched the bumbling law enforcers chase his clones all over the city streets while casually taking a bite out of the red juicy fruit.

"Sir! Uh, is this a good plan?! I don't think those things are even real!"

"I don't care! One of them took my sandwich!"


His semblance was an amazing gift, and in the right hands could do extraordinary things. But sometimes they mimicked more than just his moves.

Alright. While seeing the cops make fools of themselves was entertaining enough it was time he ended the charade. The goal was two fold. Firstly, to throw the local law enforcement off his tail (literally) and secondly, to see how long he could keep the clones out and how far he could be from them. Judging by the way they were moving tonight, Sun was definitely getting the hang of his abilities.

With a snap of his fingers the golden copies dissipated instantly, their yellow dust billowing in the wind.

Two minutes and forty five seconds at about four hundred feet . That was a new record. As such he deserved a reward. He pulled out a whole bag of goodies containing fruits, meats, and various kinds of candies and began inspecting his prizes.

Alright so he was a thief, but, hey! A guy's gotta eat. One does not just make his way from Vacuo all the way to Vale with just skill and grit alone. One needs money too. The former two the golden haired youth did not lack, but as to the latter - well when you were born poor... let's just say, you find ways to feed yourself.

...Of course he was going to pay them back! This was just an investment in the "Keep Sun Wukong Alive" campaign. Surely with time he would become a renowned enough Huntsman. Then, with fame would come fortune, and with said fortune he would gladly pay all that he owed and more. Or so he was told.

Stupid Neptune.

He made the life of huntsman's seem so glamorous and great. All Sun had ever seen was that they were paid next to little, they were rarely thanked for the risks they took, and they had to go to a very boring school.

Haven Academy was boring, dull and plain in his eyes. Sun Wukong was a man of action. The lectures and teachings - as important as they were - just never resonated with him. He needed a change of scenery. So first chance he got he transferred to Beacon, all the way in the country of Vale.

And what a world of difference it had made. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he felt more at home in Beacon than he ever did back home in Vacuo or in Mistral. The city, the students, Blake-

His own thoughts jittered him back to reality. Yeah… Blake.

An amazing, wonderful, super-totally-awesome-mega-babe… as Neptune would put it. In his friend's defense, Sun would agree… but she was more than that. There was just something about her that drew him in. The serene way she carried herself, the way her cute nose would scrunch up as she read her books, even the way her eyes shone when she thought he wasn't looking. But it wasn't just her looks that grabbed him. Sun liked to think he was never as shallow as that. She had the most amazing smile that shook him to his core - when she would actually show it. She was adamant in her beliefs, as he had seen when he fought together with her against the White Fang. Plus, she deeply cared for for all kinds of people, whether they are Faunus or Human.

Overall she was the total package he could ever want in a girl.

Than why don't you just ask her out then, dummy?

He shook his head violently. No, he couldn't… could he?

Neptune and his friends always said that confidence was something he had in spades. Except when it came to women, as they would often remind him of a particular incident with a bunny faunus girl back home. How was he suppose to know that touching their ears was the equivalent of getting to second base?! He could never look that girl in the eye after that and spent the rest of the semester hiding from her.

But things were different now. That was the past Sun, and the present Sun was all the wiser for it (he would always be careful around any female Faunus as to not touch things he should not). It should be a cakewalk, asking the calm and introverted Blake to go out with a fellow she barely knew, right?

...Yeah, right.

Sun was getting tired of the back and forth rant he was having with himself. But rescue from the unending loop he was stuck in came abruptly, when he literally walked pass what sounded like a cry for help.

"You can't take that from us, Mister! That's all we have!"

Under the blanket of the night sky he would have had trouble seeing the commotion, but being a Faunus did have its perks, namely night vision. Down an alleyway he spotted clearly six goons harassing two young Faunus, antelopes from the looks of their horns. The boy and girl pair were being backed into a corner, and from the looks of it they had already gone through the boy Faunus' belongings.

"Sorry, Kid! We gotta eat sometime. Hey Mac, check what's in the girl's bag!"

"Please, don't!"

Sun's eyes flared. One thing was for sure. Brigands and vagabonds existed everywhere, no matter what city you're in. Typical of the police, when they were really needed they were never to be found.

"Hey!" He shouted as he casually made his way down the narrow alley. That definitely caught their attention. "She said 'Don't'. I'd take that hint, pal."

"This doesn't concern you, monkey-boy." The biggest of the bunch blocked his passage.

If these idiots annoyed him before, he was definitely ticked off now. He hated that name.

"Oh I wouldn't say that, again." he warned them.

"Say what? Monkey-bo-"

Yellow and black Sneaker met face as the young, athletic faunus kicked the big man with ease, sending him flying straight up.

Bullies and name calling never sat well with Sun. It wasn't his fault if he wasn't going to hold back. The big man's gang raced to their comrades rescue, surrounding the simian faunus. A wild haymaker was hurled in his left. He grinned as he easily dodge the slow and clumsy blow, cart wheeling beside it before locking it between his own legs and turning the punch into a locked armbar takedown. It took the bare minimum of effort for him to break the guy's arm. Another one down.

The other four, probably surprised by how he moved, began to recognized that the boy they were facing was going to put up an unexpected good fight. Soon, they surrounded him, and pulled out their small arm weapons; knives, chains, batons. All the colors of the rainbow.

How cute.

As much as Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang called out to him he didn't need his partners' help to take care of these chumps. His fists would do plenty.

He jumped straight up and landed a clean split kick, knocking two aside. He must have gotten caught up in the moment, because the third guy grabbed him from the side and placed him in a bear hug, before using his surging momentum to toss Sun right into the wall.

In hindsight, though, tossing him was not a bright idea. The toned huntsmen-in-training flipped himself over mid-air so that his feet would come into contact with the wall first, before pushing himself off. Sun Wukong might not match Yang's close quarter combat capabilities, but so long as there were ways for him to jump, juke, somersault, and otherwise use his agility to his advantage, he was confident he would never lose. Jumping wall to wall, he gained height and elevation feeling the cool night air hit his bare chest.

Big Finale, Sun.

At the apex of his jump Sun sent himself whirling downwards, cannonballing into a flip, at the very last second he launched a crescent axe kick, which landed hard on his aggressor's shoulder. The bone beneath his foot crunched under the force of his drop. The man gave out a scream of pain as he fell to his knees. Sun silence him with a spinning backfist.

The last one must have thought he could sneak behind and finish off what his friends could not. Sun could feel his breath.

"YA!" the sneak attacker yelled before giving out a distinct "Huh?!"

A long golden tail had wrapped itself around his hand and preventing him from following through.

"Benefits of being a Monkey-boy," Sun mocked, before putting the knife wielder down for good via a well placed punch right between the eyes. "I never fight alone." He raised up an empty, open-palm. "High five, tail." His tail danced happily and answered the gesture.

Taking a long good look at his handiwork, he knew it will be awhile before these boys would wake up. Hopefully they'd learned their lesson… well, not hopefully. Sun had to admit, he'd welcome repeating the lesson with them. Guys like them usually needed more than one reminder.

"You kids okay?" he asked concernedly.

"Y-yeah…" the antelope girl answered meekly.

"That was awesome!" her boy counterpart yelled out. "How'd you do that?!"

"Well… anybody could that." Sun grinned sheepishly as he rubbed his nose in embarrassment. It felt good to be praised once in awhile."So you kids aren't hurt? These guys didn't take anything else?"

They both shook their heads.

"...Good." With the commotion he had made someone was bound to have called the cops. And he'd rather not be around to explain to them that it took a thief to take down a bunch of thieves. "Well… c'ya." he picked up his bag full of goods before merrily making his way off.

Behind him the two kids' expressions fell.


"They ruined our food," the boy grumbled, sticking his hand through the hole in his pack through which all their food had spilled. He looked up dejectedly. "What are going to do now, Annie?"

Sun stopped abruptly, his ears turned towards the conversation with animal instinct, than he sighed. He knew he should have walked faster. Oh well… He could always find more.

"Hey kids!" he turned to give them a reassuring smile, bag in hand revealing its mouth watering content. "...Who's hungry?"