Chapter 4.

As soon as they got to the hospital Logan was taken back immediately. In the waiting room Mrs. Knight called Logan parents and told them what was happening. Kendall called Kelly and Gustavo explaining why they would've be coming in today. Gustavo said he would get Logan's parents on the next flight out. And they would be there later that afternoon and Kelly would be there to pick them up and drive them to the hospital.

As soon as they got there a doctor came over and asked them to come to his office. About 30 minutes later they came back to the waiting room. You could tell they had both been crying. Jenifer got up and hugged Joanna. Logan's Dad Matthew when over to talk to the boys.

"Boys you guys have been friends for years now. But there's something that you don't know about Logan." He sided as he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a hospital bracelet. The name on it said, Medical City North Richland Hills. Patient:Logan Mitchell Age:5, Leukemia.

The boys looked at him in shook. No believing what they were seeing.

"That's why he wants to be a doctor. He wants to help young kids who will have to go through the same things he had to go through."

Carlos was the first to speak up.

"Ok but why didn't he even tell us about that?"

"He didn't want you to have sympathy for him." He continued.

"When the doctors saw it in him medical history they wanted to get blood test to check is cell count. They will get the results in about a week. Joanna and I will talk to him in the morning. In the meantime we need to keep him calm and not let anyone else at Palm Woods finds out.

The boys agreed not to say anything at Palm Woods. Before they headed to the room he was in, Kendall called Jo and Camille and told them what was going on. He made sure not to mention that the doctor was checking his blood cell count. He knew he would have to wait until they talked to Logan and see if he would be ok with it.