Hello, everyone! To those following my other Avengers story 'SHIELD Academy', don't worry, I'm still continuing that one. If you want to check it out, go ahead, but don't forget to come back!

The main POV in this story is Allison(Alli) Wilson, sister of Sam Wilson. She's a shape-shifter, so she can change into any animal or form at will. Anyways...hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Be an Avenger, they said. As a shape-shifter, it'll be fun, they said. I just wanted to get a mission done with a few others...and the rest of my team was turned into animals. If the others find out, I'm dead meat. What on Earth have I gotten myself into?

Set: After Civil War, but as if the Sokovian Accords didn't happen and they just went and got Bucky back.

Disclaimer: I do not own the MCU. I wish I did. I do not.

Chapter One: It Started With A Mission…

"Sam!" I scream into my earpiece. Our entire team for the mission, Sam, Wanda, Nat, Steve, and Bucky, has the tiny metal devices clipped into our ears. "Where are you?"

"Alli, no one understands a thing you're saying!" Steve yells from the ground. Right. I'm not in human form. I quickly change back and adjust my grip on the thin pipe I'm sitting on. The pipe groans under my weight. I ignore it.

"Sam!" I repeat. "Where are you? I need eyes on the other side." I hear metal hitting metal from Steve and metal hitting flesh from Bucky.

"I'm on it, sis," Sam says. I glance up and see him swoop around the giant, stone warehouse.

"How are you girls doing?" Steve asks as he swings his shield. I can barely make him and Bucky out, squabbling with seven men. Those men don't have a chance.

"We're already through," Wanda says.
"Beat ya again, boys!" Nat calls. So they're already in the building.

"We could use some help, though," Nat admits. "Alli?"

"I'm on it," I say. "Be right back." I turn into a bird-a hawk. I prefer an eagle, but that would be too big of a target today. My transformations are smooth and easy. Sam took a video once, so I could see what it looks like to someone else. It was like I did several flips at once and emerged whatever animal I changed into. For me, it just feels like I melt into a different body. My human transitions are easier. The new or different feature just...well, it just kind of melts into place.
Anyways, I swoop around the warehouse until I find the entrance Nat and Wanda used. It's not hard to find, seeing as someone (*cough* NAT *cough*) arranged the bodies of soldiers they took down in a giant 'HA HA HA'.

"Could you be any more obvious?" I say. But of course, they don't understand me.

"Alli, hurry up," Nat grunts. "We've encountered more guards." I hear the sound of her fist hitting a face and the familiarness of Wanda's magic lifting someone into the air and throwing them across the room. The screams give it away.
But I fly faster, through the open door. Nat and Wanda are a few hallways down. I follow the noises of fighting until I reach them, and then tumble to the ground in human form. I take out a guard by landing on his shoulders. I twist his head with my knees and hear a satisfying pop. Then I shift into a tiger and claw three more guards.

I shift back into human form. A few strands of my bushy black hair have come loose from my usual ponytail. I blow them out of my face, but they just float back down. I sigh. It never works.

"We good?" Wanda asks, looking around.

"I don't see any more guards," I say. "The boys are having some trouble, though."

"We were having some trouble," Steve corrects me via earpiece. "We're all good now."

"Let me guess," Nat starts, rolling her eyes.

"You used Redwing," I finish.

"I used Redwing!" Sam shouts excitedly.

"Boys and their toys," Wanda mutters, shaking her head. "I will never understand them. First Steve with the frisbee, now this drone."

"Hey," Steve says.

"Whoa now," Sam says. I can just imagine my brother holding his hands up defensively.

"Don't get personal," Steve says. "It's not a frisbee."

Nat clears her throat. "The most versatile substance on the planet...and they used it to make a frisbee."

I wince. "Ultron…" Steve mutters. "Ultron said that."

"Don't remind us," Wanda says quietly. We all know she's thinking of her brother. I'm glad Sam and I were gone for that fight.

"We got more soldiers at twelve o'clock," Bucky interrupts. This is the first time he's spoken the entire mission.
"We can't do anything about that," Nat reminds him. "We'll be securing the target."

"Alli, no more talking while you're flying," Sam reminds me. "Your constant squawking is getting annoying."

"It's not squawking," I say. "It's screeching."
"Well, stop," Sam says. As if that decides it.

"Yes, sir," I sigh. I'll listen to him...for now.

Nat pulls her cell phone out of her pocket. A map of the warehouse lights up in a 3D hologram type thing. Several hundred dots move around as well. Most of the dots light up red, but six light up green-our six team members on the mission.

"Aright," Nat says as the three of us gather around her phone. "This is us." She points to three green dots right next to each other. "This is the target."

She scrolls around to several hallways away, a room in the exact center of the warehouse. "We need to get whatever it is they're cooking up in this lab."

"Please tell me it is not a goat," Wanda groans. "No more goats. No more firebreathing goats. No more firebreathing goats that take out the power while I'm practicing with explosives." I turn into a goat, and then back really quickly. Wanda gives me a playful shove, like the kinds friends give to each other. We are friends, I guess. The only friends I've ever really had are the Avengers.

Nat shudders. "No more goats," she agrees.

"That was not a fun night," I say, nodding seriously. It was not a fun night. Wanda nearly blew up the Avengers Facility, and we've taken up residence again at Stark Tower while they do repairs and get rid of the smell of smoke.

The room is completely filled with red dots. Even more surround the hallways around the room. It's like a cornucopia, the farther away you get, the less there are.

"Wanda, you go this way," Nat says, highlighting a route. "I'll go this way, and Alli, you go this way."

"What about us?" Steve asks. But his voice sounds way too close. I look up and all three of us start as a vent cover clatters to the ground. Steve jumps down in his full Captain America attire, followed by Sam, whose wings are folded as tightly as possible, and Bucky, his metal arm glinting in the light from Nat's holograph of the warehouse. How did we not notice the other three dots creeping closer.

"Were you talking about the goat?" Bucky asks. "Please don't talk about the goat."

"Great," Nat says. "We'll partner up. Everybody-" In a rush of movement, the other five of us rush to find a partner. Wanda and I point at each other, Sam and Bucky each grab one of Steve's arms. Nat sighs.

"You and you. You and you. You and me," she says, pointing to each of us in turn. Wanda groans.

"NO!" Sam and I say in unison, looking at each other in disgust.

"Not happening," Bucky growls, glaring at Nat.

"Fine," Nat says. "Fine! Sam and Steve. Bucky and Alli. Me and Wanda. Good? You're all like little kids."

"Good," Steve says, nodding. Everyone looks satisfied. I know I'm satisfied, at least. If I had to choose three Avengers to be stuck on a mission with, it would probably be Wanda, Nat, and Bucky. I probably know Bucky better than I know Sam...and that's saying something. Sam, Wanda, Bucky, and I spent a lot of time talking about post-war stress after we got Bucky back.

"Let's go," Nat says, making sure everyone's routes are highlighted. "We'll meet up at the target."

"Hey," Steve says, looking confused. "What even is the target? I just know it's a machine of some sort."
"We're not really sure what it does," Nat, the leader of the mission, says. "I was just told it was extremely dangerous."

"Same here," I say. "Tony wants us to bring it back undamaged. He emphasized the undamaged part. So don't damage it.
"In case you didn't get that, she means don't blow it up," Sam informs the group, nodding with mock seriousness. I whack him on the arm.
"Don't make me turn into a moose again," I warn him. Wanda shudders.

"Not the moose," Bucky says.

"Not the moose," Sam repeats, cracking his shoulder. I got very much ticked off at him one day and turned into a moose. It was fun for me...but not for the others. I didn't mean for Wanda and Bucky to get in the way...okay, maybe I did. Just a little fun.

"Everybody, move out," Nat says, ticked off at us for joking around during the mission. I'm sure we'll be getting another lecture when we get back to Stark Tower…

Nat and Wanda take off down the hallway, the way the three boys came.

"She never said how we had to get there, did she?" Sam asks. "Because those vents were fun."

Steve grins. "She never specified. Move out!" He and Sam clamber up into the vents. I hear the metal clanging on metal as Sam's wings and Steve's shield hit the sides of the vents.

"Be a little quieter!" I whisper-yell up to them as Bucky replaces the vent cover.

"No!" Sam yells back, but they do make an effort to be quieter. Less metal and more cursing as they hit their heads. I shake my head. Boys.
"Let's go," Bucky says quietly to me. I nod and we turn away, down the hallway we're supposed to follow.

I notice that it's quiet - eerily so. Too quiet for a busy warehouse. Bucky notices, too, and tenses up.

"We're fine," I say. But I can't ignore the absence of the hums and whirring of machines that an evil scientist's base should have.

We creep silently down the hallway. I pull out my phone and a holomap like Nat's shows up. We can see Nat and Wanda, almost to the center room already, and Sam and Steve, in pretty much the same spot.

"Take a right," I whisper. "Two." Bucky nods. He knows what I'm talking about. We've done missions before.

I press my back against the corner, phone in one hand, my small pistol in the other. I prefer fighting in animal form, tigers and other cats work best, but I'm a great shot as well. Bucky swings around the corner. One punch to the face or chest and each guy goes down.

"All clear," he whispers.
"More ahead," I say. "We've got five hallways to go. Left, three."

And so it goes on. We take a left. Three guards down. Two rights, six guards each. Bucky takes them down effortlessly.

"Two more," I say. "Eight of-"

Eight guards come running around the bend, guns out.

"Nevermind," I say. "Let's play Leap Frog." I drop into tiger form. Anything that was in my hands clatters to the floor, so down go my phone and gun. I spring at the first two. Two claws to the chest and they fall, providing a barricade for their friends against me. I roar in frustration and pace back and forth. Bucky retreats behind the corner, waiting for the signal.

These guards are, apparently, remorseless, and prop the dead men up. Three kneel behind them and take their guns out. They send fire after fire at me. I keep pacing. One good thing about my clothes melting with me is that all of my clothing is bulletproof, giving me bulletproof skin in whatever form I take. I flick the bullets off and roar again. The men stand down, cowering against the bodies of the fallen. I crouch, ready to spring, and scrape my claws against the ground twice.

That's the signal for an attack like this. Bucky runs around the corner, gun up and already firing. He jumps over me and barrels into the first three guys, taking them out instantly. He crouches on one knee and I spring over him into the final three guards. A snap of the neck, a claw of the legs, a bite on the arm sends the last one screaming around the corner. I shift back into human form and make my way back down the hallway to grab my phone and gun.

"Shit," I say as the light of the holographic map flickers feebly and then goes out. I smack my phone twice on my hand, and the map flickers back to life.

"Language," Steve says. Dammit, I forgot the earpiece was in.

"Don't start, Steve, you're the worst out of all of us," Nat warns him. "And were those screams coming from your end, Alli? It sounded like you were mauling someone."

"Cat's out of the bag now," Bucky says. He glances at me. "No pun intended. And yes, she was mauling someone."

"It's self defense," I insist. "When I'm a tiger, I can't exactly shoot someone like the rest of you."

"I don't shoot, I use magic to tear them limb from limb," Wanda mutters. "We've encountered a bit of trouble. Still a few hallways away."

"Yeah, so are we," Steve says. "Gave up on the vents."

"Your shield didn't fit," Sam corrects him. "I was fine."

"Shut up!" Nat yells. I hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh. "Just go already!"

"We're trying!" Bucky yells. He looks around the corner.

"Dammit," he says. "Vents. Now." He shoves me towards one a little bit down the hallway.

"How many are there?" I ask, my heart dropping.

"Whole hallway full of them," he says. He holds out his hand to boost me up. I stuff my phone and gun into my pockets and turn into a hawk. I flutter up, using my talons to remove the covers. Bucky hoists himself up as I hop down the hallway. He pulls the cover into place just as the first guard passes underneath us. We go unnoticed.

Bucky goes to drop back down. I shift back into human form. "Wait," I say, holding out my hand. I pull out my phone and the map pops up, flickering slightly.
"More guards coming," I say. I stuff my phone back into my pocket. "We'll take the vents. Maybe we'll run into Sam."

"Hey!" Sam says. "We told you, we're not in the vents anymore."

"Well, we're almost there," Nat says.
"First team there gets five bucks from Sam!" Steve says.

"Hey!" Sam protests. "What?"

"That money is mine!" I growl. I shift into a cat and scamper down the hallway, Bucky crawling behind me and cursing every time he hits his head.

"Language," Steve says.

"Shut up!" Nat, Bucky, and I say in unison. Well, I meow it. But they get the idea.

"We're almost there!" Wanda taunts.

"So are we!" Bucky says. I leap over the vent cover as Bucky pulls it off. He drops down into a room of extremely surprised scientists.

"The money is ours!" I call as I shift into human form and drop down. I take out my gun and shoot the first scientist I see in the leg. I always try not to kill...usually.

"Hell yeah!" Bucky says. "I'm gonna buy me a Starbucks!" He swings his metal arm and two more scientists go down.

I melt into tiger form and leap at three more, clawing them as fast as I can. More guards enter the room.

"We could use some help!" I call into my earpiece as I shift back to human form. I kick out at an unsuspecting scientist and catch him in the stomach. I l punch another in the jaw and slam a round of fire around the room.

"Little busy at the moment," Sam grunts. "I'll send-"

"-not...Redwing," Bucky groans, hitting a guard in the head. He crumples to the ground like a lifeless doll.

"Oo-okay," Sam says. "I won't send Redwing."
"We'll be there in a minute," Nat says.

I hear Wanda scream, "BEHIND YOU!" and Nat's line goes dead.
"Nat?" Steve asks. My heart drops.

"We're okay," Wanda says. "Her earpiece just fell out."

"Okay," Sam says, huffing a breath of relief. "Alli, can you open the door for us?"
"On it," I say, turning back to the fight. "Bucky, cover me."

I turn to the door. Twenty feet, easy, if it weren't for the fifteen guards in my way.

I sigh. Bear time.

I morph into a large brown bear. I barrel down the first five. The next three barely have time to raise their weapons. The final seven go down with a few bites and swipes of my giant paws. I quickly shift back to human form and open the door.

"Sam?" I ask, looking around outside the room.

"Alli, close the door!" Sam screams, barreling down the corner, Steve in tow. Chasing them are tons of guards.

I slam the door shut.

"Change of plans!" I yell to Bucky. "Get the thing and go!"

Bucky looks up in confusion, but he must have some idea what's going on.

"Alli, we need at least three people to carry this thing!" he yells in disbelief.

"Just get the-"


Bucky and I both jump and look up.

Bucky was right. I never got a good look at the machine, but it's huge, at least three times my size. Giant and silver, it ends in a point. This point has on it a shining, neon green ball crackling with energy.

A scientist is standing behind a set of controls-the scientist I shot in the leg, and didn't bother to finish off.

He smiles sinisterly. "Well now, won't this be fun. We've been waiting to have a test subject. Now we have two."

Bucky glances at me. I shake my head. We can't take him down, there are too many other guards.
"Until the end," Bucky mouths. I nod in return.

"Until the end," I repeat. The saying is common among us now, and none of us know why.

The energy bolts charge into two separate beams of light. They crackle menacingly.

The scientist presses the button.

And then everything goes black.