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Wild As I Wanna Be

Chapter 9: Sunny Day Hero II

"What did you think you were doing?!" Blake pulled him aside, her fingers digging into his arms. It wasn't quite out of earshot but she didn't care.

Blake was not happy with the blonde Faunus. Calm and collected had given way to appalled and furious. She knew Sun lacked manners and bordered on having uninhibited social behaviors but still… this was something she wasn't going to take lightly. Sneaking his way into the privacy of her room, not to mention her friends' room, there were laws against that. And for good reason.

"I was just-"

"Sun, what you did was stupid and reckless beyond belief, not to mention downright creepy! You even dragged Neptune on this!"

"Thank you!" The stylishly dressed young man exclaimed.

"What were you thinking?!" She couldn't even imagine the thoughts that were running through Sun's mind right about now.

"...Okay, I could see how you could come to that but-"

"Did you think I would let this one go? Like one of your stupid pranks?!"

"Ohhhh snap. Trouble in paradise." She heard Yang call out. Blake's golden orbs met and humbled Yang's lilac ones. The blonde member of team RWBY whistled a tune and placed her hands behind her head, receiving the message Blake was definitely trying to get across.

Okay that last barb hurt. She could tell from the look he was giving her. Which dampened her fury just a bit.

"Look I'm sorry. I was… okay, I messed up," He looked down, averting her gaze for a moment before finally meeting hers. "Can we… can we talk about this later? Just us? I just wanted to help so when I heard what you guys were doing I couldn't let you guys go on your own."

Help her. All Sun had ever done since they've met was want to help her. Did it ever occur to him that maybe she didn't need saving? That she could take care of herself?

You weren't complaining the night he first showed up. Her inner voice spoke up.

Shut up. She mentally shot back.


She looked around at the others, some feigning ignorance of the entire matter like Neptune and Yang while Weiss glared on with crossed arms, definitely not pleased with the boys actions. Ruby stood there with those puppy dog silver eyes, pleading with her to take it easy on their Mistral friends.

He could have just asked, but no, he had to be Sun Wukong, Mr. busybody.

And would you have told him? Her inner dialogue continued with the same voice that mirrored her own.

A thought, a moment, before she had no reply. Possibly because the voice might have been right. Given the chance if she could have done this by herself she would have. But alone Blake knew she wouldn't accomplish much, there was too much ground to cover. It pained her to rely on her teammates for this but they assured her they would gladly offer their aid. After all they were exactly that. Her teammates. And friends.

But Sun?... she couldn't have asked him to join on this mission with her. Yes, she had always been grateful for that fateful encounter that night. A kind stranger to talk to who had no ties or bearings to judge her with. Blake wasn't ignorant or stupid, like all Faunus she was raised to be weary of unknown faces. But something about his face and attitude charmed his way past her normal boundaries. Sun was bad news, that much she could see. But there was something sincere about the way he carried himself too.

"I knew you would look better without the bow." It had always been one of the sweetest things she could think about him.

She was finding it hard to find him endearing now.

Sometimes that boy could be soooo…

"Blake? Are you okay?" Weiss spoke up and snapped her out of her tired rhetoric.

"I'm, I'm alright." The young, raven haired lass clasped at her temple and shook her feelings away. Now was definitely not the time. "Fine, " She replied coolly, "You can help. But we will talk about this later."

He mouthed a silent thanks which Blake easily dismissed from her sight. She really didn't want to hear anymore of it as she walked back to her circle of friends.

She felt his footsteps follow behind her. "Oh no," she turned around. "You aren't going with me on my mission."

She needed time away from Sun to cool off. Just looking at his face right now made her fume.

"But-" If he thought he could argue this he had another thing coming. She gave him that glare that she remembered her mom was always able to put on her father when he broke a promise or something important. It seemed to work, Sun stood in place unable to look her in the eye.

"You… you go elsewhere Sun." She finished in an exasperated tone.

"Awkward," Neptune whispered under his breath.

"You're telling me." Yang followed up.

"That's okay!" Ruby exclaimed as she came between the both of them. "Sun could come with us! Right, Weiss?"

"What? Why?" The Heiress exclaimed.

The young team leader nudged her teammate gently and coughed slightly. "I was hoping- Okay, fine." With crossed arms, Weiss finally relented.

"What about me?" In all the confusion everyone seemed to have forgotten about Sun's brightly attired team mate. "What'll I do?"

"You can go with Yang," Once more it was Ruby to the rescue, eager to pair up her sister with someone for once. "Since she doesn't have a partner. Sounds, good?"

Neptune awkwardly opened his mouth to say something but decided against it, glancing at the confident lilac eyed girl who gave him what could only be described as a flirty wink. "I'm cool with that." She smiled. "Think you can keep up, partner?"

The blue haired young man answered by adjusting his goggles. "Please. I'm Neptune Vasilias. I was born ready."

"Hey, not that it's any of my business but how do you think Neptune and your sister are doing right about now?" Weiss nonchalantly pointed out as the trio continued their walk.

"What? Weiss it hasn't even been fifteen minutes! I'm sure they're doing fine." Ruby guffawed. "Really, I didn't peg you as a worry wart."

"I'm not a worry wart," The Schnee heiress corrected. "I'm just concerned, that's all."

The red headed member of RWBY couldn't help but snicker. "That's just another word for worry wart."

Small conversations aside, Ruby couldn't help but notice the lack of exuberant small talk from the third member of their current triumvirate. "What do you think, Sun?"

At the sound of his name Sun looked up and around. "Huh? What?"

"We were just talking about Yang and Blake." Ruby reiterated.

"Oh? Oh. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure they'll be fine. I've seen your sister fight. And trust me, he may not look the part but Neptune can handle himself " She didn't like how quickly Sun replaced the worn look on his face with a sunny smile. It just seemed so forced.

"I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it, Sun." Ruby hoped her words brought some comfort.

"I'm not worried about it. Who said I'm worried about it?" He tried to play it off. She might not be the best when it came to knowing how boys thought, but even she knew enough when he was lying.


"Ruby, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. We got a mission remember? Now where is this transmit tower at?" Sun rubbed his palms together, eager to change the subject.

"Uh, hello, it's the big building right up ahead." Weiss pointed out.

And what a building structure it was. Right in the middle of the bustling city was a tower that dwarfed anything close to it with crowds of people from all walks of like coming and going around it.

It left an impression on the younger Ruby. "Wooooow! I forgot how big the transmit tower looks up close!"

Ruby's wide eyed bewilderment brought an amused look from Weiss. "You should see the one in Atlas."

"That was the first one right?" Ruby's home roots were showing. Patch had nothing quite like the towers of the Four Kingdoms.

"Correct." Weiss replied. "Atlas developed the Cross Continental Transmit system to allow the Four Kingdoms to communicate to one another. It was their gift to the world after the Great War."

Ruby gave Sun a glance and the two shared a look before both stifled a laugh.

"Oh look at me. My name is Weiss," Ruby melodramatically acted. "I know facts. I'm rich."

Sun couldn't help but chip in in a haughty tone. "And I'm Jacques Schnee. Biggest Douche in all of Remnant. Be a dear and pick up my handkerchief for me, peasant."

Which earned him daggers from Weiss glare.

"Don't be a pest, The only reason why we're here is because you like the tower so much. We could have just easily made a call from the library." the white haired heiress kept her cool with Ruby.

"And you…" she turned to Sun. "Where do you get off insulting my family like that?"

Her demanding tone didn't sit well with the outspoken leader of team SSSN. Sun never responded well when it came to people bossing him off. "It's not an insult if it's true, Ice Queen." he replied back with a steely jab of his own. His blue eyes matching her ice blue ones for a start.

Ruby's form shrank. What began as a friendly jest between what she considered friends turned into something ugly and not quite what she was looking for. "Guys, relax. It was only a joke."

"Don't think I've forgotten about our little conversation from before, Wukong." Weiss fired back.

"Oh I wouldn't dream of it. Because you know, I just love being threatened by spoiled heiresses on a daily basis!" Sun was glad to dish out just as much as she was willing to give.

"Guys!" Both rising tempers simmered to a halt when they found themselves attracting a crowd.

Ruby looked at Sun meekly. "Sun. Please. Apologize."

"Me?! " He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sun always thought that of all of team RWBY, Ruby was the one who always got his back. " She was the one who-"

"You were in the wrong. It was only suppose to be a joke. And sometimes, your jokes can get a little too far."

Blake's anger.

Ruby's disappointment.

Weiss' distrust.

Wow, Sun was definitely on a roll with the girls of team RWBY.

Before he could dig himself any further he scratched his head mildly. Sometimes all one could do was swallow one's pride and admit one's mistakes. The many, many, mistakes. "Sorry." He said quietly. "I didn't… I shouldn't have brought your family into this. I was wrong. I…I'm sorry."

He looked up at Weiss. She was still giving him a look, but her features had soften just a tiny bit. "You should be." She glanced away from him. "You don't even know me." The last part was so soft he could barely hear her words.

"See?! That's what I'm talking about. Friends again." Ruby was more than happy to salvage whatever relationship she can out of the two.

"Ruby, me and Sun aren't really-" Weiss got cut off.

"I said friends gosh darn it!"

Weiss and Sun awkwardly glanced at each other. Was it worth it to lie to their mutual friend?

The two gave each other a silent look and reluctantly agreed. For Ruby, they could push aside their differences, if not for at least one day.

"My bad." He held out his hand, hoping for a small respite against the Schnee girls cold ice blue stare. "Can we start over?"

"In this world there are do overs…" Weiss was ever a pragmatic however she never painted herself as cold hearted, well… not to that degree. "... but I suppose friends do give each other that." She lied so casually that even Sun had to admit he was convinced. "Just no more jokes about my family. I don't appreciate that kind of humor."

"I'll keep that in mind." he promised.

"See? Were all friends here! I am so happy for the both of you that I'm going to take a picture to commemorate-"

Now before she could finish her conversation Ruby cried out in vain as her scroll slipped from her hands and hit the ground hard and with momentum. Her scroll was practically bouncing all over the place before finally stopping in front of a familiar face.

Sun's eyes shot wide open. He could never forget a face (especially a pretty one). "Hey!" he called out.

"Oh,"The red headed stranger smiled albeit awkwardly before picking up the scroll at her feet and calmly held it out in her hand. "You dropped this."

"Penny?!" The petite leader of RWBY cried out her disbelief.


"Where have you been?" She continued to press on the conversation/ "We haven't seen you since the night at the docks!"

"For real." Sun cut in. "You disappeared so fast, I thought it must have been your semblance or something. Uh, I'm Sun by the way. Way to handle Torchwick's ride. You got some power on ya, girl. You could totally give Sage a run for his money."

"Um, sorry. I think you're confused." The red headed girl politely stated, despite the nervous tone in her voice.



Sun looked at Ruby who looked right back at him their eyes were practically having a silent conversation with each other.

Is this girl for real?

Sun, I know it's her!

You think?! She kind of stands out!

Their inner tirade was cut short when the girl in front of them hiccuped in place and tossed Ruby's scroll back to it's owner.

"Uh, I've got to go." Sun knew an excuse when he heard one, the girl was practically jet set to go on her merry way. And boy did she moved fast.

Weiss was left dumbfounded, her pretty little lips were slightly agape, her mind trying to reel in the situation. "Okay, what was that about? That's definitely the same weirdo- I mean, girl."

"I don't know… But I'm going to find out." The R of RWBY was ever the first one to take action whenever it was needed of her. She zoomed past both her friend and teammate, looking back only slightly. "You guys make the call! I'll meet up with you later!"


"Ruby, wait-"

But Sun and Weiss' voice fell on deaf ears, the red streak that was Ruby had already vanished beyond their sight, leaving the blonde boy and silver mained heiress to be by themselves.



Sun and Weiss could only glance at each other, not quite sure who would make the first step.

This is ridiculous. You can do this, Sun. It's not like Weiss eats children or something. "Boy she moves fast when she wants to." He tried his hand at small talk, it was always something Neptune was better at but he desperately needed to try something/

"...Tell me about it." Weiss scoff, blowing an out of place bang from her pretty face.

Okay, he totally wasn't sucking at this. "Well… shall we?" He bent slightly like he had seen gentlemen do in the movies as he gestured with his hand.

Weiss eyed him up and down curiously before walking past him. "Uh, no. But yes, we should."

Well you can't win them all. Sun sighed deeply. "Alright, lead on fearless leader." He ran one hand through his mane.

This was without a doubt, the worst day in Sun Wukong's life.

Well, worst so far.

It could get worse. The day was plenty young still.

The blonde boy of SSSN whistled out loud. It wasn't everyday that he one got to see the inner workings of the CCT in person. "Damn, this is impressive."

Weiss must have heard that, he could have sworn he heard her scoff out loud, smugly.

"Keep up or be left behind, Ruffian."

Okay that had to stop.

"I have a name, you know."

"And I refuse to acknowledge it. Saying so would mean we are friends, and you and I my dear vagabond, are not friends." Despite the entrancing way Weiss' hips swayed as she walked in front of him her words did not match her allure.

He barely made it inside the elevator before it closed the two of them inside its chamber.

"Hello, Welcome to the CCT. How may I help you?" A mature, monotone voice spoke out but Sun was not in a listening mood.

"Okay. I get it. We started on the wrong foot. But could you please at least try to be nice?"

Weiss ignored him with ease. "Excuse me one second," it was clear she was talking to the A.I. "I don't play nice with people I don't trust, Wukong." At least she used his last name this time. And just like that she was back to answering the elevator voice. "Sorry about that. I would like to go to the communication room please."

"Certainly." The voice responded despite the situation between the two feuding parties. "Would you please place your scrolls on the terminal to verify your identities?"

"No," He didn't know when he did it but his hand held out Weiss' own, preventing her from obliging the voice. It was soft and delicate. So much unlike the steely gaze she was giving him now.

"No?" The voice asked out, confused at the answer.

"No, I mean. Yes-" Sun bumbled his words. "I mean, yes we will give our scrolls. Just give us a quick minute please."

"...Unhand me." Weiss glared at him.

"No," Sun held his ground here. He had momentum. He can't let dictate the pace again otherwise he would never be able to get a word in. "Not until you hear what I have to say!"

"Sir? Madam?" The voice continued.

"Oh for the love of-" Sun growled in frustration. His eyes darted around before finding the emergency stop button. His hand couldn't press that button fast enough.

FInally he would be alone with Weiss to say his piece.

That is… if she would let him.

There was clear vile resentment in those ice blue eyes. And it pained him on the inside to see a beautiful girl give him such a hateful glance.

"Sorry," He tried to remedy the situation by letting go of her hand. She probably didn't appreciate that. If he was Scarlet he could smile and play it off, like a charmer. If he was Neptune he knew he could find the right words to say to soothe her. And finally had he been Sage, well whoever heard of a gentle giant being in trouble with women?

But he was Sun Wukong.

He could only do this his way.

"Look, I don't quite understand what I did to deserve… whatever this is,." He locked eyes with Weiss. She needed to see his resolve in this."But...I don't mean you any harm. Or Blake. Or any of you." His voice was soft. Scarlet said he wore his heart on his sleeve. And that was true. He needed to be sincere here, now more than ever. "I just thought it would be nice, to be friends you Blake. With all of you. That's not too much to ask, is it?"

A lesser heart might have wavered but Weiss equally stood her ground. "... And you can do that. But not at my friend's' expense."


"I'm going to be make this clear one last time. I know you."

"No, you don't know me, Weiss!" He argued. How could she if she wouldn't even give him a chance to show her?

"I know enough. I know guys like you. You say you want to be Blake's friend. My friend. But I see the way you look at her. That's not a gaze a friend should have over another friend."

"I-" he was stumped. Yes he wanted Blake. He couldn't lie about that. But he was more than satisfied with what they were now if it meant he could just be beside her. It was enough to be her friend.

He needed to convince Weiss that.

"Okay, you say you know guys like me. But I promise you, no," Sun couldn't look away from her. To look away would mean to lose to Weiss forever. "I swear to you, I don't want to hurt Blake. I just want to be her friend."

Slowly he pulled out his hand. "I want to be yours as well."

Was he telling the truth?

She couldn't tell. Damn if Sun Wukong was not a good actor and Thespian.

She glanced at his open hand. A red shimmering gauntlet held onto his knuckles and forearms like clothes on a man. She could see the callouses on his fingers. Rough and worn, very much like the man himself. The signs of a man who worked hard to get somewhere in his life. But then again it could be the signs of a ruffian, a brute who swung his power around because that was all that he was

Sun Wukong of Vacuo had two faces. And she couldn't tell if she could trust either one.

But was she in the wrong here? To give him so much guff and strife? It's not like she had a personal vendetta against the rogue leader of SSSN. But something in her gut told her there was just something about Sun that was… unnatural. Like he was hiding something. Weiss hated secrets. She got enough of that from her family, she didn't need that in the people she called friends.

"I want to believe you Sun," She finally admitted, her hands held across her chest, a guarded gesture. "I really do. But be that as it may, I just… can't."

She held her gaze downward, not proud of what she was going to admit next. "You're right. I don't know you enough. But I don't want to. I don't have many friends but the ones I have, I cherish the most. Because they know the real me." He looked at her like he had just seen a ghost. "Can you say the same, Sun?"

"I...I don't understand."

Weiss rubbed her temple in true sardonic fashion. "I thought you wouldn't." She whispered softly. "...Look it's going to look like a long day. And I don't really want to go through this whole conversation again. Let's just go and do what we came here to do so we can finally be done with this."

"Weiss…" He looked at her the way a lost puppy would look to its savior.

That wasn't fair! Who said he could use those big dumb...mopey eyes of his?!

"...Sun, you said you wanted to help. So help… and just let this go. I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"...okay." He finally agreed.

The moment turned to minutes, and eventually the two of them had turned on the elevator once more and complied with the A.I.

On the way up to the communication room Weiss thought it was going to be one silent ride up but Sun broke the silence.

"Thanks, by the way." Was all he said.

"For what?" She looked at him, quizzically.

"For finally saying my name. Not hey you, or ruffian, or rapscallion meant a lot."

...She really didn't mean to do that but perhaps she had gone too far. Sun was a person, not an enemy to be despised. She could at least be civil around him.

"...Don't…. Don't mention it." Weiss sighed inward as she contemplated how two non-friends should act around each other.

All she could do right now was concentrate on the task at hand. One task at a time. She could do that. She was a Schnee after all.