Disclaimer: I think we all know Castle would never end if I was the owner.

"Baby Castle"

"Rick, what are you doing?" she asked as she watched her husband's mad dash around the living room.

"This has to go, that needs padding, no this is too dangerous," he continued without answering. "And a crib, we need a crib."

She tried not to laugh, she really did, because he was being so sweet, but when she pictured this talk she had thought he'd be slack jawed, then get over his shock, smile and kiss her but instead, he was never shocked. No, the second she told him they were expecting he started running around and grabbing every pointy object in sight. She stood up and stopped him before he could get rid of his Poe Pen's award with a gentle hand on his arm.

"Rick, what are you doing?"

"Baby proofing!" he said exasperated as if she didn't understand the urgency.

"I think," she said slowly taking some of the things he had collected and gently putting them back on the coffee table and then straightening up and looking at him. "We have a bit of time for that."

"I think we still have some of Cosmo's things but there is so much-"


"Uh?" he looked at her.

"Are you happy?"

"Well, duh. Of course I'm happy," he said with that excited voice he used for the latest gadgets and naked twister. Better not think of naked twister. That's how they got into this situation in the first place.

"We're having a baby!" he squealed and she couldn't help squeal with him as he hugged and kissed her fiercely. They were having a baby!