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Wild As I Wanna Be

Chapter 11:Sunny Day Hero III

There must be something to be said of the silence that hung in the air between them but whatever it was Sun had no inkling nor did he care at this point. He watched Weiss worked diligently, asking every question she could think of of her contact, anything that could provide some enlightenment about the notorious criminal Roman Torchwick.

He watched those glossy lips move, enunciating her words eloquently like the prim and proper heiress she was to a multi million lien corporation and she couldn't have made him feel more out of place. What was he doing here with Weiss in the first place? Could they really uncover something about the culprits at the docks? If the police couldn't find anything then how could Weiss' contacts?

"I'm afraid, Miss Schnee, that's all the information I have on hand."

Weiss' shook her head vigorously staring at the sensitive documents she had just procured from her own corporation. "This cannot be all of it! This is hardly any information on the White Fang or the hooligan that calls himself Roman Torchwick! Almost all of this is just common knowledge!"

Sun sighed. Yeah it was too good to be true. No one answer worth having could just be given freely like that.

"Yes, well you see-"

"Vivian, Are you sure this is all we have?"


"-That's all she's willing to give to you." Sun finished for the Schnee employee, muttering under his breath as he lazily sat on his chair, rocking the well made furniture on its back legs.

Weiss gave him an incredulous look.


He could only look at her. Surely she must have read between the lines by now, saw how the woman she was talking to was desperately trying to please her and play her off.

"Think about it, Weiss." he urged her.

The white haired heiress was just about to point out her frustration with him when a hint of clarity shone in those ice blue eyes of hers. "Vivan, nevermind." She corrected herself. "Thank you for the help but I am in need of no further assistance."

"...But of course, Miss Schnee. If I may, your father has been asking-"

The secretary wasn't even allowed to finish whatever she was going to say because Weiss had already cut off communications.

The girl in white turned her chair around to face him, arms crossed, eyebrow furrowed.

"I take it you didn't want to know what papa Schnee wanted to talk about?" Sun half joked.

"How'd you know?"

"Know what?"

"That we weren't going to find anything from the records."

Sun's eyes looked skyward, towards the empty cold ceiling where the sky should have been. Buildings never really did much for him. "Just a hunch."

"Just a hunch?" She repeated with as much sarcasm as that lovely voice could muster.

"C'mon, Weiss. I thought you had a plan. Not just asking them for stuff! You think your company would be that transparent with their inner workings with just the heir? Those are your dad's goons, no offense. You couldn't possibly have hoped they would just give you everything up front now, do you?"

Weiss face turned slightly crimson, perhaps due to slight embarrassment or annoyance he couldn't tell. "Oh, I don't suppose the great Sun Wukong has a plan up his sleeve?"

"Maybe! I dunno! Beats hanging around!"

"We had a plan! You just happened to have tagged along so shut it!" She jabbed her finger unto his bare chest, part of her wanting to continue to berate him.

Logic and reason stayed her hand. This was not the place nor the time for such an outburst.

"...Let's just get out of here." She exhaled, grabbing her scroll and files in the process, not even concerning herself if Sun was right behind her.

Which he was, but even he knew to tread lightly and just follow her out of the building.

If the divide he felt between them before was like a door, solid and impenetrable but could be open, now felt more like a concrete wall with no openings. Perhaps it was for the best. You couldn't win them all, as the saying goes. Maybe Weiss and him just weren't meant to be friends. Heck, he could barely act as her teammate right now. The girl was just downright impossible sometimes. Haughty, cold, and demeaning at best, downright cruel at her worst. Weiss was just the kind of girl Sun made sure to avoid in his life like the plague.

But fate and circumstance had other plans for the monkey Faunus and he knew it. Weiss was a part of Blake's life, like it or not. And if he ever wanted to be included in that he had to definitely find a way to-


Thinking of Blake just reminded him of those piercing gold eyes that looked at him earlier with suspicion and doubt. She was definitely mad at him. Mad enough that Blake had no problem chastising him in front of her friends and his. Mad enough that he didn't know if he could joke or apologize his way out of. And the thought of that… disturbed him. He messed up, probably bigger than he thought he knew. Than... was what was said of him true? Was...was he only capable of only sullying everything around him?

Images flashed before his eyes of a life he had thought he left behind in those sands and dry heat of Vacuo. A shade of a life he never wanted but was all he could muster with his two hands.

"Run! Always keep running!" Breath ragged, a young simian Faunus willed his legs to move faster than he had ever pushed them.

"When I get my hands on you, you little monkey shit you'll be sorry!" Never look back, never turn around.

An early memory, a lesson, that no one was going to look out for you.

"Why do you hate me? Is-is it coz I'm different?" Tiny hands clutched around his face, futilely trying to defend himself.

"We hate you because you're a Faunus, Simple as that! An animal!" Hurtful words along with battering blows rammed in their intention.

A reminder that the world hated those who did not fit the mold.

His fist aching as he pounded another one down to the ground. One more he had beaten to submission. One more to see his strength grown. "Now…" he spat out, verbally and with his own blood. "Who's laughing now asshats?!"

A testament of what he had to become in order to live.

The violence, the day to day struggle to survive, the prejudice, and most of all the seething hatred. Sun once believed no one was truly born violent. It was taught and ingrained. Like an unknown disease it had ways of infecting all those unaware of its long grasp. But the things he had seen, the things he had done, he no longer wondered. Some people… were just born with wickedness.

Yet despite everything, a part of him believed it can't have all been that. That life couldn't be that cruel. Wasn't there a reason he was given a second chance? Wasn't that why he had chosen to walk this new road of being a huntsman?

Wasn't there a reason… that he was here now?


"..." He had barely noticed that Weiss had been staring at him for some time now. "Does this… happen often with you?" If he had been paying attention at all he might have noticed a hint of concern came from the Ice Queen's voice.

"Huh? What? Oh, no, no no. Sorry I was… I was thinking of something else."

Without a doubt in his mind Weiss must have seen through such a weak attempt of a lie but she chose not to elaborate on it any further and deep down he was thankful. He didn't know how he could open that part of his life to anyone, much less to the Ice Queen of Beacon.

"So, what now?" he asked, hoping to divert attention to himself, they needed to focus on the task at hand.

"We can't go back without anything," Weiss reaffirmed. "Someone has to have known something. This is not some two-bit ruffian, this is a notorious wanted criminal we are talking about here." The sharply dressed girl cupped her hand under her chin, in deep contemplated thought before looking his way once more. "It might be not much of a stretch but don't you know anyone that-"

"I'm going to go ahead and stop you right there," Sun was tired and couldn't sugarcoat his words anymore. If Weiss was going to be such a pain about it there was no use in trying to dance around their issues. "Just because you think I look the part, doesn't mean I'm-"

He cut himself off because not too far from where they were he spotted a couple of familiar faces across the street. The thugs from the night before, when he had saved those Faunus children. The same low life scum that Weiss had alluded to him in knowing to a stereotypical T. The same degenerates who were at it again from the looks of it, harassing an elderly couple who happened to be just at the wrong place at the wrong time. First it was the young than it was the old. Bullies never seem to change, always picking on people weaker than themselves.

He hated to admit she was right but…

"...Hold that thought." Sun cracked his neck and headed towards their direction.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"Don't know, don't really care. Figured I'm going to give something a shot." Or a fist or two. It was a long and rough day for Sun. Might as well take out his pent up anger on someone he knows deserves his wrath.

And who knows, maybe by some miraculous strange twist of fate they might actually know something.

"Not that I don't mind the speed and everything-," Oh and did Neptune enjoyed the everything. Yang's waist was slim yet fit, firm but oh so lovingly soft. He thought he was in heaven the moment she had said to hold on tighter as she continued to cruise through the town on her motorbike. "-But do you know where you're going?!" he had to fight against the roar of the engine and the powerful winds streaking through his body.

"Got an old friend downtown that might know something," Yang giddily replied, the blonde bombshell of team RWBY had always had a wild streak but on top of her motorcycle, she was the Queen bee of the world. "Figures he owes me favor!"

"And uh, where exactly is this place?"

"A club."

Neptune could only nod in solemn agreement. "I can dig that."

"So, what's the deal with your buddy and Blake?" she asked him so nonchalantly Neptune almost forgot to answer.

"What? I mean I don-" What could he say exactly? It wasn't his place to say, and even if he was what could be said?

Her laughter at his awkwardness relieved him of replying. "Relax, Mr. Cool guy. I was only kidding. I wasn't born yesterday. I see the way he looks at her."

Neptune winced, hoping for the best. "And your thoughts?"

"...I think it's kinda cute."

Whew. Neptune felt the tension dissipate from his shoulders, counting his friend lucky that he was surrounded with people who understood. '

"Don't know about today, though." Yang stated, revving his bike up as they both picked up and accelerated past a couple more cars on the road. "I've never seen Blake get that mad before."

Neptune sighed inwardly. He had to agree. His friend screwed up and he got talked into helping him into it. Neptune knew better yet he was persuaded beyond his good senses. Sun had a way of just making him believe everything would work out in the end and sometimes that wasn't always a good thing. He made a mental note of it for the future.

"Yeah...yeah, that's our bad." he admitted. "Sun can be a little...much. Especially for the people he cares about. It's… it's I dunno, it's just the way he is."

He could swear despite being behind her he could see Yang's mouth curve into a smirk. "...Known him a long time, haven't ya?"

Neptune could only shake his head, feeling the cold caress of the wind through his face and hair. "A long time doesn't even begin to describe the time I've spent with Sun Wukong. You wouldn't believe the stories- whoa!" He didn't expect that they would hit a bump, it almost caught him by surprise if it weren't for the fact he had already braced himself spectacularly against the warm body of one Yang Xiao Long.

"Easy there tiger!" Yang teased, turning her head slightly. "I'm not an easy girl. You haven't even bought me drinks first."

"Sorry, sorry!" Neptune chuckled, the blue haired wonder of team SSSN couldn't help feeling giddy despite apologizing. The adrenaline of riding a bike with a dangerously alluring girl was well… felt something akin to a scene in the movies. He just never thought it would happen to him in real life.

Life can be so sweet sometimes.

"Hey Yang." he called out. "You guys didn't really had to do any of this… you know, trying to accommodate my friend. Sun can be a handful and yeah he can be downright nosy at times but, he's a good guy-" Neptune lamented, his eyes gazing at the city lights the passed by in a flash. "He's a good friend. My friend. And if he wants to help you with this well, I'm all in. You can count on the both of us on this."

No words came from the blonde of team RWBY. Only a revving of the cycle and a sudden popped wheelie that caught Neptune off guard and an infectious laughter matched the roaring of the bike engine. "Boys! You and your feelings!"

Neptune couldn't help but smile along, holding on for dear life. What a woman.

Adam didn't like to be kept waiting. Time was a commodity he couldn't afford. Money, people, and resources he could always find more of. But time...time itself was finite. Limited. Like the vision that humans often had. So it pained him to sit and wait for his associate. Either out of arrogance or incompetence, Adam knew the man was late. And tardiness did not reflect well on a business partner. Regardless of his annoyance, Adam Taurus sat upon a makeshift couch, his chokuto sword Wilt resting it's sheath Blush in one hand, the other supporting his chin as he eyed his entertainer.

In his stead he sent out his second, a petite woman with the strangest set of hair he had ever seen. Brown upon one side, a lovely shade of pink on another laced with streaks of white. Her frame was lithe, but he knew better than that. Small she may be but underneath her clean white and pink petticoat were muscles that could rival his. Shapely legs were hidden by those thigh high white boots, legs that could kick a man's head off. Her alluring eyes changed with every passing moment. Upon her pretty face rested a smirk that never faded nor changed as she eyed him in return.

Adam chuckled sinisterly, combing his open hand through his red mane once, "I know your eyes." he stated calmly, the woman hadn't said a word since he got here. Despite the lack of communication between them their body language alone spoke volumes to one another.

He'll be here soon. Be patient. In the meantime I am here to keep you company. He surmised. He hadn't been proven wrong yet.

"Yours are the same as mine." he continued. Adam prided in himself the ability to see through a person's being. It aided him greatly when it came to fighting, a known opponent had tells and weaknesses. Things he could exploit. Off the field it was just as useful, knowing what to say helped him forged an army that was undoubtedly loyal only to him and his cause. But often he liked to analyze people that fascinated him, and this one definitely did.

The pretty girl in the petticoat could only smile, not saying a word.

"Those are the eyes of someone who had seen what they weren't meant to see. Eyes that had seen too much..." he leaned in closer. "Eyes that liked the madness that they had seen. Am I wrong?"

He swore those pretty lips of hers opened to answer yet no words of hers responded instead only he heard someone else's.

"Ease up on my girl, Taurus. Neo doesn't like pushy guys. And believe me, you wouldn't like her when she's… upset."

Finally, the man of the hour had shown up.

"Your woman can take care of herself." Adam corrected. Of the two of them in the room Neo was the one who he felt he had to guard his back against. He definitely needed to keep an eye on that one.

"You're late, Torchwick." His mask may have hidden his eyes but Adam's gaze could bore a hole through the renowned criminal. "When you requested my presence here I expected you to keep your word and to be here on time."

The bowl hat wearing Roman Torchwick was barely fazed by the offhanded comment as he sat across the White Fang leader. "Well, you know what they say, kid, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I do enjoy our times spent together." Roman chided. "Besides, I was taking care of a little problem."

"Anything I should know about?" Adam was thorough with Torchwick. Their relationship was strictly business and should anything threaten that, well that would make him useless to the White Fang, and not worthy of Adam's time.

"Nothing that would concern your pretty little redhead. Relax, kid. I've got this under control. Now how about we discuss the meat and grit of why you're here."

"Spare me the theatrics. Your little show might intimidate or impress your lackeys but I do not kowtow so easily. "

"Oh, fancy words. Did you learn that from your little White Fang school?" Roman retorted with amusement. "I'm going to break it down real quick for you. Your army, thousands strong or more they may be, but without my backing, they're not going to get very far. How many of them do you think can match a trained soldier of the Atlesian military? How about a seasoned huntsman of Vale or Mistral?"

Adam did not wish to dwell on the issue but the damned criminal had brought one of his concerns to light. Not many in the White Fang could match Adam's prowess with the blade. Their zealous conviction to their cause would only bring them so far against Atlesian guns and bullets.

"That's where I come in, kiddo. Good ole uncle Roman to save the day. I can provide you with more than just mere guns and tech," Roman's eye glinted in the luminescent light, as if he knew something Adam did not. "I can give you the world you have always wanted. A world born for the Faunus, by the Faunus."

A fetching promise from the devil. Adam knew better than to accept at first glance." And what's in it for you? Our interactions have always been a mutual one. One born of a necessity. You supply the White Fang, and in return you have our business and our consent to go as you will in our territories. So tell me. What does the infamous Roman Torchwick have to gain by aligning his bed with the White Fang?

Roman chortled out his delight out loud. "Oh kid, this is why I like you. So sharp and direct. Like that fancy sword you carry on your hip." Roman's smile was cut short, as the two shared a serious expression. "Let's just say come the end game, I'm willing to bet on the winning side. And as far as I can see the White Fang is the sure bet. All you need to say, kid, is the magic word and uncle Roman can make it possible."

Adam wasn't buying it. There was too much being said and not enough at the same time. Words elapsing words that covered their meaning. What could Torchwick possibly offer that the White Fang couldn't procure on their own? This was a colossal waste of time.

"I'm not sure who you think you are, Torchwick, but you are no family of mine and this discussion is over. The White Fang might have had uses of your services but we do not need your help to fight our battles."

"Jeez, settle down, son. Why so serious?" the cane wielding man gave him an incredulous look. "You don't have to answer now. You could give it some thought. I'll even throw in a bonus for you…"

The cunning man threw a small device nonchalantly at Adam who caught single handedly. "What is this?" The horned Faunus wasn't stupid, it was definitely a scroll.

"Consider it a little present, from me to my favorite White Fang psychopath." his business partner smiled. "I heard you were looking for someone. Don't give me that look, Taurus. Give me a little credit, it's not like you were being subtle about it. Razing towns? The mass murders? You White Fang are really good at what you do and word spreads around."

Adam couldn't tell where Roman was going with his speech.

"So...the way I hear it. You're looking for someone maybe...I dunno yay high? Roman gestured with his flat open palm up to his chest. "Pretty little golden eyes, soft long, velvety black hair…"

The way Roman described her to the letter infuriated Adam on the inside. He did not need to reminded of Blake's captivating beauty and it angered him greatly to have a scum describe her body to him in detail.

"Torchwick…" his voice gravelly warned him.

"Oh I can see why you'd want her, Taurus. A stray little kitten like that, well a man has needs after all."

Within moments Blush emerged from his hand and was mere milliseconds away from parting the man's head off his shoulders, were it not for the intervention of a parrisole that parried his blade with ease, an ever smiling Neo stood between himself and his intended target.

"So the great Adam Taurus has feelings after all." Roman noted out loud. "Looks like I won the bet on this round, Neo. As for you my fiery young friend, please put the sword away. It's bad business to try and kill off your associates. And please do try and think over my offer. After all, It's not everyday you get handed the keys to the city."

They said the devil could give you anything that you would desire.

Adam did not believe that.

He couldn't believe that.

Until... today.