Caroline Blakely was standing outside of the airport waiting for her cab to come and pick her up. She had just gotten off of a 6 hour flight from New York to London, England. She had received an email requesting her at MI6 headquarters immediately. The cab rolled up and the driver rolled the window down.

" Ms. Blakley, your new boss sent me to pick you up."

" No, that's OK. I already ordered a cab. It should be here any minute." The driver scoffed.

" Do you really think that we would let you bring a cab driver to MI6 headquarters? You Americans must be crazy! Anyway, we intercepted your cab so your best bet would be to come with me." Caroline got in the car and the driver put her luggage in the back. Once they had left the airport, Caroline knocked on the separating glass.

" Can I ask, um, who is my new boss?" The driver laughed.

" She is only the best spy in the history of MI6. Cecilia Blue." Caroline hesitated before her next question.

" Is there anything you can tell me about her?"

"Sorry," the driver responded, " That's classified." He then rolled the window up leaving Caroline alone again. They passed Big Ben and the London Eye.

" I know what I'll be doing on my time off." Caroline thought. They approached a short squat building.

"Welcome to MI6 headquarters." The driver said in a tour guidish sort of voice as he opened to door. Caroline got out and looked at the building. It was wasn't grand in anyway as she had imagined. It looked run down and dirty.

" This is MI6?" Again the driver chuckled.

" No. This is the front for MI6. It's underground." They started towards the ugly building and the driver placed his hand on one of the bricks. It looked completely normal except for the beam of light that scanned his hand. When it finished the bricks separated (in a very Harry Potter way) and revealed an elevator.

" Ladies first." Caroline stepped inside and the driver came after her. The doors closed and the elevator started its descent.

" Can I ask you what your name is?" Caroline asked.

" You can call me Leroy." The elevator stopped moving and the doors opened reveling a bright white room that was filled with people. In front of Caroline stood a tall blond woman.

" Welcome Ms. Blakley to MI6 headquarters. I hope you had a good flight?" Caroline exited the elevator and shook the woman's hand.

" I did thank you."

" My name is Cecilia Blue. I am the chief executive here. You might be wondering why we dragged you all the way from New York. Well one of our best operatives has gone off the grid and is now rogue and we need to replace her. That replacement is you." Caroline was looking around at her still new surroundings.

" What makes you think that I'll make the cut? There's tons of other people especially in London that would be qualified so why me of all people? But don't get me wrong, I'm honored to be here, just curious." Cecilia just smiled and gestured towards a room off to the right.

" Why don't I answer your questions in my office?"

Cecilia's office was a large white room with a wall of TV's showing security feeds from all over Great sat in a large brown leather chair that was across a touch-screen desk that had all of her information on it.

" You have a great martial arts record and have a PhD from Harvard in Psychology and you received a track scholarship. This shows that you are fast, determined and can pay attention to details and are good at assessing the situation. All of which are crucial in a good operative. Now, do you swear to always protect this nation and put your whole heart in serving Great Britain?" Cecilia asked.

" I do." Caroline answered.

" Well then, Caroline Blakely, it is my honor to officially welcome to MI6."