Caroline left Cecilia's office( Now known to her as Mrs. Blue form now on.) and went to the interrogation room where her new badge was waiting for her on a cold metal table. She clipped it on her suit and glanced up. Mrs. Blue was standing outside her office with a file in her hand.

"Caroline, there is someone in my office who I want you to meet." Caroline walked up to the office and saw a man sitting on the table looking like he owned the place. When he saw Caroline, he smiled and stood up to offer his hand.

" Hi, I'm Josh. you must be Caroline. I'll be your handler. Help you with your training and on missions and whatnot." Caroline shook his hand. Cecilia looked at the two of them.

" I hope you guys get along well because one day, their life might depend on you."

"Yes Ma'am." They said together. Cecilia considered this for a moment and then nodded.

"Very well. You are dismissed."

They walked out of the office when Josh said,

"Do you want to get started practicing?" Caroline nodded and they walked towards the shooting range doors. Inside, there were black targets shaped like humans.

"There are two main kill zones, the chest and the head. When firing your weapon account for the rebound when you aim." Josh wrapped his arms around Caroline and held her arms up aiming at the target.

"Breathing is also crucial." They took a deep breath and Caroline pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the targets shoulder.

"Like that. Not bad for your first time. You'll get better the more you practice."

Caroline fired off a few more rounds before they left.

" Weapons are not your best source of protection. Your mind is. A weapon will only give you away and blow your cover." Caroline nodded.

" Where to next? I mean in my training." Josh paused in thought. "Let me take you on a little tour before we continue with training." They walked over to the elevators. "The best way to start a tour is at the very beginning."

The elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. Josh pushed the down button and the tour began.

"MI6 was founded in 1942 just after the US made the CIA. We basically were copycats. We formed a group of elite people. This included former track stars martial arts black belts and people who are considered geniuses with 200+ IQ's."

The elevator doors opened to reveal to a modern lobby area.

"This is where our assets come when they have information for us. The receptionist call that assets handler know and they come down here to debrief them." Josh's phone rang and he glanced down. " the tour will have to be cut short. Cecilia wants you down there NOW. Apparently she has an assignment for you.

They headed back to the elevators and he started talking to himself. "It can't be anything serious. You haven't had any training yet." Josh muttered."You taught me how to shoot a gun." Caroline reminded him. The elevator stopped and they headed to Cecilia's office.

"Close the door." Cecilia said Josh just stood in the doorway." Before anything is said, I want to say, I highly disagree with the idea of sending Caroline on a mission right now. She has had practically no training." Cecilia pursed her lips." Josh close the door please." Josh did as he was told. They sat down in the chairs that Caroline sat in her first time in the office. The screens that once showed security footage now had a mug shot of an African American man.

"This is Johan Rhamid. He is an Israeli terrorist in Germany. He has a meet set up in 14 days from now. We are sending in a team to help with the operation." Josh rolled his eyes. Cecilia noticed and motioned to him. "Josh, if there is something you would like to say to me, please step outside." Josh nodded and proceeded towards the door. Cecilia closed the door behind her when she followed Josh out. "You are crazy! She just got here and you want to send her.." Cecilea put her hand up to stop him. "If you let me finish, I was going to say that Caroline would be staying here to observe , and complete her training. Any problems with that?" Josh shook his head." No ma'am." They headed back inside. " As I was saying," Cecilia told Caroline, " you will be staying here to observe this mission and complete your training." Caroline nodded and and said, "Am I free to go?" Cecilia nodded and Josh left quickly so Caroline followed.

"So that went well." Caroline said.

"You don't know half of it."Josh thought but didn't dare say so he just nodded.

"Yes it did, now let's start training."